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Arguably the most classic color for this flower type, pink peonies are frequently seen at weddings and in bridal bouquets as they represent happy marriage, good luck and prosperity. In addition to being a go-to for wedding flower arrangements, it's also the flower for twelfth anniversaries for all the happiness in love it symbolizes Sometimes called white peony or red peony, the color refers to the processed root and not the flower itself. Peony is used for autoimmune disorders, PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome, menstrual cramps, healing cracked skin, and other similar conditions For more fun peony facts have a little read of our 11 things you didn't know about peonies blog. We currently have a bunch of pretty peony bouquets available. But be quick as they won't be in season for long! . Take a look at our peony care guides, tips and inspiration to help your bouquet look its best and stay as fresh as possible

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The bright colors of peony have many layers and their meaning is complex. People also commonly choose to ink their skin with colorless peony tattoos. A black and grey peony tattoo can easily symbolize a happy life or a satisfying marriage. It can also represent overall prosperity as well as compassion towards a person or a cause Peonies come in various colors with pink being the most popular. Pink peonies are romantic and are seen in many cultures as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. A pink peony bouquet represents riches and honor which is perhaps why they have become the official 12 th wedding anniversary flower Peony flower rays with positive energy and this flower can be found in several different shapes and colors. Each color brings a certain characteristic and this flower is found most often in white, yellow, orange, purple and pink color. There are rare types of this color that are in more shades because it is mostly monochrome Different colors - different meanings Pink peonies are the most popular ones used in wedding floral bouquets. They symbolize the beauty of the marriage. Another pink peony flower meaning is love at first sight

The peony is significant both historically and mythologically, and thus is tied to many different meanings and symbols. Common peony meanings include romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, riches, honor, and compassion — but peonies can also mean bashfulness.. There are two common myths about the peony The peony known as Red Charm is an example of an herbaceous peony. They come in two main types: The lactiflora cultivars, which is the most common form of peonies and is commonly found in nurseries. This type of peony is native to China and produces side buds for a unique look Meaning of the Colors of the Peony Flower The peony flower can be of different colors. The meaning of each color varies slightly depending on the hue and shade. However, peony flowers have some colors that have very clear meanings, including

Peonies: The peony is the unofficial Chinese National Flower. It stands as a symbol of spring and female beauty and reproduction. It also represents richness, honor and high social class. It is a favored flower for the 12 th wedding anniversary. Peonies from Luoyang are considered the best in the country and are showcased in a festival held in. Peony colors vary dramatically. The traditional tints of Chinese or garden peonies (Paeonia lactiflora) include white, pink, rose and red. Tree peonies (Paeonia suffruticosa) and hybrid Itoh peonies expand the peony color palette to offer shades of coral, deep purple, mahogany and bright yellow. peony colors is pink

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They have compound, deeply lobed leaves and large, often fragrant flowers, in colors ranging from purple and pink to red, white or yellow, in late spring and early summer. The flowers have a short blooming season, usually only 7-10 days. Peonies are popular garden plants in temperate regions Share on Facebook Tweet this page. Paeonia, commonly known as Peony, is a genus of about 30 species of perennials and deciduous shrubs or subshrubs in the family Paeoniaceae, native to Asia, Southern Europe and North America. Peonies produce large, showy flowers in a variety of colors. They are famous for they exquisite and often fragrant flowers, which bloom in late spring and early summer The peonyis a beautiful flower that is known to be a traditionally well-respected bloom in early summer gardens. Derived from the Latin name, Paeonia, it thrives during the spring season in stunning colors of pink, cream, burgundy, white, red and peach A peony represents wealth and honor. They also embody romance and love, and are regarded as the omen of good fortune and happy marriage. It is also the state flower of Indiana, and the 12th wedding anniversary flower. 1 History 1.1 Greek mythology 1.2 Chinese symbolism 2 Superstitions The mythology around the peony has many versions. One legend tells that the peony is named after Paeon, a.

