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This was the first joint rural development programme in Oxfam history and the first step to a new 'operational' Oxfam. Oxfam India was established on 1 September 2008 under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 as a non-profitable organization with its head office in Delhi and is now a member of Oxfam International Confederation Oxfam International was formed in 1995 by a group of independent non-governmental organizations. They joined together as a confederation to maximize efficiency and achieve greater impact to reduce global poverty and injustice. The name Oxfam comes from the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief, founded in Britain in 1942 Oxfam is a global organization working to end the injustice of poverty. We help people build better futures for themselves, hold the powerful accountable, and save lives in disasters. Our mission is to tackle the root causes of poverty and create lasting solutions Oxfam India, based on the need on the ground, will allocate resources to areas that need funds the most. Data Security: Oxfam India is committed to protecting your privacy. Any information you supply us with will be held by Oxfam India and used to communicate with you about Oxfam India's work.

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  1. The first responder to the Bill was Amitabh Behar, CEO of Oxfam India, one of the more dangerous NGOs that wreaked havoc during the UPA era. Oxfam's website provides a brief CV Amitabh Behar as follows
  2. India: extreme inequality in numbers Chhatiya is a young mother who lives in an urban slum in Patna in northeast India. With her husband they were forced into debt to pay private healthcare fees for their new-born son when the public clinic was unable to provide the care he needed
  3. Since the first outbreak of COVID-19 last year, Oxfam India has been working to provide food, PPE, safety kits, cash assistance and livelihoods training across 15 states (Assam, Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Kerala, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Telangana)
  4. India introduced one of the earliest and most stringent lockdowns in the face of the pandemic; the enforcement of the lockdown brought the economy to a standstill triggering unemployment, hunger, distress migration and untold hardship in its wake

Leslie Kirkley becomes General Secretary, and so begins his 24-year tenure at Oxfam, during which he transforms the organisation from a local charity into a world-renowned aid agency. His efforts later earn him a CBE and a knighthood. 1951 Famine hits Bihar, India Oxfam believes that this sharp rise in inequality in India - and in many countries around the world - is damaging, and that countries need to make an effort to curb it. Rising inequality will lead to slower poverty reduction, undermine the sustainability of economic growth, compound the inequalities between men and women, and drive. Oxfam India Oxfam is providing hygiene kits and assistance for migrants and others India is experiencing a deadly wave of coronavirus deaths, and hospitals are unable to meet the demand for treatment. People desperate for medical care are struggling to pay for oxygen and medication, according to news accounts What is Oxfam India? Oxfam India works towards putting an end to poverty and injustice. For over 50 years, Oxfam has been actively partnering communities and like-minded organizations to bring in a global movement of change. Oxfam India is India's representation with Oxfam International, which works in over 110 countries on issues related to peopl

India still has the maximum number of the poorest people on the planet but, and this is a critical bit that organisations like Oxfam always ignore, those numbers have been going down steadily, and. Many events occurred during the pandemic, including the loss of jobs, controversial bills being passed and consequent protests. The Oxfam Inequality Report 2020 released recently reveals that the Indian poor were globally the most distressed says NITYA CHAKRABORTY It is to be noted that the CEO of Oxfam India, Amitabh Behar, wrote a fawning article on the Congress party. In the article, Behar offers numerous sermons to the Congress party and eulogizes its idea of India. Furthermore, a Board Member of Oxfam India was involved in the drafting of the deeply dangerous and anti-Hindu Communal Violence Bill Millions of people in India face discrimination on the basis of their gender, caste, class, and religion. Oxfam India is a movement of people working to end. Oxfam India is a movement of people working to create a just and an equal India. We work to ensure that Adivasis, Dalits, Muslims, and women and girls have safe-violence free lives with freedom to.

