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Considering your Graphic card does not have the DVI audio support. This means that you are currently using older versions of GT Geforce. To get the configuration established, you will have to take the help of a DVI to HDMI adapter that comes with external power. Using an external power becomes mandatory to transmit the audio A DVI-D source can drive an HDMI display as long as the source device is capable of transporting digital audio packets over the legacy interface. If that isn't the case, you will need an active DVI to HDMI adapter to get the audio working The best way to get audio working with DVI-D is via simple DVI to HDMI cable. These are more convenient because you don't need to deal with converters that require external power and even more cables. DVI to HDMI cables should be able to carryover sound, although it depends on the capabilities of your device

Does DVI Carry Audio? Everything You Need To Kno

By and large we are seeing DVI-D movinginto technology that will eventually take its place. That technology is called HDMI, High Definition Multimedia Interface. Let us take a look at the evolution of DVI-D to HDMI. With HDMI, we took DVI-D exactly how it was, and we added consumer electronic control, or CEC, and audio capability to it Does HDMI carry audio? Generally, the answer is yes. HDMI is a kind of interface used widely on computers and TVs to transmit audio and video data. However, some people find the HDMI sound not working while connecting computer to TV, monitor, or another device Typically no. It is a video display interface only. However, there are some computer graphics cards and sources that do support output of audio using non-standard extensions to the spec via the DVI-D port and a DVI-to-HDMI adapter or cable. These are readily available The audio can be carried over DVI to HDMI cable depending on the graphics card. For newer GPUs, you just need to set the HDMI audio device in the Windows Sound control panel. Older GPUs need to use a digital audio S/PDIF cable to connect from the PC to the graphics board's on board S/PDIF connector Can the R5 video card carry sound/ audio from a dvi to an HDMI port? The DVI will be on the computer which will be connected via HDMI to a TV. I get great picture but no sound. If this can be done, please list the complete steps to take on a windows 10 HP computer

DVI or Digital Visual Interface works with digital-only (DVI-D) or digital and analog (DVI-I) signals. On the other hand, HDMI or High-Definition Media Interface can only work with digital signals. One advantage of HDMI over DVI is that it can also transmit digital audio Although DVI itself cannot carry an audio signal, your graphics card is capable of sending an audio signal through an HDMI to DVI cable or adapter. *Disclaimer: AVADirect and its Staff are not responsible for any damage to software/hardware, loss of data or personal injury by following our How-To guides The difference is that DVI doesn't carry the audio signal like HDMI does. This means that if you are only using the video signal you can use a simple DVI to HDMI plug adapter that changes the physical connections. If you want to go from a DVI source with audio, you'll need an active converter to combine the video signal from the DVI source and.

Does DVI Carry Sound / Audio? Here's All You Need to Kno

  1. HDMI does carry audio. It's not just any kind of audio, it's the highest quality audio, such that HDMI cables and ports can double as connections for speakers, subwoofers, base, and soundbars for your home entertainment system in case you simply want to hear some jams off of the radio or the Internet at sites such as Spotify
  2. The Specialty AV HDV-889 HDMI to DVI-D + Audio Adapter is a unique device that converts the HDMI signal to a digital video DVI-D output and a digital Coax or Analog L/R stereo audio output (selectable). This adapter lets you connect your HDMI source to a DVI-D HDCP display and enjoy high quality digital or analog stereo audio at the same time
  3. DVI-D: the most common type, DVI-I reads only digital signals. DVI-A: only reads analog signals. Whether it's DVI-I, DVI-D or DVI-A, however, no standard DVI cable will transmit audio -- not without a little tweaking at least. How to Transfer Audio Over DVI. If you want to transmit audio over DVI, you'll need to use a special DVI-to-HDMI cable
  4. For both of these routes you will also need a VGA cable and a DVI-D to HDMI Cable. Be aware, however, that DVI does not carry the Audio signals that HDMI would between HDMI devices so you will need to find another way to send the audio signals depending on the types of audio interfaces your devices are using. We will not get into that here

I tried the mini-HDMI out, first, as I thought audio couldn't pass through the DVI (and I already had a mini-HDMI cable). But, the picture quality and resolution was all messed up (it looked terrible). So, I used a DVI-HDMI cable, to see if the card was bad. Lo and behold, audio started playing on my TV. I was shocked DVI supports audio in a DVI-to-HDMI -cabling, not the other way around (incase youd need HDMI-audio de-embedder, which no blank HDMI-to-DVI -adapter supports). According to the specification for the DVI interface, there is no audio in a DVI signal from the video card. DVI is video only