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  1. Meaning & Symbolism of Peonies Shop for Peonies With a recorded history that dates back thousands of years, it's not surprising that even the mythology surrounding the origin of the peony has multiple versions
  2. Color: Peonies come sin many different colors. Some are in solid state while some can be a combination of colors. The most common however are pink, white and red. Other colors are purple, green, orange and there are even those that have multiple colors in a bloom
  3. Peonies meaning also encompasses concepts like honor and high value. During the Sui Dynasty (581-618 AD), peony flowers earned places of distinction in the Imperial Palace and were actually incorporated into the royal thrones, underscoring the peony meaning of nobility. Peony meaning also included peace and optimism
  4. Peony colors vary dramatically. The traditional tints of Chinese or garden peonies (Paeonia lactiflora) include white, pink, rose and red. Tree peonies (Paeonia suffruticosa) and hybrid Itoh peonies expand the peony color palette to offer shades of coral, deep purple, mahogany and bright yellow. What color is a peony flower most associated with
  5. Peonies feature heavily in Japanese tattoo design because the flower is of great significance to the culture. Traditionally these tattoos are black and red. Black can be a symbol of mourning in Japan, and also symbolizes enlightenment and formality. Red is the color of strong emotions, prosperity, and protection from evil spirits

About Peony Shop Holland. Our peony nursery is specialized in growing and multiplying exclusive, high quality peony roots and flowers. Peonyshop.com is a family-owned business run by Jeremy and Joshua (brothers). We propagate our peonies the traditional way and don't use Meristem culture. The peony flowers are mainly sold in the Netherlands Claimed by many as one of the most beautiful peony cultivars is an herbaceous peony named Bowl of Beauty. This peony displays large anemone flowers that grow up to 8 inches in width. The outer petals are rose-pink in color, surrounding a dense cluster of light yellow petaloids at the center. 'Bowl of Beauty' peonies are fragrant The meaning of the peony tattoo starts with wealth, prosperity, wealth, elegance, and beauty. Although traditional peony tattoos are often colored red, the flower and designs can be styled in a range of wild colors, including white, blue, pink, purple, and yellow

The 4 Most Popular Peony Colors & Their Meanings. 1. White Peonies Are Best for: Saying I'm Sorry. If you need to apologize, grab a few white peonies when you do so. White peonies are not only a. Asian-style peonies, among non-asian style peonies, are beautiful art pieces and have a long history in Eastern culture. They've become a high-interest tattoo style and subject for me, so here w Peony tattoos can be designed in nearly any color and still achieve a natural appearance since there are over thirty varieties of the plant. A lot of people will choose their peony tattoo colors based on what those colors represent rather than just focusing on the look of the flower itself Exhibit a Vast Array of Color Combinations, and Vibrant, Lush Foliage in Your Garden. Welcome a Touch of Tradition to Your Garden by Shopping Peonies at Spring Hill Nurser These popular plantings flower in a rainbow of hues—every color, that is, but blue. Peonies come in several forms, including herbaceous peonies, tree peonies, and Itoh peonies (which are intersectional hybrids), among others

You will find that these flowers range in color from white, red, yellow, and purples, and they will bloom in the late spring and in the early summer. These are great flowers, they look outstanding, and they smell even better. Uses for the Peony Flower With the peony, there are all kinds of great uses for it Like other species, it blooms in dozens of colors from many hues of white and pink to yellow and blends of pink and orange. Three of the most common general peony tattoo meanings that people like to use are honor, wealth, and romance Known in China since at least the 9th century BC, and beloved of Chinese artists and poets, the tree peony (牡丹 mudan) was considered 'the king of flowers' and associated with the imperial family, who as early as the Tang dynasty (618-907) grew it in the palace gardens.It is known as the flower of 'wealth and honour', and was traditionally a token of love and exchanged as a farewell. Silver Peony paint color SW 6547 by Sherwin-Williams. View interior and exterior paint colors and color palettes. Get design inspiration for painting projects There is something incredibly sensual and healing about this unique flower, from its delicious scent to its luscious form and the endless variety of pink and white colors. Peonies have a very sincere and open energy to them, an unabashed purity and soft joy that is very healing

