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We use Vimshottari Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantar, Jaimini & Yogini Dasha mainly. We look deeply into each Dasha period for the particular inquiry. Apart from this, my analysis includes hints from Nadi, Ashtakvarga and other methods. We use all these methods so that we can confirm results with the best possible method Dasha Predictions 23/09/2020 - 03/06/2023 in this period you will be under Influence of Sat (Mahadasha) and Mer (Antardasha) During this period, your creative intellect will pave your way towards success. As a writer, poet, musician, you will shine in your respective fields Current Dasha Calculator. Online will calculate your vedic astrology Vimshottari dasha antardasha predictions from date of birth. Please enter your date of birth details to understand what exact current dasha period with star and ending dates instantly. Dasha period will be calculated based on moon star irrespective of lagna Within each of these dasha periods, we have an antar dasha or bhukti of a planet. e.g. Ketu mahadasha will start with Ketu bhukti and them go on till Mercury. The extent is maintained as the same ratio. The sublevel of bhukti is called pratyantar dasha etc. The main dasha period is called the mahadasha

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My Daily Prediction My Dasha Prediction My Yearly Prediction My Overall Prediction My Rashi Character My Ruling Planet Info My Ruling Pl. Influence My Gem Stone Info My Moon Rashi Name Best Match Makers Horoscope Matching Que. & Ans. Prediction Future 90day Prediction Lost & Found Prediction Planet Influ. Prediction Dreams Int. Prediction Rashi. We use Vimshottari Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantar, Jaimini & Yogini Dasha mainly. We look deeply into each Dasha period for the particular inquiry. Apart from this, my analysis includes hints from Nadi, Ashtakvarga, and other methods. We use all these methods so that we can confirm results with the best possible method Mahadashas is divided into nine segments called Antar Dasha or sub-periods. These Antardashas are further divided into nine segments of nine periods called Pratyantar Dasha. Know the predictions of Mahadasha in your Kundli from Special Janampatri. Calculate Your Vimshottari Dasha or Mahadasha

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The order of vimshottari dasha has been described above. For example, if a person born in Krittika Nakshatra, that means Moon is placed in Krittika Nakshatra in his birth Chart , he will get the balance Mahadasha of Planet Sun first, followed by Moon, Mars, Rahu and so on.After Sun, there will be Moon Dasha, It can not be Ketu or Venus or any other planet's dasha Vimshottari Dasha> Antardasha> Pratyantar Dasha> Sookshma Dasha> Praanadasha> Dehadasha. These parts are the sub divisions of the main Dasha. Vimshottari Dasha Calculation. In order to better understand the Mahadasha, we need to understand how it is calculated according to the different planetary organization Astrologer prefer this table for future prediction called vimsottari Dasha.Mahadasha has Antar dasha (sub period) and this antar dasha again comprises Pratyantar dasha (sub sub period) of planet Mahadasha Online Calculator based on date of birth as per vedic astrology, N.C. Lahari ayanamsa will follow to generate up to 5 levels of dasha period. Dasha, Bhukti, Bhukthi, Antara, Sukshma, Pran dashas & give you dasha prediction. Dasha period will be calculated based on moon star irrespective of lagna

Discover the detailed prediction of your personality, past, present and future. A single click will give you multiple insight to determine your birth details, the Panchang during your birth and the Planetary positions. This online calculator will generate the instant Vedic janam kundli charts. Get Started For Free Step 11> always switch your dasha lord in 1st house & from that 1st house see where is your antardasha / pratyantardasha lord placed in which house if antardasha / pratyantardasha lord in kendra or trikona from dasha lord & in good sign & kp house significant houses 2 , 11 , 1,4,7,10 or 1,5,9 then they will give you good result but if dasha. Generate free online kundli, free horoscope online, online match making, free kundli milaan, guna dosha, ashtkoot vichar, manglik dosha study, gems, kaalsarpa, compatibility in partners, love, financial affairs, boy girl match, indian astrology websit In Vedic Astrology, the Sanskrit term Dasha means the planetary period. The planetary period provides information to an astrologer when the good or bad eff..

