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Smart Instruments allow students to play chords by tapping a chord strip on the screen. Available Smart Instruments in GarageBand include Smart Piano, Smart Strings (which includes violin, viola, cello, and bass), Smart Guitar and Smart Bass. How to Access and Setup Smart Instruments Accessing Smart Instruments is simple The keyboard in the GarageBand is set up like the standard keyboard and has a variety of keyboard instruments and some of which are customizable including grand pianos, electric piano, multiple organs, clavinet, synth tracks, and also the bass synth pads, and synths. It also has several different sounds Garageband presents them in a way that corresponds to a single octave (C3 to C4 by default) on a Piano keyboard. Octave : Use the Z and X keys to shift octaves for lower or higher pitched notes. Velocity : The C and V keys allow you to change to velocity (how hard the note is struck) of your chosen instrument sound

You can control velocity with z to m. z = pianissimo, p = piano, and so on. You can switch octaves with the numbers. Now enable record in your midi track (create one if you haven't) and start recording. Every input note will be recorded For example, GarageBand's Smart Piano lets you play whole chords and the Smart Drums feature lets you pick the correct rhythms based on the style of music you create with a grid system

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On the left-hand corner of the string, Garageband has all of the different instruments and settings that you can use. When using the MIDI controller for creating drums, the drum sounds will usually be within the first octave of the keyboard. Most drum-kits have a limited number of sounds, usually around 9-12 Play the Keyboard in GarageBand for iPhone Using the Keyboard Touch Instrument, you can play different keyboards, including grand piano, electric piano, organ, clavinet, and synthesizer, by tapping the keys. You can choose a keyboard sound, move higher or lower on the keyboard, hold notes, and adjust other keyboard parameters Re: Digital Piano (Yamaha P-125) connected to GarageBand - I can hear 2 sounds (piano and selected instrument) Dec 7th, 2020, 07:07 Yes, Yamaha's digital piano/Clavinova line is targeted more to students learning piano [a substitute for an acoustic piano], and not meant as a general-purpose MIDI controller for use with a DAW [no wheels.

With the smart pianos on GarageBand, the left hand (bass notes) and right hand (chords) are completely independent, meaning you can get more complicated soun.. The GarageBand window will open and display a long list of keyboard instruments in the track headers. The first track— Steinway Grand Piano —will be selected by default. Choose the Keyboard.. Our mission: 28 days to learn the piano with GarageBand 09. He also explained which fingers to use (numbering them 1-5) to play simple chords and how to sit at the piano. Very informative.

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  1. D A D A D A E A D E A Back in the garage with my bullshit detector A D E A Carbon monoxide making sure it's effective D C#m Bm A People ringing up making offers for my life D C#m Bm A But I just want to stay in the garage all night A (E, F#, A) D C#m Bm We're a garage band aaaaaaaah A (E, F#, A) D C#m Bm D C#m E We come from garageland.
  2. Record Live Piano through GarageBand. Today I'm going to show you how you can record live piano simply through GarageBand. Most teachers would just think to record piano through their phone's voice memo recorder, but trust me, getting comfortable with GarageBand is a great way to make your piano lessons fun
  3. Hy,My question is probably not very bright, but I was wandering how you have to adjust the chords when you're making a garageband song.I'm not a very great piano player, so I would like to use one of the many templates. But they are al..
  4. g guitar chords instead of playing an individual note. There are a total of 24 chords, 12 major & 12

Open up Garageband and select Grand Piano on Stage as the instrument for the track. As shown in the video, press the record button and play the chord progression in triads (three notes) so that each chord takes up one measure (4 beats). In the video, you can hear the imperfections during the recording because I didn't play the chords in rhythm Tutorial 2: Learning to Play Guitar and Piano Learn to Play lessons make it easy to learn guitar and piano in GarageBand. You can learn basic techniques and also purchase Artist Lessons to learn songs from the artists who created them. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:  Open a Learn to Play lesson View the video instruction for a lesson and play along Choose chapters and. The free piano chords loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users. If you use any of these piano chords loops please leave your comments. Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops. Any questions on using these files contact the user. First, open the GarageBand and the Chords Compass app. In Chords Compass settings, under Drag&Drop, choose MIDI, to convert your chords into MIDI files. Choose your instrument both in Chords Compass and Garage band, then choose your chords and simply Drag&Drop them to GarageBand Mahalo's audio expert Joey Biagas walks through the piano lessons offered by GarageBand. Introduction to Piano ——————————————————————— If you want to learn more about playing the piano, you can use GarageBand's lesson tutorials to show you some of the basics. The piano lessons are similar to the.