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  1. As India grapples with a deadly second wave of coronavirus, Oxfam teams are on the ground saving lives with vital medical supplies and food rations. At the time of publication, more than 3 million active cases of COVID-19 are reported across India , and the rate of new infections is soaring
  2. Oxfam is a direct partner of the British Government, which paid it 20 million Pounds (GBP) in grants between 2002-2005. Oxfam's labyrinthine web of global connections can be traced to the notorious Unitarian Universalist Holdeen India Program (UUHIP) operating from Boston, Massachusetts
  3. e Relief, privately funded international organization that provides relief and development aid to impoverished or disaster-stricken communities worldwide. The original Oxfam was founded at Oxford, England, in 1942 to raise funds for the feeding of hungry children in war-torn Greece..
  4. Oxfam staff have installed pumps, toilets and showers and distributed food and solar-powered lamps to the camp's residents. There are thousands of Rohingya refugees living in Kutupalong camp. Many of these are living under inadequate shelter and have limited access to clean water and latrines
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Amitabh Behar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Oxfam India, recently wrote a fawning article on the Congress party. In the article, Behar offers numerous sermons to the Congress party and eulogizes its idea of India.. It's extremely troubling as Oxfam is an international organization with interests that do not appear to align with the national interests of our country This would be the first joint rural development programme in Oxfam history and the first step to a new 'operational' Oxfam. Oxfam India was established on 1 September 2008 under section 25 of the Companies Act, 2005 as a non profitable organization with its head office in Delhi and is now a member of Oxfam International Confederation Oxfam America is rated 3 out of 4 stars by Charity Navigator. Oxfam America receives 82.27 out of 100 for their Charity Navigator rating. Oxfam America is a Development and Relief Services charity located in Boston, MA. The organization is run by Maxman Abby and has an annual revenue of $89,261,693

You Have the Power to Change Lives. Help Families Worldwide Defeat Poverty. Your Tax-Deductible Donation Matche History. Oxfam India. Oxfam's involvement in India began when money was granted in 1951 to fight famine in Bihar. Bihar at the time was one of the poorest and most populated states in India. Mission. Oxfam India believes in the 'Right to Life with Dignity for All'. This is fulfilled by engaging empowered citizens to become active and. The British economist Angus Maddison's famous graph which shows that for most of human history everyone was, in fact, poor. That has changed dramatically. But god forbid Oxfam lets anyone. The organisation, supposedly focused on poverty, has contrived to overlook the greatest reduction in mass poverty in human history, namely that which has occurred in India and China in the last thirty years, and therefore to reflect upon how it was brought about Oxfam India Policy Brief No. 10, March 2014 Why India Needs the Women's Reservation Bill Women are just 11 per cent of all members in the two chambers of Parliament,1 and their representation in state-level assemblies is no different. The imbalance is starker across political parties, where women members are hardl

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  1. Recently Oxfam International has released a report titled The Inequality Virus. The report highlighted the increasing inequalities in India during the time of Covid pandemic. The report found out the existing inequalities in the world have increased to new heights
  2. g weeks, Oxfam India aims to broaden its response to include 6 more states — Assam, Jharkhand, Telangana, Karnataka, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. 40,000 people have been provided dry ration, which would help them survive for a month, in states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Odisha, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal
  3. dia.org) Intermón Oxfam (www.intermonoxfam.org) Oxfam Ireland (www.oxfamireland.org) Oxfam Mexico (www.oxfammexico.org) Oxfam New Zealand (www.oxfam.org.nz) Oxfam Novib (www.oxfamnovib.nl) Oxfam Quebec (www.oxfam.qc.ca) The following organizations are currently observer members of Oxfam, working towards full affiliation.
  4. ism in India won the Social Media For Empowerment Award 2019 (#SM4E2019) on 2nd August under the Communication, Advocacy & Development Activism category by Digital Empowerment Foundation for two of our campaigns - #UnstereotypeCinema in which we spoke about gender stereotypes in cinema.. #UnstereotypeCinema was a campaign by FII and Oxfam India.

According to Oxfam, India's top 1% of the population now holds 73% of the wealth, while 670 million citizens, comprising the country's poorest half, saw their wealth fall by just 60%. Definition of poverty. A comparative map of poverty in India and other countries in 2012, at national poverty line, according to the World Bank.. Tri Radhakrishnan is a development professional, currently working with Oxfam India's programme on private sector engagement. He has extensive experience and expertise in areas of justice, accountability and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Oxfam India conducted a panel discussion on the global inequality report 2021 titled 'The Inequality virus' which was released on the opening of Davos World Economic Forum on January 25, 2021 in Raipur. The Covid-19 pandemic posed a serious threat to public health last year; however, the inequality arises due to pandemic Later in 1968, Jim Howard, the first field director in India, initiated a joint rural development programme named as, Oxfam Gramdan Action Programme. It was a first of its kind in Oxfam history and a new initiative towards an operational Oxfam. In 2008, Oxfam India was established as a non-profit organization under the companies Act, 2005 Oxfam views the private sector as a crooked villain and the government as the saviour. But India's economic history points in the opposite direction. Economic liberalisation since 1991 has been a story of private sector success and continuing government failure to provide decent public goods — basic education, health, police, courts.

