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Search for Results. Find Online Driving School and the Latest trends Here Over 132,000 Certificates Since 1992 - This Online Defensive Driving Course Is Fun & Easy! Watch Videos - Complete At Your Pace & Convenience - Instant Certificate Upon Completio If you got a traffic ticket and need to take traffic school in order to get your ticket dismissed or have points removed from your driving record, you are probably wondering if you can take your traffic school online. Fortunately, in most cases, the answer is yes New drivers who need to meet a classroom drivers education requirement to get their drivers permit or license can choose to take an online driving school class. With fun lessons, quizzes, and practice tests, you'll learn everything needed to pass your written driving exam

Traffic School Online is easy to use Traffic School Online is easy to use. The material is well organized Online traffic schools have replaced the classrooms and that is actually really good news for you. Not only can you take an online traffic school whenever you want, but you can split it up into several sessions if you feel like it. Oh, and it's WAY easier to pass because you don't really have to go through the course at all However, we encourage teens to take this in addition to their Segment 1 & 2 courses. For those 18 and older, this online course is a study tool to use in preparation for the knowledge test at the Secretary of State. As you go through the course, you can also book one-on-one time with one of our professional driving instructors There's no better time to take an online traffic school course, and there's no better course than Traffic School Online: it's 100% online! For 10% off your course fee, use offer code TSOticket2021* Drivers License holders and drivers cited while driving a vehicle that requires a CDL are not eligible for defensive driving. You can check your.

If you choose this option you will not owe fines to the Court but you must pay a registration fee to the driving school. If you complete the defensive driving online program or attend a class at least 7 days before your court date, the charge will be dismissed and no conviction will appear on your driving record So, if you are given a traffic ticket and you want to take an online defensive driving course or online traffic school class in order to have the citation and points removed from your North Carolina driving record, you should first contact the North Carolina court overseeing your traffic violation prior to meeting with the North Carolina DMV hearing officer, to request permission to attend a North Carolina online traffic school You may complete online training before enrolling at a licensed driver training school for behind-the-wheel training, but you should first confirm that your preferred driver training school will accept the online training program you have selected. See the below for a list of licensed driver training schools and information on course offerings Generally, you'll have the option of completing Mississippi defensive driving online or in the classroom. For more information about traffic schools in Mississippi available to you: Look up traffic schools or driving schools in your phone book. Contact the Mississippi DMV

With DriversEd.com, you can enjoy all our online driving classes! Our convenient course lets you choose when and where you learn. Log in anytime and study at your own pace, anywhere you have Internet access. Your progress is automatically saved, so you'll always pick up right where you left off Currently, traffic school can be taken online but there isn't a remote learning option for drivers ed. South Dakota Online commercial driver's education courses are not approved in South Dakota, but you may take an approved teen driver's education course in-person to help reduce the time you're required to hold a learner's permit

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In most states, completing a DMV-approved online traffic school class can erase a ticket and improve your driving record quickly, so it is well worth using a traffic school online for tickets. Save Money: Some courts will reduce your fines when you complete a DMV traffic school class Many Florida Counties provide a way to pay your traffic ticket fine online and elect traffic school. If online traffic school election is not available the Clerk of Court provides form you complete to elect traffic school. Check the location you are going to visit for their schedule Your specific defensive driving school curriculum and requirements will vary by state, but your course will generally last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. In many states, you'll have the option of completing a defensive driving course online or in a classroom. Be sure to check that the program is approved by your state

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Yes. If you got a ticket in Alabama then you must enroll in our Alabama online traffic school course. If you take an online defensive driving course for a state or country other than the state or country in which you received your citation, the Alabama court may reject your certificate and you may not get credit for the course From Baltimore to Hagerstown, Maryland driving school at DriversEd.com lets you study in the comfort of your own home. Study at your own pace, start and stop on your own time, and log in 24/7 from any computer on the Internet Our TDLR-approved self-taught Texas Online Driver Education course is ideal if you want to learn on your own vs. working with a parent. You can hit the road immediately Take the course at your own pace. You are able to take as many breaks as you want - sign in and out as often as you like. The system will keep track of your progress. The Arizona Defensive Driving course will take 4 hours to complete, per Arizona court requirements. No Final Exam - 100% GUARANTEED to Pass Selecting a DT School. Students can take DE/DT in a California secondary school or in a state-licensed, professional driving school.. To ensure that your teenager receives the DE/DT they need, it's important to select a driving school that you're comfortable with, provides high-quality education and training, and employs instructors that are professional, respectful, and knowledgeable