Ignore music snobs who balk at the idea of automated accompaniment. Smart Instruments in GarageBand for iOS are an excellent way to learn how to construct chord progressions, and a speedy means of fashioning a custom backing track to jam with. You can choose from smart bass, drums, strings, guitars, piano (keyboards) Chords is a free, no-frills guitar chord reference that offers 28 chord types for each note. Chords will not play you chord sounds or impress you with a colorful fretboard, but you will be able to read chord diagrams on a large, readable fretboard. Please email chordsapp@gmail.com if you think any chords are wrong.--Free: View in iTunes: 17. The Minilab is a small studio and portable producers dream since it's one of the best Midi keyboards for Garageband around today. The team at Arturia has included 16 heavy duty, thick rubber, rotary encoders for all you midi tweaking pleasures.. Besides its great build quality and aesthetically pleasing design, the Arturia Minilab is another Midi controller that is on the smaller side of the. Try it Free for the first 30 Days. Transform loops, so they sound like you. Play with unique studio-quality sounds added daily, or manipulate your own

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  1. It can aid in learning new chords, building progressions, transcribing, and other tasks. It displays the notes in a chord, their positions on the keyboard, and can even play the chord aloud. SimpleChord has a simple, tidy interface that is easy to use. It makes a great companion to GarageBand or any music application
  2. Show chord names 2 (in a Learn to Play lesson) Show chord grids (guitar) / Show left hand only (piano) 3 (in a Learn to Play lesson) Show tablature (guitar) / Show right hand only (piano) 4 (in a Learn to Play lesson) Show tablature and standard notation (guitar) / Show both hands (piano) 5 (in a Learn to Play lesson
  3. Chords In Key/GarageBand Explanation. It is based on the original you can find here over on The Jazz Piano Site, which I believe to have refined and made easier to use. Now, how does it work? Let's say you're wondering about what chords you could play under the E you have in your melody

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In this lesson you will use the GarageBand piano keyboard to work with pitches and rhythms into a project. By the end of the activity, you will have demonstrated these skills: 1. Create a new instrument track. 2. Use the onscreen music keyboard to record a simple melody (pitches and rhythms). 3. Use the Track Editor to edit pitch and rhythm Another Option There is a second software keyboard available to use in GarageBand. In the Musical Typing window, select the piano icon in the top-left corner to switch to a representation of a.. Chords. Guitar Ukulele Piano. C. 1. 2. 3. 1 of 17. F#. 2fr. 2. 4. 3. 1 of 16. Am. 1. 3. 2. 1 of 22. Dm. 1. 3. 2. 1 of 17. Strumming. Just a garage band C We weren't alive F# We were livin' in Garageland [Verse 3] Am F# Nothing else felt so right C Just us, those guitars Am And a Saturday night [Chorus]. [A D E C Cm] Chords for Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) on iPhone (GarageBand) with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin

Use a movie in a GarageBand project. Add a movie; Show the Movie track; Create a soundtrack; Add the soundtrack to the movie. Learn to play guitar or piano. Play a lesson; Choose the input source for your guitar; Customize the lesson window; See how well you played a lesson; Measure your progress over time; Slow down a lesson; Change the mix of. G C F I get up F G G C F F Am Gx5th add the note c and nothin gets me down G C F you gotta talk The bar with the chord plays both left and right hand accompaniments, the middle bar is right hand only and the bottom is left hand bass. If you hit the top bar, you could solo on the KB controller. The middle bar could allow you to try bass combinations such as G-G/F-G/E or perhaps a piano bass line with a distinctive melody Save your markings on the piano by copying the web address in your browser. This also allows you to share your markings with others. For example, here is a F minor seventh chord and an E major scale. Free interactive piano exercises. Try the online piano exercises and learn how to identify and play notes, intervals, chords, and scales on the. [G B Gm F Gb Eb] Chords for Astronomia (Coffin Dance Meme Song) on iPhone (GarageBand) with song key, BPM, capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin

Open up GarageBand and select the keyboard (for this example) Press the furthest button on the right just above the piano keys (see below - icon is similar to a power bar) This will change the screen to play chords (see below) Setting the key for the chords. Tip: We set the key to support singing, or to encourage young people to start composin Practice guitar chords. Learn to Play includes a chord trainer that you can use to practice guitar chords. In the chord trainer, chords are grouped by major and minor, and also whether they are open position or barre chords. You can choose the type of chords you want to practice. When you choose a chord type, chords appear in the window - The chord type notation and the chord type set compatible with the GarageBand Smart instruments. - You can play any chord with authentic piano sound. - Drag&Drop your selected chord into editors to create your own virtual sheet music The latest GarageBand for iPad update allows you to customize the Smart Instruments' chords. Quite a few options are available, enabling the user to employ a much more varied harmonic pallete. Once you customize the chords to your liking in one smart instrument, they become available in the others as well. A very useful upgrade The best MIDI keyboard for Garageband will be an option that is cheaper, portable, & compatible. In this article, we are going to present the very best Garageband MIDI controllers available. The good thing about this is that Garageband is a ubiquitous free DAW (digital audio workstation) or, in other words: a recording studio

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  1. 7 - F
  2. This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research
  3. GarageBand '09 includes the first basic guitar and piano lessons. You can obtain eight additional free lessons for each instrument by choosing the Lesson Store entry in the New Project window,..
  4. That's why we fashioned this collection of deluxe keyboard loops for Garageband so that you could download that sound and bask in it's warm, shimmery glow. From 'Platinum Keys - Electric Piano Samples' Get that rich and soulful electric piano sound with these keyboard loops for all you beat making geniuses
  5. While you can add Apple Loops and import samples to use in your GarageBand creations, you can also use an onscreen keyboard to make music. On Mac, you can use the keyboard as it appears on a piano or organ in addition to musical typing with your computer keyboard. And on iOS, you can tap to open the keyboard and adjust its settings easily
  6. or chord. This simple, fun keyboard method teaches the building blocks of popular music. Nathan Lawrence is the author of this online course in English (US) language
  7. GarageBand is a comprehensive digital audio workstation (DAW) application that ships with all versions of Apple's Mac OS X operating system. It can record and edit audio and MIDI data in a variety of ways, while being more user-friendly than professional DAW environments; such as Apple's Logic or Avid's Pro Tools

These include Logic Pro, GarageBand, FL Studio, Ableton, Reason, Studio One, Cubase, Cakewalk etc. However, the Apple Loops included in the chord progression pack are only compatible with Logic Pro and GarageBand. The PDF chord charts included are viewable on Mac, PC, tablets and smartphones Talking about instruments, you have access to piano, keyboard, drum pad, and guitar that works in both solo and chords mode. In addition, what makes it a complete alternative to GarageBand is the fact that you can connect USB MIDI peripheral keyboard to your smartphone and Walk Band will detect it Philip Glass style GarageBand iPad app tutorial for music teacher

I have a 1st edition iPad Pro 12.9 and I opened GarageBand. It loaded an old song automatically, and the instrument was a synth. I switched it to a Grand Piano and began to play a 3 note chord. As I played the chord a couple of times, the instrument switch back to the synth. I tried a few more times and the same thing happened Killer Queen Chords and Piano chord Transcription by Shane McDonald Back to the Main Tab Page. Album Intro : 2 Bars of Finger Clicks . Cm Bb7 She keeps Moet and Chandon in her pretty cabinet, Cm Bb7 Eb Let them eat cake, she says, just like Mary Antoinette. Bb/D Eb7/Db Ab/C A built in remedy for Kruschev and Kennedy, Abm/Cb Eb/Bb Bb11 and any. Come on Garage band community! We need a musician with a great ear. Garageband_hero and I need your help. I thought it might help to know what I'm doing with Garage band. I'm not using it to record, I'm using it to play live music with my band. Our band is a Bob Dylan cover band. I play harmonica, guitar. But we need the occasional Rock Organ. Download the Chords & Notes Chart here: Key: G#m Chords Used: G#m, E, F#, B, C#m CHORDS Intro: G#m, E, F#, B Verse 1: G#m Bhawar ke beech me E F# Tu kehta hai tham Ja B Tu meri taakat Hai E F# Tu hi mera imaan Pre-chorus: E Beetay kal me tu F# Saath mere tha E Aaj bhi mere F# Saath hai khada C#m F# Aane wale kal me bhi hoga Chorus: G#m E F# B Uth te hue uffano mein, tu hi meri chattan G#m E F And you'll play Top 40-style piano with the Pop Piano series. The new built-in glossary is a great reference for tuning your guitar, changing strings, reading music, finding basic chords and scales, and more. With the Chord Trainer, you'll master the most important guitar chords by shape, which makes it easier to keep them straight

