How much does it cost to run a 400W Metal Halide

Metal halide bulbs are valued for their high luminous efficacy (75-100 lumens/watt) and intense white light. The upfront costs of these fixtures may be low but when maintenance and electricity costs are taken into account, the overall cost is rather high. Let's look at the math behind calculating the operating costs How Much Per Each 400 Watt Metal Halide? $2,198 / 20 = $109.20 per year/per 400 Watt Metal Halide Cut Your Annual Energy By 50% Or More With New Technologies There are many technologies available that can easily cut that number in half

How much does it cost to operate your metal halide

HYDRO USAGE EXAMPLE 1: Our first example is a community arena currently using 50 400 watt Metal Halide lights. At first glance, you would think that 50 400 watt lights would consume 20,000 watts of electricity each hour (50 x 400w = 20,000w). This isn't true In fact, a 400 watt MH light actually consumes 452 watts, due to the ballast factor. HYDRO USAGE EXAMPLE 1: Our first example is a community arena currently using 50 400 watt Metal Halide lights. At first glance, you would think that 50 400 watt lights would consume 20,000 watts of electricity each hour (50 x 400w = 20,000w)


How much does it cost to run a 400w metal halide? At an average cost of 0.09 cents per kilowatt, a system of 1,000 400-watt Metal Halide fixtures costs $41.22 per hour. If the fixtures run an average of 730 hours every month (730 x $41.22), it ends up costing $30,090.60 every month or $30.09 per month in energy per fixture SAVE MONEY using LED lighting upgrades & retrofits from MSC Electrical. A warehouse or distribution facility that keeps its 400W metal halide lights on for 10 hours per day, 5 days per week, 52 weeks per year, could be spending upwards of $10K just on lighting. That's way too much If you were using something like 2x 400W MH the bill can add up fast, especially if the guy lived in NYC like you do. I don't know what your power rates are now, but I've had friends who paid as much as 17 cents/kWh. Some people also have to use chillers or run their AC a little cooler to compensate for the heat from MH Just because your Metal Halide is 175 Watt or 400 Watt, that doesn't mean that is the actual wattage of the fixture. I guess it is easier to say 400 Watt rather than 458 Watt. Here are the ACTUAL wattages of the most common types of Metal Halide that we see

How To Calculate Lighting Costs For Metal Halide Fixture

Here are a few notes I've gathered about metal halide footprint and light coverage: 400w Metal Halide Plant Distance: At least 14'' or 30 cm away from your canopy; Recommended Area: Up to 3.5' x 3.5' or 1.1m x 1.1; 600w Metal Halide. Plant Distance: At least 18'' or 45 cm away from your canop 2.80 per day which is about 84 dollars per month. So it's likely to cost you about 25 poet month. If you're in a state with high electric costs maybe 40 a month. The average kWh across the us is about A recent white paper by the Dark Sky Society rated the mean lumens for a 400W Metal Halide to be 20,500 lumens and the rated life expectancy to be around 15,000 hours. Generally speaking metal halide lights are less efficient when run at less than full power. A 100W Metal Halide light costs somewhere between $10 and $30 per bulb.

i think a 400w on 12/12 should run between 20-30$ a month. plus take into account the fans you'll need. count on around 40$ i think. i have a 400w HPS not sure how much it costs i think mine uses about 50p $1 in the usa everytime i have it on for 8 hours a day i just got my light opperating so am not really sure yet how much it costs Energy Costs. With energy consumption that is less than half of what HID fixtures consume, LED parking lot lights save a great deal of money in annual electric costs. Super Bright LEDs offers a 150-watt LED parking lot light that is a direct replacement for 400-watt metal-halide (MH) fixtures. That's 250 watts less for the same amount of light A 1000W metal halide lamp ballast uses about 8% of the lamp's wattage, meaning that a 1000W lamp actually consumes 1080 watts, or 1.08 kilowatts. STEP ONE - TAKE HOURS USED AND MULTIPLY BY 1.08 kW. This is a common compliant for businesses replacing a small portion of metal halide lamps, and mostly is the complaint we receive when the customer or electrician replaced a burnt out lamp. Manufacturers make most metal halide lamps in two color temperatures, 3000K which appears slightly yellowish, and 4000k which appears brighter white

