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JMeter listeners allow viewing the results in various formats like Table, Trees, Graphs, Logs, etc. Listeners are the most important part of JMeter's test plan as users can only see the results of their samplers by making use of listeners. All listeners have different importance and they can be selected based on how you want to see your results A Jmeter Test Plan must have listener to showcase the result of performance test execution. Listeners capture the response coming back from Server while Jmeter runs and showcase in the form of - tree, tables, graphs and log files. It also allows you to save the result in a file for future reference View Results in Table. Hello - I want to be able to get the actual response time of every sample request in my load test. File 'C:\apache-jmeter-3.2\0419_3\summary.csv' does not contain the field names header, ensure the jmeter.save.saveservice.* properties are the same as when the CSV file was created or the file may be read incorrectly An. On the other hand for percentile, JMeter has to keep all the requests response times in memory to calculate the percentile values. only if you know all the 10 sample values, you could pick 9th value as 90% line. In case of millions of samples, JMeter has to store them in a list and calculate the percentile accordingly. Summary Report

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  1. There are lots of explanation of Jmeter Summary, Jmeter:Understanding Summary Report. This is one of the most useful report generated by Jmeter to undertstand the load test result. Label: Name of HTTP sample request send to server. Samples : This Captures the total number of samples pushed to server
  2. Exporting View Results in Table results. Hi ! please help. Is it possible to export a listeners's View Results in Table I mean something like this Sample# URL Sample Time..
  3. This video explains:What are Listners in Jmeter?What are the types of Listners available in JMeter?How to add Listeners in JMeter?How to analyze result from..
  4. JMeter uses so called listeners to record the results of test runs. JMeter is able to display the results as tables or graphs and - even better for later analysis - to write them to a log file. That's what we do here. We let JMeter write the results to a file
  5. Here are some of the good links I can recommend for interpreting Jmeter results. Link 1 - check Andrew Monkhouse's answer. He has explained it very precisely. Link 2 - A good explanation is given here. Link 3 - TechTarget always have some of the best explanations. This is another one for Jmeter graphs
  6. imum granularity value i.e. 1000 (denotes 1000 ms or 1 Sec), so that graphs and errors are visible correctly
  7. We have around 15 listeners in Jmeter but mostly used ones are table, tree, and Graph. View Results in Table: This is the most commonly used and easily understandable form of listeners. It displays the result in form of table with some important performance parameters. Listeners can be added directly under Test plan or under a sampler

JMeter Listeners: Analyzing Results With Different Listener

  1. , max, median, 90% line, error, Throughput, KB/sec etc. After executing a load test, we need to interpret the test results. For result interpretation, we use Listeners in JMeter
  2. Listeners Listeners let you view the results of Samplers in the form of tables, graphs, trees, or simple text in some log files. They provide visual access to the data gathered by JMeter about the test cases as a Sampler component of JMeter is executed. Listeners can be added anywhere in the test, including directly under the test plan
  3. The results of a sample are showed by a JMeter - Listener in different ways: a tree, tables, graphs JMeter - Sample(r) Response (File|Data) All listeners write the same raw data to the output file when one is specified
  4. View Results in Table displays the test result in table format. Right click Add -> Listener -> View Result in Table View Results in Table displays as below figure Step 5) Run your tes
  5. In JMeter, we have many kinds of the report, such as the graph, or table with statistics. In this article, I will show you the detail of each data of Aggregate Report in JMeter. In additional, base on the report, we will have the quick analysis the status of your system under tested
  6. View Result Tree show results of the user request in basic HTML format . Table Result show summary of a test result in table format . Log show summary of a test results in the text file Configuration Elements. set up defaults and variables for later use by samplers. The figure below shows some commonly used configuration elements in JMeter

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View Result in Table Result Table is the second type of Listener and shows output in seconds. It shows per second load. The Thread Name, Start Time, Sample, Status, Bytes, and Sent Bytes are also shown in the Table JMeter View Results In Table This shows us the Byte Size of the download and the Latency which are again important information for measuring the performance of an FTP Server. If we check the Save File in Response checkbox and add an Assertion, we can demonstrate how we can ensure the downloaded files contain the data we expect