CLICK HERE- http://www.astrologykrs.comBook link- http://www.astrologykrs.com/Shop.htmlAmitabh Bachchan dasha horoscope example. while singing (chuu kar mere.. Dasha periods, where a planet operates and when the results come to fruition - A planet is capable of giving results as per its functional or natural significations either in the mahadasha or antardasha. The functional significations are based on the lordship, placement, and yogas this planet would have in the horoscope. The natural significatio How to Calculate Dasha and Antardasha in Vedic Astrology. 1. In this chapter is explained the method of calculating the antar dasa and. pratyantar dasa. There are antar dasas of all the nine planets in a dasa. For. example, in the dasa of the Sun there will be the antar dasas of the Sun and all the. other planets

Mahadashas is divided into nine segments called Antar Dasha or sub-periods. These Antardashas are further divided into nine segments of nine periods called Pratyantar Dasha. Know the predictions of Mahadasha in your Kundli from Special Janampatri. Story continues. Calculate Your Vimshottari Dasha or Mahadasha In our Indian System of Vedic Astrology, main periods (Maha Dasha), sub-periods (Antar Dasha) and sub-sub periods (Pratyantar Dasha) has a lot of importance.It depends on the birth constellation (Nakshatra) of the native that which planet's main period will start from the time of the birth of the native

Effect of the Saturn Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha. The little result after rigorous hard work. Shortage of mental enthusiasm; Anxiety-related to worldly comforts. Quarrels with friends. Physical ailments like gastric attacks, fever. Conflict with the sons, danger from diseases, unnecessary expenditure, Gain of wealth, devotion in deities and Brahmin Jupiter Mahadasha Sun Antardasha Antar Dasha Interpretation JUPITER - SUN Effect of the Jupiter Mahadasha Sun Antardasha. Authority and respect may be attained from the king. Some respectable title may also be fortunately received. Friendship with good people, increase of enlightenment and valor and domination over the nation and public are. Pratyantar Dasha is the sub-sub period of planets.It comes for months. Mahadasha is first which is for many years then comes antardasha which is for lesser years in comparison to Mahadasha then comes Pratyantar Dasha after it there is Pranantar which is for weeks and then Sookshm Pratyantar which is for days

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Tagged with: Mahadasha and Antardasha in Vedic Astrology, results of Vimshottari Mahadashas, Results of Dasha of various house lords, Analysis of Dasha According to Position of Planets, Mahadasha of the twelve house of Kundali, effects of maha dasha & antar dasha, Vimshottari Dasha, mahadasha and antardasha effects, mahadasha and antardasha. What will you get in 250+ pages Colored Brihat Horoscope: Detailed predictions on marriage, career, finance, health, children, property, family etc. with favorable periods. Dasha analysis for life. Varshphal for 5 years. Details of Rajyogas. Numerology Report. Gemstones and Remedies. Sade-sati, Kaal Sarp, Mangal dosha. Bhav Phal and Graha Phal

Mahadasha, Antardasha And Pratyantar Dasha Predictions According to sidereal astrology popularly specified in the oldest manuscript of Vedic studies the birth chart specifies certain predictions of a human life's timeline but it is imperative to understand that these forecasting may change in the course of an individual's time span Mahadasha, Antardasha and Pratyantar dasha prediction from start to finish date. Prediction about : Your inner qualities, Mental condition, Positive traits, Negative traits, Your best quality, Suitable business for you. Prediction about different combination of planets and their effects on your life If Antardasha Nath is present in second, fourth, fifth, ninth, tenth or eleventh house from Mahadasha Nath, the native receives auspicious results during its Dasha. The native receives mixed results and the Dasha remains average if Mahadasha Nath and Antardasha Nath are in Samsaptak from each other For example - To find Antardasha of the Sun in the Mahadasha of Venus, multiply the dasha of Venus with the dasha of Sun and then divide the product with 120 to get the result. Venus dasa - 20 years Sun dasa - 6 years 20 x 6 = 120 = 12 months and 0 x 3 days = 12 months. Thus the Antardasha of the Sun in Mahadasha of Venus will be 12 months or 1.