No sound with DisplayPort or HDMI Video cable connection. When an audio-supported video cable is being used such as a DisplayPort or HDMI cable, Windows may change the default audio device to the audio-supported cable thinking another audio device is being used. The issue may be seen to occur when a portable is coming out of sleep as the system. Yes but I will be using a DVI to HDMI cable or a adapter then a HDMI cable. My GPU supports audio over DVI , just the monitors/TV dont support the audio imput through DVI. So my plan is a adapter from DVI to HDMI then a HDMI cable to the tv. Or a DVI to HDMI cable without adapters with HDMI going to the TV Shop for dvi-d to hdmi at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-u QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS- https://youtu.be/oaFlLtkOh_cMy RX 460 has a HDMI, Display port, and DVI-D port. I wanted another monitor hook up so i bought a DVI-D t.. Primarily HDMI cables carry video. It is an evolution from the earlier DVI interface which was and is still used in PC displays. But a recent addition to HDMI was adding sound. It has been a significant addition to this which can handle stereo audio or even a multi-channel surround sound audio

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This is specifically for connecting a device with an HDMI connector to another device equipped with a Single Link DVI-D connector typically found on PCs projectors and older video equipment before the HDMI standard became widespread. These cables can NOT carry audio Bi-Directional HDMI to DVI with Audio Cables, Male-to-Male, Gold plated. Available in different sizes. All are 28 AWG. Note: If your source is HDMI and does not have a separate analog stereo audio output then make sure you purchase our HDMI Audio Extractor. to use with these cables. The reason you will need the audio extractor is to separate the analog audio from the digital audio on the HDMI. Audio Quality : HDMI is renowned for its video quality, but it also can carry audio without the need for multiple cables. HDMI supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD for 7.1-channel sound for loss-less, theatre-quality audio. HDMI 1.4 also supports audio return channel, which sends sound from your TV tuner to your receiver A DVI-to-HDMI cable lives up to its namesake by taking DVI signals and transmitting them to an HDMI port. If the video card supports HDMI audio via DVI, however, it will transmit audio and video to the HDMI port

HDMI ( High Definition Multimedia Interface ) does indeed carry audio and video but DVI ( Digital Visual Interface ) does not. HDMI and DVI produce similarly high quality pictures ( up to a resolution of 1080p I believe ) but like people before me have said, DVI doesn't carry sound so you will indeed need to use an additional cable Some graphics cards do output sound via DVI-D if you use adapter to hdmi. Atleast I think they do There have been many questions about the adapter that converts DVI-D to HDMI. Questions like does it work and does it support audio. I have answer five main. 1. DVI standard only carries video, HDMI standard carries both video & audio. 2. DVI to HDMI converter/adapter (no need to convert) carries only video Both HDMI (left) and DVI (right) have 19 pins, yet HDMI handles video and eight channels of audio, whereas DVI is video only. DVI-to-HDMI and HDMI-to-DVI cables provide video compatibility

DVI-D devices output HDMI signals, many including audio, (examples: ATI 3000-series and NVIDIA GTX 200-series video cards), and some multimedia displays input that HDMI signal, including audio, by using a DVI to HDMI adapter. Exact capabilities vary by video card specifications Not all video cards which support PC audio over HDMI ship with HDMI outputs. They ship instead with DVI, which is common on computer monitors. These video cards still support audio over HDMI, but a DVI-to-HDMI adapter must be used to enable the audio. Connecting to your home theater via DVI will not enable audio i use an HDMI>DVI and a twin phone to 3.5 audio cable which connects to the Audio Line in on my LCD and it works a treat also, after reading the info on here i bought a £4 HDMI>DVI cable rather.. At least one of the cables must have a female DVI connector, it does not matter which. Be aware, however, that DFP does not carry the Audio signals that HDMI would between HDMI devices so you will need to find another way to send the audio signals depending on the types of audio interfaces your devices are using. We will not get into that here HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. This technology carries the same video information as DVI but adds the capacity for digital audio and control signals as well. The current version of HDMI carries one TMDS link of digital video

