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This unit is best used for off-roading or rock crawling, and while it can be used in high performance applications, it's not considered a road race or daily driver type of differential because it's not designed for constant switching on and off. Eaton was the original developer of the posi-traction differential, and today it is still. Bought a Positraction unit with 3.73 Ring/Pinion. Really great people to deal with and very accommodating when I decided I wanted the 3.73 instead of the 3.42 originally ordered. Shipping was prompt and well packaged. Definitely will do business again The purpose of a posi-traction unit is to tie the two drive axles together for more efficient traction under acceleration. Originally designed to improve traction in mud, snow and icy conditions. Packages Include Limited Slip Eaton Style Clutch Posi Units, Ring & Pinion Gear Sets, & Master Bearing / Overhaul Kits : Featured Products: Ford 9 / Trac-Lok Posi / Ring & Pinion Gear / Bearing Kit / Package: 2 Review(s) Your Price: $515.0

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The Eaton Posi is an ideal way to gain additional traction in trucks that see mild off road use or need added traction due to performance enhancements I put Mobile 1 in my posi unit along with friction modifier - am I looking at failure in the near future? No leaks, funny noises, etc. Yes, the Hoosier street quicks get hazed pretty hard in the box.-----79 Z28 Bought new, honeymoon ride, same wife, same car GM late model axles with traction assistance are almost exclusively lockers, not posi and they are electronically engaged to avoid the ratcheting, clunking problems of fully mechanical lockers. The 8.25 front IFS axles have no aftermarket posi or locker upgrades available that I'm aware of. The 3/4 & 1-ton 9.25 IFS is a whole different story This article will be specifically directed at converting the 55-64 Chevrolet full size pass car and 56-62 Corvette NON-positraction rear end to positraction using an Eaton aftermarket posi unit. But, much of the information will be applicable to the original factory positraction units (originally made for GM by DANA)

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  1. Different types of posi units and limited slip differentials. Different types of posi units and limited slip differentials
  2. Description: POWERTRAX - GRIP PRO POSI LIMITED-SLIP DIFFERENTIAL - The POWERTRAX Grip Pro is the latest design in traction adding differential technology. It combines the smooth operation of a limited-slip..
  3. Posi-Traction Units???? Thread starter WANNAGOFAST; Start date Jul 29, 2002; W. WANNAGOFAST New Member. Joined Nov 19, 2001. Jul 29, 2002 #1 Who makes the best (strongest/durable) posi units for the GN rearends? I've heard that the Moroso Brute strengh unit is a good one. Any others?? I will be installing probably 30 spline axles and be using.
  4. The patented design provides the best traction value for light trucks, Dodge Dakota and Dodge 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton and 1 ton pickup truck, Jeeps, and 4x4's used both on-and off road they have the following benefits and features: Rugged Power Delivery to Both Wheels Provides Huge Traction Improvement Greatly Exceeds Capabilities of Limited-Slip/Posi's
  5. However, when accelerating (torque applied), the six helical-gears inside the unit smoothly and quietly engage, applying torque to both rear wheels equally, maximizing traction (think two equal length black stripes). Unlike a traditional clutch-type posi, a Truetrac requires no special oil additive or maintenance

