Windows 10 takes 20 minutes to boot

By chance I left it stuck in the boot screen while I talked to a collegue and when I came back to the machine I could log on. I then discovered that it takes between 10 and 20 minutes for the machine to boot A few weeks ago my PC would take 30 minutes to boot. It would start up normal and go to a black screen with the windows logo and spinning dots, when it got to that screen my keyboard and mouse lights turned off. It would stay on that screen for at least 20 minutes before my keyboard and mouse.. Windows takes a very long time to boot after 18975 update - about 15 minutes to the Desktop! :cry: CPU-Z shows CPU running at 3.2Ghz got 32GB RAM 2 x 2T SATA drives. :-) I've run SFC and all DISM commands probably 30 times each but neither.. Microsoft knows what users want, so in an attempt to increase the speed of both the boot and shutdown process, Windows 10 employs a hybrid solution where the OS kernel is placed in hibernation.

Windows 10 boot suddenly takes 10-20 minutes - Super Use

Hi everyone, I own a Dell Dimension 9200 and recently every time I start my computer or reboot it, it takes 20 minutes to get to the desktop and also has a black screen. This problem has only happened recently and I am not sure what is causing it and so any tips would be gratefully received. Other s.. Sometimes it takes few minutes for Windows 10 to move ahead and recover from the Windows 10 slow boot-up issue. In this tutorial, I'm going to tell you simple ways to fix Windows 10 slow boot-up. 4/20 EXCLUSIVE . Everyday Scaries Bundle your computer eats up 30 minutes of time (or so) after you boot gone wrong is when your system takes a lot longer to boot into Windows or macOS.

I already posted this before but I can't find out why this happens. Normally this problem happens when I restart my PC, I don't know why but it always takes exactly 20 minutes, when I shut down normally it takes only 10 seconds to boot up, it seems that that happens when it's not properly shut down Windows 10 taking 10 minutes or so to boot when doing a restart. Archived Forums > 1/2016 8:24:12 AM 1/8/2016 12:12:53 PM Use this forum to discuss miscellaneous issues that cannot be covered in any other Windows 10 forum. 20 3. Question; text/html 1/1/2016 8:24:12 AM DU0 1. Executing Startup Delay HP Laptop Since the latest Windows 10 update, my HP Pavilion takes too long time to start. It keeps me waiting for about 6 minutes, during which the screen first goes blank, then the laptop screen turns black, at last, it loads Windows successfully so I can enter the password and log in We tried this out on a PC we're currently testing for review, and enabling Fast Startup reduced our boot time from 1 minute to 19 seconds, shaving 41 seconds — two-thirds of the boot time — off To do that, in the Start menu, right-click on Computer and select Open. Then, right-click on the C drive and select properties. Then, Tools, and then Error checking. It will ask you to reboot to do the check (as it can't do that while Windows is running)

Installing Windows Server 2012 In Core Mode - Prajwal Desai

Uncle Carey's Windows 10 Optimizer:https://www.d7xtech.com/uncle-careys-windows-10-optimizer/Please subscribe to my other YouTube channels:Computer Quick Tip.. Windows 10 boot suddenly takes 10-20 minutesHelpful? Please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/roelvandepaarWith thanks & praise to God, and wit..

In about ten to twenty seconds your desktop shows up. Since this time is acceptable, most users are not aware that this can be even faster. With Fast Startup active, your computer will boot in less than five seconds. But even though this feature is enabled by default, on some systems Windows will still go through a normal boot process Many people who upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 have suffered from massively lengthened boot times. The symptoms for this particularly curious bug include a black screen after seeing the.