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  1. • Right Click on Thread Group->Listener->View Results in Table. Sampler ->Samplers tell JMeter to send requests to a server and wait for a response. Config ->Configuration elements can be used to set up defaults and variables for later use by samplers. Listeners ->A listener is a component that shows the results of the samples
  2. Copy the values in the HTTP Request of JMeter Test Plan. Now, add a Listener to view the results of your Test. Right click on HTTP Request, select Listeners and add View Results Tree or View Results in Table. The final step is to just Run your Test Plan. You can increase the number of Threads in order to increase the Load on your API
  3. JMeter report analysis. JMeter Result Analysis: The Ultimate Guide - Jmeter, Short explanation looks like: Sample - number of requests sent; Avg - an Arithmetic mean for all responses (sum of all times / count); Minimal The report cannot be fully customized by adding text, images and more. It's a static report. Since JMeter 3.0, HTML Report Dashboard is a huge step forward simplifying JMeter.

JMeter - Understanding Aggregate & Summary Reports Results

  1. Examples of such listeners are the View Results Tree, the Simple Data Writer, and the View Results in Table. There are more. Run the script and upload the results to JMeter
  2. Step 2: Use the following command to generate report from an existing sample CSV/JTL result file as above. Windows: jmeter -g [path to result file] -o [path to report output folder] Example: jmeter -g C:\jmeter\gen-report.jtl -o C:\jmeter\report Unix (MacOS, Linux, etc.):./jmeter.sh -g [path to result file] -o [path to report output folder.
  3. //use a xsl template named jmeter-results-detail-report_21.xsl to parse jtl //report and generate HTML. COVID-19: Digital Insights For Enterprise Action Access Perficient's latest insights into how you can leverage digital technologies to not only respond to the pandemic, but drive your operations forward and deliver experiences your.
  4. Hello All, In this blog, we will see how we can generate the report for our load testing. Please follow the below steps, Step 1: Open your command prompt and make sure that you are inside the bin folder before run your Load Test Script Run the test in non GUI mode and save th
  5. We've now done JMeter extract and reuse. You can run a JMeter Load Test with your JMX script of any mobile application, web application, or API on RedLine13. Here are results to check out. Or go and try your own load test. More Extractors - JMeter Extract and Re-us
  6. Listeners - They shows the results of the test execution. They can show results in a different format such as a tree, table, graph or log file. We are adding View Result Tree listener. View Result Tree - View Result Tree show results of the user request in basic HTML format. To add: Right click Test Plan, Add -> Listener -> View Result Tre
  7. Now, lets see view result tree, from jmeter plug in site, they use view result table. But, we are going to see view result tree to have more detail idea on what just happened. From sample result, we see load time, this is in millisecond. Which is exactly the time for going to Google from browser

Created attachment 34930 ViewResults When I tried to convert the LoadRunner(LR) script into Jmeter using Jmeter latest version 3.2 View results Table doesn't captures all calls , where as Summary Report as well as under Thread group>Recording Controller I can see all the calls. Steps to reproduce. 1.Open the LR Script which you want to convert into JMeter(.jmx) 2.In VuGen press F4 (having your. You can view assertion results by adding Assertion Listener to the Thread Group. Response Assertion - Response Assertion can be used to add and compare pattern strings against one or many values of server response When testing your expressions in JMeter, add a View results tree node to the top node, run the scenario, and inspect the requests and responses in the listener. HTTP Cookie manager. The cookie manager allows JMeter to send and receive cookies to and from the server in the same way a browser does

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18.3.8 View Results in Table ¶ This visualizer creates a row for every sample result. Like the View Results Tree, this visualizer uses a lot of memory. By default, it only displays the main (parent) samples; it does not display the sub-samples (child samples). Versions of JMeter after 2.5.1 have a Child Samples? check-box View results in Tree; View results in Table; The format to save the results in. XML is a good choice because you can load it into the JMeter GUI results to view them. I know in a lot of the sections I simply told you to do something without giving much of an explanation as to what everything does. There are a lot of things you can do.