In a few states like Florida, can also take the test online. However, most states still require you to take the test in person.We created Driving-Tests.org to help you quickly find information about your local DMV and the knowledge exams in your state You can take the course as often as you wish for a traffic ticket. Virginia: You can take the course once every 2 years for point reduction. You can take the course as often as you wish for a traffic ticket. Anyone who has a traffic ticket should always consider taking traffic school online to avoid the expenses costs of getting a ticket You may take the class in person or online. If you were specifically ordered by a judge to attend the course in person, you must register for a classroom course. Do You Need An Extension? View the Extension Allowance PD

If you received a ticket for a noncriminal moving violation, you can elect to take a 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement course to dismiss your ticket and avoid the point penalty on your driving record. Our online BDI course can help you: Dismiss points from a traffic ticket; Avoid an increase to your insurance rate; Save 9% on your traffic citatio An Alabama traffic ticket can cause drivers to take defensive driving school online. Courts giving drivers a reduction in the traffic ticket fine or dismissing the ticket altogether causes many drivers to take driving school at Driving University® . Defensive driving school in Alabama is user friendly and convenient at Driving University®

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If you need assistance in locating a school to take the driving portion of the exam, please call 866-817-4621. Q. Do I need to complete the whole course? No. We do recommend you complete the sections relevant to the type of CDL for which you are applying. This will ensure you're 100% prepared for the exam Online 5-Hr Pre-Licensing Courses. Private driving lessons. Defensive driving classes. 70+ years of experience. Call us today. 315-424-687 Driving within the highway transportation system; Driver habits and skills; Feelings, attitudes and risk taking; Alcohol, other drugs and driving; You can read the student's manual, Pre-licensing Course Student's Manual (PDF) (MV-277.1), to help you reinforce the important information contained in the Pre-Licensing Course Online Traffic School: Generally, you can go to traffic school in California if: - You have a valid driver's license, - The offense occurred while driving a noncommercial vehicle, and - Your ticket is for an infraction that is a moving violation. - If the court sends a courtesy notice, it will say if you are eligible for traffic school

Traffic schools are available in-person or online. While you can always opt for a classroom setting, most drivers nowadays will choose online traffic schools because it's more convenient. You may take a defensive driving course through a computer with an internet connection. Some traffic schools are mobile-friendly, so you may use your phone. Our TDLR-approved Texas Online Defensive Driving Course satisfies all Texas court requirements without classrooms. » Learn more. Parent-Taught Driver Ed (Ages 14-17) $ Reg $99 Sign Up Now. Let Mom or Dad help. Our TDLR-approved Texas Parent-Taught Driver Education course is formatted for a parent or guardian to help you learn and practice. Welcome to CMSC Auto School the leading driving school in Central Mass! With over 50 instructors and road lessons day and night and holidays, our training fits your schedule so you can get your license as soon as possible. But if you want more practice or specialized attention we have that too. Learn More SEE OUR PROCEDURES

Getting a traffic ticket is never fun, but our online driver improvement course (also referred to as defensive driving and traffic school) is the easiest way to get your Oklahoma ticket dismissed and prevent points to your driving record. Our fast, affordable, and convenient course has helped drivers like you dismiss traffic citations since 1996 If you choose to pay using any method other than debit or credit card online, we must receive and process your payment before we can give you access to the course. Why should I take a Florida Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course? Basic Driver Improvement, or Florida traffic school, is a 4-hour defensive driving course that a driver can elect.