-Changed boot settings in msconfig (to use four cores, no GUI) It goes like this: Asus logo for 8 seconds, black screen for a minute or so. Then the Windows 10 loading wheel for another minute, then finally my picture and another loading wheel for another minute, if I'm lucky For a long time, SSD drives solidly trounce HDDs in boot performance. Usually, the normal booting time of an SSD is 20 seconds around, while HDD 45 seconds. But it's not always an SSD that wins. Some people say that even they set up SSD as the boot drive, it's still taking ages to boot Windows 10, like 30 seconds to 2 minutes long Windows 10, SSD, 3 min boot time (welcome screen) - posted in Windows 10 Support: Hi, I really hope you guys can help me. Im having a boot up problem and Ive searched the net for help and tried. And this is not a problem if booting process takes 10-20 seconds. But if it lasts a minute or even longer, this is a good reason to think about optimization. In normal condition and in case all hardware is sufficient for Windows 10 your computer should not take more than 60 seconds to boot Windows 10 taking 20+ minutes to boot when restarting or sometimes when powering up... 2019-04-12, 14:20 PM. Hello I have a Lenovo IdeaCentre H50-50 PC that at the start i had bought with a 1TB sshd with windows 10 home edition x64 pre installed until then i had a problem with the installaton of an update because i had avast as antivirus the os.

When I go to do Windows Updates, it takes about 25 minutes from shutting the virtuals down, rebooting physical and then the virtuals to start up. Some virtuals take 10 minutes on the Hyper-V splashscreen. I do have them staggered to start in 5 minute increments with my domain controller first, file server second and backup server third Windows 7 Forums is the largest help and support community, providing friendly help and advice for Microsoft Windows 7 Computers such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. Hi there, I have recently discovered my pc is taking 20+ minute to boot up, I have virus scanned and sfc/scannow which has not pick up any violations Inspiron 13 5000 Takes 20 minutes to load to welcome screen Windows 10 If i shut my laptop down, it takes 20 - 25 minutes to boot. Once booted everything is as fast as when it was new. If i put a usb boot disk in, it boots to that menu in less than a minute - this is how it used to boot from the hard drive

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Windows (MiniOS) takes 10 minutes to boot up (it took like 20 minutes with normal windows) im using a 480 gig ssd how can this be possible, plz help. Discussion. Close. 5. Posted by 1 day ago you will find it takes a lot longer to start up from a cold boot if you shutdown by holding down shift then clicking shutdown. Microsoft introduced a hybrid sleep setup to speed up boot times. its not really shut down, hence why its so long to reboot. Sure. But that doesn't take 5-10 mins to reboot at all

Windows 10 suddenly takes almost 10 minutes to boot

Long restart issue on Windows 10 PC can be fixed! The main reasons why your computer gets stuck in the restart mode. Computer users are usually aware of how much time their machines need to restart. Based on the technical specifications, it might take a couple of seconds or a minute or two. However, this time might increase or become especially. Whenever you start your computer, the boot menu appears before the OS. By default, this menu stays on for 30 seconds. You can choose to reduce the time and speed up windows 10 boot The Intel(R) official download center offers drivers that support RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10. 3. Ultra Fast Windows 10 with UEFI Boot. UEFI motherboards feature fast and ultra fast boot options that allow your PC to start faster. Ultra fast is only supported on Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 installed with UEFI BIOS and not Legacy BIOS In June Microsoft rolled out cumulative update KB4559309, which brought the new Chromium-powered Edge browser to Windows 10 users, replacing the old EdgeHTML Edge.. Unfortunately, after delivering a faster browser, the update also appeared to slow down Windows 10, with users complaining of performance issues, with slow boot times, slow loading of apps and ever web pages loading slowly In the age of the Ultrabook, boot times of 30 seconds or less have become standard. Unfortunately, many mainstream notebooks take nearly a minute and a half to load Windows, often due to an.

