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  3. Edelbrock 22736 - Edelbrock Max-Fire Ford 289-302 Steel Distributor Gears Distributor Gear, Max-Fire, 0.467 in. Shaft, 1.249 Outer Diameter, for Hydraulic Roller Camshaft with Steel Core, White Dot, Ford, Each Part Number: EDL-22736 (1
  4. As the name implies, this MSD 83521 Ready-To-Run Distributor with a Steel Gear is designed to be dropped into your 260, 289 or 302 Engine. This ready-to-run distributor features an ignition module that produces a powerful inductive spark to improve combustion of the fuel mixture resulting in quick starts, smooth idle and increased performance
  5. Edelbrock 22736 - Edelbrock Max-Fire Ford 289-302 Steel Distributor Gears Distributor Gear, Max-Fire, 0.467 in. Shaft, 1.249 Outer Diameter, for Hydraulic Roller Camshaft with Steel Core, White Dot, Ford, Eac

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Ford 289/302 Steel Distributor Gear Replacement for carbureted Ford distributors with 0.468 ID and MSD Distributors, PN's 8582, 8579, 8479, 8352 and 8503. Part# 8583 MSD 857951 Ford 289-302 Pro Billet Distributor, Steel Gear $317.95 MSD 8352 Ford 289-302 Ready-To-Run Distributor $467.95 MSD 85791 Ford 289-302 Billet Small Cap With Steel Gear $324.95 MSD 83523 Distributor, Ford 289/302 $485.95 MSD 85031 Ford 289/302 Distributor, E Curve, Steel Gear. Shop 302 Ford Small Block V8 Distributors and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. 302 Ford Small Block V8 Distributors in-stock with same-day shipping. 289, 302, Steel Gear Material, Blue Ships Free On Sale Gear Material: Steel.

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  1. um/nickel alloy. Soft material will not damage the camshaft. Used with billet steel cams. Sacrificial gear for racing applications. Should be changed more frequently than other gears. Cast Iron; Harder than composite or bronze gears. Used with cast iron, flat.
  2. Matching camshaft and distributor gears is one of the most critical,yet often overlooked step in engine assembly. The proper distributorgear for your camshaft differs by both the material and the kind oflifter for which your camshaft was designed. Using the wrong materialcan lead to premature gear wear, possible camshaft wear and ultimatelyengine failure.AdvertisementClick Here to [
  3. According to Crane Cams: Steel Gear; Works with cast cams, induction hardened roller cams or 8620 steel carburized roller cams. In a tech question I submitted to mallory on a similar issue they responded The gear thay comes on this distributor is an alloy steel gear designed to run with hydraulic flat tappet cams as well as the factory Ford hydraulic roller cams
  4. Always use steel dist gear with steel roller cams It is relatively simple to change from a cast iron gear to a steel gear (or visa versa). The gear is held to the dist shaft with a roll pin and a light press fit. The roll pin must be driven out and the old gear pressed off the shaft. The new gear must be pressed on the shaft
  5. New HEI Distributor Fits Replacement Ford V8 SBF 302 5.0 1986-1994 EFI Replacement For Carbed Conversions Long Shaft 1.5 Inch From Gear to Shaft End 4.5 out of 5 stars 30 $54.95 $ 54 . 9
  6. Distributor, Ford 289/302, E-Curve, Steel Gear. MSD's Pro-Billet Ready-to-Run Distributor with Electronic Advance Curves and Steel Gear, No Ignition Box needed. PART# 85031. Be the first to write a revie
  7. The Steel gear is compatible with the factory roller and several aftermarket roller cams for Ford 5.0 and 5.8 liter engines. This gear is included with part number 38820 (302 w/ factory roller cam)

Manual trans.; with Steel Gear; Cast Iron & Steel Gears are not Interchangeable. Use of Incorrect Part Number will Cause Severe Damage to Camshaft Gear &/or Distributor Gear; Supplied with Cap and Rotor; Electronic Distributor. CARDONE . $63.79: $0.00: $63.79: Alternate: Quantity: Add to Cart Ford Gear Selection For MSD Distributor Cast Iron Steel Bronze Billet Camshaft How-To Tutorial Installation Instructionshttp://www.jegs.com/v/MSD-Ignition/12.. the gear is properly installed, the cut on the gears and the direction of rotation will pull the distributor gear down against the support (distributor gear thrust face) in the block. ALTERNATIvE mEThOd Of vERIfyING CORRECT dISTRIbUTOR GEAR INSTALLATION: After STEP 7, install distributor assembly in the block you are using Product Description MSD Billet Distributor with a Steel Gear for 260, 289 and 302 Small Block V8 Ford Engines using MSD Ignition Control. If you are serious about performance, than you have probably heard of MSD Ford developed mild steel distributor gears for use with factory hydraulic-roller-cammed engines. This steel is softer than the ductile iron gears, but harder than bronze, designed for longer life.