If you choose a course online, you must check in with your court to see if it accepts certificates of completion issued by online driving school courses. In defensive driving school, you will learn all of the required traffic laws and regulations, as well as valuable defensive driving tips that will help you become an alert driver to avoid. Nine out of ten drivers pass the final quiz at the end of our online defensive driving course on their first try. If you don't pass the final quiz on your first try, you can re-take it again until you do pass. There are no limits to the number of times you can take the Driving University defensive driving quiz Take the first step to earning your learner's license with our Driver Education course. This course teaches you the rules of the road with interactive lessons and activities, helping you lower your driving risk and prepare for your licensing exam. Driver Education is free for Florida students and available online 24/7, so you can learn when. You can still receive points on your driving record even if you have paid the fine. If the court allows you to take traffic school and you successfully complete it within the required time frame and submit proof of completing a traffic course to the court, you should not receive any points When can I schedule my Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) driving lessons? After you have taken the first class, obtained your learner's permit and paid your balance in full, you can schedule your six BTW driving lessons by using the student portal. Behind-the-Wheel lessons are offered during the day, after school, evenings or on weekends

Request a copy so you can confirm the training. Check if a school has received any disciplinary actions for violating licensing laws or rules. If you have questions or concerns about a particular driving school, please contact our Driver Training School Program at tse@dol.wa.gov Eligibility Requirements for Taking a Defensive Driving Course: You have not attended a Defensive Driving course for an eligible traffic citation issued within the past 12 months.Your eligibility to attend a Defensive Driving Course is based on the date of your current violation not on the date you last attended a Defensive Driving Course Another DUI School, is quickly becoming one of Georgia's leading DUI and Defensive Driving Schools. Now with two locations and 5 large classrooms, we can easily accommodate classes of any size. We also use virtual classrooms which allow us to cater to students anywhere in the country. No matter where you are, if you need to satisfy a Georgia. You can take the course in video format or simply read text, and you can access it on any device, including your phone. Going to traffic school can be a hassle, but online traffic school Florida is a completely different experience, especially when you use DefensiveDriving.com If you mess up, you can take the quiz again - as many times it takes. Our drivers ed live support team will assist you with any questions about the registration process, or even take your registration information over the phone, if you prefer. We are available to answer any questions about taking our online driving school course

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  1. e how to choose a driving school. Massachusetts requires license applicants under age 18 to take an approved driver education program, which includes 30 hours of live classroom instruction, twelve (12) hours of behind-the-wheel training,.
  2. This complete education course can help you learn everything you need to know before you get your driver's license. The Safe Motorist Approach To Driver Training Since creating the first state-approved online traffic school, video traffic school and CD-ROM-based traffic school in Florida in 2000, the American Safety Council has been at the.
  3. Greg's Driving School also offers the Driver Improvement Program and the 3-Hour Alcohol & Drug Program for drivers who are referred by MVA to take these courses. If you have questions about driver's education, we're here to help! You can call our office at 301-882-8000, or toll-free at 800-446-9230
  4. In our driving lessons we utilize no books, no videos and no classes. They are designed to make you more confident and safe on the road. We teach you behind the wheel of your own RV and ensure you have the knowledge and training you need to arrive safely at your next destination

Some states require people to take drivers ed at a registered driving school before they can take the test, while some do not. The Requirements. While there is some variation in the laws regarding the requirements needed for taking the driving test, the basics are the same. In most states, if you are only one year under the legal driving age. If you paid your ticket online, at the court, or mailed it in, it can take from two to four weeks from the date the payment is processed at the Court for you to receive your course confirmation notice from Traffic Safety School You are required to take: A written knowledge exam of 50 multiple choice questions about traffic laws and traffic signs. You must have 40 correct answers to pass (80%). You may take this DMV exam online, but your parent or guardian must monitor you during the exam. You can also take re-test online if you fail. A vision test using an eye machine Within 30 days, you must inform the clerk of court in the county where you received the ticket that you would like to take basic driver improvement. You must also pay an election fee to the clerk of court. Do I have to pay any fines if I complete traffic school? Yes. If you do not know the amount, or it is not stated on your ticket, the. When you receive a traffic ticket in Texas you can take a Driving Safety Course which is very similar to traffic school. The course is 6-hours, but the online version includes 60 minutes in mandatory breaks, so you only have to spend a total of 5 hours taking it

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Begin Your CDL Training Online at GDA. Georgia Driving Academy is now offering its complete Class A and Class B classroom instruction online. With this online option, students can save a week of on-campus training. Online CDL training is available for students who choose GDA's Class A 3-week full-time program or 9-weekend part-time program Each time you are convicted or forfeit bail for a moving traffic violation, points are assessed against your driving record. If you accumulate eight or more points in any 12-month period, you may be required to attend Traffic Survival School (TSS), or your driving privilege may be suspended up to 12 months Permission to take traffic school is granted on a case by case basis. Most minor violations can be dismissed this way. The question is, were you speeding, or were you SPEEDING?!? Can you do driving school online in Alabama? Online traffic school is available online in Alabama from any of the providers listed above Yes, you can only teach the courses you're trained in, so you would need to receive the training for each course if you want to teach more than one. 4. Does a driving safety instructor license authorize me to teach the course anywhere? No, you can only teach the course in an approved school or classroom and only the course you are approved to.