Okay. Started the computer this morning. Monitor took around 10 minutes for a picture to finally appear (no fade-in. Right to Windows screen. After installing Windows 10 on an SSD, you can expect your Windows 10 boot time to decrease by around 20 seconds in comparison to a regular hard drive. Your experience with a Windows 10 SSD installation will vary, of course, but the difference in boot time is dramatic. Furthermore, there are different types of SSD drives

How to fix slow boot times in Windows 10 when other tips

Windows 10 boots very slowly: Chances are you have run into a black screen with a cursor on Windows 10. It takes quite a bit of time for the desktop to appear. Though this is a very common issue, Microsoft is yet to acknowledge it as a known issue. Many threads at the Windows Insider Program forums, reported this issue, and the suggestions. If you are still facing Windows 10 takes a long time to shut down problem, check out our next solution to fix. Solution 2: End Stuck Processes To Omit Windows 10 Shutdown Issues. Before you shut down your PC completely, it has to end several processes. Windows 10 stacks data to ensure a flawless restart next time If the fans are spinning, you notice that everything is okay, but your computer fails to boot Windows, that might be the culprit of a failing hard drive. It will take a few attempts before it successfully reads all files necessary for Windows to boot, and it might even take a while, which only adds to the frustration

Windows 10 Home version 1803 (installed feature update 2 days ago) Having problems with slow booting to desktop - takes about 7 minutes. 2021-04-10, 17:20 PM. Having the same issue when anything is connected to the USB ports. Also this is not a windows issue, it happens with Ubuntu as well. Did a clean install of Windows 10 and Ubuntu. I checked the settings and I have Fast startup already enabled, but I did switch the Time to display list of operating systems from 30 seconds to 1. Still, subtracting 29 seconds from my startup isn't going to do much since, for me, it takes about 7-8 minutes for the computer to actually be usable after restarting. Windows 10 Hom When I boot Win 7 64 Ultimate it takes less than a minute for the little blue ring to disappear. I know I haven't offered any specifics other than what I had to deal with for my LAN (DHCP, firewall ports & NAT) if you can be more specific about how you have your LAN configured, maybe we can find the gremlin

Solved: My computer takes 20 minutes to boot up and also

  1. utes to boot or take very long time to navigate / open any page. I tried to follow the 2 links below but didn't help. Install and run the McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) : it stated no issue found
  2. Uninstalling the update doesn't come off cleanly and still gets lock ups on initial boot. Slowdowns. Windows 10 stutters, dropped frame rates (primarily in games), high disk usage and.
  3. From a cold start, my Dell Adamo running Windows 7 can boot up in just under 22 seconds. From standby, it resumes instantly. But the solid-state drive is a big factor in getting the relatively.
  4. utes, I timed all my startup time and it only takes 10
  5. utes to shut down completely. When users affected by this problem shut their computers down, their screens turn off but their hardware (fans and Hard Drive - for example) continue to run for a few more

The PC upon startup will sit for 20-30 or even more minutes in Starting Windows and seems to be doing something but difficult to tell. Sometimes it will make it to the user , other times it seems to lock up forcing a hard shutdown. I'm in safe mode now after a couple of attempts. A couple recent events Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) I got my new Omen HP laptop today, it booted fine the first time but after restarting it now takes up to 10 minutes to load, all I get is a black screen with a cursor Q: I have a Windows 10 computer and whenever I wake my system from Sleep Mode it seems to take forever before I can actually start doing anything on it.Why? J. Trejo, Fort Pierce. A: Most Windows. It sounds weird, but when you click that power button on the start menu to shut down Windows 10, you're not shutting down Windows 10. Sure, Windows 10 goes through the motions of shutting down 2 Cases: Windows 10 System Restore Stuck. System Restore is a Windows features used to revert the computer's state (system files, Windows Registry, settings, installed applications) to a previous point in situations of malfunctions or other problems.. Various problems can be encountered during the system restore process; one of the more common ones is the task being frozen even when you try to.