302 85-91 Distributor, Steel Gear: Item Number: 18577: Unit Price: $79.00 Out of Stock: Quantity New 1985-91 Ford Bronco 1985-91 Ford Truck 302 V8 engine Detailed Description: Stock factory replacement Electronic Ignition With Steel gear 302 , 5.0L You may also like: Distributor Boot: $39.00 Bronco Graveyard. Buy JEGS 40012 at JEGS: JEGS HEI Distributor for Small Block Ford 221-302 V8. Guaranteed lowest price! Save $10 off $299, $20 off $699, $30 off $899, $100 off $1,899 Orders This will depend on the cam itself, many cams now require the use of a steel gear and this distributor has that. Other cams may require a bronze gear and you would need.

This is a rebuilt late 70s style Ford Duraspark distributor upgraded with a steel drive gear for SBF engines that have been updated to a steel roller cam like that from a later model 302 H.O. GT Mustang part, a B303, E303, X303 or similar aftermarket piece I took a 302 distributor from a 302 E150 van, disassembled it, went over it with 600-grit sandpaper inside the housing (on a 29/64 drill bit) and over the shaft until it shone, then took off the old iron gear and hammered and pinned a steel drive gear on it -- had a bastard of a time finding a steel drive gear for the smaller-shaft distributor. I tried to install the Ford Motorsports steel gear on the Boss 302 dual point distributor I used in my 71 Comet with a F-303 cam. Ruined the distributor shaft as the interference fit was so tight I couldn't get it on and aligned. Researched a bit and purchased Summit Racing MMA-29418 steel gear priced at $39.97 which was a lot cheaper than the. This item Proform 66969BK Vacuum Advance HEI Distributor with Steel Gear and Black Cap for Ford 221-302 A-Team Performance Complete HEI Distributor 65,000 Coil Auto Parts Replacement Compatible with SBF Small Block Ford 260 289 302 5.0 One Wire Installation Red Ca MSD Ignition 85833 Distributor Gear Dist.Gear Steel Ford 5.0L (Fits: 1985 Ford Mustang) 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - MSD Ignition 85833 Distributor Gear Dist.Gear Steel Ford 5.0

Crane 8620 steel billet cams MUST use a high-silicon copper-alloy distributor gear to prevent rapid wear of the camshaft's distributor drive gear. These are usually referred to as bronze gears. Explaining why selecting the proper distributor gear is ultimately an important choice, Knight said, Once the gear on either a steel cam or a. CARDONE {#D4OE12127GA, E4ZZ12127D} Includes Cap & Rotor Distributor with Single Vacuum; with Cast Iron Gear; Cast Iron & Steel Gears are not Interchangeable. Use of Incorrect Part Number will Cause Severe Damage to Camshaft Gear &/or Distributor Gear; Electronic Distributor The original Ford factory roller cams are steel and use a steel distributor gear. I'm now running a Comp SADI core cam, when I inquired Comp told me to run the factory steel gear on it. Years ago I ran an Edelbrock SADI roller cam, it said right in their installation manual that you could use any factory distributor gear with that cam

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  1. 302 distributor shaft length I have a 1993 5.0 roller motor with the distributor shaft length of 1.5 from the bottom of the gear to the bottom of the shaft. would a Holley 890-110 billet distributor with a 1 shaft length work. I will be using the steel gear from my current dizzy
  2. This distributor comes with a steel gear pre-installed and prepared for hydraulic roller cams. Its black finish and black cap provide a stylish look under your vehicle's hood. It is perfect for anyone with a 260, 289, or 302 engine, whether you are working with a crate engine or you are building your own combination
  3. um Crab Cap Distributor with a Steel Gear. This lets the spark plug wires exit through the side of the distributor cap, which helps to lower the overall height