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Hybrid plants that blend the perennial habit of herbaceous peonies with the sturdiness, giant flowers, and color range of tree peonies Herbaceous in nature, dying back to the ground when winter comes Attractive foliage through summer and into fall Good at the front of the border because they are. Color: Diamond; Flower: Bouquet of flowers; Gem: Diamond; 80th Wedding Anniversary. 80 years are celebrated with oak; Meaning: Wisdom and strength come with eighty years of marriage. Anniversary Colors. The colors come from the colors of the traditional gifts and to make it easier to see we have put them together in their very own color wheel Orange Meaning and Symbolism ***NOTE*** Click to read the in-depth article What Does The Color Orange Mean. or read the short version below.. The overall vote on the meaning and symbolism of the color orange seems to be split (10) Tree peonies , magnolias, pagoda dogwood and flowering crab trees accompany roses planted by color in an informal style. (11) Their favourite was the rose, followed by hellebores, peonies , clematis, magnolias, lilies, euphorbias, primulas, snowdrops, geraniums. Meaning and definitions of peony, translation in Punjabi language for. Its name in Chinese means 'baby peach '. A color of a woman's lips are often likened to a cherry and in general is associated with the beauty of youth. It is considered one of the flowers in the garden of the Queen Mother of the West and from that longevity

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Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images In contrast to herbaceous peonies, which die back to the ground in the winter, tree peonies maintain their woody stems throughout the seasons, providing structure and texture in cold months. The rich magenta purple of the Cardinal Vaughan is a standout in the early spring garden, and plants will mature to an impressive 7 feet over an eight-year period Peonies are long-lived perennials for growing zones 2-8 that offer big, fluffy, fragrant flowers. Learn how to grow peonies with planting and care tips from the pros. Compare herbaceous, tree and intersectional peony plants and see pictures of recommended peonies to grow in your garden Light meaning. Light purple lilacs symbolize the loss of a great love making it Light meaning. Light purple lilacs symbolize the loss of a great love making it the perfect flower for a funeral arrangement or sympathy bouquet for someone you loved deeply Peonies (Paeonia spp.) are highly anticipated spring-blooming showstoppers. Prized by gardeners for their lush foliage and huge, showy pink, red, purple, white or yellow flowers, peonies thrive in.. Generally, white is symbolic of purity and innocence. Red represents passion and love. Pink also symbolizes love as well as happiness, beauty and friendship. Yellow is associated with purity, truth and intellect whereas orange is symbolic of warmth, creativity and growth

Most types of peony flowers are some of the showiest blooms you will find. Peonies come in a range of color shades from dark purples and reds to light pinks, yellows, and whites. The flowers from these perennial plants are also some of the most beautiful cut flowers to brighten up your home This peony variety looks like a frosty scoop of raspberry sherbet floating in a mug of peach soda. Luscious pink double flowers with cream tones really do look like their namesake; play up their ice cream colors by surrounding them with companions such as Nemesia caerulea 'Compact Innocence' (white flowers) or 'Compact Pink'.. Raspberry Sundae' blooms in midspring and grows to 2 1/2. Peonies bloom in a wide range of forms, from simple, elegant singles to massive doubles with more than 300 petals. In China, where the peony has been cultivated for over 2000 years, growers have developed a rather complex system for classifying tree and herbaceous peony blossom shapes. Peony culture has a much shorte

Peonies are one of the few flowers of unhappy omen, as they signify anxiety. However, the meaning is somewhat modified by their color. See also Colors and Flowers. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbet Define peony. peony synonyms, peony pronunciation, peony translation, English dictionary definition of peony. Fan waited on Polly cook, who hovered over the kettle of boiling molasses till her face was the color of a peony. Now, put in the nuts, she said at last; and Tom emptied his plate into the foamy syrup, while the others watched. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Peony but also gives extensive definition in English language. The definition of Peony is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Peony Coral Sunset is a semi-double flowered peony with large flowers that can grow up to 20 cm. Similar to Coral Charm this peony transforms from orange to salmon, to cream to white. The strong and green leaves are smoother than from its sibling Coral Charm. Finally the flowers are odourless Peonies (Paeonia spp.) are spring-blooming perennials that have existed in human folklore for thousands of years. In China, where the peony is the national flower, peonies symbolize riches, honor and high social status. In the West, the peony symbolizes boldness, and is the state flower of Indiana. The flower is also.