You can choose to take adult drivers ed online with Aceable or at a brick-and-mortar school. If you check the TDLR website, you can find a list of all driver education schools in Texas so you can pick the one that's right for you. It's different than teen drivers ed in the fact that you don't have to have a learner permit or complete. This 4-hour Tennessee traffic school course, also known as defensive driving, has been approved by the Tennessee Department of Safety to meet your traffic school requirement. If you have been court ordered or referred to take a 4-Hour Traffic School/Defensive Driving Course, this is the course for you Options for Taking Traffic School in New Mexico New Mexico is similar to most other states in that it has both classroom and online defensive driving courses available. Classroom courses typically take place either on the weekend or at night so people can take a course without interfering with their work schedules. Most of the time, you'll.

You will need to make sure that you check with the issuing court or traffic division to ensure that you are approved to take a driving course, as well as which course options you have. You can learn more about suspensions, points, or how to check your own driving record by visiting the South Carolina DMV Driving while suspended = 8 points; If you have received an Indiana traffic citation, you may be able to take an Indiana defensive driving course to clear your citation and stop possible points from reaching your driving record. You are able to participate in a defensive driving Indiana program once every 3 years to dismiss a traffic citation No, Defensive Driving also known as the Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) is a six hour course designed to help lower auto insurance premiums and points from the DMV driving record. A Defensive Driving course is not accepted to take a road test and a Five Hour Course certificate is not accepted for insurance or point reduction 911 Driving School has classrooms all over Washington State so you can attend drivers ed in a location most convenient to you. Take a look at our WA locations below. You can easily register online for classes at any of these locations, so you or your child can prepare to take their test with the Washington State DOL You can make your road test appointment on-line at www.dmv.ny.gov (click on On-Line Services, then Schedule a Road Test) or by phone at (518-402-2100) (or 1-800-368-1168 for the hearing impaired). Our driving school also provides services to make the appointment and take students to the Road Test

To meet this requirement, you may either take lessons at a driving school OR add on our Behind-the-Wheel course. This course offers an affordable option because it lets a parent or legal guardian train the student instead of taking lessons at a traditional driving school, which can be costly If you have a Class DJ or MJ learner permit, you must have a minimum of 50 hours of supervised practice driving that includes at least 15 hours of driving after sunset before you take a road test. You must bring to the road test a completed Certification of Supervised Driving (MV-262) signed by your parent or guardian Whether you take your DPS Road Test with Austin Driving School or wait for an appointment at the DPS, you will need to complete the IMPACT Texas Teen Two Hour Course. The IMPACT Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) was developed by the Department of Public Safety with the goal of saving lives through awareness and education

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  1. Our online driving and traffic school courses make it easy for you to get the training and requirements you need to get on the road. You can take the driver's ed, traffic school or DUI course you need anywhere and at any timeday or night with your smartphone, on your computer or tablet! I
  2. Florida 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI & TCAC) — Register HERE How Traffic School Works. Florida Basic Driver Improvement, also known as Traffic School or Defensive Driving, is a 4 hour course which motorists can take when issued a traffic citation, when required by the courts, or to get an insurance discount (at the discretion of the insurance company)
  3. Defensive Driving Program - DDS Arizona statutes allows you to remove one DDS-eligible traffic violation from your driving record every two years by completing Defensive Driving School (DDS). If you are eligible, the DDS Program is available for one DDS-eligible violation on your citation (complaint). All additional violations on your citation (complaint) must be processed through the court
  4. Find Online driving school. Browse it Now! Find Online Driving School. Now in seconds
  5. No problem. We are DMV approved in all US States. You can fulfill a court order, reduce points from your DMV driving record, and lower your car insurance by 10% by taking our course. We electronically report course completion results to your local DMV when you are done
  6. Our Online Traffic School is completely self paced. Log in and out of the course as many times as you'd like! Your progress is automatically saved
  7. Arizona Defensive Driving, unlike Traffic Survival School, is a Diversion Attendance Course for drivers with eligible traffic tickets to remove the points from their driving record. If you received a traffic ticket for a non-serious violation in the state of Arizona, or were court-ordered to take defensive driving, this course is most likely.