Distributor, Ford 289-302/Steel Gear/Holley Hi-Ram MSD's Pro-Billet Small Diameter Distributor w/Red Cap and Steel Gear, requires the use of MSD 6, 7, 8 Series Ignition and designed to fit Holley 289-302 Hi-Ram Carburetor Intake Manifolds PART# 85797 $358.00 Suggested Retai 302/5.0 distributor gears were.467 or.531 standard I.D. (shaft O.D.) A typical steel blank for an aftermarket racing roller cam requires a bronze distributor gear for compatability. However, the bronze gear will wear very quickly if the contact pattern between the gears is off. Some roller cams are available on an iron blank to allow the use of the oem distributor gear

I have a hydraulic flat tappet cam and I will be putting in a duraspark distributor (my MSD distributor crapped out). I don't know if the gear on the duraspark distributor is cast iron or steel. I have heard the steel distributor gear will eat up the teeth on the hydraulic flat tappet cam due to the cam metal being softer I bought a remanufactured distributor with the steel gear to use with a roller cammed 302. This morning, I dropped the dist. into the hole and checked the gear to block clearance. I bolted the hold down clamp in place tightly. This is what I got: Gear to block .003 Upper collar bushing.. New HEI Distributor Fits Replacement Ford V8 SBF 302 5.0 1986-1994 EFI Replacement For Carbed Conversions Long Shaft 1.5 Inch From Gear to Shaft End 4.5 out of 5 stars 30 $54.95 $ 54 . 9

MSD Distributor Ready-To-Run With Steel Gear 260/289/30

68-82 small block 289-302/5.0l has a distributor shaft diameter of 0.467, gear is 1.249. 83-present small block 5.0/ all 351w uses a 0.531 shaft, same 1.249 gear. I am using an '86 block, but trying to put in an 85 distributor with Duraspark. I just wanted to be sure that the shaft is not the small.467, but in fact is the.531 I agree with this 100%. If you have a newer roller cam 302 be sure to ask for an '85 Mustang GT, with manual trans., distributor. You can get a rebuilt Duraspark distributor with a steel gear for that application, at a good price. Of course, if you have a flat tappet cam, just ask for an older model (steel gear) 10456413 Distributor Gear This melonized steel gear is required on all crate engines and roller camshafts that are made of steel. If engines are assembled not using this gear it may affect your engine warranty. For aftermarker roller cams, it depends on the roller cam itself. Most steel billet rollers will need either the melonized gear or a.

MSD 83521 Ford 289/302 Ready-To-Run Distributor, Steel Gea

  1. g accuracy and higher strength than any other distributor gear in the performance market. The COMP Cams Distributor Gear is a direct replacement for 302 and 351W Engines with a.467 Shaft Distributor
  2. Well I am cobbling together a newer 302 with older parts. To be specific I am piecing together to place an order for a 94-96 302 long block with E7 heads and the explorer roller cam. How ever I will be using a old '82 Duraspark II dist. I know I need to run a steel distributor gear to be compatible with the roller cam
  3. In this vid I took a good steel gear off a bad distributor. Then took the cast iron gear off a good distributor and put the steel gear the good distributor
  4. dont be fooled by advertising or a salesman telling you this has a cast iron drive gear. the gear is in fact hardened and will destroy the camshaft drivegear in a stock 289 or 302 non-roller engine. the gear that comes with the distributor is the exact same steel gear summit and others sell. a cast drive gear would be all rough and look.
  5. In reading thru the Dave Williams SBF link that Bob posted back in August, it says that with the 5.0, Ford lengthened the distributor shaft below the drive gear. I am using a 302 Prestolite marine distributor (w/ steel gear) in my 5.0 boat motor
  6. Notes : 0.468 in. ID; Non-EFI 302 with roller cam Material : Steel Series : Steel Series Recommended Use : Performance MSD® 85834 Distributor Gear - Steel, Direct Fit. Part Number: M4685834. 0 Reviews. Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit. $92.45. Add to cart. Vehicle Fitment. 1985 - 1986 Ford F-150 Base 8 Cyl 5.0L; 1985 - 1986 Ford F.