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Contact Us for This Batch Recorded Videos SALE:- 80+ Hours of Performance Testing with JMeter v5.3 - Core to Advanced Level with BeanShell Realtime Use Cases self-paced Video Course with Lifetime access. Plus you will get EBooks, Class Notes, JMeter Scripts, Interview Questions, Resumes, Other Documents with Doubt Clearance & Help for Intro & Pr Option 1: you can add variable to Sampler Name so you will be able to figure out the variable value and distinguish samplers basing on their labels in the Aggregate Report as Option 2: you can use sample_variables JMeter property. JMeter will append variable values to sampler metrics in results.. To view the test result in tabular format, right click on Add -> Listener -> View Result in Table . View Results in Table will display like given below figure, Fourth Step: Run the test: After opening View Results in Table, click on Start button on Menu bar (Ctrl+R) to run test. Conclusion: In today JMeter Tutorials Series Day 8, we have seen. In this tutorial, we will look like overview of how to install and start Jmeter 3.2 and we will also learn about the basic Jmeter and how to run performance tests on mobile apps. What is Jmeter? JMeter is a 100% Java application, open source software, designed to load test for analyzing and measuring the performance of variety of applications. In this explanation, I explained even very basic steps considering some readers may have level 0 knowledge in JMeter. To your test plan, add a Thread Group. This is the executor/list of executors of your use case that is going to get done via the JMeter. Adding a Thread Group is a must for a test plan before doing anything

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  1. To check the response when a HTTP request is made. Jmeter has multiple ways to see the response like View Results Tree or summary report. Every response is a part of the Listener . To see report click on HTTP request and select on Add the go-to Listener and then select for any type reports. Below View Results Tree option I had selected
  2. It dynamically creates a gnuplot script the first time it is invoked with the results hash and from then on, keeps including the new results to dynamically generate charts. Finally, you can create a simple html that shows the charts; I create a table in the html with each column/row corresponding to each test so that test results can be compared
  3. Save Apache JMeter Results to a XML file. 1. Go in the Aggregate Report and click the Configure button 2. Check the Save as XML field in the top left corner. 3. Change the extension of the filename to XML i.e. [FULLPATH]/results.xml. Result A file with the results.xml name should now be created at the path specified. Save results to current.
  4. JMETER COURSE CURRICULUM. JMeter Training course videos start with managing requests and responses. How JMeter acts on the protocol level. Covering all the necessary topics like Logic Controllers, Config Elements, Data Processors and correlation, etc, and Projects based on these concepts

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jMeter debugging is fidgety. When debugging your script, always do 1 thread and 1 iteration on 1 server. Once that works, you can scale up (don't forget to disable the View Results Tree listeners, see above). jMeter quickly runs out of memory. Increase the default heap sizes of the master and the slaves by using the -Xmx JVM option Run the test plan and check the result Run > Start to run the test. Two HTTP Requests are output to the View Results Tree to get the response data for the request. The sample jmx file created in this tutorial. That's it, this article has introduced the basic way to test to Azure Cosmos DB in Apache JMeter™. [ad

View Result Tree - View Result Tree show results of the user request in basic HTML format To add: Right click Test Plan, Add -> Listener -> View Result Tree Aggregate Report - It is almost same as Summary Report except Aggregate Report gives few more parameters like, Median, 90% Line, 95% Line and 99% Line If your ramp-up is i.e. 300 seconds, just add 300 * 1000 to it and trim your results file to start with 1403192211XXX. Do the same for last N lines depending on your ramp-down time. Analyze trimmed .jtl file as usual; Option 2. Use free Blazemeter Listener to analyze your test results online, it has: Possibility to limit time frame to. After creating and sending the request to server, JMeter receives the results returned from the server. Listeners help users to access the server response and analyze the test results. The test data can be presented in several formats such as Graph, Table, Tree View, Logs files etc. JMeter provides several listeners in order to capture and read.