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  1. Eaton positraction Shim kit for 10.5 GM 14 bolt truck. YPKGM14T-PC-SHI (16113) In Stock. at WA. $60.80. Check fit View Yukon Dura Grip Limited Slip for Dana 35 with 27 Spline Axles, fits 3.54 & Higher Gear Ratios. YDGM35-4-27-1 (26055.
  2. The Posi transfers a certain amount of torque over to the wheel that has more traction. On the EATON Posi, it's about two-and-half times biased toward the the wheel with more traction. Over the years we have upgraded it (different types of gears and different kinds of materials) and now it's a 100-percent net forged gear profile on the unit
  3. When it comes to getting power to the pavement, GM's 10-bolt, 8.5-inch rear end with Positraction is a hero. Like Superman in street clothes, however, it can be hard to identify this beefy unit among its weaker cousins, the 10-bolt, 8.2-inch with open differential. GM built countless thousands of both types of 10-bolts from 1970 to 1994
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Eaton Posi units come equipped with 400lbs of preload. They can be increased to 800lbs, or even decreased to 300lbs or 200lbs to tune the handling characteristics of the differential to your vehicle. There are several types of clutch service kits in varying friction material style and number of plates Then you need to upgrade to a Ford Racing 8.8 31 Spline Traction-LOK Limited Slip Differential with Carbon Discs from AmericanMuscle. A Limited Slip Differential (LSD) sometimes referred to as a Posi will allow both rear wheels to put the power down on the pavement giving you better traction and more impressive burnouts. Carbon Discs The Powertrax® Traction No-slip systems are the latest design in traction adding differential technology. It combines the smooth operation of a limited-slip differential, with the traction performance of a locking differential for Toyota Pick-Up, 4 Runner, Land Cruiser, T-100, Tacoma and Tundra * New GM 12-Bolt Passenger Car Heavy-Duty Posi Unit - 30 Spline Axles * Eaton-Style (clutch) Posi Unit * Fits 3.08 to 3.90 Gear Ratios (3 Series) * 100% Re-Buildable * Nodular Iron Casing, Heavy Duty Composite Clutches & Forged 4130 Internals › See more product detail

A stock 12 bolt posi will be fine. If you want to step it up, you can look at a Eaton Detroit Truetrac differential. These do not use clutches like the vintage posi rear does. They are planetary gears The Eaton Posi is an ideal way to gain additional traction in trucks that see mild off road use or need added traction due to performance enhancements. With carbon disc clutch packs that are preloaded by a central spring assembly, the Eaton Posi delivers chatter-free transfer of power to both tires while maintaining on road handling. Ok right now i am in the process of trying to figure out which posi unit i should get for mustang. I have a 8 rear and have noticed it is not a lot for me to choose from. Right now i am trying to figure out the difference between the ford traction lock trac loc posi unit and the Powertrax no-slip The new posi units are a copy of an Eaton,and very nice.They use the same clutches & parts.The O-axle parts are more expensive though. The gears are $300+ and the posi units are $600+. Add another $150.00 for good bearings & seals to rebuild the entire rearend,and you will have over $1,000.00 just in parts,and you still need to figure in the. EXTREME TRACTION SYSTEMS FOR ANY DRIVING CONDITION. PowerTrax produces a full line of traction products. From full spools and mini-spools for the ultimate in straight-line performance, to full limited slip posi differentials and drop in lockers, PowerTrax provides extreme traction solutions

Posi-Traction Units???? Thread starter WANNAGOFAST; Start date Jul 29, 2002; W. WANNAGOFAST New Member. Joined Nov 19, 2001. Jul 29, 2002 #1 Who makes the best (strongest/durable) posi units for the GN rearends? I've heard that the Moroso Brute strengh unit is a good one. Any others?? I will be installing probably 30 spline axles and be using. I just need clarification on this because I am hearing 2 different things about my rear end. One person is telling me I have true posi, one is telling me that I have limited slip and the only way to get true posi is with a spool. And true posi and a spool is not a street-able application. I basically took my rear-end that had 3.27s and put 373's GM late model axles with traction assistance are almost exclusively lockers, not posi and they are electronically engaged to avoid the ratcheting, clunking problems of fully mechanical lockers. The 8.25 front IFS axles have no aftermarket posi or locker upgrades available that I'm aware of. The 3/4 & 1-ton 9.25 IFS is a whole different story I want posi traction... Discussion in '1st Gen. Tacomas (1995-2004)' started by 98yotadog, Jan 20, 2009. the traction loc is factory and does none of this. few of the aftermarket units have these problems either

Posi-Traction (limited slip) does eventually wear out - - the clutches go bad over time and it becomes essentially an open differential. The answer to your preference for a locker or limited slip (aka trac loc, positrac, twin grip etc..) depends on your use: If you do nothing but mud bog and climb rocks you want a differential lock front and back looks like after much research I will be installing a new posi carrier unit & axles in my 72 Nova this winter. It's the 8.5 series. Question: Which make & model should I choose? They all say they are the best. Which is really the best for my 72 Nova street car with 550 HP BB Chevy. I will be running a 3.73 gear and 3-speed auto trans The Popularity of Positraction Units. GM has offered Positraction rear ends since 1957, and its 8.875-inch 12-bolt Positraction was most popular in Chevrolet passenger cars from 1965 to 1972. Pontiac offered a version of a Positraction unit, called Safe-T-Track, as an option on vehicles including the 1963 Pontiac Tempest