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  1. Section 3.1: VGA Output to HDMI with audio support. Since a converter does not provide audio, you'll need additional support. That's where an audio adapter comes in. You can find multiple options or packages of converters that come with audio adapters suited for your PC, TV, or laptop
  2. Just wondering if DVI-D supports sound as i own one of the older sagem telly's which where created to support HD but without HDMI. to get around this problem im using a hdmi cable from the back of the sky HD box and then using an adaptor at the end to run it inot my tv. however i was wondering if this solution will support sound
  3. Some DVI-to-HDMI cables can pass on DVI audio to HDMI, while other ones cannot. In other words, you need a cable with the correct pin wiring to do so. @ Sykozis: Although the old & original DVI-D..
  4. HDMI can stream digital video and audio simultaneously and support up to 1920x1200 HD video and 8 channel audio. It supports HDCP encryption, making it the best choice for HD devices, such as Blu-Ray. HDMI also supports audio which DVI does not. Compatibility. DVI can be connected to an HDMI port using a small digital converter
  5. Another disadvantage is that DVI doesn't output audio. Small digital converters allow you to convert your DVI to an HDMI converter. However, since DVI doesn't support audio, you'll need a separate cable just for audio output if you're connecting to an HDMI port
  6. The DVI standard does not include audio, whereas HDMI includes audio which is encoded along with the video using the same set of wires. This means that it is possible to transmit audio over a DVI cable. It is also found that computers will include the audio in case a DVI-to-HDMI adapter is be used

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Does DVI Carry Audio? Here's Everything You Need To Know

DVI-D is the same cable as DVI-I without the pins or wires to carry the additional RGBHV signal. DVI-D cables have 24 pins arranged in 3 rows of 8. One video signal requires 12 of these pins, meaning that your typical DVI cable can carry two video signals. Complicating this is the DVI-D Single Link vs. DVI-D Dual Link 4.6/5 (1,023 Views. 26 Votes) HDMI is audio and video (so you can use your monitors on board speakers if it has them without the need to wire it up from a sound card). DVI is video only. Both are digital signals so they give the best video quality The DVI-D to HDMI cable is passive, works with either as source, and should work with the DVI-I or DVI-D port. I don't know if all such cables are rated for those speeds though. If not, then the display or audio may cut out momentarily

How can DVI-to-HDMI carry audio? Being that DVI stands for

  1. Yes DVI Can carry sound. If you use a DVI to HDMI cable that is. however you need a graphics card that is able to send audio through DVI How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote..
  2. DVI-I can (sometimes) carry (two-channel) audio. I have a mobo with integrated nVidia GeForce 8100. The nVidia driver has HDMI- HDTV audio enabled (for the DVI connector) even though the mobo does not have an HDMI connector. The HDTV is connected with a generic DVI-to-HDMI cable. - sawdust Jan 23 '12 at 3:3
  3. Datacomm Cables is a distributor and manufacturer of fiber optic, networking, and ethernet cable and stocks cabinets, racks and patch panels. Datacomm Cables Inc. 120 Marcus Blvd Deer Park, NY 11729 Ph: 1-631-617-519
  4. g from a device that outputs HDMI. Note, DVI-D does not carry the audio signal that may be present in the HDMI signal
  5. The DVI does produce sound, but you have to buy the ATI DVI to HDMI adaptor to unleash and these are expensive, im going the cheap route as this is simply a backup pc and simply bought the dvi - hdmi v1.4. Managed to improve the sound somewhat with the 3d sound drivers, but this is what im thinking - The dvi on my card are DL-DVI x 2 (DVI dual.
  6. Main Difference between HDMI and DVI, is that HDMI carries video and audio. DVI only carries video. As far as max resolution DVI can handle 1920x1200 @ 60Hz, which is higher bandwidth than 1920x1080 @ 60Hz required for 1080p HD. It depends also on the video card you have in your PC and max resolution of your monitor
  7. A: Answer HDMI carries sound in addition to video on the same cable. it might, but it is my understanding the DVI does not, so you might be absent sound unless you use speakers. Read more Answered 9 months ago by hhabilis14

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data. HDTV connection format using a DVI interface that transfers uncompressed.. DisplayPort does carry sound, it's an audio and video connector similar to HDMI. If you have a monitor or audio device that supports DisplayPort, it should be able to carry over the audio. DisplayPort has most of the advanced audio features that you can find in HDMI