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  1. Forget the technicalities and see Oxfam's India Equality report, 2018. This says inequality fell sharply in the socialist era between 1950 and 1980, but later widened, especially after the 1991 economic reforms
  2. e Relief by a group of Quakers, social activists, and Oxford academics; this is now Oxfam Great Britain, still based in Oxford
  3. Oxfam Australia is supporting Oxfam India during the period 2016-2019 to monitor corporate social responsibility of the top 100 companies in India and to influence the private sector to adopt responsible and inclusive policies and practices to end inequality
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  5. New Delhi: The top 100 billionaires in India earned Rs 12.98 lakh crore in the 10 months starting March 2020, when the Covid-19 lockdown first kicked in, while around 92 million people lost their jobs in the informal sector in the first two months, international NGO network Oxfam has said in a report
  6. Pia Sen Programme Coordinator - Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning & MIS at Oxfam India New Delhi, Delhi, India 263 connection

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OXFAM has been working in India since 1951 on both long-term development and humanitarian issues. Between 2008 to 2016, OXFAM India has delivered 25 humanitarian responses across the country. A report by non-profit group Oxfam on Monday revealed that the wealth of India's 100 billionaires including Mukesh Ambani, Gautam Adani, soared during the coronavirus pandemic, while millions of. Oxfam is an international confederation of 20 affiliates operating together in 94 countries with development programs in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, across Asia and in parts of Eastern Europe. We are working together to end world poverty and injustice. Click HERE to see our work worldwide An important report prepared by Oxfam titled 'The Inequality Vitus' ( as also its India supplement), released on January 25, has made a strong case for the economic recovery path to be led by. History. Oxfam Australia can be traced back to the work of Father Gerard Kennedy Tucker in the 1950s, who was concerned about poverty in Asia following the Second World War.The first local group was established in Hawthorn, a suburb of Melbourne, in 1953, as the Food for Peace Campaign.Local groups were established in Perth and Sydney, and in 1962 the name was changed to Community Aid Abroad.

Oxfam is a world-wide development organisation that mobilises the power of people against poverty. Our Mission Is To Work Together To End Poverty & Injustice On A Global Scale. Donate or Take Action Today & Help Those In Need All Across The World The Oxfam has recently published its report titled The Inequality Virus. In its report, the Oxfam finds that the COVID-19 pandemic has deepen the existing inequalities in India and across the world View: Oxfam is wrong. Inequality plus growth is better 27 Jan, 2019, 10.54 AM IST. India's history shows that equality without growth can be worse than growth with inequality. Rapid growth has been a better antidote to poverty than soaking the rich I hosted a small lunch session to discuss India's new, historic Food Security Law that has been enacted this month. The potential it holds for helping 800 million poor Indians achieve food security excites me. Building on existing programs, it's probably the biggest and most ambitious food security measure in human history. It's a big deal The latest India supplement of the Oxfam report 'The Inequality Virus' said it would take an unskilled worker 10,000 years to make what businessman Mukesh Ambani made in an hour during the.

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Oxfam's the top X people have the same wealth as the bottom half claim has received plenty of scrutiny in the past from folks like Forstater and but economic growth in India, China. India Covid-19 Appeal. People desperate for medical care are struggling to pay for oxygen and medication. You can help. Donate now Oxfam is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 202918) and Scotland (SC039042). Oxfam GB is a member of the international confederation Oxfam History. The event was established in 1981 by Brigadier Mervyn Lee in Hong Kong as a training exercise by the Queen's Gurkha Signals, part of the Brigade of Gurkhas of the British Army, which was at the time based in the British colony. In 1986, teams of civilians were allowed to take part and Oxfam Hong Kong was invited to co-organise the event.. In 1997, with the handover of Hong Kong to.