Positraction Improvement - Auburn Cone-Design &Eaton Plate

posi & limited slip Description: Ring Gear Diameter=9.750 Pinion shaft Diameter=1.626 Ring Gear Bolt Count=12 Pinion Spline=29 Cover Bolt Count=10 4.10 & Numerically Lower 4.56 & Numerically Highe Lockers and Posi's. The Detroit True Trac is the best all around unit. This device is a clutch free, smooth operating unit. With a dual clutch pack and a 4-pin spider gear set, the Power Lock becomes a brut strength traction device. The Power Lock unit works on a self-tightening feature, when one tire spins more than the other, the. If your not going to build enough hp to spin one tire I don't see the need to get a posi (more correctly known as a limited slip). A true posi would be a spool and that is pretty much for race only. Jan 5, 2008 # Need your feedback - pros & cons I am in the process of ordering a Moser 12 bolt for a 95 Firebird. I have to decide on either an Easton posi or Detroit Truetrac differential (I am not interested in a Currie 9 as I spoke to them and they said they have given the ABS/Traction Control market to Moser

I'm looking for the best posi unit and gear setup for my car. Based on what I want to do with it. I have a 67 Chevelle with a 12 bolt, 454 engine (no major mods), and a turbo 400. I do NOT plan on racing and will mainly be used for cruising around town. I just want it to have some bite to the.. Every traction-adding device has pros and cons, and determining which one will work best for you will depend on how you use your 4x4 and what compromises you are willing to make

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Posi's and limited slips transmit equal torque to both wheels when driving straight. However, when one-wheel spins due to loss of traction, a patch of ice, mud, too much throttle, etc., the unit automatically provides more torque to the wheel that has traction. Recommended for daily driving, works well in ice, rain, mud, and snow Posi-Traction Units There are a number of excellent aftermarket posi-traction units which have proven to be exceptionally reliable in increased power street machines. These units provide increased traction prior to wheel spin. This is accomplished through the use of pre-loaded friction discs and, to some degree, the wedging action of the axle gear Posi-Track is a shortened generic term for the GM-branded name Positraction. It is a type of limited slip differential. To understand how limited slip differentials or LSD works, you must understand how a differential works, and how it relates to torque. In basic terms, a differential takes the power from. Using an 8.8-inch Ford rearend as an alternative to the 9-inch Ford third member or a GM posi differential can save you some hard-earned cash, and its adaptability as a conventional open differential or a Traction-Lok limited-slip unit can offer you a wide range of performance possibilities

The GM Traction Lock that was used in the car 8.5 rear ends through '81 was a good unit. This is thee one with the S shaped spring in it. Parts are no longer available for it, so if you have one with good clutches in it then use it. If it's worn out then it's no good. I like the Eaton Posi best, but on a tight budget the Duragrip is hard to beat Posi shims see 12 bolt section Cross shaft see 10 Vette section Auburn design Posi's use cones to lock the side gears to the posi case creating a limited slip posi. Fits 3.08 and up ratios. Part #8.2-AP Price $395.70 MADE IN U.S.A. Tom's Steel Cap Our steel cap allows you to drill and tap for 1/2 bolts. The stronger bolts, increased torque, an A limited-slip differential (LSD) is a type of differential that allows its two output shafts to rotate at different speeds but limits the maximum difference between the two shafts.. In an automobile, such limited-slip differentials are sometimes used in place of a standard differential, where they convey certain dynamic advantages, at the expense of greater complexity A stock Posi-Traction unit (right) compared to an aftermarket carrier (left) shows the strength of the aftermarket unit. The extra material on the case makes for a stronger carrier, with bigger gears and springs. This carrier is a Yukon clutch-type limited-slip differential Posi's & Differentials. Shop By Department. WAVETRAC Torque Biasing-Limited Slip. Detroit Truetrac Limited Slip Helical Gear. Eaton Posi Units. Detroit Locker. Trac-Loc Limited Slip. Auburn Pro Series. Auburn High Performance Series. 5W9F35 - 9 Ford 35 Spline WAVETRAC (Manufacture # 56.309.178WK) $795.00