JMeter, an open source load testing tool, has an element that allows you to use external data sets in a CSV format.This element is called the CSV Data Set Config. The CSV Data Set Config is used to read lines from a file and to split them into variables The View Results in Table listener is also useful in the early stages of the stress test implementation as it gives a good and fast overview of the execution of a test plan. However, this listener also consumes too much memory to be used in a large stress test. I have also found some very interesting JMeter plugins on a Google Code project You have given a detailed explanation for each and every concepts in Jmeter. very well explained and very helpful for job seekers. Thank you so much for Isha training solutions. - Vinitha My Feedback for Performance Testing with JMeter Core to Master Leve

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Then you can start JMeter by going to the folder C:\jmeter\apache-jmeter-2.11\bin (Windows users) and starting the program jmeter.bat.; You should see the start screen of the JMeter GUI: 5. GUI overview. The JMeter GUI is very intuitive and easy to use, common menus for file handling like new, open, save, save as etc. and specific menus for starting and stopping test plans and configuring them. JMeter Ant Task - An Ant task for running JMeter test plans. - jfifield/ant-jmeter Compares the results of requests; rarely used, as it consumes a lot of resources and has a low number of potential use cases. SMIME Assertion Checks that the response from the Mail Reader Sampler is signed. Listeners: These enable you to view the results of a sampler. These results can be viewed as a tree, table, graph, or log file

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4. Listeners - Listeners play a vital role in JMeter as they help in displaying results in various formats to the end user Different types of Listeners are present in JMeter. Most common types of Listeners are Summary Report, Tree and Table. Listeners can be added to each sampler request separately, they can also be added to Thread Group directl Learn Apache JMeter By Example. Unable to make progress with Apache JMeter? Online information often turns out to have missing detail that ends up costing you many unproductive hours and needless frustration. This book is your solution. Get results comparable to that of many commercial tools. Simulate load generated by thousands of users

Assertions in Jmeter is very useful components ,Assertions in Jmeter are performs an extra task to verify results of Samplers whether it may be HTTP Requests,SOAP request or REST API services.Assertions are verifies once the main sampler is completes the requests.Mainly assertions are applied for main samplers and not applied on sub-samplers The assertion in JMeter is used to validate the response of the request, that you have sent to the server. The assertion is a process where you verify the expected result with the actual result of the request at run time. If you need to apply assertion on a particular Sampler, then add it as a child of that Sampler Nice Explanation. I'm trying to follow the same, but my test is little different. I'm getting a token from a request and sending that to another request to get response in postman. Same test I have to perform in JMeter.. Can you tell me how this can be done in Jmeter. Reply Delet

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Together thus the soap request or ip address or the match to create a parameter Explanation of http sampler component using the webservice. Regardless of milliseconds to create a view the starting jmeter uses cookies from both jvm has used for the request. Inner interleave controller where we had to release at the sampler will be separated In the approach, a JMeter controller configures all workers using its own protocol and combines all load testing results. Finally, it generates the resulting artifacts like dashboard and logs. The CSE team created a Python script to convert the JMeter test results format (.jtl file) to JUnit format (.xml file) Understanding Jmeter Results Monday, July 16, 2012. Jmeter:Understanding Summary Report. The summary report shows values about the measurement Jmeter has done while calling the same page as if many users are calling the page. It gives the result in tabular format which you can save as .csv file. View my complete profile Add a View Results in Table Listener. In JMeter, listeners are used to output the results of a load test. There are a variety of listeners available, and the other listeners can be added by installing plugins. We will use the Table because it is easy to read. Select Thread Group, then Right-click it; Mouse over Add > Mouse over Listener > The aggregate report creates a table row for each differently named request in your test. The throughput is calculated from the point of view of the sampler target. Analyzing the Results Using Aggregate report. Label - The label of the sample. Here is detailed explanation about how to analyze jmeter test results. Reply Delete. Replies.