How to Get Audio with DVI to HDMI Converter : FAQ :: How

Hello , i have a problem with my Receiver , its a Sony HT-DDWG800 with a PS3 and a Samsung DVD player both connected via HDMI. The output signal goes to a Benq W100 proyector and it has DVI-D connector , I link them with a HDMI-DVI cable.The issue is when I play something in my ps3 or dvd, image works fine but without sound and optical/coaxial inputs of receiver doesn't work Product Title 6Ft DVI-D Dual link 24+1 male to HDMI male M/M Cable Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 2 reviews 2 ratings Current Price $6.95 $ 6 . 95 - $22.95 $ 22 . 9 The 790 does not come with Display Port Plus Plus ports. The audio codec in display port is optional. That's why the 790 doesn't sport the plus plus logo. There are no audio signals on DVI. So DVI to HDMI is video only. Display port Plus Plus to HDMI will only supply audio if the attached device has the PLUS PLUS ports on it. Display Port Plus Plu Yes HDMI cable does carry sound. You have to look deep in the TV for the setting that will fix it. Your TV should have a PC output. So when you hit the source button on the remote it should say PC unless you are using the HDMI 3 or 2 port. 0 2. Anonymous. 5 years ago. Does Hdmi Carry Audio

DVI-D to HDMI Adaptors

Beside above, can you convert DVI D to HDMI? DVI is a digital signal in the same format as the video portion of HDMI. The difference is that DVI doesn't carry the audio signal like HDMI does. This means that if you are only using the video signal you can use a simple DVI to HDMI plug adapter that changes the physical connections The best option would be to buy a normal HDMI cable and add a HDMI to DVI converter connector - HDMI Female/DVI-D Male. As DVI doesn't carry sound you will have to connect a phono cable also to the associated phono inputs on the TV The DVI-HDMI adapter does not support audio and supports digital video only. Features. 6-ft. (1.83 m) HDMI to DVI-D Single Link Adapter Cable; Creates a pure bi-directional digital connection between a DVI-enabled source and an HDMI-enabled display or an HDMI-enabled source and a DVI-enabled display

The TV speakers do not produce any sound when using a DVI

  1. Because this type of conversion can be complex, active converters tend to be larger than passive video signal converters and sometimes require additional power. Examples of active converters include DVI-D to VGA, HDMI to DisplayPort, and VGA to HDMI converters
  2. DVI cable can transmit uncompressed digital video signals. You can also use different types of DVI for carrying analog signals. DVI cables come in different formats like DVI-D, DVI-A, and DVI-I. DVI cable offers higher quality and resolution compared to VGA cables. HDMI Cable. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface
  3. g HDMI signal. You would need to connect a separate audio cable or hook up speaker
  4. This one does not send a digital signal and typically is not used for HDMI connections. DVI-D - This type sends a video signal to your TV monitor from compatible electronic devices you plug into it. It is not one you can use with a DVI-A connection, but it is digital and could provide you HDMI support
  5. Product Title ONN HDMI to DVI Output Adapter Cable 25 Feet Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $9.92 $ 9 . 92 - $14.65 $ 14 . 6
  6. HDMI cables come in several types, divided into category 1 (for standard speed cables) and category 2 (for high-speed cables). HDMI Category 1: 1. Standard (Category 1): This is the baseline HDMI cable, certified to carry resolutions up to 720p or 1080i, along with high-definition surround sound and certified capable of 742.5 Mbps/channel. 2
  7. Yes it can carry audio but as implemented in current consumer products the professional only transmission method carries video only. As currently implemented, it carries only 480i video or there abouts. HD-SDI can carry much higher. Some professionals insist on calling all forms of SDI (including HD-SDI) as SDI

Video: An Introduction to TMDS: Understanding DVI-D, HDMI and

DVI (DVI = Digital Visual Interface) does never carry sound, it's visual only. Buying a Mini Displayport to HDMI does not help you out either because it's not supported for your Macbook Air The original DVI specifications did not include audio (it was 1999 after all) but DVI and HDMI use the same digital channels and physical wires to carry all the data. HDMI sends both video and audio data interleaved on the same pins used for video alone in the DVI standard. HDMI does not use a separate set of pins for audio