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You can log into an online driving school as frequently as needed and you don't have to spend your weekends or evenings in a classroom. This setup works best for teens with busy schedules, who may.. *The CA DMV does not allow online classes for CA residents. Out of state residents may be able to take an online class with prior approval. Please check with your state and local agencies to ensure an online program will meet your specific requirements before enrolling. Certificate of Authenticity Provided at No Cos Per the name, DriversEd.com provides drivers ed services, but there's also an online traffic school that can be taken. Going through it doesn't require a lot of time, so you get good and convenient services, and can also put your traffic accident behind you fast. Have a Look at DriversEd.com Websit Taking the course online allows you to learn at your own pace without the distractions of your classmates while still having access to a top-trained instructor, just as you would in a classroom. The online course can also be accessed 24/7/365, allowing it to fit into your busy schedule

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Online Traffic School. If you need to appear in court, often the judge will allow you attend a traffic school to reduce the number of points on your record once every 18 months. The bad news: you cannot attend traffic school if you were traveling in excess of 30 mph over the posted speed limit The online 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement course (BDI class) is the most common traffic school taken by drivers in Florida who have received a traffic ticket. Often taken as an Elective to keep points off your record and to receive an 18% discount on your fine, the 4 Hour Defensive Driving School (DDS) online course is also for individuals who

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The Pre-licensing Course, aka the 5-hour course, is a DMV-designed online classroom instructed course that provides new drivers with information and tools to help them become safe drivers. All new drivers must complete this course before they can schedule their driving test to obtain their driver license Online traffic schools in West Virginia will help you deal with your traffic violations fast and easy. Check the top schools her Online driving schools are only limited by their online marketing success. The best ones can make thousands in revenue per year; however, the competition is very severe for new entrants in this business. Successful in-class schools and on-road instruction programs make around $5,000 or more in profit per month If you can take defensive driving for an North Dakota traffic ticket, or you get a break on your insurance for completing a defensive driving school course, then sign up today for Driving University and do it all online. It's the responsibility of the student to make sure the state, insurance company or court accepts the completion of traffic.

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The last thing you need after paying all of your court fines, legal fees and other costs is losing your job because you have to take time off work for DUI classes. Thankfully, Goto DUI School is here for you! Our program allows you to complete your court ordered DUI and DWI classes online from home anytime, day or night To receive a leaner's permit, students must be at least 15 years old and must have begun or completed an online driver education course. With both our Parent-Taught Driver Education and Texas Online Driver Ed courses, students can conveniently take their permit exam online once they've completed the first course module Many insurance providers will provide you a discount on your insurance premiums when you complete a Georgia defensive driving course. We make taking a Georgia defensive driving course easy. It's 100% online, accessible from any computer, self-paced, and you can save money right from the comfort of your home Online traffic school allows you to complete the entire course in one shot or learn leisurely. Get Course Completion Certificate; After you finish the course, you can take a defensive driving test online. The test contains a series of multiple choice questions that are based on the materials provided within the traffic course. If you pass, you. Taking Traffic School in Florida. When you receive a Traffic Ticket in Florida you have 3 choices: Pay the fine, plead guilty and receive points on your drivers license. Request a Court Date if you think you can prove you are not guilty of the violation

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Online driving schools in Vermont will aid you in securing your driver's license. We've listed down the top schools in 2021 so check it ou If you have to take a 4 or the 8 hour traffic school class, we have a great opportunity for you. Our 4 and 8 Hour Online Traffic Safety Course is specifically tailored to residents of North Carolina (N.C.)