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1979-1985 Mustang Distributor If your 1979-1985 Mustang is running rough or cutting out at higher RPMs, it might be time for a tune-up. An older distributor in your 5.0 Fox Body can start to wear out, leaving you with a miss or rough idle. This distributor features a steel gear and fits carbureted Mustangs with a manual transmission New HEI Distributor Fits Replacement Ford V8 SBF 302 5.0 1986-1994 EFI Replacement For Carbed Conversions Long Shaft 1.5 Inch From Gear to Shaft End 3.4 out of 5 stars 6 $51.95 $ 51 . 9 Howards Cams, Steel Distributor Gear, Ford 221-302/351W, 5.0L, For .531 Shaft: Ford 221-302/351W/5.0L For .531 Shaft: Check for Availabilit

Pro-Billet Cam Sync Distributor, Ford 289/302 Steel Gear. Hall-Effect sync pickup and includes a steel gear. Must be used with an MSD 6, 7 or 8-series ignition. PART# 2358. Be the first to write a review. $602.00 Suggested Retail $540.95 Your Price Free Shipping. In Stock Qty: Add To Cart. Add to Wish List. CARDONE {#D4OE12127GA, E4ZZ12127D} Includes Cap & Rotor Distributor without Governor; with Single Vacuum; with Cast Iron Gear; Cast Iron & Steel Gears are not Interchangeable. Use of Incorrect Part Number will Cause Severe Damage to Camshaft Gear &/or Distributor Gear; Electronic Distributor Designed to fit Ford 289-302 5.0 engines. Distributor comes with an iron gear. Not compatible with factory roller camshafts without gear change using the recommendation of the cam manufacturer. Unit is made from high quality billet aluminum material and features a natural finish. made from 100% new components just a quick video that makes the task of installing a distributor so much easier. I had to learn everything the hard way

MSD-85793 Pro-Billet Distributor Small Diameter, Iron Gear

You need one from a 302 carbed '85 motor with manual transmission if the motor has a roller cam. If not than any 302 distributor should work as long as it's for a carbed motor not EFI. The 351 distributors are longer. The 13726548 firing order is for the 351 Windsor and that is what makes the the 302 an H.O MSD Ignition Distributor Gear, Ford 302, non-EFI, Steel. Item Description. MSD's high-grade steel distributor gears are burnished for a smooth, scuff-free finish, and are machined for precise gear mesh. Excessive clearance causes timing fluctuation throughout the rpm range, resulting in lost horsepower, so MSD also designed these gears for. The gear was smooth just like the one pictured. The tech guy said they are using a new process to manufacture cast iron gears and looking at them you couldnt tell a difference between the cast iron gear and a steel gear. Take that for what its worth. I removed the gear and bought a crane melonized steel gear for piece of mind The MSD had a article on line saying Melonized gears tend to be the default material used by distributor companies as it will work on flat tappet, SADI and 5150 billet rollers. Which is what the MSD tech told me. A steel gear is fine for 5150 billet. I'm not sure on a SADI. The Melonized gear will not work on a 8620 billet solid roller 302 74-84 Distributor, Cast Gear: New 1974-84 Ford Bronco 1974-84 Ford Truck Electronic Ignition: In Stock: $79.00. 18576: 302 85-91 Distributor, Cast Gear: New 1985-91 Ford Bronco 1985-91 Ford Truck: In Stock: $79.00. 18577: 302 85-91 Distributor, Steel Gear: New 1985-91 Ford Bronco 1985-91 Ford Truck 302 V8 engine: Out of Stock: $79.00. 18582.

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Reading this thread shows the paper work says steel, then the distributor tag says iron. Is the above some isolated instances? I want to order one, but I also want it to have the steel gear on it. If someone has the part number for the HyperSpark with steel gear for a Ford 302, please post it. Thanks, Danford 5.0L distributor in a flat tappet 302. Jump to Latest Follow Hey everyone! Enter your ride HERE to be a part of this month's Ride of the Month Challenge! 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. S. snakekiller · Registered. Joined Dec 10, 2010 · 142 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 13, 2017. If you can't find a distributor like the Pertronix with a steel gear, next best thing is to use a Duraspark from an 85 Mustang GT with a manual transmission. The parts houses stock these in a reman unit for about $50-60 with a core to exchange What is the part number for a Duraspark distributor that suits my needs? It is a 302 roller block with Comp Hydro roller cam, and Holley carb, c4 trans, stock converter and 3:00 rear gear. No EFI, just a carb. I know it should have a steel gear and single vacuum advance diaphram