Peter Martin 25 September 2018 14:20. Here's How I rebooted Windows 10 in 4.5 Minutes: Windows 10 Pro via Boot Camp Restart from Desktop to Desktop in 2:2 Basically we are having issues with some users taking ages to log in in the mornings, some times up to 20 minutes, we have tried correcting this problem looking at a variety of methods, we have checked DNS (seems to be fine, although not my strongest point I will accept suggestions), checked network speed (seems fine), the users in question are. Windows boots and show a throbber with Applying software installation policy... for about 20 minutes (10 minutes per machine + 10 minutes for user GPO timeout). This happens only after you have changed a GPO and only once after a change. It doesn't matter if this is a software policy or any random setting

Next thing I did was did a windows update and drivers update **This actually improved the startup time by 20 minutes, I timed all my startup time and it only takes 10 minutes to boot and I have a laptop with 2 GB DDR3 RAM memory and 465 GB HDD, with 1.90 GHz processor. Actually, my laptop should be running Windows 8. But then, I just upgraded it to Windows 10 Home 32-bit (oh no, I should install 64-bit OS!) When I boot Windows 10. 20 minutes: Create a Windows 10 reference image: This procedure can be skipped if it was done previously, otherwise instructions are provided to create a reference image. 0-60 minutes: Add a Windows 10 operating system image: Add a Windows 10 operating system image and distribute it. 10 minutes: Create a task sequenc The settings will make sure that you will never experience Windows 7 slow boot. Extra Tips: Fix Windows 7 System with Windows Boot Genius. Start Up is just one part of the entire Windows system. If you find your Windows PC crashes or freezes with blue or black screen, you need a system maintenance tool to make sure that everything is in order

After you complete a Windows 10 upgrade, the first thing you should do is go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click Check for updates. Install any available updates, including. The total time to do this depends very much on how large the ISO file is that you're working with. Some small diagnostic tools take under one minute, while larger images (like a 5 GB Windows 10 ISO) could take closer to 20 minutes. Your computer and USB hardware speeds are a big factor here as well

After upgrading from 10.12.6 to 10.13.6 with clover r4630 (installed using multibeast 10.4) The booting procedure takes very long time to screen, approximately 2~3 mins. It took less than 20 secs before upgrading. The attached file is the screen shot of the boot log (with -v flag) Any.. I'm using Windows 10 v1709, i5 6600k and GTX 660. All drivers are updated and Windows is up-to-date. So basically, clicking restart or when Windows crashes (talking about in-game crashes when it stutters for a second, then freezes for ~5 seconds and then just reboots, no BSOD or any message), takes longer than two minutes to reboot Change how windows and tabs are loaded. If you set Firefox to use the Session Restore feature to show your windows and tabs from last time, Firefox can take a long time to start if you had lots of websites open the last time you used Firefox. You can choose to only load the last selected of the open tabs: In the Menu bar at the top of the screen, click Firefox and select Preferences

How to Fix Windows 10 Slow Boot-up Issue After the Upgrad

I upgraded to 18.04 from 16.04. Boot time was more than 10 minutes. Tried from No splash screen to Kernel to find which processes are taking the most time for booting. A start job is running for Raise network interfaces (1min 26s / 5min 24s) So, we need to reduce time for this process to save boot time. To do so, You have to edit After a second boot, there is no black screen, and the monitor displays normally. So basically, I have to boot the PC twice to get it to work. After the computer boots normally, I sign into windows, I type my password and press enter and this is where the second problem appears, the windows signing in takes about 1-2 minutes to finish loading Workaround #5: Use Windows 10 Boot Loop Automatic Repair. Windows 10 boot loop automatic repair can appear after several times boot failure. And from there you can do some rescue for Windows 10 reboot loop. Please try the followings: Step 1. Power off the PC and then power it on Windows 10 slow shutdown and Windows 10 slow boot are some of the most common problems with Windows 10 operating system where Windows 10 computers take several minutes to boot up and shut down completely. Although, there is no certain reason why does Windows 10 take so long to boot up or why Windows 10 not shutting down properly