Also, peony tattoos are often combined with Japanese lions, where the animal has the meaning of protection, and the flower has the meaning of peace. Peony flower tattoo can have different designs and ideas, it can be simple, traditional, realistic, geometric, Japanese, Chinese, minimalist, watercolor, delicate, tiny and small or big Pink color is a symbol of uniqueness, romance, and femininity as this color is mostly popular among women's sex. This color brings a lot of relaxation and peace and through it people manage to express their positive and calm character. This color is mostly adored by women and because of this flowers in this color are most popular among women

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Peony: One of the most sensual flowers with a delicious scent, the peony has long been used in feng shui as a cure for love and romance.This especially applies to a couple of pink peonies. The peony is often considered a metaphor for female beauty. In fact, some feng shui masters do not recommend having the image of a flowering peony in an older couple's bedroom in order to prevent affairs. The Itoh peony is a hybrid between the tree and herbaceous peonies. This makes for a wide variety of bloom with a greater range of colors. Besides the range, they are rather sturdy. Their flowers hold a lot longer than herbaceous peonies. And they feature colors such as orange and yellow, as well as multicolored flowers. Tree Peonie Color plays a substantial role in a flower's meaning. Everyone's favorite wedding flower, the rose, has different meanings depending on the hue.While a red rose symbolizes passion, a white rose. An unusual peony bred in the 1950s, 'Prairie Moon' bears semi-double, soft ivory-yellow flowers. Name: Paeonia 'Prairie Moon' Bloom Time: Midseason. Growing Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil. Size: To 38 inches tall. Zones: 3-7. Native to North America: No. Why We Love It: The color is beautiful and it has a wonderful soft scent

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Your peony tattoo will ave the most impact when it reflects your personality or holds a strong meaning. A symbol of beauty and grace, the peony is a cultural icon that will really stand out. Below, we have compiled the ultimate list of peony tattoo designs, from intricate and delicate to bold and brash Peony Color choice. Peonies are available in different colors. You can choose to have peonies in the color of your choice, and you can also have a peony tattoo in the color of your favorite flower. In general, the color of the peonies is the same as the flowers that you like. But in some specific cases, the color of peonies may be different (10) Tree peonies , magnolias, pagoda dogwood and flowering crab trees accompany roses planted by color in an informal style. (11) Their favourite was the rose, followed by hellebores, peonies , clematis, magnolias, lilies, euphorbias, primulas, snowdrops, geraniums. Meaning and definitions of peony, translation in Burmese language for. Jun 29, 2020 - 10$ : Cheap and Best CategoryranunculusLimited Stock Available.Raised Garden and garden boxe Common peony meanings include romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, riches, honor, and compassion — but peonies can also mean bashfulness. There are two common myths about the peony. In one, the peony is believed to be named after Paeon, the Greek physician of the gods

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'Other favorite flowers are pussy willow, azalea, peony and water lily or narcissus.' 'Plants like peonies, poppies, and irises should also be planted in the fall season.' 'Bamboo is considered to enjoy a high status among all plants, although the peony is the national flower. Book Symbolism. Wayson Choy's 1995 novel, The Jade Peony, explores Vancouver's Chinatown of the late 1930s and 1940s from the perspective of three Chinese immigrant siblings. The title refers to their grandmother's jade amulet, her treasured possession, bequeathed as a symbolic reminder of their Chinese heritage and cultural roots

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Peony is a tattooed tattoo enthusiast who loves studying and discussing tattoo history and meanings. Japanese themes are her favorite. Japanese Mask Tattoo. Hannya Tattoo Colors and Their Meanings. You might have seen the Japanese Hannya mask in different colors. Color Intensity BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming.With thousands of award-winning articles and community groups, you can track your pregnancy and baby's growth, get answers to your toughest questions, and connect with. In Japan, peonies are recognized as symbols of honor, bravery, and good fortune (particularly red peonies). Due to the Greek myth about Paeonia, the Victorians associated the peony with bashfulness and beauty. Color Symbolism of Peonies. More specific symbolism and meaning are tied to the color of the peony Different colors have different meanings. Autumn peony is light love, which symbolizes life. Red peony is rich and complete. Purple peony is embarrassed In an inspiring example of beauty going more than skin deep, the white peony (root of the legendary peony plant) is taking the medical world by storm with its gentle, purifying properties. This herbal remedy has shown remarkable results in people suffering with a variety of chronic, debilitating conditions

7 ways to be graceful Listen to the meaning peony says. 1. Like a peony - Standing straight with your limbs stretched 2. Like a peony - A flower much loved by the most beautiful and talented woman 3. Wear the scent of peony - Emanate bashfulness and modesty 4. Purity - Listen to another legend around peony 5 Striking cardinal red bomb type peony will expand to a very large fragrant flower, especially when opened indoors or sheltered from wind currents. Has attracted much attention at the national exhibitions, was Grand Champion in 1998. The flower color and size dominates; buds massive, flowers may grow to nine inches diameter in the vase. Medium [

