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Shop At 8% Back In Rewards & Browse Dulcimers Today! Lowest Price Guaranteed With 45-Day Matching Plenty of Dulcimer Instrument to Choose From. Fast Shipping and Orders $35+ Ship Free. Great Prices on Dulcimer Instrument. Shop Now and Save The hammered dulcimer (also called the hammer dulcimer, dulcimer, or tympanon) is a percussion - stringed instrument which consists of strings typically stretched over a trapezoidal resonant sound board Exquisite Ebony Dulcimer Hammer Mallets Sticks Musical Instrument Parts. $15.99 $ 15. 99. Get it as soon as Mon, Apr 5. Persian Quality Santoor Santur Dulcimer String Musical Instrument. 4.5 out of 5 stars 23. Electronics $299.00 $ 299. 00. FREE Shipping. Music Maker - Hand Made Lap Harp - Easy to Play Musical Instrument

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The quality of sound and the amount of sustain you desire in a hammered dulcimer is influence by the range, size and material choices. The smaller instruments will have less bass response and sound brighter, while the larger instruments support more bass end and more volume. Sustain is influenced more by material choices 7/8 String Spacing, Cherry frame, Lacewood pin panels. The soundboard is Redwood made dark brown with Mexican Ebony trim. Bridges are Cherry. Price includes a set of double sided playing hammers and a quality T-Wrench.This is the smallest hammered dulcimer I build. Complete and ready to ship $700 (a soft case is available for $145

Hammered dulcimers are actually a percussion instrument, even though their name makes them sound like a string instrument. These ancient stringed percussion instruments take many names depending on the country where they originate. For example, they also have the name cimbalom, hackbrett, salterio, tympanon, and that's just a few The hammered dulcimer is an instrument played by striking strings stretched over a trapezoidal sounding board using small mallets held in each hand. The Graeco-Roman word dulcimer has been part derived from the Latin term dulcis, meaning sweet and the Greek term melos, meaning song

The Prelude is the smallest and most affordable model, and the Overture is a larger version of the Prelude, combining affordability with a satisfying amount of playing range. The D45 is our mid-sized and mid-priced solid-wood model, and the D670 is the grand piano of dulcimers, with the biggest sound and the largest range Hammered Dulcimer Vintage Musical Instrument, R. Peterson, Greenbrier, AR #32610. $325.00. $75.00 shipping. 30 watching. Tack & Sons 29 String Hammered Dulcimer (58 Total Double Strung) $800.00. 0 bids Ending Apr 23 at 12:30PM PDT 6d 9h. 19 String Lyre Piano High Quality Lyre Portable Musical Instrument Harp 15-Strin

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The balance will be due when the instrument is completed, prior to shipment. Instruments are shipped in a returnable wood, shipping crate. International shipping charges will be added on. click on image for larger photo. 5 Octave Hammer Dulcimer This is my favorite, most versatile Dulcimer and the one I play the most. Tuning diagra Folkcraft Instruments has been crafting handmade mountain dulcimers since 1968. We've been providing the best dulcimers, plus the dulcimer cases, tab books, dulcimer string sets, and everything else a mountain dulcimer player needs. We even provide dulcimer parts - machine heads and wood parts - for builders of all skill levels. We're happy to build a custom mountain dulcimer for you, make you. The hammered dulcimer was around long before America was even a glimmer in George Washington's eye. To most people around the world, this is the real dulcimer. It appeared 5,000 years ago in the cradle of civilization. Multiple references to the instrument appear in the Bible Beautiful Hammered Dulcimer with a Rich & Sweet Sound Charles' Dulcimer is a beautiful Hammer Dulcimer made of solid wood with 9 courses of strings on the treble bridge and 8 courses of strings on the bass bridge, recorded by Luis Filip Costa. It has two octaves and a sweet, rich and resonating sound