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Piano Motifs Update; May 01 ozzy1 This is my iPad GarageBand version of Sometimes by one of my favorite bands, erasure. I don't sing, but I added a melody line this time. I put this video together using iMovie again, which isn't the best, but I wanted to be able to post it. The keyboards in the video are not producing any sounds, I just. Welcome to Free GarageBand Tutorials for training and learning. It is free-ware and is designed to support you how to use GarageBand with your mobile more effectively and smarter. It contains: - GarageBand Introduction - How to Create and Play GarageBand Projects? - How to Play Guitar and Piano? - How to Record Vocals and Musical Instruments Launch GarageBand and you'll usually get the New Project window, where you can select a keyboard, guitar, hip hop, or ringtone set up. Look to the left sidebar and click on where it says Learn. There are two Coldplay Clocks piano tutorial videos. The first video consists of the riff/introduction plus the melody of the song, as well as left hand single notes. The second video consists of the riff plus chords. Go here to learn about my piano courses. They will help you play better. Coldplay Clocks Easy Piano Tutorial - Notes - Video

Simply select a chord root on the left, chord type in the middle, the chord type addition on the right, and explore the chords with Piano Chords Compass! The App features: - The displayed chord type notation and chord set fully compatible with the GarageBand smart instruments Hey Jude The Beatles Piano Chords/Lyrics. Qty: Add to Cart. Purchase includes printout, plus: Official publisher PDF Access anywhere, including our free app. Add to Wish List Play more, pay less with PASS The world's premier online sheet music subscription. Unlimited online sheet music + 50% off* prints/downloads.. Apollo Sound would like to present Emotive Piano Chord Progressions. It's a universal solution for cinematic genre music producers or for all those who dig for emotional & beautiful chord progressions to start their tracks and songs creation. Inside this pack you will find 16 full piano themes. Which GarageBand version do you have on your Mac? GarageBand '11 does not have any smart instruments at all. The newest version, GarageBand 10.x.x. has smart drummers. And you can use the arpeggiator to play chord patterns. But otherwise you have to fall back on the loops to use predefined chord progressions With MIDI, you are able to view notes on a piano roll, making it easier to: 1) Orchestrate, harmonize, and identify chords; 2) Learn and teach the notes on the piano (as letters help represent the notes on the piano roll screen) 3) Compose and arrange music by listening to MIDI notes on different sample instruments; an

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  1. This essential guide to GarageBand on iPad and iOS devices is your foundation for learning music production in the classroom. Written by Dr. Floyd Richmond, noted iPad music expert and the president of TI:ME (Technology Institute for Music Educators), Learning Music with GarageBand on the iPad provides instant insight and wisdom through Dr.
  2. In the community of Music Maker, you will discover numerous new songs posted by other Music Maker users. So, what are you waiting for? Try out this amazing alternative to GarageBand for Android now. Price: Free. Download on Google Play #3 GarageBand for Android. uFXloops Music Studio. It is another versatile alternative to GarageBand for Android
  3. This BABY JOY 61 Key Roll Up Piano is a roll up piano with many standard features. 128 tones, 15 songs, USB MIDI capabilities, built-in speaker, and about 10 hours of battery life on a single charge of the 1200mah battery.. What sets this keyboard apart is the slightly raised keybed. This gives the keyboard a more realistic feeling (it can be disconcerting to have your fingers hitting a flat mat)
  4. Smart Guitar showcases some of GarageBand's best tricks. There are four guitar types to choose from, and three ways to perform with it. The default is Chords mode, where the fretboard is split up.