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Yukon Gear 8.8-Inch Dura Grip Positraction Rear Differential; 31 Spline (09-14 F-150) $599.49 Ford F-150 Differentials When you work your Ford F-150 as hard as it's meant to be worked, some parts are put under a lot of stress and will need to be replaced, like the carrier cases that transmit engine power to the axles through their spiders I used this magnified example to show the effects of single traction. I've owned cars that had single traction and converted them to posi (a 7.5 uni will become a 7.625 posi for example which are the units used in F-body V8 LT1/LS1 Camaro/Firebirds and certain S10s) As I was changing the oil in the rear differential, there was a tag that says Positraction differential lubricant only, is there a difference in lubricants. I was going to use 85W-90W, is that ok or should I look for a lubricants specifically for positraction?:confused I have an eaton posi unit in a 12 bolt rear. I used the recomended Richmond synthetic lube when I changed the gears. When I start out cold the posi is quiet. When it warms up, the clutches chatter in a slow turn. I swithed to conventional lube (Lucas 90-140 +GM additive) The chatter has gotten better, but has not gone away totally AutoAnything offers FREE SHIPPING & One-Year Lower Price Guaranteed on Dodge Ram Lockers, Posi-Tracs & Spools. Shop online or Call 800-544-8778 to order today

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The aftermarket fully supports the 8.5. Gears of all sizes, limited-slip or Posi-Traction, lockers, and spools are offered. Affordable performance is what the 8.5 is all about. Considering the challenges of the typical 12-bolt swap for most muscle cars, when the 10-bolt units are often a bolt-in swap, the 8.5 10-bolt starts to look really good The best limited-slip differentials are able to vary the amount of torque sent to each wheel, based on engine RPMs and wheel slip. Overall, limited slip/posi units are a quiet, affordable and durable option in lieu of the traction limitations imposed by conventional open differentials When I was using the term TRUE Positive traction I was refering to a rear that was designed to put power to both wheels under hard take off/wheel spinning and not a rear in which the spider gears are welded together. I also thought that a true Posi rear was 100% all the time power to both wheels but I guess that is a Locker when it is Locked I Torsen zexel posi unit out 98-02 Camaro is the best bang for the buck it's 28 spline axles so STOCK 7.5 AXLES WILL NOT WORK you would need some Moser 28 spli.. The car unit was used from 1985 to 2000 while the truck version was originally used in the 1999 Cobra and all 2000-and-up V-8 Mustangs. (I always use a heavy-duty spring for any high-performance build because they are about the same price at about $2.

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Clutch-Style Posi Differential with Proven Performance Our clutch-style posi differential gives you maximum traction. Based on the original limited-slip designs of the OEMs, these differential units provide the added benefits of experience over millions of miles and decades of proven reliability XT-Series Traction C oncepts Limited Slip Conversion Kit installs into your non-lsd open differential, converting it into a proven and competitive limited slip differential that enhances your traction needs. Our TC Limited Slip's 2-way LSD will considerably improve handling in daily driven, street/strip warriors, or a full race vehicle If you are running a posi unit you will need 90w posi gear oil. Friction modifier is optional if you experience clutch chatter. For heavy duty use (towing/race or short ratio gearing >3.45) I recommend 85/140 gear oil for it's better lubrication properties under extra load and heat. This is the case in both posi and non posi setups Posi (short for posi-traction) is an option that is not specific to amount of bolts (ie. 10 bolt or 12 bolt), but was a factory option. You can change a single track car to posi by putting in a positraction differential. In other words you can put a posi unit in a 10 or 12 bolt, as long as you have the right posi unit