Why Does My Laptop Take 30 Minutes to Start Up

If Windows is taking too long to get Windows 8/10 ready or the above methods fail to troubleshoot stuck at getting Windows ready, you can try the System File Checker tool. Sometimes Window's need to get ready for update at every reboot may be caused by the corrupted files on your computer No one likes to use a computer that takes 5-10 minutes to boot into the desktop or a Windows that doesn't do a proper shut down where you are forced to press and hold the power button until it turns off. A forced shut down can cause data corruption when the files are opened or even hard drive failure With Windows 8-10, when you Shut Down your PC it doesn't actually fully shut down, Windows saves a small snapshot of what it had running prior to shutdown to make the boot up process quicker, so restarting your PC is the easiest and quickest way of letting Windows fully refresh itself 1. Repair Windows 10 Startup. Windows 10 comes with a built-in startup repair option that can scan and repair missing or damaged startup system files. To access it, you'll need to have either the Windows 10 installation disc or flash drive handy. (You can use a friend's disk drive or create your own through Microsoft's website.

How Create a USB Flash Drive Installer for Windows 10, 8, or 7

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If you have Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 already on your computer, and you have a reasonably fast internet connection, the download should take 45 minutes, and the installation about an hour, but if you install anti-virus and firewall software (and you sh.. Symptoms IDE startup takes more than 20 seconds to show the splash screen for the first time, subsequent start is usually much faster. Antivirus software with the real-time monitor such as Windows Defenderis working on the computer If your Windows 10 installations boots up to a black screen, that can be due to two main reasons. Your Fast Boot image is corrupted. Your display driver is corrupted. Let's see, how we can fix the above issues. The first thing that you can do is to give it some time for your PC [ Windows small images running on an EBS volume boots up in almost 5 minutes versus the almost 20 minutes it took before. Also you don't need to terminate - you can stop/start them - depending on your setup this potentially shaves a few more minutes in some start up scripts

And Windows 10 boots even faster. This is a drastic step, but the latest version of Windows does tend to boot faster than older versions. Add More RAM: If your computer is less than a year or two old, this probably won't make a difference. But upgrading from 4GB to 8GB of RAM under Windows 10 can increase boot times Windows Autopilot is a new suite of capabilities designed to simplify and modernize the deployment and management of new Windows 10 PCs. Windows Autopilot enables IT professionals to customize the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) for Windows 10 PCs and provide end users with a fully configured new Windows 10 device after just a few clicks

Windows 10 taking 10 minutes or so to boot when doing a

They appear on various occasions, such as when Windows fails to load the Master Boot Record during the boot process. But, that's before the user gets the chance to sign-in. A Redditor kek4dayz has.. Windows 10 pro 64 bit Intel integrated hd Graphics Please help me Assassin002, Aug 14, 2017 #9. (something like ~3 minutes to boot up). Opening a project which takes under a minute on a newer fast computer, can easily take 20+ minutes to do the same work on poor hardware. Joe-Censored, Nov 23, 2020 #30. Steviebops My computer takes 15, 20 minutes to boot up and it is like 2, 3 minutes every time I click on something. But this is only on a sometimes basis, not every time. I am puzzled, and besides buying a new computer, what steps should I take to somehow speed up my computer

Download Windows 10. To open a boot menu or change the boot order, you'll typically need to press a key (such as F2, F12, Delete, or Esc) immediately after you turn on your PC. For instructions on accessing the boot menu or changing the boot order for your PC, check the documentation that came with your PC or go to the manufacturer's. My latest and greatest HP Envy laptop cost $1300 and it runs horribly with Windows 10, as it did with Windows 8. It takes a half hour to boot, every click takes minutes to respond. I would gladly trade this to get a 386 machine. I have only loaded Trend Micro Antivirus as far as software goes. Microsoft's best days are behind them Running either Office 2013 or the latest Office 2016, when opening an Excel file from the file system, it takes close to 20 seconds for the file to open completely. It doesn't matter if the file is sitting in the Cloud, on a network share, or even locally - it just takes forever to load, even if the file contains no data

Microsoft says there are about 700 million Windows 10 devices and that the April 2018 Update will take 10 to 30 minutes to install. So, assuming an average of 20 minutes for 700 million computers, that's over 26,000 years of humanity's collective time wasted waiting for Windows 10 to install a single update First thing I noticed with Windows 10 (I pretty much skipped 8/8.1) was the difference in shutdown time. With most of my computers and my clients', shutdown often takes 20-30 seconds. Startup is another matter. My working hypothesis is that Windows now suspends most tasks on shutdown, and actually closes them as part of the startup

