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Italian Dressing Deer Steak Directions Combine your venison steaks, Italian dressing, olive oil, garlic, onion, salt, and pepper together in a large bowl or gallon zip-lock bag. Place your bowl or zip-lock in the refrigerator to marinate. For best results, marinate the venison steaks for 12 hours before grilling Italian dressing is one of the best steak marinades you can use, and it's a flavorful shortcut to perfectly juicy and flavorful steaks. The combination of oil and vinegar with herbs and spices makes it a delicious and powerful tenderizer. The dressing is especially handy when you're dealing with tough cuts of beef DIRECTIONS This recipe is best if you beat the steaks and stab it a few times with a fork so the juice can soak into the meat. Mix Italian dressing and Worcestershire sauce. This is the main thing--if you would like to add more or less of either, just make sure the Worcestershire isn't overpowering the Italian dressing Italian Dressing Steak Marinade is a delicious and easy steak marinade recipe that will give your steak a ton of flavor and make it juicy and delicious. This is because the combination of oil and vinegar with herbs and spices tenderize the steak and make it flavorful. Perfect for those tougher cuts of steaks

That Italian dressing marinade stuck with me. When Andrew Knowlton and I were talking about the recipe lineup for the June issue's Weeknight Grilling feature, we knew better than to leave out. Sample Venison Marinades. Here are a few worth using. I'll start with some that need no recipe. Italian dressing. Yep. The classic. Any sort of oil and vinegar dressing works fine as a marinade. Buttermilk. It's acidic all by itself, and thick enough to use as the base to a batter or crust, the way you do with buttermilk fried rabbit. It's one part Italian dressing, plus one part barbecue sauce Instructions In a bowl, mix together soy sauce, Worcheshire sauce, brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, hot sauce, and salt and pepper. Place steaks in gallon size ziptop bag and pour marinade over steaks, pushing out air, and sealing the bag Apple cider is a fantastic meat tenderizer. When you combine it with thyme, shallots, allspice, and Dijon mustard, you are in for a marinated venison treat. This marinade will leave your meat with a buttery soft texture and a subtle flavor that will not overpower the natural gamey overtones of your venison

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  1. Whisk Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, lime juice, onion, red pepper flakes, dry mustard, salt, thyme, black pepper, garlic, and hot pepper sauce together in a bowl; pour into a resealable plastic bag. Add venison steaks, coat with the marinade, squeeze to remove excess air, and seal the bag. Marinate in the refrigerator at least 1 hour. Step
  2. ced onions and.
  3. water, lemon pepper, vinegar, garlic clove, lemon juice, Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix and 5 more Italian Dressing Marinated Steaks The Spruce Eats salt, lemon pepper seasoning, steak, black pepper, Italian dressing Succulent Italian Dressing Chicken I Food Blogge
  4. Place venison in a shallow dish. In a bowl, combine the remaining ingredients. Pour half over the venison; turn to coat. Cover and refrigerate overnight
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How to make steak marinade **Note**: This marinade is perfect for 2 whole steaks.If you are grilling more, then double the recipe for every two steaks you're adding. As I mentioned, this marinade only requires 3 ingredients (with an optional 4th ingredient).. Italian Dressing The dressing has the right balance of vinegar, oil and herbs to improve the flavor of most meats. If you want to make your own, put the following in a Mason jar: ¼ cup vinegar (red wine, cider, white wine, etc) ¾ cup olive oi For cooking a venison roast with a South Carolina twist, first place the meat in a crock pot. Then add a packet of onion soup mix, a packet of ranch mix (like Hidden Valley), 8 pepperoncini. Italian Dressing Deer Steak | Grilling Deer Steaks Venison is great when you allow it to soak in a marinated for a few hours before you slap it on the grill. The marinade will actually penetrate the venison steak meat and add moisture