Calculating the Operating Cost of Your Metal Halide Lights

400 Watt Conversion. 400-watt metal halide conversion bulbs are designed for use with 400-watt HPS ballasts. Some have shatter resistant coatings. All provide more accurate color-rendering and brighter light than typical HPS bulbs. 35 Watt Sunlite MH400/U/MOG 400-Watt Metal Halide ED37 Bulb, Mogul Base, Clear (400 Watts 2 Pack) 4.3 out of 5 stars 37. $36.00 $ 36. 00. FREE Shipping by Amazon. More Buying Choices $25.86 (2 used & new offers) VIVOSUN 400 Watt Vegetative Metal Halide MH Grow Light Bulb Lamp - Enhanced Blue and Violet Spectrums CCT 4200K, 36,000 Lumens iGrowtek 400W MH Grow Light Bulb, High PAR Enhanced Blue and Violet Spectrums,CCT 6000K, 400 Watt Metal Halide Grow Lamp,HID Grow Bulb 4.0 out of 5 stars 35 $12.95 $ 12 . 9 At an average cost of 0.09 cents per kilowatt, a system of 1,000 400-watt Metal Halide fixtures costs $41.22 per hour. If the fixtures run an average of 730 hours every month (730 x $41.22), it.. A retail store has a parking lot of 400 watt metal halide parking lot light fixtures - 25 of them. At an average 12 cents per kWh in electricity cost and daily run times of 12 hours per day (average night time use over the course of the year), the total energy cost to run these each year is $6,018.12 (omitting demand charges and other energy.

1) A 400 watt metal halide lamp requires more than 400 watts to run because of the ballast. The lamp and ballast system together will take roughly 458 watts to run. So you need to take this into account when assessing how much light you get per watt VIVOSUN 2-Pack 400 Watt Vegetative Metal Halide MH Grow Light Bulb Lamp - Enhanced Blue and Violet Spectrums CCT 4200K, 36,000 Lumens 4.5 out of 5 stars 127 $22.99 $ 22 . 99 $29.99 $29.9 400 Watt Conversion. 400-watt metal halide conversion bulbs are designed for use with 400-watt HPS ballasts. Some have shatter resistant coatings. All provide more accurate color-rendering and brighter light than typical HPS bulbs. 35 Watt Knowing how to quickly calculate the annual light fixture electricity cost will help you decide which light fixture to select. For instance, an LED light fixture may use 50 watts of energy, while an equivalent metal halide version may use 112 watts of energy

How many lumens does a 400w metal halide have

I just switched from halide to led t5 a couple months ago I was skeptical about the led. I am glad I switched still getting good growth and much cooler. Currently only running 65% about to start going up 2% a week till maxed out.i have 3 gen4 pros and 4 t5 on a 5 foot tank seems to be working well You can get a 400 watt gym type (high-bay or low-bay) light (hps or mh) for about $150.00. While a 400 watt Son-Agro, or other high end grow light system will cost $300.00 or more. I use a 400 watt metal halide gym type light (high bay) on an 11 plant garden, it works fine with 6 to 10 plants If 'ceramic' does refer to a newer, better type of 'metal halide' lamp, is a 400W ceramic MH lamp more suitable in any way for flowering than a 400W HPS lamp? I'm planning a small stealth grow and I'm limited to 500W or less for flowering, for heat and power consumption reasons HPS light costs differ based on the particular fixtures, but are cheap compared to LEDs. However, they are very fragile and operate with a glass bulb, making them unsafe for hazardous or explosive environments. This makes maintenance and replacement costs much higher than LEDs and more comparable to Metal Halides. The Decisio The lamps themselves cost between US$80 and US$100. The lamps come in two versions: the 3,100 Kelvins (a full spectrum) and the 4,200 K (a blue spectrum). Manufacturers claim you will only need to replace your lamps every two years. Ceramic metal halide ceiling lamp. Source: nubephoto/Shutterstoc

How much are my Metal Halides costing me a month

How To Calculate Watts For Metal Halide (HID) Lightin

One of the most expensive line items for running a ball field or any business is the cost of labor. 1500 watt metal halide lights require teams of workers to replace lamps and ballasts on a regular basis, requiring the use of bucket trucks, crazy tall laders or other dangerous work environments The 400W and 1000W are both high pressure sodium and metal halide compliant, so the one light can run either lamp. Lighting is possibly the most important decision for indoor horticulture, cheap normally represents a health risk Assuming that you find the existing levels are what you need, then the calculation is simply a one-for-one replacement in most situations. As an approximation the replacement of a 1kW metal halide fitting would be US$1500 and the replacement of a 2kW metal halide fitting would be US$2500, for a 70 CRI and about 10-15% more for a 90 CRI module Sometimes it is nice to start anew. You might be able to re-use and retrofit your existing 400W metal halide fixtures, but new LED Highbay Fixtures provide numerous benefits and sometimes the cost is near or equal to getting an LED retrofit bulb. Going from a 400W metal halide to a new LED fixture, the light quality will be more uniform and clean

Automatically converts between High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lamps supports dual voltage 120-Volt/240-Volt Built-in cooling fan to run cooler than other digital ballasts Easy adjustable power setting of 400-Watt/600-Watt/1000-Watt and super Lm (110%) internal rf protection allows 50 Hz to 60 H Metal halide light is much too intense for seedlings and clones unless they are kept 3 or 4 feet away. This is a job much better suited for fluorescent grow lights. It will also cost much less on the electric bill this way, and will be much easier to keep the clone area at a comfortable 70 degrees