The Detroit Truetrac was the first type limited-slip differential in the industry. The patented design of parallel axis planetary helical gears provide a quiet, automatic splitting of torque. Power transfer goes literally unnoticed by the driver, even in front-wheel drive axles! The Truetrac performs like an open differential under normal driving conditions and automatically transfers torque. On the other hand, Eaton posi units come filled with forged gears and carbon friction discs that will handle the 11-second abuse we'd be throwing at it. Our second call was to Randy's Ring & Pinion Advance Auto Parts has 2 different Posi Units and Components for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. The best part is, our Pontiac GTO Posi Units and Components products start from as little as $16.99. When it comes to your Pontiac GTO, you want parts and products from only trusted brands Advance Auto Parts has 12 different Posi Units and Components for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. The best part is, our Ford F-150 Posi Units and Components products start from as little as $16.99. When it comes to your Ford F-150, you want parts and products from only trusted brands Shop in Lockers-Posi-Units- from Quick Performance Racing. Find more of what you love on eBay stores! Sort by: Best Match. Picture : Item title: Price: Time Left: 8 Ford Traction Lock Posi Unit - 28 Spline - Trac Lock - NEW - MADE IN USA

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Shop for ford 9 inch from Quick Performance Racing. Find more of what you love on eBay stores As featured on Classic Truck's Week to Wicked. Watch the transformation here! Assembled by Professionals Hand-assembled by trained experts in-house, our Ford 9-inch third members are built from quality components with an exact step-by-step process. We bring this combination of precision assembly and quality components to you at a price that can't be beat. We trust these third members so.

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Muscle cars, hot rods and mild off-road vehicles should look to Eaton's limited-slip differential for their traction answers. And the fact is, Eaton's Posi units are virtually bullet proof. For more information about the Eaton Posi read the FAQ Here Posi-Traction Units Because we're always looking for ways to save our customers time and money, we carry a broad array of complete posi-traction units from top OEM and aftermarket manufacturers, American Axle, Spicer, Auburn Gear and Eaton A Positraction is a nice addition to any muscle car with an open differential. A factory option on some models , it is more common to find a car with an open differential. The good news is that the aftermarket has just about any gearhead covered, so you can add a limited slip to nearly any rear-wheel-drive car Eaton Posi: In the 1960s, Positraction was an available feature in GM muscle cars and other sporty offerings. The design involved clutch packs and springs that worked to engage the axles when one. Going to go from 3.73 to 4.10s But everything I read is that the G80 is Grenadable (Blows Up) So I'm loking for the best posi unit to install with the new 4.10's-- Eaton?? -- Detroit Trutrac? -- Gonna hammer on this thing so I'd like the best in your opinion. THANX!!! 2001 Silv.1500 Stepside..

ford 9 inch posi for sale | eBay1963 Chevrolet Corvette - Antique Car - Los Angeles, CA 90103Strange N1869 8Rear Differentials & Parts for Chevrolet Monza for sale | eBayCamaro Posi Rear End | eBaySOLD SOLD – 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air – 2 door hardtop « Ross

The True Trac is smooth but not as strong. The Auburn is a good differential for the occasional racer. Same for any of the clutch style posi units. They tolerate some strip use but will eventually have problems due to uneven traction during the burnout. I'd suggest upgrading to 30 spline axles while you're spending money on the posi How much preload will determine the traction and drivability characteristics of the unit. The common way to express the amount of torque a limited slip can transfer from side to side is bias ratio. This indicates in a ratio (X:1) how much torque the differential can transfer from the low traction wheel to the high traction wheel, relative to. Thanks for all the info. I was just wanting to know if a posit unit will fit in the 8 inch open case I currently have and sounds like it will. I found a new posi unit, races, bearings and ring gear bolts on ebay for $350 with free shipping. They will press on the races and bearings so think I will tackle this one myself A locker in no good for the strip, you want a limited slip differential for racing. The G80 locker will disengage at about 20 mph and will not lock up again until you drop below 20 mph (use centrifugal force engage/disengage). A locker is for traction, a limited slip if for performance Pratos Five Position Cervical Traction Unit by Pro-Med Products. With its superior adjustability to meet a variety of cervical traction needs, the Pratos Five Position Cervical Traction Unit from Pro-Med Products makes our list at number four. Configured as a cervical posture pump, the Pratos is incredibly affordable, and a popular choice among.

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