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  1. In a small bowl, combine Allegro, Italian dressing, and hot sauce (to taste and if desired). Put the whole (thawed) backstrap in a plastic bowl; pour marinade over backstrap. Knead the meat until it is thoroughly covered in the marinade and then cover the bowl up and put it back into the refrigerator for up to 24 hours
  2. utes before cutting. Enjoy
  3. Dump your bottle of Italian dressing into a mixing pan, then add Mountain Dew to equal the Italian dressing. Making a 1-to-1 mixture. Place your chunks of venison back strap in the marinade and let soak for around four hours, although overnight is best. Once you're ready to fry, fill up one mixing pan with one container of yellow mustard
  4. How to make Italian dressing soy sauce chicken marinade: First, place the chicken breast in a large bowl or a large gallon size zip lock bag. Next, add in the soy sauce and salad dressing. Stir to combine or if you use a zip lock bag, seal it tightly and shake to combine the ingredients and coat the chicken
  5. Mix marinade ingredients together in a large resealable bag. Add venison and let sit in the marinade for at least 4 hours, overnight is best. Here's another deer meat marinade along the same lines as the one above: VENISON MARINADE #
  6. Venison Marinade Recipe / Click on Show More1 can of Diet Coke1 cup of brown sugar6 oz. soy sauceMix in zip lock bag or vac bagMarinade steaks for 2 hours or..

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Combine all ingredients. Brush on 4 or 5 pound brisket on both sides. Wrap in foil and bake at 275 degrees for 4 or 5 hours, or until tender The Best Venison Marinade Recipes on Yummly | Garlic-herb Venison Marinade, Venison Marinade For Steak Lovers, Korean Bulgogi Venison Marinade. italian seasoning, venison, garlic cloves and 14 more. The Best Slow Cooker Venison Stew FaithStill. olive oil, butter, diced tomatoes, ground black pepper, bay leaves and 10 more. 2. Treat your Venison for Aroma and Juiciness. This calls for flavor and juiciness, and for venison, the go-to process is using a brine or marinade. While they are similar, a brine is made to keep a piece of meat juicy, while a marinade is used more so for tenderizing and flavor

Marinate the venison cube steaks with your preferred liquid marinade if you desire. Make a simple marinade by pouring Italian dressing into a bowl. Marinate the cube steaks in the refrigerator for at least four hours. The marinade helps to tenderize the steaks MARINATED VENISON STEAK : 4 steaks Meat tenderizer 1 c. Italian salad dressing 1 onion, chopped. Place steaks in large bowl. Sprinkle with meat tenderizer. Add Italian dressing and onion. Cover and marinate overnight. Grill over charcoal until done. Add review or comment: Name: Email Address (required, never displayed) Rate this Recipe.

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  1. Combine the marinade liquids and spaces into a small bowl and mix together thoroughly. Good marinade choices will include a form of mild vegetable acid to help tenderize the meat, such as red wine, vinegar, soy sauce, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce or French or Italian dressing. Add any additional desired seasonings
  2. You can use any kind of Italian dressing and barbecue sauce you want, but one preferred route is using Wish-Bone Italian Salad Dressing and Kraft, Original or Honey Hickory Smoke. The benefits of this recipe are manifold: One, you can easily adjust the proportions based on the amount of meat or chicken you're using, because it's a one-to-one ratio
  3. Honey-Ginger Pheasant Marinade Ingredients - 2 tbs. rice wine vinegar - 2 tbs. honey - 1 tbs. soy sauce - 1 tbs. sesame (or olive) oil - fresh, grated ginger Directions: Whisk.
  4. Italian Dressing Deer Steak Grilling Steaks Smoke Grill Bbq Marinated Venison Steak Recipe The Rustic Elk Marinated venison steaks recipe nyt cooking deer steak marinade grilled recipe fantabulosity 8 best venison marinades venison marinade deer meat recipes hank shaw
  5. Soaking wild game meat in Italian dressing in an attempt to make it tender may be for naught. A study conducted by Fine Cooking magazine reports that while they certainly add flavor, acidic marinades may actually make the meat tougher. When these proteins are exposed to an acidic marinade, the bonds break and the proteins unwind
  6. Making deer steak marinade brown sugar is not difficult if you get the right recipe. Well, this recipe may be the perfect one you are looking for. You will get a very delicious deer steak when grilling it in the right way. In addition, this is perfect for those who like a light to mild flavor rather than a strong flavor
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Deer Steak Recipe - Skillet: There are many deer steak recipes, but this quick & flawless recipe using browned butter, salt & pepper in a skillet, is great! Deer Steak Recipe - On the Stovetop The other night, I decided that I wanted deer meat for dinner Venison Recipe (Stuffed Tenderloin) 1 tenderloin ( deer or elk ) about 3 pounds. 1/2 pound of favorite sausage. 1 cup of favorite salsa. Italian dressing. Trim loin and cut into about 8 inch pieces length wise. Insert a knife blade into loin to creat a whole running through the loin Pour half over the venison; turn to coat. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Refrigerate remaining marinade. Drain and discard marinade from steaks. Broil 3-4 in. from the heat for 4 minutes. Turn; baste with reserved marinade. broil 4 minutes longer, basting often, or until a thermometer reads 140° for medium or 145° for medium-well