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  1. Old 400 Watt HID (Metal-Halide and High-Pressure Sodium) fixtures are installed almost everywhere in commercial and industrial spaces. You see them used in parking lot fixtures, flood lights, wall packs, street light cobra heads and for indoor spaces like warehouses, factories and gymnasiums. Energy costs are rising every day
  2. So, how much does it cost to install tennis court lights? The average price for a single light pole and fixture ranges from $1,000-$2,000. The total cost will depend on how many you need to install, what type of lights are being used, and if old lights are being retrofitted or completely starting from scratch
  3. This tells you that you have a 400w metal halide probe start ballast. If you had a warehouse with a high bay fixture in it, you might find these ballast and bulbs. They were very commonly used in the '70s, '80s, and '90s in commercial applications, such as metal halide fixture warehouse high bay lighting

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Understanding Radium Metal Halide Lamps 05/01/2014. Understanding Radium Metal Halide Lamps. With the recent surge in hobbyists transitioning back to metal halide lighting I have received many questions, and have come across all sorts of misinformation that has been given in regards to what has become far and away the most popular metal halide bulb to date, the Radium 20k 400 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide w/ Super Constant Wattage Autotransformer Ballast 450 1000 Watt Metal Halide 1080 1-Lamp F20 T12 - 2ft 28 2-Lamp F20 T12 - 2ft 56 1-Lamp F30 T12 - 3ft 46 2-Lamp F30 T12 - 3ft 81 . Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Programs | 300 Liberty Street, 5th Floor, Peoria IL 61602 P: 1.866.800.0747 F: 1.309.677.7950 E. Hydro Crunch 400-Watt Dimmable Digital Ballast features high power factor, high luminous efficiency, adjustable wattage output, and convertibility between HPS and MH light bulbs for vegetative growth to flowering stages. Run your hydroponic grow lights brighter with this ballast as it supports dual voltage 120-Volt/240-Volt. The high operating frequency not only ensures continuous power. A 100 watt metal halide lamp provides five times the lumen output of a 100 watt incandescent lamp, and will last 20 times longer. Although incandescent has a low initial lamp cost, metal halide has lower total operating cost over life. Five times more efficient than incandescent. MH vs. Mercur

I have a big shop with 400 watt metal halide light fixtures. There are currently 4 of them but I need 8-10 total. Of course, the problem with that is I would be burning 3200+ watts. :duh2: I've been looking into LED replacements, or converting some older fixtures to LED. All the conversions I can find claim a 100-120 watt LED with less than 12,000 lumens is a replacement for a 400 watt metal. A new 400-watt metal halide lamp is rated to last up to 20,000 hours. Selling points for this lamp also include a color temperature of 4000K and initial lumens at 32,000 to 36,000. This means that the initial light output is extremely high. However, metal halide bulbs tend to lose those lumens very quickly

How many lumens is a 400 watt metal halide

As I understand it, a 400W metal halide bulb can be used with a 400W hps ballast, but not the converse. A MH bulb has the igniter in the bulb, and the HPS has it in the ballast--which pretty much. Replace Metal Halides with High Mast LED Flood Lights. Many customers send us inquiries asking stadium lighting cost and price, when illuminating football fields, and other large outdoor area size venues and facilities (usually involving the replacement or retrofitting of 1000w to 2000 watt Metal Halide old lighting sources)

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Producing LEDs used to cost much more than it does today. The lights weren't efficient enough to offset their high cost. A 2015 discovery yielded a more efficient bulb that was easier to manufacture, and it has since driven down the upfront cost. Technological improvements have continued to lower the cost even more As with most outdoor lighting along streets, the utility company owns and maintains the light fixtures and charges a monthly fee to the town based on the projected electricity use and maintenance cost; Dummerston pays about 44¢ per fixture per day for the 100-watt mercury-vapor lamps and would pay the same for the 50-watt metal halide. I decided to try a new 10000K 1000watt Metal Halide light for a grow. The bulb was recommended as a finishing bulb, but since it had so much blue in it, I decided to use it for veg growth as well. I also used a 6K MH for the veg cycle along with the 10K bulb. From my observations, while I.. Great question, Robert! 3100k ceramic metal halide bulbs give off lots of red wavelengths, whereas 4200k CMH bulbs give off plenty of blue wavelengths. Most CMH growers will either use 3100k's for the entire grow cycle, or use 4200k's during the vegging stage and then switch to 3100k CMH bulbs when it's time to flower A 400 Watt bulb * 16 hours/day = 6.4 kiloWatt hours per day. Look on your last bill and see how much they charge you per kiloWatt hour and multiply that by 6.4 to see how much you'll pay per day. I'm paying a shade under 13 cents per kWh, so that bulb would cost me about 83 cents a day