Hammered Dulcimer. The hammered dulcimer is a multi-stringed trapezoidal instrument that is struck to produce music. It should not be confused with the Appalachian or mountain dulcimer, which is a narrowly-shaped, fretted instrument that has only a few strings and is plucked to produce a melody Joshua Messick & luthier Russell Cook demonstrate the new Master Works DulciForte hammered dulcimer. Playing demonstration: 7:19. Instrument info: http://b.. Online shopping for Dulcimer Accessories from a great selection at Musical Instruments Store. Master Works Custom Exotic Double-Sided Hammers for Hammered Dulcimer - No Pick. 4.3 out of 5 stars 6. Master Works Custom Double-Sided Hammers for Hammered Dulcimer - No Pick (Mahogany Chordophonet is designed to emulate the concert pedal harp, Celtic harp, electric and synth harp as well as an acoustic and electric hammered dulcimer. Includes a set of 20 pre-recorded harp glissando, two harp arpeggios, harp trill plus two hammered dulcimer glissando presets. Available as plugin in VST 32 bit and 64 bit and VST3 64 bit versions for Windows as well as in Audio Unit, VST and. Folk hammered dulcimers. Folk hammered dulcimers (struck zithers) have unique regional names around the globe. Throughout central and eastern Europe they are referred to as cimbalom (cymbalom, cymbalum, tsymbaly, tsimbl, țambal, cimbál, cimbale etc.).These instruments can differ from each other in size, tuning, number of strings and method of holding and moving the hammers or beaters

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Fifth-Interval Tuning . This is by far the most common tuning scheme used for the hammered dulcimer. It is called fifth-interval because the treble bridge is positioned such that the note on the left side of the bridge is a perfect fifth above the note on the right When the renaissance of interest in the hammered dulcimer began in the late 1960's, most instruments were the 12/11 size. Over the succeeding years, the larger 15/14 size has become the preferred size by most players. The 15/14 offers a greater range of notes, and thus, greater flexibility His workshop is known as ~Cloud Nine~ Musical Instruments. Since 2004, Michael has been one of only three hammered dulcimer makers selected to create an instrument as a prize in the National Hammered Dulcimer Championship held in Winfield, Kansas each September

Wren: (photo left) This hammered dulcimer is the upgraded version of the Meadowlark. Still a 13/12, 2 1/2 plus octave instrument but with a solid Spanish Cedar top. It has a slightly brighter, richer tone and the added beauty of hardwood. Price also includes a case, instruction book, hammers and a tuning wrench for $430 The hammered dulcimer is a struck box-zither chordophone found widely distributed throughout Europe, Asia, and North America; the instrument pictured here is representative of hammered dulcimer design as it has developed in the United States Hello! Welcome to Dulcis Melos, a website dedicated to the hammered dulcimer and to those who play it. Dulcis in Latin means 'sweet' and melos in Greek means 'song' or 'sound'. The combination or these two words is where the instrument's name 'dulcimer' is derived, meaning 'sweet song' The Hammered Dulcimer has a beautiful, rich, full sound and has been used throughout the world for many cen... Musicmakers 17/16 Hammered Dulcimer Kit Regular price $529 00 $529.0 The 16/15 Finch hammered dulcimer features a a wood top composed of individual boards joined by tight fitting tongue and groove joints which are not glued, permitting the wood to shrink or swell, based on humidity, without putting stress on the overall instrument

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Hammered Piano Dulcimer The Cabin Creek Hammered Piano Dulcimer is a breakthrough in both size and tuning. For years folks have been saying that they love the sound of the hammered dulcimer and would love to play one but were overwhelmed by the complexity of the tuning, the large size of the instrument and the price You can also play it along with other musical instruments, accompany a song or even play it singly. Hammered dulcimer comes in different sizes and designs. Each size and design is identified by the number of strings that the hammer dulcimer has. The higher number of strings, the louder the sound of the instrument is DM: The hammered mbira is a tuned percussion instrument based on a combination of the African mbira with a hammered dulcimer. Metal rods are clamped in brass bridges that are bolted to a soundboard. The rods are tuned to a diatonic scale and arranged in a note pattern identical to contemporary hammered dulcimers This is a tune that was used extensively in Ken Burn's documentary The Civil War. That is why most folks think it is a Civil War era tune. However, it was written in 1982 by fiddler Jay Unger in the style of a Scottish lament. Ken Burns felt it had the right feel for his topic and those times. This tune was recorded by North Carolina Duo Steve and Ruth Smith on their An.