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On 29 June 2011 20:50, Deepak Shetty <[hidden email]> wrote: >>The results are not getting exported in a tabular column as it looks like > in Jmeter. > You need to reload the file in the listener. You can get raw CSV , but I > dont think you can directly get the data as the listener displays. You can > also post process the XML using the included XSL stylesheet to get a summary > table that. Hi, what about Listener > View Results Tree element? It will capture all the requests, and you could check the requests parameters (to see if your RegExp found what you need, if not you will see Abel rules! somewhere in request) and response html etc. Just add one Listener > View Results Tree to your Test Plan. A few other things: 1) Say, you have two HTTP Request, R1 which is followed by R2 Running JMeter scripts in Non GUI mode is easy and results can be available in JTL formats but the thing is in order to convert that to CSV , one thing is opening the JTL file from Jmeter GUI and saving the results to CSV but it requires manual effort. In order to automate thi

Watching above video, you can learn how to create CSS/JQuery Extractors in JMeter in similar steps: [8]. Create a Test Plan where you want to do dynamic referencing in JMeter; Add CSS/JQuery Extractor [9] in the Step from where response value(s) needs to be extracted; You can find a detailed explanation of CSS syntax here. jQuery's selector engine uses most of the same syntax as CSS with some. We still use the above database, to find out all the data, test table has 3 fields, 5 records (forgotten can go back to the first step to see) 1. Add a JDBC request named Parameter 4, add a Debug Sampler to view the output results, set variables name to COLUMN1,COLUMN2,COLUMN3: 2. Execution Result: Analytical But for my case samples are around '57781'. I am seeing this sample count is Aggregate report, Summary Report and View results in Table *I have run the same scenario twice, i got ''57781'' samples first time and '34983' sample second time*. Please let me the the difference why the sample count is different and What is the sample count. Reply Delet jmeter-java-dsl. Simple Java API to run performance tests, using JMeter as engine, in an VCS (versioning control system) and programmers friendly way.. If you like this project, please give it a star ⭐! This helps the project be more visible, gain relevance and encourages us to invest more effort in new features List of variable names (comma-delimited). Versions of JMeter after 2.3.4 support CSV header lines: if the variable name field empty, then the first line of the file is read and interpreted as the list of column names. The names must be separated by the delimiter character. They can be quoted using double-quotes

- JMeter -- Test Plan, Threads, Sampler (HTTP), Listeners (view in table/ view in tree) - JMeter -- Listeners:- view in table - view in tree- aggregate graph- graph results- Summary & aggregate reports - JMeter -- Assertions:Response -Duration-Size - each of assertion type will be viewed by listeners & Assertions results Tag: variables,random,jmeter. I have 1st thread group that GETs some id's and writes it to the variable. This var has view like that 654564546,564564,56454,56456454,21231321,8972341,65423187. I need to pick up randomly one of the id and put it to the another variable. In jmeter 2.07 I used this code assertion reports, results in tree, results in tab le and many more. Components of Load Test Plan in JMeter: Thread Group - Specify the number of thread, set th e ramp up period, nu mber of times.

Add > Listener > View Results Tree Execute it and check the results Run > Start to run the test and select the resulting HTTP Request and then select the Response headers tab on the Response data tab. Make sure you get 200 OK here Here is Jmeter we have a Result Status Action Handler postprocessor. This JMeter element is used as a post-processor to take the action in case of failure of the request There is a possibility to save JMeter test results to xml or csv file for further work (e.g. generating reports, importing to a database, etc.). It can be easy done by adding Simple Data Writer listener to a Thread Group and specifiing the filename. Of course you can specify the filename as JMeter variable or property As View result in table is added, one can use other listeners such as an Aggregate graph, Summary report etc. whichever suits your test case. How to add HTTP(s) Test Script Recorder? All the recorded proxy server requests are placed under HTTP proxy server , which comes under Workbench and in JMeter's new version, the HTTP Proxy server.