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Houston Driving School is dedicated to providing the highest quality driver education and safety training available. Whether you choose an online course, our local classrooms, or behind-the-wheel lessons, we ensure quality! Get In Touch: 3201 Hillcroft St. Ste. 3201 Houston, TX 7705 Thanks to our Online Course & Driving Record Combo Value Package, you can make sure you complete your Defensive Driving course online and get your Driving Record at the same time online - without waiting in line.It's as easy as A, B, C. Click the Order Combo button and register for the course and your driving record. Complete the FAST & EASY Course

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  1. With your permit in hand, you can now practice driving. Taking professional instruction from our licensed and certified instruction team can help with learning car control, defensive driving and our predictive driving as well as prepare you for the State Drivers Skills Test. Regardless of age, you must have a physical permit to practice driving
  2. Go To Traffic School is one of the oldest home-based defensive driving courses in Arizona. They used to send traffic school courses to your home through the mail with workbooks and DVD's. In fact, you can still use their DVD program if you want to, but of course, most decide to complete it online as it is typically faster and easier
  3. This traffic school is completely online. Once you sign up, you can log in and begin completing the course at your leisure. The course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and gives you the opportunity to study course materials so you can complete all quiz questions online

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A US High School ID is worth 2 points. Remember the person taking your driver's test will ask you for the insurance information of the vehicle you will be driving; so have it handy. Upon passing the driver's test, you will generally get an interim license which will be valid for 60 days Virginia DMV Approved Driving Courses We Have Access to All Military Bases No Prepayment, Pay the Day of the Class by cash or money order. One Stop Driving School, LLC offers Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles approved driving instruction for Escort Vehicle Driver Certification, Adult Waiver (DTSD), Driver's Training Manual Course, Re-Examination Course, Driver Education Course, Behind. A total of 30 hours of classroom instruction, with a maximum of 2 hours per day. A minimum of 6 hours of practice driving, with a maximum of 1 hour per day. A minimum of 1 hour of behind-the-wheel observation. Online and parent-taught traffic safety education are not approved courses in Washington State Defensive Driving Program - DDS Arizona statutes allows you to remove one DDS-eligible traffic violation from your driving record every two years by completing Defensive Driving School (DDS). If you are eligible, the DDS Program is available for one DDS-eligible violation on your citation (complaint). All additional violations on your citation (complaint) must be processe Can I take a Driver Improvement course online? At this time, DDS does not recognize online Driver Improvement courses for driver's license related issues. Certificates of Completion from online Driver Improvement courses are not accepted by the DDS for any purposes related to an individual's driver's license or driving privileges


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  1. Yes, we are the first Traffic School / Defensive Driving School to offer this service, for only a $10.00 service fee, we will verify that the court has received and viewed your certificate of completion. Upon verification we will notify you by email. We strongly recommend this service! _____ 17) An online traffic school can take up to six hours.
  2. Learning Made Fun, easy and affordable by using Jersey Drive driving school; our affordable great services cover all New jersey. we are here to offer the 6 hours driving for $240 and road test for $100. call us today at 732-393-1155, we can offer you gift certificate for that special someone and we cover all NJ
  3. ivan, or pick-up truck) Tractor-Trailer (Class A Commercial Driver License) Motorcycle (Class M or MJ) Bus (Class B or C Commercial Driver License to transport passengers
  4. Course Details. The 4 hour Driver Improvement (BDI & TCAC) course also known as DDS (Defensive Driving School) makes you eligible to receive no points on your Florida drivers license and no insurance increase for the current violation. $ is your total cost, no hidden fees or add ons. When you complete your traffic school course you select the certificate delivery option that meets your schedule

You may have to appear in court to request that your charges be dismissed or reduced in exchange for taking a driving class. The good news is that court-ordered driving school is just four hours long and, depending on the jurisdiction, may be taken online. 3. How Do I Get an Insurance Discount for Taking a Defensive Driving Course in SC Find Your Defensive Driving Course. If you're taking this course for point/insurance reduction or to fulfill a learner's permit requirement, select the state where you live. If you're taking this as a court requirement to dismiss a ticket or reduce a fine, select the state where you received the ticket You can take this traffic school course if: You received a letter from the Nevada DMV advising that by successfully completing a traffic safety school course, you are entitled to remove 3 points from your driving record because you have a minimum of 3 points and no more than 11 points You are not required to take the written test if you have a form MV-285 driver education certificate. If you are under age 18, read the Graduated License Law section of the Resources for the Young Driver pages at this web site to learn about the restricted driving privileges for learner permits and junior licenses Drive Rite NY (718) 928-7048 | Beginning, adult, teen, foreign driving classes. Visit us to schedule drive lessons, 5 hour pre-licensing & road tes

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