Hammered Dulcimer The Hammered Dulcimer or Hammer Dulcimer is the largest of our club's instruments. It is a large trapezoidal instrument with many courses of strings (each course being made up of two to four strings), which are suspended across the soundboard on two or more bridges Hammered Dulcimer Questions and Answers Building professional instruments since 1978 David's Dulcimers are the best quality, professionally preferred instruments on the Market With a modicum of tools and experience, however, you can build a hammered dulcimer that will have a lovely, clear, and brilliant voice (dulcimer, after all, means sweet song). The necessary.. The national instrument of Iran, although it is also found in the traditional music of Kashmir and Jammu, the Santoor or Hammered Dulcimer is a very old and intriguing instrument. While some believe that the instrument dates back to the times of Mesopotamia, which was somewhere around 1600-911 BC, and Babylonia, others think that this instrument is so old that it is almost impossible to track. For players or lovers of hammered dulcimer (dulcimers), autoharp, harp, fiddle, or any acoustic instruments. Features Evart (Michigan) Funfest Dulcimer Festival and other music events

Dulcimer Kit - 12/11 Size. Dulcimer Kit - 12/11 Size: - The pin blocks, sides and internal braces are made of hard maple. The b.. $205.0 Available for models D45, PD40, D300, D500, D550, D600 & D650 - however, Damper Kits are only available for the D45 and PD40. Contact us for installation of damper kits onto other dulcimers, or select them upon purchasing a new instrument!. As a sustain control device for the dulcimer, dampers provide a remarkable range of tonal effects, from the rich and complex natural voice of the undamped. The hammered dulcimer is an instrument that is available in many different sizes. The size of the instrument is identified by the number of strings that cross each bridge on the instrument. For example, a 15/14 hammered dulcimer has two bridges (treble and bass) and has a range of three octaves UK made hammered dulcimers, using sustainable timber from Northern Europe and North America and locally sourced hardwoods from Somerset, supplied by Charltons, timber suppliers to the Queen. The majority of my instruments are made from Baltic laminated Birch for soundboards The hammered dulcimer is an ancient string instrument from the Middle East. It is played with light mallets or hammers. Along with the hammered dulcimer, Paul plays fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, mandola, mountain dulcimer, cello, viola, autoharp, harmonica, jaw harp and spoons

The dulcimer is a late medieval instrument which is very much like the psaltery. The significant difference is that the strings of the dulcimer were struck with little hammers rather than being plucked Griffin Music is a manufacturer and seller of the Hammered Dulcimer . Dulcimer Resources For Sale; Message Board. Used Instruments for sale; Musical Instruments Harper Classic Whistle. Equipment ©1994-2010 Griffin Music Hammered Dulcimers To most modern-day musicians, the hammered dulcimer is a new and unfamiliar instrument. It's a multi percussion-stringed instrument with a range of up to three octaves VINTAGE HAMMERED DULCIMER DUSTY STRINGS INSTRUMENT STAND ACCESSORIES COMPLETE. $540.00. Local Pickup. Vintage Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer by Jim Fyhrie 1977. $250.00. $29.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Mountain Dulcimer - Hand Carved Hourglass Shape 4 String Dulcimer 35 1/2. The tsymbaly (Ukrainian: цимбали) is the Ukrainian version of the hammer dulcimer.It is a chordophone made up of a trapezoidal box with metal (steel or bronze) strings strung across it. The tsymbaly is played by striking two beaters against the strings.. The strings are strung in groups of 3-5, which are tuned in unison. The bass strings may have 1 or 2 wrapped strings tuned in union