Stress-Testing Lotus Domino applications with JMeter - There is a current discussion going on if and how to use webQueryOpen Agents. Jake has some excellent examples what you can achieve, while Michel didn't find performance differences between an embedded view and a WQO agent. I was actually not surprised, since a single user would show any difference JMeter is a popular open source tool for load testing, with many useful modeling features such as thread group, timer, and HTTP sampler elements View Result Tree - View Result Tree show results of the user request in basic HTML format To add: Right click Test Plan, Add -> Listener -> View Result Tree We are adding Summary Report listener Summary Report - The summary report creates a table row for each differently named request in your test Apache JMeter is a fully open source pure java tool designed for the purpose of load testing and measuring performance of web applications. According to the documentation, it can be used to test both static and dynamic web resources such as files, Servlets, web services, Perl scripts, Java Objects, Data Bases and Queries, FTP Servers etc. JMeter can effectively use to simulate heavy loads on. View Tree Listener is a good way to know what request was sent, what was the response and the result of the transaction. When JMeter simulates multiple users by making the same call multiple times, in different operating system threads (we can say execution paths) that time more analytical data is available

I have been looking for a unified end-to-end continuous testing solution for a long time. BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform adds significant performance, enabling us to deliver superior value to our customers, while saving valuable time and resources Performance Testing With JMeter 2.9 is a standard tutorial that will help you polish your fundamentals, guide you through various advanced topics, and along the process help you learn new tools and skills.This book is for developers, quality assurance engineers, testers, and test managers new to Apache JMeter, or those who are looking to get a good grounding in how to effectively use and. All access to Azure Cosmos DB is done through a Table API account. See Create a Table API account for details creating a Table API account. Table: A table is a collection of entities. Tables don't enforce a schema on entities, which means a single table can contain entities that have different sets of properties It is likely that JMeter was running out of memory to record and display results for the Graph Results and View Results Tree listeners. These two listeners were removed from the test plan, and results for 500 - 1000 users were then recorded using the Summary Report listener only

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Run jmeter.sh (jmeter.bat if using Windows) from the command line. Create a Test Plan Just give a name and any description you want for your test plan. Create a Thread Group. A thread group allows you to specify the amount of load you want to simulate. Select your test plan from the left Tree view, right-click, and select Add -> Thread Group Throughout in JMeter plan [scenarios/min] for Load Test (100%) Number of concurrent threads (200%) Throughout in JMeter plan [scenarios/min] for Stress Test (200%) Anonymous Views a front page 120: 10: 140: 20: 180 Anonymous Browse Course catalogue and an outline 60: 10: 50: 20: 65 Training Coordinator Edits a node 2: 1: 4: 2:

Results – Pro League AustraliaProfiling MySQL Queries with phpMyAdminDrop or Swap Classes | California State University, NorthridgeGoogle will answer some questions instead of loadingChecking your SAP status - Office of Scholarships andPOV Survey Results – ThisIsNotThatHow to do PiP frame animation with customized coordinates

JMETER. INTRODUCTION TO PERFORMANCE TESTING • Performance tests reveal how a system behaves and responds during various situations • Performance testing tools is used for measuring web application performance and load stress capacity • Performance Testing is a type of testing to ensure that the software application works well under their expected workload INTRODUCTION TO PERFORMANCE. Configuring a Grafana dashboard yourself is a tedious and difficult task, especially if you have no extended knowledge in querying metrics. They published a pre-configured JMeter Load Test Dashboard. JMeter Load Test Dashboard This dashboard shows the main metrics gathered during a load test execution with JMeter. This dashboards depends on the JMeter-InfluxBD-Writer plugin for JMeter, that. a blog about Apache Jmeter and Performance Testing of Web Applications and WebServices,REST API services. Rajesh K http://www.blogger.com/profile/09960916864629221114. In the previous post, we went through basic steps on how to create a simple JMeter performance test for an ArcGIS Server Map Service.In this post I will explain how to to use the JMeter dashboard generator, in order to visualise the results. JMeter supports dashboard report generation to get graphs and statistics from a test plan (JMeter documentation) The ramp-up period tells JMeter how long to take to ramp-up to the full number of threads chosen. If 10 threads are used, and the ramp-up period is 100 seconds, then JMeter will take 100 seconds to get all 10 threads up and running. See the Fig-5 for the above explanation. Note: If you use only 1 user account to load-test the ftp site. Complete Web Testing Environment with Selenium WebDriver and JMeter This course gives a comprehensive overview how to use automated functional and performance testing with Selenium and JMeter using Java/Maven environment. 3 days..

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