Constructed of hardened steel, with premium helical cut gears, this distributor gear will improve timing consistency from stock to performance built 5.0L engines. This steel distributor gear will give you the confidence in knowing your Mustang is ready for the road. Product Note - 1986-1995 5.0L Mustangs come factory with roller cams I just went though this on my 52 ford F1 using a 1989 roller (low-performance roller) 302 out of a Lincoln town car. A stock distributor that will work gear wise with your cam is a 1985 mustang gt (60 bucks tax and all at autozone) with 5 speed and carb

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Distributor Drive Gear; Ford 221-302, 351W, 5.0L Steel Howards Cams 9444 ford 302c- 460 steel dist gear suits hyd roller cam A distributor's performance is only as good as its drive gear. MSD Performance has put a great deal of effort into researching and testing a variety of metallurgical compositions,heat treating and coatings to provide you with a durable,accurate and strong distributor gear Will not fit any other Windsor engine displacements (221, 260, 289, 302) Distributor gear is most compatible with cast iron hydraulic or solid flat tappet camshafts; consult cam manufacturer for recommended gear material. A-Team Performance suggests using our 50,000 Volt E-Coil to Power this Pro Series Distributor Distributor, Ford 289/302 Hydraulic Roller Cams, Steel Gear Accel 52200 Street Billet Performance Electronic Breakerless Distributor; Our Price (USD): $9,999.9

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Add a distributor designed for a carbureted 302 but make sure to install the correct distributor gear for your cam. The newer camshaft is designed for use with a soft bronze distributor gear, not the hardened steel gear used for older camshafts If you are a Warehouse Distributor and do not have a Ford Performance Account, contact your adminstrator to have them create an account for you. 302-351W DOUBLE ROLLER TIMING CHAIN SET-STEEL GEAR. M-6268-B302. MSRP $135.00 429-460 DOUBLE ROLLER TIMING CHAIN SET. M-6268-B429 2012-2013 BOSS 302 EXHAUST CAM SET FOR COYOTE 5.0L. M-6550-M50BEXH MSD Distributor for 289 or 302 Engine. Ready To Run, Steel Gear (For Use With Roller Camshaft) YOU ARE HERE: HOME; 1964 TO 1973 MUSTANG; ENGINE; DISTRIBUTORS AND PART MSD Canada 8598 Distributor; Ford 289/302 Hydraulic Roller Cams; Steel Gear PIspeedshops Canada MSD 8598 Distributor; Ford 289/302 Hydraulic Roller Cams; Steel Gear PI SpeedShops Canadian Prices, No Duties, 365 Day Retur Distributors do not physically interchange between a 302 and 351W. 351W engines have a larger oil pump driveshaft. The end of the distributor shaft is also larger to accommodate this difference. The 289/302 distributor shaft diameter is 0.467″, 351W is 0.531″. At the junkyard, small blocks tend to all look alike

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This melonized steel gear is required on all crate engines and roller camshafts that are made of steel. If engines are assembled not using this gear it may affect your engine warranty..491 Shaft size for use on old style HEI distributors with coil in cap. Technical Note: This gear is part of distributor assembly P/N 1104 Iron drive gear is not compatible with a billet steel hydraulic roller camshafts - a steel alloy drive gear must be used. ATK Pro Billet Distributor SBC/BBC #2295515 Our Price (USD): $9,999.9 From 1980-1982 Ford used a 255 cid V8 instead of the 302. The 255 is essentially a 302 cid with the cylinder bores reduced to 3.68 in (93.5 mm). The 302 /5.0 L was to be phased out and the 255/4.2 L was to be an interim engine which would remain until the new V6 was in production - the 255/4.2 L was a quick fix Valve covers (p/n: M-6000-302-070): Ford Racing Chrome Oil pan: M-6675-A50 stamped steel dual sump, fits most Fox body cars Distributor: not included - steel gear require Billet Distributor (Ford 302-351C, 351M, 400, 429, 460, Magnetic Trigger, Mechanical Advance With Steel Gear) (MSD85801) - MSD Ignition - Billet Distributor; Steel Gear For Specific Camshaft Requirements; Must Be Used w/MSD Ignition Control; Will Not Clear Some Factory-Style Shaker Hood Scoops