The hammered dulcimer is rectangular or trapezoidal in shape and has sets of multiple strings with a range of up to three octaves. The instrument is played with two light-weight beaters called hammers that are shaped like long-handled spoons and are used to strike the strings Colorado Springs, Colorado-based Joshua Messick breathes new life into the ancient, enchanting hammered dulcimer. Be transported as he weaves cinematic stylings and endless imagination with virtuosic performances. Joshua is a composer and innovator influenced by Celtic, World, Renaissance, Folk, and Classical music TK O'Brien's hammered dulcimers come in 3 sizes. We have the 9/8 Backpacker, the 13/12, and the 16/15 models. The higher number refers to the number of pairs of strings passing over the treble (center) bridge. The lower number refers to the number of string pairs passing over the bass (right) bridge.5 ply Baltic birc

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This system can be retrofitted on to any Songbird hammered dulcimer, no matter how old. We have to do it ourselves because the setup is tricky. Each system is custom built for the dulcimer it will go on, and made of woods to compliment the scheme of that instrument Hammered Dulcimer - Mit Schlägeln gespieltes Hackbrett. Das Hammered Dulcimer, auch als Hackbrett bekannt, ist ein Saiteninstrument, das aufgrund der Tonerzeugung (Schlägel) zu den Schlaginstrumenten gezählt wird. Das Team um Cinematique Instruments legte großen Wert darauf das Instrument so authentisch wie nur möglich zu reproduzieren Musicmakers has been helping people add music to their lives since 1978. Whether you want to build a musical instrument from a DIY Kit or whether you are looking for the best musical instrument for you - we want to help Vintage 31 Wood Hammered Dulcimer String Instrument, Here's what we believe to be a hammered dulcimer string instrument. It measures 31 across the widest section and almost 18 across the other end. It is 17 from top to bottom and it is 3 1/2 deep. It is quite heavy as it weighs 14 1/2 lbs

Hammered Dulcimer, Hammered Dulcimer plugin, buy Hammered Dulcimer, download Hammered Dulcimer trial, Cinematique Instruments Hammered Dulcimer support reviews loopcloud.com PluginBoutique.co Mar 11, 2020 - Explore Ellen Reimer's board Dulcimer instrument on Pinterest. See more ideas about dulcimer, dulcimer instrument, hammered dulcimer Dulcimer Instrument Musician / I'd Rather Be / Funny Cute Mountain Appalachian Hammered Music Hippie Drum Drummer / Birthday Gift Shirt Tee PrevntProducts 5 out of 5 stars (2,365 Hammered Dulcimer Friendly Historical Celtic, English and American Tunes Also playable on fiddle, mandolin, tinwhistle, recorder, flute, etc. Downloadable as sheet music GIF or PDF files or as MIDI files Categories are approximate only. Tunes move about. Scottish tunes migrated to England as well as to North America. Irish tunes migrated The hammered dulcimer I play most often (because it's so portable), is a Meadowlark, a laminated, but very sweet student instrument I got for less than half of list price from a local retiree. On our local Craig's List today, there are two hammered dulcimers, one overpriced for its age and condition, and one solid-topped, reputable model that.