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The Best Venison Italian Dressing Recipes on Yummly | Baked Chicken With Italian Dressing, Venison Sausage And Seasoning Mix, Venison Meatballs. Italian Dressing Marinade for Chicken Vickie's Kitchen and Garden. boneless skinless chicken breasts, Italian dressing The best way to marinade venison is in a large gallon Ziplock bag in the refrigerator overnight. Use thinner cuts with marinade and brine larger cuts. At most, an overnight marinade will only penetrate about an 1/8th on an inch into the meat, making marinading a large roast kind of pointless The venison tenderloin is a small strip of meat found inside the rib cage, whereas the backstrap (or simply known as loin) is the considerably larger strip of meat that runs along the backbone - hence backstrap. This marinated venison tenderloin recipe is designed for the tenderloin but can be used with the backstrap if desired

Italian Dressing Marinated Deer Steak - Italian dressing offers just the right balance to the flavorful deer meat. It also keeps the meat moist during the grilling process and keeps this delicious lean cut from drying out on the grill Marinated Venison Backstrap. Venison Backstraps are the Filet Mignon of a Deer and one of the best ways to have them is marinated and grilled. For all those people who might turn their nose up at a piece of venison, the backstrap is the perfect gateway sampling. Venison Backstrap is high in protein, low in fat, and oh so tender '-1 lb. venison - tenderloin or backstrap is preferred-6 jalapeno peppers-1/2 package of bacon (cut slices of bacon in half) Place the bites in a bowl or tupperware container and marinade with Italian dressing for 2-24 hours. Grill on medium heat and cook until bacon is done Acidic ingredients include lemon or lime juice, vinegar, Italian dressing, salsa, yogurt and wine. Tenderizing enzymes are present in fresh ginger, pineapple, papaya, kiwi and figs. Less tender steaks should be marinated at least 6 hours, by no more than 24 hours Welcome to the home page for Dale's Seasoning, the #1 marinade in the nation! Use Dale's on beef, pork chicken, fish and vegetables

Deer Steak Marinade Grilled Recipe Fantabulosity Italian Dressing Deer Steak Grilling Steaks Smoke Grill Bbq 5 Great Venison Marinades To Try At Home A Roundup Of The 12 Best Venison Recipes You Must Try Now Marinated Venison Steak Recipe The Rustic Elk READ Guava Chiffon Pancakes Recipe There is a certain jazz-like quality to kabobs, a/k/a kebabs. You can vary the veggies to suit your preference, and you can marinate your venison kabobs with anything from a green herb sauce to Italian dressing to teriyaki to this marinade, which is a mixture of red wine vinegar and harissa, which is to North Africa what ketchup is to us.. Harissa is a condiment whose main flavors are. I've always been a fan of venison with an Italian dressing marinade. I also believe you can never go wrong with bacon. This recipe marries the two. Continue Reading. Articles / Butcher Shop / Content. Foodie Friday: Don't Forget the Front Legs! - Friday October 2, 2020 - Tom Carpenter