Show English Meaning (+) Noun (1) any of numerous plants widely cultivated for their showy single or double red or pink or white flowers. Show Examples (+) (1) Bamboo is considered to enjoy a high status among all plants, although the peony is the national flower. (2) Other favorite flowers are pussy willow, azalea, peony and water lily or. The colour of the blossoms on two of my peonies have changed from light pink to a dark purple/pink (pardon my maleness here; there is probably a name for the colour but I don't know it). The peonies came with the house when I purchased it so I don't know the variety (10) Tree peonies , magnolias, pagoda dogwood and flowering crab trees accompany roses planted by color in an informal style. (11) Their favourite was the rose, followed by hellebores, peonies , clematis, magnolias, lilies, euphorbias, primulas, snowdrops, geraniums. Meaning and definitions of peony, translation in Burmese language for.

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Colors look about right but I have trouble telling red tones apart. I do have fairly expensive pH testing equipment. Guess I should actually use it. I keep I even bought special water (can't remember what it is called) so it won't interfere with the reading. I also mean to send samples to the cooperative extension to test for minerals and such Symbolic meaning of colors in Chinese art. Generally the color blue has a negative connotation in China. Opera characters with blue make-up are usually ghosts or bad characters. Blue eyes, considered beautiful in the West, are very rare amongst Han Chinese.The wearing of blue flowers or ribbons in the hair is considered unlucky and many tombs were painted blue The root and, less commonly, the flower and seed are used to make medicine. Peony is sometimes called red peony and white peony. This does not refer to the color of the flowers, which are pink, red, purple, or white, but to the color of the processed root. Peony is used for gout, osteoarthritis, fever, respiratory tract illnesses, and cough

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This Peony produces large double flowers in one of the most unique colors. This is our favorite of the orange Peonies because the flowers it produces are breathtaking. Also, this flower is extremely resilient to harsh weather conditions, much like the Big Ben red Peonies That is the peony flower. Such is the apex stature of the flowering plant for it's beauty that it is widely considered as the Queen of all flowers in China. It's even a plant that represents the third month of the lunar calendar. Being a species with a variety of colors, it signifies youth, romance and even lust Peony tattoo is a perfect choice for the people who enjoy flowers and other plants. Peonies have a long history, and they appear in many cultures around the world. So, apart from looking beautiful, peony also has many meanings. If you're looking for a peony tattoo - take a look at these fantastic ideas Peony Feng Shui Symbol of Love In the Chinese society, there are many cures that is widely believed to enhance your peach blossom luck. The most common and popular ones are the mandarin ducks, rose quartz crystal, Dragon and Phoenix in a pair and many more. But if you are a flower lover, you can consider bring the nature indoor

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Peonies have attractive green foliage that reaches up to three inches in height. The peony flower is very beautiful and fragrant. It is usually pink, red or white in color but there is also such a thing as a yellow peony (i.e. the itoh peonies) too. Regardless of their color, peonies bloom in either late spring or early summer Anemone Symbolism & Colors Anemone flowers are available in many colors with each symbolizing a different meaning. White anemone flowers symbolize sincerity due to their delicate appearance. Red and pink anemone flowers symbolize death or forsaken love Due to its rarity, it is unlikely that home gardeners will get their hands on this unusual plant. Qiui's peony is one of the few species of woody peony, meaning it is a shrub that doesn't die back to the roots each year. Qiui's Peony Bloom Type . Lotus bloom. Qiui's Peony Flower Color Peony Peonies are the flower of spring, also known as the queen of flowers. The flowers symbolize fame and wealth. Red peonies are the most desired and valuable, while white peonies symbolize young, witty, beautiful girls