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  1. Trapezoid is an amazing authentic sounding Hammered Dulcimer for the iPad. Now with velocity sensitive MIDI control. MIDI range is fully chromatic from A2 to D6. Trapezoid is an amazing Hammered Dulcimer for the iPad
  2. To most modern Americans, the hammered dulcimer is a new and unfamiliar instrument. Even people who know much about American music often confuse the hammered dulcimer with the three- or four-stringed mountain or plucked dulcimer. The two instruments are very dissimilar despite sharing a name. Surprisingly, the hammered dulcimer, which is an ancient ancestor of Continue reading.
  3. The mountain dulcimer is our primary instrument. We also welcome other acoustic instruments. We currently have (and have had in the past) members playing the hammered dulcimer, acoustic guitar, bass, Native American style flute, autoharp, mandolin, fiddle, banjammer, and banjo. Our main objective is to have fun playing music together in a group setting, and

The name dulcimer has been associated with the hammered variety since biblical times, but has been applied to the smaller, fretted instrument for only around the last 200 years Tom McConnell -Baritone Dulcimer Jam Book digital download Tom McConnell offers beginning baritone dulcimer players an alternative to having to retune the baritone to ADa when playing in jams. Maintaining AEa in the jam is a wonderful option that others to date have not offered

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The Hammer Dulcimer is a stringed instrument that uses a shallow, wooden box to carry the sound. The instrument shown here is an English hammer dulcimer, although many different types of dulcimer exist. Dulcimers are usually portable and played horizontally. Their most common use is in folk and popular music The hammered dulcimer is a stringed instrument with 31 string pairs stretched over a trapezoidal shaped sound box. Usually, the hammered dulcimer is set on a stand in front of the musician, who holds small wooden mallet hammers to strike the strings. The dulcimer has two bridges, a bass bridge near the right and a treble bridge on the left side The 16/15 Hammered Dulcimer is a great budget friendly instrument for the beginner wanting a larger instrument than the 9/8 or 13/12. The 16/15 threee octave dulcimer has 16 courses of strings on the treble bridge and 15 courses on the bass bridge. There are 2 strings per course. It has a well balanced sound with average sustain

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  1. 9th Annual Watkins Glen Hammered Dulcimer Retreat 2020 The Baltimore Old-Time Jam Video Lessons Contact The Sandbridge Hammered Dulcimer Retreat Home Shop About WINTER SOLSTICE CONCERT Schedule Lessons & Workshops Weddings More Instruments. Hammered Mbira Fiddl
  2. How to build a simple Hammered-Dulcimer (12 doubled strings) ~~~~~ NOTE: 16 additional photos and a sound sample of this instrument are available. Click here for information. While living in New Smyrna Beach, Florida in the 1970s, I had the desire to learn how to play the hammered dulcimer
  3. Mountain and Hammered. The mountain dulcime r is an old stringed instrument. Its ancestor, the Scheitholt, was found in the late 1700's in Pennsylvania. The Appalachian people changed this instrument and came up with the dulcimer in the 1800's

A hammered dulcimer is a trapezoid-shaped zither consisting of metal strings that the musician hits with small hammers. According to the Smithsonian, the instrument probably originated in the.. Hammers For Sale Stands for Sale. Hammers are the player's connection to the dulcimer and hence the music. Their role in performance is paramount. They are made with a functional design, hickory shaft, decorative woods on the handle, smooth shape to feel comfortable, well balanced, and they have wood, felt and/or leather on the tips All hammered dulcimer rosewood products come with hammer, tuning tool and extra strings Durable Quality in Every Hammered Dulcimer Whether you are new to the hammered dulcimer or a pro player, this instrument will do the job. Options include; a single string and double strung hammered dulcimers that are all made from the high-grade materials I bought this instrument about 5 years ago and loved it, but have moved on to a larger (read that as much more expensive) instrument. (You can find dozens of FREE hammered dulcimer video lessons and tunes on Youtube.) (541) 99nine- four 7 three 7. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offer The hammered dulcimer players were as mystified as anyone else about how the plucked instrument acquired the name dulcimer, although one offered his own explanation: They do have similar sounds, and it would be easy if you were at a distance or something to say, Well, that is a dulcimer