HP Slow Startup: How to Fix HP Laptop Taking Forever to

A Solid State Drive (SSD) can greatly slow down due to multiple reasons, as is evident with every mechanical device. However, sometimes the SSD doesn't really slow down on its own but an issue related to an external factor is causing this to happen. Let's take a look at the reasons and their solutions that lead to a visible slowdown in the SSD's performance in Windows 10 Microsoft advises that the initial Windows 10 download will be about 3GB in size. I found that on a 75Mbps home broadband connection, that took a bit more than 20 minutes

How to Dramatically Cut Your Windows 10 PC's Boot Time

I decided to actually time the amount of time it takes to boot up both in and out of safe mode. In normal Windows mode, it takes aprox. 2 1/2 minutes (sometimes longer). In Safe mode it takes around 10-15 seconds. I personally don't know what to do with this information but if you can figure something out I would greatly appreciate it : To fix it, you need to re-install Windows. Hence, backup your data before proceeding to Windows 10 re-installation. In case you are unable to create a backup, use the Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows software that can help you restore data from a Windows system that fails to boot due to Windows installation boot loop Some Windows 10 PCs have been rebooting to a black screen after installing the June 2019 cumulative update from Windows Update. This seems scary at first, but luckily there's a quick fix that will solve your problem. If your Windows 10 PC reboots to a black screen, just press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard. Windows 10's normal Ctrl+Alt+Del. After doing a problem free update from Win 8.1 Pro to Win 10 Pro there was a pretty annoying boot time difference. With Win 8.1 Pro my boot time was around 10 to 15 sec. Now with the update to Win 10 Pro, my boot time is around 3 minutes!! I have troubleshooted this with several intents but the 3 minutes boot time changes almost anything How to fix a stuck Windows 10 update not the IT Crowd - a take a few minutes to make sure the update has actually stopped. Boot into Safe Mode. Accessible from the Startup Settings menu.

Laptop takes 20 minutes to load windows - HP Support

Hi, Enjoying my new build, with one big exception. The boot time is ridiculously long - probably about 40 seconds to a minute from pressing power button, to working desktop. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem, and hoping it's just either a not so straightforward fix or just the board needing BIOS tweaks since it's still so new Recently, more and more Windows 10 users report that they have come across 100 disk usage Windows 10 issue and they are seeking for a way to lower disk usage. See a Windows 10 user thread from answers.microsoft.com: Q: Disk Usage at 100% on Windows 10 When I load into Windows, I could move the mouse, but nothing else was responsive Give Skype write permissions. If you run Skype for Desktop on any version of Windows before Windows 10, Skype could be causing the disk usage problem. If Skype doesn't have permission to write data to one of its subfolders in Program Files (x86), it continues to write and ramps up hard drive usage

Hello , i need help to figure out how to fix this super slow startup issue. This laptop takes at least 15 minutes to load before it gets to the log in screen.. it was doing fine about a week ago where it would get me to screen less than a minute before Now let's go back to the topic of this post. If your MacBook Pro takes more than 30 seconds to boot, or even minutes, beware that your Mac may have performance issues. We've found 6 possible causes and related fixes to boost MacBook startup times. Some fixes work better than others Usually, when I reboot the phone, it shows the boot animation for a few seconds, then goes to the lock screen while it finishes booting. Every once in a while (though more often lately than it used to), the boot animation screen gets stuck for about 5 minutes before showing me the lock screen Create a local user or administrator account in Windows 10. For Windows 10, in the search box on the taskbar, type msconfig. (In Windows 8 or 8.1, swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then select Search. Or, if you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, and then select Search The first thing to check is recently installed software, software updates, Windows updates, or driver updates. If an update or installation correlates with the time the computer started to slow down, it could be the problem. Other things that can cause a computer to boot up slowly

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