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Basic Marinade Ingredients. All marinades share a few key parts: oil, salt and acid. Oil lets the marinade ingredients stick to the food's surface while salt helps the meat retain moisture To prevent food poisoning, never reuse it; discard the marinade immediately after you take the steaks out. Step 1 Combine a 12-oz. can of Pepsi-Cola, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder and pepper in a zip top gallon bag

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We did the Italian Dressing for a long time until I discovered this one. It is 5 star gourmet. olive oil, several crushed cloves of garlic, an equal amount of fresh chopped rosemary, 1 teaspoon coriander. Mix into a paste. Lightly salt the meat and then smear on the marinade. Marinade for an hour or so Italian Dressing Jerky Marinade. 1/2 cup white or red wine vinegar 1/3 cup water 1/3 cup vegetable oil or olive oil 1/4 cup light corn syrup 2 1/2 tablespoons grated Romano cheese 2 tablespoons dry pectin 2 tablespoons beaten egg 1 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1/2 teaspoons minced fresh garlic 1/4 teaspoons dried parsley flakes.

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Next I placed the venison loin chops in a ziploc bag and added some Italian salad dressing as a marinade. While it was marinating, for 4-6 hours, I occasionally turned the bag to make sure all the chops spent time fully coated with the salad dressing. While the grill was preheating I removed the loin chops from the marinade Italian Dressing: This was a middle of the roader. The dressing didn't do a lot to change the gaminess, but it added a masking flavor to the meat that was pleasant. Though the gaminess still was apparent.It also had little to no impact on tenderness. Steak Marinade Venison steak on the stove top. Before cooking, I marinade steaks in Italian dressing for at least one full day. Roasts: The way I do roasts is the way I found during a web search several years. Oh, you like to eat deer? Let me give you my marinade recipe. It's the best. I can't tell you how many times I have heard this from people I have just met. It happens whenever someone finds out. VENISON ROAST RECIPE. Ingredients. 5 lb venison roast 2 TBS oil 2 TBS butter 1/2 lb bacon, diced Marinade 1 bottle red wine (burgundy) 2 garlic cloves 1 bay leaf sprigs of rosemary 2 crushed juniper berries 2 carrots 1 onion 1 tsp black peppercorns 4 TBS olive oil Sauce 1/2 cup port wine 1 TBS red currant jelly gravy from venison 1 TBS flour 1 TBS butter For marinade, slice and peel the onion.

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Get the best and healthy ted nugent venison marinade Recipes! We have 3714 ted nugent venison marinade Recipes for Your choice! venison tenderloin, zesty italian dressing, bacon, cream cheese, pickled jalapeno peppers, seasoning salt to taste. 35 min, 6 ingredients. Venison Stroganoff. venison, cut into cubes, salt and pepper to taste and Venison tenderloin (backstrap) Marinade: 1 cup Italian dressing. 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce. 1 tablespoon minced onion. 1 teaspoon garlic. ½ teaspoon pepper. Stuffing: 1 asparagus bundle, trimmed. 1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced. 8 tablespoons butter. Steak dry rub seasoning of your choice. 6 ounces feta cheese. Package of sliced.