1987 - 1996 F150 & Larger F-Series Trucks - Distributor Gears.. - Is there a Good way to determine what type of gear is at the end my Distributor?- I either have a Cast iron, or a Steel gear- Why did they do this? -My Stator, or (pick-up coil) is toast inside my Distributor. And I have the two choices of either.. The kit pictured below is an aluminum housing, a soft steel sleeve that presses to the distributor (after you remove the gear and upper pieces) a steel piece that has an internal and an external piece along with two set screws and an oring. Measuring the distributor before you begin is one of the most important things to do in this assembly Speedmaster has become a leader in its field, built on a long-term consistency of being a specialist in aftermarket automotive components. The team has shared all the finest moments in the numerous accolades for its people, its products, and its approach

Offset Distributors: If you own a Ford V-8 with dual-4 induction, you know why we build offset distributors. Bronze gear standard on all models. Adjustable belt tension - the belt box slides on a track and is locked in position with one bolt. (260, 289, 302, 5.0L), Windsor (351W and 9.2 deck race engines), FE series (390, 428, 427. • Iron or Steel alloy distributor gears compatible with flat tappet cams and hydraulic roller camshafts • Recommended ACCEL electronic breakerless coils p/n's:8145,8145C,8140HV,140001 or 140008 • Compatible with an ACCEL,Mallory,Crane,Holley or MSD capacitive discharges ignition system Replacement Replacement Iron or Steel Bronz

The same distributors are made for the 302: #8479 and #8579. Bronze distributor gears are for drag racing, they were never meant to last, roller cams ground on steel cores must be mated to steel gears if longevity is the goal. It did take some cam grinders a while to understand this A performance distributor provides more regular voltage to your spark plugs, meaning a stronger and more consistent spark for your engine. This creates better fuel mileage, more power, and a smoother-running engine. Many of our performance distributors are also adjustable to tailor the timing and spark advance to your performance vehicle Compatible with hydraulic and solid roller iron gear camshafts, this distributor gear is melonized to prevent excessive friction and wear. Fits .531 shaft Ford 302-351W A brand-new HEI distributor for Ford Mustang from AutoZone is just the ticket to keeping your engine humming. Our helpful staff is available to offer advice and assist you in finding all the parts, tools and accessories you need to get the job done. Visit your local store today and enjoy free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while. Flat-tappet cams are cast iron and require a cast iron distributor gear. Steel will chew up iron. 1979-1993 Fox Capri and Mustang VIN Decoder: foxchassis.com Wanted (Dead or Alive): VINs, Vehicle Certification Labels, Buck Tags, Build Sheets, Window Stickers, Owner Cards, Warranty Tags, History 999 Reports, Invoices, Axle Tags

ice ignition 8100 series large cap/treated steel gear distributor suit ford 302/351c & 385 bb v8 8164s ICE 8100 Series large cap billet distributors feature a race inspired cap design with wing clamp plug wire retainer and a choice of distributor gears Use an aftermarket steel or aluminum timing chain cover that is reinforced for extreme cam loads. This should solve any problems with cam walk. Topic 2: Excessive Distributor Gear Wear on Ford. Excessive distributor gear wear can be a problem with Ford engines. Most of the time, the problem is a result from the use of a high volume oil. Distributor shaft and gear assembly for all 383-440 Wedge and Hemi engines. Bronze gear assemblies are for Roller Cams. Steel gear assemblies are used for flat tappet and hydraulic cam applications. Wedge and Hemi using Milodon Oil Systems with a steel high volume oil pump or Milodon #21814 and dual line spacer: #21001, #21150, #21160 07 PRW Bronze Distributor Gears 08 PRW Sportsman Series Steel Roller Tip Rocker Arms 08 PRW Sportsman Series Steel Roller Tip Rocker Arms: Chevy Corvair 09 PRW Billet Steel Main Girdle 10 Cylinder Head Stud Kit: Ford Powerstroke 12 PQx GM LS-Series Fulcrum Upgrade Kit Installation Instructions 13 PRW ETS Accessory Parts Lis Another item Pete showed was a high torque gear reduction mini-starter from Ford Motorsport (M-11000-A50). Not only does this starter save 5 lbs compared to a stock 302 starter, but it provides easier starting, especially for higher compression installations. Pete recommends gear reduction starters for compression rations over 9.5:1