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  1. GarageBand is a line of digital audio workstations for macOS, iPadOS, and iOS devices that allows users to create music or podcasts. GarageBand is developed and sold by Apple for macOS, and is part of the iLife software suite, along with iMovie and iDVD.Its music and podcast creation system enables users to create multiple tracks with pre-made MIDI keyboards, pre-made loops, an array of.
  2. GarageBand is awesome software for those who want to record a full album with voice, instrument music, special sound effect, sound modulation etc. Available for MAC and iOS devices, GarageBand is the first choice of many professionals to create music. From Rihanna to Fall Out Boy, plenty of the biggest names in music have used [
  3. Hey everybody, Today we're going to look at the classic folk song House of the Rising Sun. This song features arpeggiation of our basic chords and is a ton of fun to play. Countless bands have covered it, making one of those must know songs for all guitar players
  4. Open up GarageBand and select the keyboard (for this example) Press the furthest button on the right just above the piano keys (see below - icon is similar to a power bar) This will change the screen to play chords (see below) Setting the key for the chords
  5. or Gb 7 Gb m7 Gb maj7 Gb m#7 (mM7) Gb 7b5 Gb 7#5 Gb m7b5 Gb 7b9 Gb b5 Gb 5 Power Chord Gb 6 Gb m6 Gb 69 Gb 9 Gb 9b5 Gb 9#5 Gb m9 Gb maj9 Gb add9 Gb 7#9 Gb 11 Gb m11 Gb 13 Gb maj13 Gb sus2 Gb sus4 Gb7 sus4 Gb9 sus4 Gb dim Gb half dim Gb dim7 Gb aug Gb/Bb Gb/Db Gb/F Gb/E Gb/A

GarageBand Essential Tutorial & Workflow 1. Creating a New Project To create a new project, make sure the New Project tab is selected on the left menu column. That gives you 7 options to choose from: These are just some templates for particular types of music to get you started or you could select Empty Project and start from scratch. Choosing a template doesn't lock you in to a particular. So I am left with the garageband instruments, and I have a problem with the guitar chords. I need to create a track with basic acoustic guitar chords. In the iOS version, I know that I can change the predefined chords in the smart guitar, but the chord I need does not sound as desired. The chord in question is Dsus2 ‎Piano Companion is a music theory app which helps songwriters, producers, teachers and their students. It's a flexible piano chords and scales dictionary with user libraries, reverse mode, the circle of 5ths, chord progression builder with common patterns. If you can't remember the name of a piano

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If you're using a piano keyboard (or something similar) to record in GarageBand, you'll need to plug it into your Mac. If your Mac uses Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports instead of USB 3.0 ports, you may also need a USB 3.0 to USB-C adapter. Skip this step if you don't have a MIDI piano or similar controller The chords are E♭ major, B♭ minor and F minor. There are two Coldplay Clocks piano tutorial videos. The first video consists of the riff/introduction plus the melody of the song, as well as left hand single notes. The second video consists of the riff plus chords Learn how to read piano tabs in order to understand the simplified way in which music is written. With a piano tab, you do not need an extensive background in piano to be able to play the instrument and music like the Mario theme is easier to produce. A tab will simply show which note to play and in what octave that note is located

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Chords are so important that you can't afford to avoid them. Consequently, if you do avoid them, you'll be severely limited in what you can play. That's why I'm all about demystifying chords and making them as easy as possible to play. Hint: If you know how to count the fingers on one of your hands, you can probably learn to play piano. While iLife '09's GarageBand comes bundled with 9 free lessons on guitar and piano, Artist Lessons, with famous musicians, cost $5 a pop to download Chord Strips replace the standard piano-style keyboard with strips that enable you to play chords with a single tap, notes that are always in key, or just stab autoplay and let GarageBand output. GB Steptime is a Step Time Sequencer designed for users of GarageBand who wish to create midi note information for inclusion within a GarageBand project. Main Features Easy to use step time sequencer for GarageBand. Requires no special knowledge of musical notation. Efficient drag and drop of midi information between GB Steptime and GarageBand I've had GarageBand installed on one iPad or another for five years, and because my BR800 came with a 120-page book telling me how to work it while GarageBand didn't, I've been somewhat scared of it all this time. Now I'm finding that all I needed was an iRig and a likeable Scottish chap explaining what stuff does