With Covid-19 cases soaring in India, acclaimed author and activist Arundhati Roy wrote Wednesday that her country is witnessing an outright crime against humanity as outside observers fear the crisis could hamper global efforts to rein in the pandemic.. As of Thursday, India now has the second highest number of total cases in the world—over 18 million—since the pandemic began, but a. Amitabh Behar is the CEO of Oxfam India, and former executive director of the National Foundation for India.. Quotes []. The economy has collapsed due to this unprecedented challenge of Covid-19.The worst sufferers are the informal sector workers, daily wagers and the poor.We need a complete reboot of our economy and we must ensure that at least now we use this as an opportunity and build an. All that you wanted to know about Oxfam India Trailwalker 2016-17 the trail, the training, the Support Crew and more. Download the Event Handbook for more information and how to gear up for the.

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Our History. Oxfam is an international confederation of 20 organisations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries, as part of a global movement for change, to build a future free from the injustice of poverty. The name Oxfam comes from the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief, founded in Britain in 1942 Organisations, including the Indian Red Cross, ActionAid, Oxfam India and Save the Children, will help support the country's health system by providing PPE, disinfection kits, medical supplies. Date/Time Thumbnail Dimensions User Comment; current: 13:50, 24 August 2017 (1.67 MB) Filip nohe: Former observer members Brazil, South Africa, and Denmark have become full members Oxfam is marking its 60th year in India this year. In this historic year for the Oxfam family, Oxfam India was inducted as a fully independent, Indian organisation (with Indian staff and an Indian Board) into the Oxfam International Confederation. With this, Oxfam India has become the newest and 15th member of this Confederation The Equidev journey began when our founding organisation Oxfam GB started its programmes and campaigns in Tajikistan in 2001. In the course of its two decades of operations, Oxfam GB built its leadership and reputation in designing and implementing programmes and influencing policies in sectors such as WASH, climate resilient agriculture, enterprise development, health and nutrition and gender.

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India's performance under Oxfam Inequality Index . The 2020 index placed India at rank 151 in terms of workers' rights and 129 overall out of 158 countries. It put India at rank 141 out of 158 countries in public services and ranks 19 in terms of progressive tax The History of Oppression Dalit: The Word, the Sentiment, and a 200-year-old History. Read more. Why technology alone won't solve India's manual scavenging problem The reason this is that it so rarely speaks its name. It is caste. Read more. Deprived of Basic Healthcare Untouchability was outlawed in 1950, but discrimination and. Officer-Public Engagement at Oxfam India Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India 269 connections. Join to Connect Oxfam India. Experienced Marketing professional with 8+ years of demonstrated working history in reputed organization. Skilled in corporate sales, sponsorship, customer acquisition & retention, B2B Marketing, volunteer management. Oxfam India's survey across five States said that close to 40 % of teachers in government schools feared that the prolonged school closure might lead to a third of the students not returning. Oxfam International was formed in 1995 by a group of independent non-governmental organizations. The Oxfam International Secretariat is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Apart from that, they are also having offices in 7 other locations. The Oxfam International aims to maximize efficiency and achieve greater impact to reduce global poverty and injustic

In the 1960s Oxfam helped the victims of famine and civil war in Nigeria as well as the Congo and India. By that time it used its shortened telegraph address, Oxfam, as the organizational name. Oxfam shifted focus in the 1960s and 1970s toward longer-term development in cooperation with local communities The name Oxfam comes from the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief, founded in Britain in 1942 and registered in accordance with UK law in 1943. Oxfam International was formed in 1995 by a group of independent non-governmental organizations. Their aim was to work together for greater impact on the international stage to reduce poverty and injustice Browse 9,253 oxfam stock photos and images available or search for charity shop or medecins sans frontieres to find more great stock photos and pictures. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by colour famil A dangerous development: Oxfam India CEO invites Congress to form an 'alliance' with civil society K Bhattacharjee - 27 July, 2019 The CEO of Oxfam also argues that the Congress party should work closely with civil society