None of these millions of Ford 302's and 351's, and GM's 4.3, 305's and 350's ever had a bronze gear on any of their distributor. Why? Because they were not made of billet steel, or 8620 carbonized steel as Howards describes them. My Comp Cam's Extreme Energy hydraulic roller uses a standard iron gear because the cam's gear is made of ductile iron Part No. CS-302-B with bronze gear + Hall Effect 3 prong electronics $324.06. Part No. CS-302-S with steel gear + Hall Effect 3 prong electronics $345.04. Part No. CS-302-P with polymer gear + Hall Effect 3 prong electronics $357.72. Camshaft Synchronizers for 351 Windsor For

MSD 8582 Ford V8 302 Distributor - MSD Performance Products

Video: Steel or Iron Distributor Gear?? - Foureyedpride

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  1. g cover or on a steel plate, instead of a floating two-gear idler. This makes installation a little more involved for a Milodon drive, but it also provides a number of benefits
  2. Buy a 1991 Ford F150 Ignition Distributor at discount prices. Choose top quality brands A1 Cardone, Accel, Edelbrock, Holley, MSD, Mallory, Replacement, SKP, Spectra.
  3. 1995 Ford F-150 XLT 8 Cyl 5.8L Electronic Distributor, With Cast Iron Gear; 1995 Ford F-150 Lightning 8 Cyl 5.8L Electronic Distributor, With Cast Iron Gear; 1995 Ford F-150 Eddie Bauer 8 Cyl 5.8L Electronic Distributor, With Cast Iron Gear; 1995 Ford F-150 Special 8 Cyl 5.8L Electronic Distributor, With Cast Iron Gear
  4. Standard equipment in every Boss 302, the base configuration contained a 3.50:1 final drive ratio, with an available 3.91 and 4.30:1 gear waiting to be checked off on the option sheet. Traction-Lok, Ford's official name for its limited-slip differential, was a viable option, which could have contained the same aforementioned final drive ratios
  5. Your F100 ignition distributor is vital to your Ford's performance, routing high-voltage power from the coil to your vehicle's spark plugs. When this component is no longer functioning as intended, your travels come to a halt in short order. Keep going strong on the road with a new HEI distributor for Ford F100 trucks, available today at your.
  6. Distributor works on Small Block Chevy 262-265-283-302-305-307-327-350-383-400. The listing also includes a set of RED High Performance 270 ohm Spiral Core Spark Plug wires that will work, in general, on all Small Block Chevys up to about mid/late 1980's using the HEI (male tower) distributor that is also included in this listing and routing.

MSD 85031 Distributor, Ford 289/302, E-Curve, Steel Gea

I'm getting ready to swap an older, non-roller 351W in place of a worn-out 351W roller engine in my '97 F250. I'm keeping the EFI (emissions around here). I know the newer roller motors use a steel distributor gear. I'm assuming that the steel gear won't work with the standard flat-tappet.. Additional features include a Detroit Locker rear differential, a Holley 780-cfm carburetor, MSD electronic distributor, MagnaFlow 2.5 exhaust, Scott Drake 17 Magnum-style wheels, front disc brakes, lowering springs, and a Philco push-button AM radio. This Boss 302 is now being offered with a clean Florida title in the seller's name Trail Gear; Bronco Talk . Parts Instructions; Videos; Blog; Bronco Build Up 86-13302 Coil Mount Stainless Steel for Early Ford Bronco $ 16.95. Add to cart. 86-13310 Pertronix Coil Bracket Zinc for Early Bronco 86-13400 Pertronix EFI Ignition Coil $ 43.99. Add to cart. 86-13410 Pertronix Tfi Module $ 43.99. Add to cart. 86-15101. What GM engines share the same distributor gear as the GMC 228, 248, 270, 302 series of motors? I have an HEI that is prepared for the GMC engine and I am running a steel cam. I see that my options are a steel gear or a bronze gear and I see a lot of aftermarket bronze gears with 13 tee

Distributors 302 HO vsMake 503HP With A $350 Junkyard 302 - Hot Rod NetworkChina Corten Steel Decorative Perforated Metal PanelAlternator Chrome Ford 289 302 351w mustang 3 wire 100 ampIgnition Housing Collar & Key 89-99 VW Jetta Golf MK2 MK3
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