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800W metal halide lamp: 0.97 kw·h/pcs * 5 hours 365 days * 1 * 35 sets of =61,958.8 RMB=USD9387.7 The above calculation shows that the 35pcs 300w LED floodlights are 1 years' electricity saving cost. The 300wLED projection lamp saves and saves electricity 66% per year than 800W metal halide lamp: 61958.8 RMB -20631.6 RMB =41,327.8 RMB=USD6261. I just compared the lumen output of both CFL and metal halide and the 400 watt metal halide is around 30,000 lumens while the CFL is 12,500 lumens. Not really a lot of savings except the CFLs are supposed to hold their lumen output consistant over the lifespan and are instant on He was trying to replace 400W Metal Halide in an existing fixture and the competitors sales person told him that he needed their retrofit kit set at 135 watts to do it. He then asked if we had a. At Lowes they have a 400 Watt (U) Metal Halide bulb that sells for about $21. I know it is rated as street lighting quality, but what exactly does that mean? I looked up it's specs: Type: Sylvania M400/U/RP Lumens: 36,000 Color temp: 4000 Kelvin Average life: 20,000 hours CRI: 65 Ba..

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Est. Electricity Cost /mo $17.28; Warranty 2 Year; This lightweight, state of the art digital fixture by Sun Systems will run both 250 and 400 watt lamps! The integrated Galaxy® electronic ballast allows operation of both metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs Introducing the Sun System Digital 250/400 complete grow light system! This state of the art fixture will run both 250 and 400 watt lamps. The integrated Galaxy electronic ballast allows operation of both metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps and operates on 120 or 240 input volts 400w Metal Halide Lights for Mother Plants. I have found that growing marijuana mother plants using a 400w Hortilux Blue metal Halide Light works much better than the 1000w I used in the past, which created too much heat for the plants to grow healthy. I run my vegetative grow room metal halide lights 24 hours a day A metal halide ballast will last about two lamp cycles if the previous lamps were allowed to reach the end of life and they usually will be showing signs of aging at that point. a bulb might cost you $8 or $40. It really helps to know ahead of time exactly what parts you will need. Ditto for the ballasts. They can run from $40 to $400. Now. A metal-halide lamp is an electrical lamp that produces light by an electric arc through a gaseous mixture of vaporized mercury and metal halides (compounds of metals with bromine or iodine).It is a type of high-intensity discharge (HID) gas discharge lamp. Developed in the 1960s, they are similar to mercury vapor lamps, but contain additional metal halide compounds in the quartz arc tube.

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Rockaway Recycling accepts ballasts for scrap metal. Coming from light fixtures it is important to know what you can do with them when you are looking to scrap them. Ballasts come from inside of lighting fixtures and there generally are two types. Electronic and copper-based ballasts Metal halides never needed ignitors once upon a time, my mate just went throgh some trouble the dodgy grow shop sold him a ballast for all HPS lmps and RETRO FIT MH, sorry but MH don't work on any ballast they run very dodgily.. Grow shop excuse don't matter the lamps cost the same, but sorry mr grow shop all the lamps I get for free do not run correctly Calculate the Energy Used for Lighting. The next step in estimating lighting costs is to find how much energy the lights consume. Find the energy used in kilowatt hours (kWh) by multiplying the total wattage for the fixture by the hours per day that the lights are on. Next, divide this by 1,000. kWh = Power (W) × Time (hr CMH grow lights have been around for many years, and used to come in typical HID sizes like 400W, 600W and 1000W. Recently, they almost always come in 315W or 630W sizes so they can compete more directly with the branded LECs. Regardless of the name, LEC grow lights are basically a hybrid between Metal Halide and HPS grow lights

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150 Watt LED Corn Cob Light Bulb - Ultra Performance 400 watt Metal Halide Replacement. Remove ballast and just screw in!Click here to see the 150 watt In. -4 step dimming: SolisBoost - 1000W - 600W - 400W.-Metal Halide (MH) & High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamps-2 power cords included-Soft Start Technology-Powers 1000w, 600w, 400w lamps.-Constant Power Factor 99.9% - 8.92 AMPS @ 120v / 4.46 AMPS @ 240 So it is safe to say that both Lumatek and Solis-Tek dimmable ballasts can run different wattage lamp Looking for Quartz MH Bulb, ED37, E39, 36, 000 lm, 400W? Find it at Grainger.com®. With over 1.6M products and 24/7 customer service we have supplies and solutions for every industry DIY Guide to Metal Halide Lighting Systems 150W, 175W, 250W, 400W and 1000W. The ones most commonly used for home aquaria are the 175W, 250W, and 400W configurations. The choice of the wattage of the lamp to be used will depend on several factors related to the type of corals to be kept, depth of aquarium, electricity costs, etc. which are.

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