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  1. The venison tastes best when grilled outdoors, but it can be cooked in a grill pan on the stovetop; be sure to pat the meat dry beforehand. The marinade would be good for a brisket, too. Servings.
  2. Place the venison roast in a large pot or bowl. Pour Italian dressing over roast, turning to coat all sides. Cover the pot and place roast in refrigerator for 8 hours or overnight to marinate. Preheat the oven to 280 degrees. Remove the roast from the pot and place on a rack in a roasting pan. Pour any remaining marinade from the pot into a jar
  3. I used to have a recipe for a marinade for venison that had some strange combinations of ingredients in it, like peanut butter and soy sauce. . .it was a killer good recipe though and I've lost it. I thought I'd see if any of you know of a similar recipe, or one for another marinade for venison that's good. . . .Thanks
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Make honey Italian marinade. This marinade is perfect for steak, but you can also use it for chicken or pork. It's easy to throw together. Mix the following ingredients well, then pour the marinade over raw steak: 1 1/2 cups steak sauce; 1 tablespoon soy sauce; 1/3 cup Italian-style salad dressing; 1/3 cup honey; 1/2 teaspoon garlic powde Toss a salad, bake or boil some potatoes and have a wonderful meal. In my marinating container from Tupperware I added the first layer of Venison Cube Steak and then covered it generously with the Italian Dressing. I added my second layer of Venison Cube Steak and added another hearty heaping of Italian Dressing

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1 C Italian Dressing. 1/2 Lemon Juiced. Grill Sauce: 1/2 C Orange Juice. 1/4 C Raw Honey. 1 package Italian Dressing Mix. 1/2 tsp. Cumin. 1/2 Lemon Juiced. Salt and Pepper to taste. Directions:-Combine Italian dressing and lemon juice, place chicken in sealable bag, pour mix over, marinate at least 30 minutes.-Drain marinade off chicken Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Tenderize the deer by pounding it flat with a meat tenderizer between 2 pieces of plastic wrap. Place the meat in a zip lock freezer bag with Italian dressing; seal bag and marinate overnight Marinate pork chops or flank steak in Italian marinade for extra flavor, juiciness, and tenderness. For a lemony Italian marinade, substitute lemon juice for the vinegar. Add the zest of one lemon for even more lemon flavor. If you like more spicy heat, increase red pepper flakes to half a teaspoon Venison Steak Marinade comprises all the usual suspects but don't forget the addition of juniper berries! For best results marinate the meat overnight. Italian Dressing Chicken. Italian Dressing Chicken is the simplest chicken marinade ever! You can bake or grill this for an incredibly quick weeknight meal

Ingredients like red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce help add bold flavor to meat — fast. Rachael Ray's entire meal, from the marinated grilled flank steak to the bacon. If your friends and hunting buddies tell you to marinade your venison in italian dressing for two days, smack them right in the face and disown them immediately. You don't need friends like that. I don't know why they hate you so much. If you wanted italian dressing you would eat a salad. Don't get me wrong, salads are good too Prepare of Italian dressing or Terriyaki sauce. Tender chunks of venison are marinated twice, and wrapped in thick bacon before being grilled until crispy on the outside. A venison version of Filet Mignon. This is a heavenly use of the best part of a deer

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This salad dressing is an excellent marinade for chicken, mushrooms, venison and a host of other foods. And it tastes great on a salad, too. It is very hard to find (Amazon is the only place I have found it) because it was originally a product of Seven Seas, which Kraft bought out Place steaks in large bowl. Sprinkle with tenderizer. Add in sufficient dressing to cover meat. Add in onion. Cover tightly and marinate overnight. Remove meat and grill over charcoal till doneness desires. (The marinade tenderizes the venison and eliminates wild taste. People who dislike venison will ask for second helpings!) WAYNE HINDSLE

I have two go-to methods of achieving this culinary heaven. The first is marinating my meat in that plain, old Italian dressing. A great choice. Butthe second option is marinating with my BEST easy steak marinade. Get ready for i Deer steak recipe on the stovetop marinated venison steaks recipe nyt grilled marinated venison steak tasty deer steak recipe. Italian Dressing Deer Steak Grilling Steaks Smoke Grill Bbq Recipe Cook A Perfect Deer Steak In The Oven Field Stream READ Haitian Recipes Mais Souffl Soak venison steaks in cold water for several hours, changing the water several times to soak out the blood. Drain steaks well, dip in milk (whole or 2 %) and dredge in 1 cup flour with seasoned salt and pepper already mixed in. Brown in oil in large skillet. (You can stop right there and enjoy, or you can go ahead and make the gravy.