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In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested user DR Congo and Tanzania have had a much longer history in mining. However, the extractive industries often represent a double-edged sword. These resources when optimally exploited can result in huge tax and revenue benefits, multiplier economic effects and can have the transformative potential to address deep-seated poverty and inequality Blue Peter launches an Oxfam-linked appeal, hoping to raise £100,000. Within three months, an incredible £3 million has been donated, and buys rice, seeds, tools, pumps and fertilisers. May 12, 198

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India is no stranger to income inequality, but the gap is widening further. Last year's survey had showed that India's richest 1% held 58% of the country's total wealth, which was higher than the. India's 100 billionaires have seen their fortunes increase by Rs 12.98 lakh crore since March 2020, enough to give every one of the 138 million poorest Indian people a cheque for Rs 94,045. History. The event was established in 1981 by Brigadier Mervyn Lee in Hong Kong as a training exercise by the Queen's Gurkha Signals, part of the Brigade of Gurkhas of the British Army, which was at the time based in the British colony. In 1986, teams of civilians were allowed to take part and Oxfam Hong Kong was invited to co-organise the event.. In 1997, with the handover of Hong Kong to.

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Eastern Visayas and BARMM are Oxfam's priority areas for humanitarian and development programming. From 2016 to 2018, Oxfam and its partners reached about 42,000 individuals through the IAFFORD (Inclusive and Affordable Financial Facilities for Resilient and Developed Filipinos) Project India COVID-19 Emergency appeal. People are desperate for medication and oxygen. You can help. Oxfam's 6 goals put local communities and the voices of poor people at the centre of change - our best hope for ending the injustice of poverty. 1. Help people claim their right to a better life Oxfam was among the first group of NGOs to provide aid to Cambodia after the collapse of the Khmer Rouge in 1979. Over the years, we have teamed with local partners, community groups and government across all 24 provinces and the capital 3. PROGRAM COORDINATOR, EDUCATION, OXFAM INDIA (2010 onwards- March 2014) • Founding Core Committee Member, Right to Education Forum, network of networks on Right to Education in India including principal education networks, teacher unions, civil society organizations and UN bodies, together amounting to over 10,000 NGOs across the country

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That is, Oxfam's Winnie Byanyima is beating us around the head with the wrong end of the stick. Free trade and capitalism--even with the tax dodging--have been reducing poverty and inequality, now. Oxfam India believes in the power of people against poverty and inequality and we would like to extend a big thanks to each one of you for your unflinching support. The Oxfam confederation reaches. Oxfam India (www.oxfamindia.org) Oxfam Intermón (Spain) (www. oxfamintermon.org) Oxfam Ireland (www.oxfamireland.org) Last year saw the biggest increase in the number of billionaires in history, with one more billionaire every two days. There are now 2,043 dollar billionaires worldwide. Nine out of 10 are men. 5

Oxfam is on the ground in #India. Here is a summary of what what we are doing ⬇ Oxfam Trailwalker Australia, Carlton, Victoria, Australia. 33,936 likes · 340 talking about this · 549 were here. Tackle Australia's original team challenge! Journey through 100km of bush within.. Water beats poverty: Oxfam's longest pipeline in DR Congo A year ago, Oxfam started constructing the longest water pipeline in its history in DR Congo. Once it's done, over 100,000 people will no longer have to rely on dirty sources for water India & South Asia Israel & Palestine It's a lesson that's well-established in the history of social movements. In the light of the sexual abuse scandal surrounding Oxfam and other.

Oxfam Reports for 2018. Also, India has been one of the top six wealthiest countries and stands with her head held high. But, Oxfam's reports say that India's 13.6 crore Indians, who make up. Experienced social worker with a demonstrated humanitarian passion and history of working in the community development industry, Cheth started with Oxfam as a Grant Officer in late 2013 and was entrusted to be Resilience Program Coordinator in early 2016. Nonwithstanding the organizational restructuring in 2019, Cheth remains with Oxfam and is now a Contract Manager of the Fair Finance Asia. March is known as women's month to commemorate the history of women's impact in the world and to raise awareness of issues women are facing worldwide. Women's month is an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on women's achievements, as well as the problems they have faced in the struggle for equality and the important role they continue to.


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India's COVID-19 Experience May Usher in a More HumaneWorld's 9 richest billionaires' are worth $674 billion
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