Chords. Guitar Ukulele Piano. E. 1. 3. 2. 1 of 29. A. 3. 2. 1. 1 of 23. D. 2. 3. 1. 1 of 18. F#m. 2fr. 4. 3. 1 of 14. B. 2fr. 4. 3. 2. 1 of 16. E A Just a garage band E We weren't alive A We were livin' in Garageland [Verse 2] E A Our parents all held jobs but we had other plans E We acted like our heroes A They just didn't understand. With this pack, you will be able to finally add some incredibly piano vibe and totally redefine the mood of your track. In This collection expected to find 50 Piano Chord and Solo, 50 Piano Chords, 50 Piano Solo, all files are labeled with key and bpm. This fantastic collection of piano sounds is available at Loopcloud too! Over 80 000 chords you can use for your GarageBand projects, song books and more! Find the perfect chords for your songs on all popular music instruments! Thanks to a specially developed algorithm, Chords Compass Lite will show you chord diagrams with all possible options in all positions on the music instrument of your choice, on keyboard or.

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Happy Birthday Piano Chords - Step by Step Tutorial on how to play the happy birthday song on the piano. Easy piano lesson for beginners, tabs included GarageBand comes with a piano roll to record, view and edit MIDI data. You can edit individual notes in Software Instrument regions, fix the timing of notes, transpose and rename regions. GarageBand can import MIDI files. You can assign any software instrument to the tracks of imported MIDI files [Am Em] Chords for Dr Dre - Still Dre feat. Snoop Dog [Piano Tutorial] Synthesia with song key, BPM, capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin Garageband for Windows alternatives. While Garageband is a great and intuitive Software to get started it is not the best music creation tool out there

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In this easy piano tutorial, you will learn how to play Für Elise by Beethoven. This is a very simplified version of the song for beginners. I start by playing the left and right hand parts simultaneously, then we learn how to play the song one hand at a time Apple GarageBand 2 Digital Audio Workstation . Apple GarageBand is the famous recording software contained in the Apple Mac operating system. It is a streamlined version of Logic but is still plenty capable, and the onboard sounds are very good While music creators have long awaited GarageBand for Windows, Apple seems to have no intention of ever letting that happen. For now, you'll definitely need a Mac. But that doesn't mean you can't use GarageBand alternatives for Windows 10 if you're a Windows user and don't want to switch systems Pianochords for Polo G Lil Durk Lil Baby etc. hit me up on instagramand put a link in the comments if you use this loop Free Trap Piano loops download 159bp Garageband's Interface. Garageband's interface can seem a bit confusing at first, but it's actually really simple. The first thing you should see is the Musical Typing keyboard. If you don't, you can press Command-K at any time to pull it up. Press any of of the keys on screen or on your keyboard, and you should hear the sounds of a piano

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‎GarageBand turns your iPad and iPhone into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go. And with Live Loops, it makes it easy for anyone to have fun creating music like a DJ. Use Multi-Touch gestures to play keyboards, guitars, and - The displayed chord type notation and chord set fully compatible with the GarageBand smart instruments; - A unique option that lets you listen to each displayed chord with authentic grand piano sound; - Supported treble clef and bass clef for written notes; - Supported chord inversions; - Supported 56 chord types

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The app can analyze rhythm and chords of acoustic guitar and piano recordings, and instantly add drums and a bass line to provide a virtual, customizable backing band. GarageBand 2.1 for iOS. Find the perfect chord voicing for your songs on the piano! Thanks to a specially developed algorithm, the app can show you more than 2500 chords. Simply select a chord root on the left, chord type in the middle, the chord type addition on the right, and explore the chords with Piano Chords Compass! The App features: - The displayed chord type notation and chord set fully compatible with. GarageBand is a great way to quickly create music on your iPhone or iPad. In the upper-right corner there are settings for Chords or Notes, with the former giving you columns in which the.

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Note: PianoChordsCompass Lite offers the chords for 4 notes. If you need the complete note set with 2500 chords, upgrade to the full version now! PianoChordsCompass Lite features: - The notation and chord set compatible with the GarageBand Smart instruments. - You can play any chord with authentic piano sound GarageBand is the best app for music creation on a touch screen. With real-world instruments, true-to-life sounds, and tons of easy-to-use tools, there is simply no other app in its class for iOS

Chords Compass – Find All Chords For All Music InstrumentsChords Compass Lite – Find Piano, Guitar Chords & MoreReview: GarageBand ’09 | Macworld
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