+1 for Italian Dressing I also use a mixture of Olive oil, Lemon or Lime Juice and Sriracha. Amounts vary upon the amount of meat you have but I generally use just enough oil to coat the meat, maybe a 1/4 cup juice and Sriracha to your taste I removed the deer back strap from the bag, rinsed it clean, patted it dry with paper towels and put it in a marinade. Ingredients for the marinade: 1/2 cup Andria's steak sauce 1/2 cup red wine 2 tbsp garlic 1 tsp dried rosemary (use 1.5 tsp if using fresh) fresh ground black peppe Italian Dressing Deer Steak Grilling Steaks Smoke Grill Bbq Best Recipes En Fried Venison Steak recipe nyt cooking deer steak recipe on the stovetop fantabulosity grilled marinated venison steak tasty and tender deer steak marinade grilled recipe fantabulosity. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Related Posts. Tunnel Of Fudge Cake Recipe

You can use this venison marinade on any type of meat you'd like to grill but it works particularly well on tougher cuts of deer meat. You can marinade venison for as little as a few hours, but it's recommended that you allow the meat to soak for at least 24 hours, if not for a few days A Classic French Venison Stew Recipe 80 mins Ratings. Italian Dressing Marinated Steaks 24 mins Ratings. Marinated Ginger Chicken for the Grill 30 mins Ratings. Soy Sauce and Brown Sugar Fish Marinade 10 mins Ratings. Tender Slow-Grilled Beef Ribs 110 mins Ratings Trusted Results with Good seasons italian dressing marinade recipe. Cooks.com - Recipe - Good Seasons Italian Dressing Clone Home > Recipes > Appetizers > Good Seasons Italian Dressing Clone To mix up a batch, mix the water, oil, and vinegar in a Good Season's cruet or a blender.. Cooks.com - Recipes - Italian Dressing Enter your email to signup for the Cooks.com Recipe Newsletter.. Deer steak recipe on the stovetop cook a perfect deer steak in the oven tender deer meat in the oven while i marinated venison steaks recipe nyt. Deer Steak Marinade Grilled Recipe Fantabulosity Italian Dressing Deer Steak Grilling Steaks Smoke Grill Bb Deer wraps recipe: Grilled deer wraps. Take jalapeno put cream cheese in slice of jalapeño then marinaded venison, then place a slice of onion on top take a piece of bacon and wrap around jalapeño, cream cheese, venison, and onion, stab with toothpick to keep ingredinets together

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Another way to prepare your pan grilled venison backstrap is with your favorite marinade. There are many marinades available today. Back in the old days and sometimes still, we used Italian dressing. For the pan seared venison backstrap in this photo I used Sun Drop soda, soy sauce and salt and pepper to marinade them for about an hour 1. Place thawed drumsticks in container with at least 1 cup of Italian Dressing. Make sure all surfaces are covered with dressing. 2. Let marinate overnight in the refrigerator. 3. When ready to grill, fire up the grill to LOW. 4. Place marinated chicken drumsticks in pre-heated grill on low with the lid closed for about 30 minutes - 1 Springbok loin (or other available venison) - about 1kg - 8-10 rashers of thick streaky bacon - a few sprigs of rosemary - For the marinade: - 1 cup dry red wine - 1 small onion, finely chopped - 2 cloves of garlic, crushed - 2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce - 2 Tbsp soy sauce - 2 Tbsp olive oil - 1 tsp wholegrain mustard - 1 tsp dried rosemar Mince garlic and whisk together with other ingredients. Marinate chicken, pork, steak or shrimp for at least an hour (or overnight) 1.First, slice venison steaks about 1/2 inch thick. 2.Next, marinate the venison overnight in Italian Dressing. 3.Then, remove venison from the marinade and season it to your liking. 4.Put a quarter sized amount of cream cheese on each piece of venison that you cut

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