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  1. Our specialty is the mountain dulcimer. The experience gained in building over 62,000 dulcimers gives us the confidence to offer you a high-quality instrument at an affordable price, covered by a guarantee you can count on at the Dulcimer Shoppe in Mountain View, AR..
  2. The hammered dulcimer is a stringed musical instrument with the strings stretched over a trapezoidal sounding board. Typically, the hammered dulcimer is set on a stand, at an angle, before the musician, who holds small mallet hammers in each hand to strike the strings (cf. Appalachian dulcimer)
  3. Hammered Dulcimer Questions and Answers; Building professional instruments since 1978 David's Dulcimers are the best quality, professionally preferred instruments on the Market. David Lindsey, the proprietor, has designed an assortment of dulcimers that deliver the powerful dynamic range with low sustain that is preferred by such artists as.
  4. The modern hammered dulcimer is made up of a trapezoidal box with strings strung across four bridges, with tuning pegs on either end. The instrument is usually placed on a table or stand with the strings parallel to the front of the player's body. The dulcimer's strings are struck with hammers
  5. But basically all you need is a hammered dulcimer (including a set of hammers and a tuning wrench — these are usually provided with the instrument), an electronic tuner, a stand to hold the instrument while you play, and some instruction books or videos

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The hammered dulcimer, a direct ancestor of the clavichord and the pianoforte, is a folk instrument that developed from eleventh-century antecedents such as the psaltery. They are trapezoidal in shape, with a long base of 40-45 in. and height of 15-18 in. Two bridges, treble and bass, each support 11-16 courses of strings, which are struck with light wooden hammers Hammer Dulcimer Played by Chet Parker Released in 1966, when the hammered dulcimer's future was uncertain, this album features medleys of mostly old time fiddle tunes played on this psaltery-like instrument. Throughout the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the dulcimer remained a popular instrument in both eastern and western Europe The hammered dulcimer, not to be confused with the Appalachian dulcimer, is a trapezoidal instrument in which strings are stretched across and then struck with small hammers to generate sound. It is rich in history dating back over 2000 years

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Guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, harps, hammered dulcimers, and mountain dulcimers are all available to rent at Dusty Strings. There is an initial minimum rental period of one month, paid at time of rental Building a Hammered Dulcimer-Take 2. It's a little sad that the last time I posted was almost two years ago, and now I'm posting a follow up to that post. When I built the hammered dulcimer a couple of years ago, there was a problem with the instrument that came up shortly after I built it Retired from making new instruments, Hammered Dulcimer repair and refurbishment only, plus accessories. Mountain Dulcimer Sellers. Bird Rock Dulcimers. Tywyn, Gwynedd. Importer of Mountain Dulcimers from the US. Accessories. Cottage Dulcimers. Ely, Cambridgeshire. Maker of Hammered and Mountain dulcimers. Repairs, Accessories

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The Hammered Dulcimer is truly a Co. Antrim instrument, but not a lot of people know that! I would just like to make it very clear to readers of this forum that Co. Antrim plays an important part in the history of the Hammered Dulcimer. To the rest of Ireland, Co. Antrim is the home of the Hammered Dulcimer so we should be proud of this fact The hammer dulcimer is capable of a range of tones from a sort of music-box sound to powerful and percussive piano-like effects which can stand out in any band. Although the plucked dulcimer (also called Appalachian or mountain dulcimer) shares the same name, the two instruments differ considerably in form, sound, evolution, and manner of playing Dusty Strings Hammered Dulcimer Hammers. SKU: HDA12. $34. Sold out. Dusty Strings Hammered Dulcimer Hammers. SKU: HDA11. $30. Sold out. Folkcraft Dulcimer Noter, Birch. SKU: FDN6. $2. Founded in 1972, Elderly Instruments started as a small store with a handful of instruments. Over 40 years later, we've grown into one of the world's most. Tags: dulcimer, dulcimer instrument, dulcimer music, dulcimer guitar, dulcimer hammer, music, dulcimer, crochet dulcimer, hammer dulcimer, original dulcimer, mountain.

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