Does HDMI Carry Audio? How To Troubleshoot HDMI No Soun

wires can carry any signal that is applied to them. DVI and HDMI are encoding standards. DVI is video, HDMI has video and audio specifications for the data stream. whether your application can use a set of wires or not is just a mechanical one, being do the connectors fit? if that cable transfers audio depends on the source encoding of the. This DVI and Digital Audio to HDMI® Converter combines DVI-D video and corresponding audio outputs, into a single HDMI output. The converter provides an economical solution for connecting devices with DVI-D digital video and SPDIF audio outputs to a monitor/television display with HDMI input - a cost-effective way to enjoy the space-saving benefits of HDMI, saving the expense of upgrading.

A: Yes, you can go from DVI-to-HDMI. An High-Definition Multimedia Interface is identical and compatible with the video-only DVI interface. It indicates that you can only go from DVI to HDMI through video, not audio. For doing this, you will need a DVI-to-HDMI adapter cable Note however that HDMI does support digital audio, whereas DVI is purely a video standard. So if you want to use both audio and video, you either need to use a (quite expensive) converter, or connect the audio to the display in a different way - for example via the headphone jack well you can have audio delivered via DVI-I/DVI-D if your card supports it, but yeah if no audio then the audio parts in the HDMI are useless in that scenario DVI does not have audio. HDMI does, but DVI doesn't. If your source is a DVI there is no audio signal DVI to HDMI convertor image via Wikipedia You can connect DVI to an HDMI port on a newer monitor with a small digital convertor. However, since DVI doesn't support audio, you'll need to use a separate cable for audio when connecting to an HDMI port.This makes DVI one of the more versatile newer connectors

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Contrary to HDMI, DP cannot carry Ethernet signals, nor does it have an audio return signal. However, DisplayPort supports many adapters, to connect a large number of display standards, including a VGA, single-link DVI or HDMI. Another very important feature of DisplayPort, is that it can drive multiple monitors at a time DVI and HDMI carry an identical signal, just audio is missing. Some cards have Audio headers on them so that audio can be connected to the video card and carried through the DVI port, while some of the ATI cards have an onboard audio chip to supply audio through the DVI port HDMI Connectors HDMI is the latest high-definition digital standard for both VIDEO and AUDIO, and, it is backward compatible with the DVI standard. HDMI is the first interface to carry high-definition video (720p, 1080i or standard video formats) AND multi-channel surround sound audio Cons - Analog connection and lower resolution output means much less picture clarity and fewer colors; Essentially obsolete; Does not carry audio DVI Known by its white plug, DVI comes in two common flavors - DVI-D, which is digital only, and DVI-I, which carries both the analog and digital signal

If I am using a DVI-to-HDMI cable will audio be

DVI-D and HDMI are basically the same. a quick google does yield results for a VGA to HDMI cable but it won't work as VGA is analogue and HDMI is purely digital Gold Plated Connectors The 1' DVI Female to HDMI Male Adapter Cable from Kramer is designed to adapt a DVI cable to a device with an HDMI input, or to adapt from an HDMI source to a DVI cable. The cable features a rugged jacket and molded, gold plated connectors DVI does not carry audio, it is video only. To get audio you either have to have a Roku player with analog audio out (none of the current models do) or use an HDMI to DVI converter that offers audio extraction Granted, the HDMI part plugs into the TV, but the PC is outputting on the DVI, only, and that works just fine. Sounds like the OP is doing the same. The graphics card may be outputting audio, but it's not running audio across a DVI cable, rather HDMI with a dvi connector on one end. By definition DVI cannot carry audio Nope. DVI does not carry sound, and it being at any link in the chain stops sound. For instance, going from hdmi to dvi to hdmi again won't bring the sound back to hdmi quality. If you have a DisplayPort port though, you could use that

Solved: Can the R5 Video card run audio via DVI-D to HDMI

Features specific to HDMI, such as remote-control and audio transport, are not available in devices that use legacy DVI-D signalling. However, many devices output HDMI over a DVI connector (e.g., ATI 3000-series and NVIDIA GTX 200-series video cards), [5] and some multimedia displays may accept HDMI (including audio) over a DVI input Other than not supporting audio, the HDMI to DVI adapter cable functions just like a high-speed HDMI cable, making it easy to enjoy serious gaming, home-theater entertainment, and more