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Loved for its beauty, the peony is the national flower of China. Sometimes referred to as the King of Flowers or Flower of Riches and Honors, this flower has been highly appreciated throughout history for its large petals, beautiful shapes, bright colors and strong fragrance. Peonies in Chinese Traditional Paintin Some of the early Itoh cultivars are 'Yellow Crown', 'Yellow Dream', 'Yellow Emperor' and 'Yellow Heaven'. Cultivated hybrid tree peonies originate from China and its surrounding areas, possessing significant cultural meaning throughout Chinese history. Currently there are about 600 Chinese tree peony cultivars The color Ralph Lauren NA42 Peony you are looking for is in our library. We are able to make paint and verify that it matches the original. Please note that if you are trying to touch up, the paint on your wall now is likely different than it was when first painted. It doesn't mean it is the same or give any approximation about how close. Gender of Peony. Girl. Analysis of Peony. Users of this name Witty , High ability of Persuasion , Gentle , Happy , Protective. Peony Statistics. Color of Peony name: Pink Number of letters of Peony: The principal part of this organ is the ovary of the peony flower, a capsule protecting the ova, (eggs) leading to a pod bulging with seeds when ova are successfully fertilized. In peony flowers, carpels normally occur in clusters, but remain separate, not united (each is pollinated separately). Peonies may have 1 to 4 or more carpels


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Tiny red to purple spots appear near the veins of the peony leaves. The underside of each spot is reddish-brown in color. If left untreated, the spots will grow and collide, causing entire leaves.. Just look at that color. Right? I mean, how many jellies can you think of that come in this incredible shade of pink? The bright pink peony flower is gorgeous, it's so fragrant and one of my favorites. But the sad thing about a peony, is how incredibly short their life is in my yard and garden. A week or a little more The Backstory of the Peony. Two Greek myths describe the meaning of the peony. They are as different as night and day, but both stories are entertaining, nonetheless. Both tales indicate that the peony received its name from Greek mythology. In the first story, Paeon was the physician to the gods Symbolic Meaning of Peony Tattoos As a tattoo design, the peony symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. The peony is a potent symbol of beauty, of the fragility and fleeting nature of existence and the knowledge that acquiring great rewards comes only by taking great risks Due to its beauty and vibrant colors, the peony flower is considered as a symbol of happiness, good fortune and prosperity in the Chinese culture. In Europe, during medieval times, peony became popular enough to be integrated as a part of Christian symbolism, representing wealth, feminine beauty, and healing power

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Peony has many meanings both historically and mythologically. It is associated with many different meanings and symbols. Common meanings of peonies include romance, prosperity, happiness, a happy marriage, wealth, honor and compassion - but peonies can also mean shyness. All this because they are very diverse in terms of size, color and smell Peony flowers are large, showy and often fragrant, occuring in a glorious spectrum of colors including purple, red, white and yellow. They bloom in late spring or early in summer, delighting all that behold with their wondrous floral display. Peony plants relish slightly acidic soils (pH 6.5 to 7.0) with good drainage PEONY Name Meaning and History. What Does PEONY Mean and History? From the English word for the type of flower. It was originally believed to have healing qualities, so it was named after the Greek medical god Pæon Peony Character Analysis of Meaning Here is the characteristics of Peony in details. Misunderstandings could exist in your personal life because of this emotional power which you have difficulty controlling and also because of a difficulty in accepting a responsibility and seeing it through Among the first Peonies to bloom, award-winner Peony 'Coral Charm' is exceptionally beautiful! The large, semi-double blossoms open from deep coral buds into bowl-shaped blooms, with elegantly incurved petals of glowing coral-peach, before gradually fading to pale ivory. They are borne in profusion on strong stems and are a real standout in the garden. Reliable and vigorous, this Peony grows.

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Peony (author) on November 09, 2019: @ Firesnake - I'm so glad my article helped you make that decision, happy inking! Firesnake on November 06, 2019: Was stuck with what color to get from my snake tattoo, thanks for the super helpful color association list!! And now I know I'm a fire snake, very nice Dictionary entry overview: What does peony mean? • PEONY (noun) The noun PEONY has 1 sense:. 1. any of numerous plants widely cultivated for their showy single or double red or pink or white flowers Familiarity information: PEONY used as a noun is very rare Though it looks delicate, the peony in full bloom is prized for its sturdy foliage and low maintenance care. Read More. Categories: Blog, Types of Flowers. Tags: flower meanings, history of peony flower, luxury nyc wedding florist, peonies, peony meaning Justly one of the most popular wedding flowers, the peony is a symbol of good fortune, a happy marriage, and everlasting prosperity. Perhaps their happiness is why the flower comes in every color.

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