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High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cables transmit high-quality video and audio files from one device to another. They're perfect for connecting your TV to media sources or linking your laptop to a second screen with an HDMI monitor cable. HDMI cables are easy to use, so you'll enjoy sharp sound and image quality without a. DVI-D can definitely be turned into HDMI and vice versa. These adapters also fit into DVI-I ports. In other words, the original poster should be just fine with a cheap adapter like that Depending on the types (as we shall see below), the DVI has a minimum of 17 pins and the maximum 29 pins. DVI Vs. HDMI: Digital output. While HDMI supports video and about 8 channels of audio - compatible with HD content including HDCP protected Blu-ray, DVI is video-only and lacks HDCP support (for older model DVIs).. HDCP stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, and it is a.

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Features specific to HDMI, such as remote-control and audio transport, are not available in devices that use legacy DVI-D signalling. However, many devices output HDMI over a DVI connector (e.g., ATI 3000-series and NVIDIA GTX 200-series video cards), and some multimedia displays may accept HDMI (including audio) over a DVI input Almost all Set Top Boxes use DVI-D and do not carry any analog signal. A DVI-D cable is all you will usually require, not DVI-I. HDTV capable Rear Projection HDTV's (RPTV's) have a maximum resolution of 1920x1080i @60Hz and should only require a single link cable, as do almost all DVI equipped displays

VGA, DVI, HDMI & Display Port Cables: What’s The3FT HDMI Male to DVI-D Single Link Male Cable PC Monitor

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Actually, I had been connecting my video from the DVI-D port on my video card (GeForce GT640 OEM) directly to the DVI-D port on my monitor. I have changed that so that I am now connecting my video from the HDMI port on my video card, through a KanexPro SW-HD4X1AUD4K HDMI switcher (which has an integral HDMI audio extraction circuit), to the HDMI port on my monitor Monoprice DVI and R/L Stereo Audio to HDMI Converter . Product # 8124. $49.99 *Affirm is not available for business or international orders. Qty:-+ Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. In Stock This item should ship tomorrow (5/3/2021) if ordered within 23 hours 6 minutes. Promotions. DisplayPort can carry audio too, although it's up to the manufacturer to support and implement audio over DisplayPort, so some devices from some brands will have it, while others may not. In some cases the video driver would be responsible for the sound signal, rather than the audio driver. You might need to update your drivers to make it work

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DVI-D cables will work with both DVI-D and DVI-I connectors. HDMI and DisplayPort connectors can support DVI-D video signals through an adapter, but DVI-D cannot support the additional features that HDMI and DisplayPort possess, such as integrated audio and CEC control HDMI cables transmit both video and audio signals, but VGA cables are only able to transmit video. The back of the VGA adapter features a 3.5mm audio jack that allows you to attach an audio cable (not included) to your speakers or display so you can enjoy both audio and video from your HDMI-enabled device Comprehensive Pro AV/IT Series HDMI to DVI 24 AWG Cable 50ft - 50 ft DVI-D/HDMI Video Cable for Computer, Projector, PC, MAC, Video Device Comprehensive $117.9 However, I'm having trouble with the audio. Using the audio MIDI application, the audio does play to the TV via HDMI on the adapter but, when setting the audio source to be the HDMI device, my MacBook does not play audio. When I change the volume with the audio keys, I only get a circle with a line through it indicating it can't play audio

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You can test that HDMI cable carrying sound by trying other things like a DVD/BD player. My bet is that will work. As what setting the Apple would need I defer to the thousands of posts on the.. A. HDMI 1.3, the latest version, will carry Dolby True HD bitstreams as well as DTS-HD Master Audio, both of which are lossless digital audio formats developed for the soundtracks of HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs. These will be decoded by a new generation of AV receivers appearing this fall HDMI Alt Mode supports HDMI 1.4b which does support 4K video, but only up to 30 frames per second (it does not support HDMI 2.0). While this may be adequate for office PC applications, casual web browsing, and photo editing, 30 frames per second is not adequate for gaming and high quality video playback Typically no. It is a video display interface only. However, there are some computer graphics cards and sources that do support output of audio using non-standard extensions to the spec via the DVI-D port and a DVI-to-HDMI adapter or cable. Re: Does DVI-D carry audio

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