Free Horoscope, Astrology, Vedic Prediction, Marriage Compatability, Annual Predictions, Divisional Charts, Ashtak Varga, Dasha Charts, Grah Prediction, Varshphal Certain sufficient, he apparent the breitling replica bag alone abutting to the sidewalk The period of Saturn Antar Dasha under Saturn Maha Dasha will be 3 years and 3 days and period of Saturn Antar Dasha under Sun Maha Dasha will be 11 months and 12 days. Each Antar Dasha gets further divided into sub-sub-periods which are called Pratyantar Dasha. The logic for further sub divisions remain the same In the Mahadasha of 10th House Lord, Antardashaswami of 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th or 11th House, it gives very good results. Lord of 11th House:- It gives a positive result. Since the 11th House is 2nd from 10th House, it gives a very good earning from career Ketu Mahadasha-Venus Antardasha: Hell on Earth: This is what I have called the Hell on Earth phase. If there is one Antardasha (minor period) that scares the hell out of me, then it is Ketu-Venus period. This is my number one pick for the most horrible dasha one can go through Check out which Mahadasha/Antardasha you are on using any Vedic astrology software. Vimshottari dasha, is the most popular dasha system used for timing events and is quite accurate too, beginners should start with this to get an idea of how planets interact to create an event. So to analyse Rahu Mahadasha, follow these steps, take your time.

Mahadasha of Ketu:(7years) :Ketu is a significator of Moksha. Ketu in trines or 11th house is considered good if it is not afflicted. Ketu in 3rd, 6th or 11th house gives happiness in its dasha and gains from the govt. In benefic sign and vargas, favours from kings, pleasures from children and vehicles, pride, happiness from travelling Case Study: How to analyse Antardasha, Mahadasha and Pratyantar Dasha results of planets if they are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th from Antardasha lord. Vimshottari Dasha Tip No 2: Frictional Relationship of Planets with AD Dasha lord And first Antar dasha lord under Venus Maha dasha will be Venus itself, so it will influence 5 th and 11 th house, however when next Antar dasha comes under Venus Maha dasha and if that planet is associated with 2 nd or 7 th or 11 th houses, then they can trigger events related to involve houses and marriage belongs to these houses only

Mahadasha is very important in predicting a natal chart in vedic astrology. Mahadasha is capable of creating yogas or doshas and can alter the effects of the transit planets. If a person want to attain wealth, success or popularity, mahadasha need to support them. Mahadasha is of 9 types - Rahu Mahadasha, Guru Mahadasha, Sani Mahadasha, Budha Mahadasha, Ketu Mahadasha, Sukra Mahadasha, Surya. Beginning of the dasha is more hurtful but gradually becomes favorable as it concludes. ANTAR DASHAS IN THE MAHADASHA OF JUPITER. JUPITER's ANTARDASHA IN THE MAHADASHA OF JUPITER. Favorable. Attainment of rulership, worship by acquisition of wealth, vehicles and physical comforts, gain of glory, name and fame Vimshottari Dasha Life Report online . In astrology, One's success and failure depends on the Dasha and Antardasha (Periods and Sub periods). Astrologer can predict the future events on the basis of these Dasha and Antardasha. Vimshottari dasha is famous in Indian astrology which based on the Moon's position in space as the native's birth. A sub period, which comes under Mahadasha is termed as Antardasha, during the sub period of antardasha is known as Pratyantar Dasha and Small period during pratynatar Dasha or bhukti is known as Sookshma Dasha. The total duration is 120 years for Vimshottari Dasha

Antardasha is an extended period of Mahadasha. It is a period where the eight other planets conjoin with the ruling planet of the Mahadasha. Moreover, the effects can range from good to evil. Effects of Jupiter Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha. Friction in the family may lead to members opposing you. Elders in the family will suffer What will you get in 250+ pages Colored Brihat Horoscope: Detailed predictions on marriage, career, finance, health, children, property, family etc. with favorable periods. Dasha analysis for life. Varshphal for 5 years. Details of Rajyogas. Numerology Report One thing which you can observe is, your Mahadasha and Antardasha at the time of your marriage. Your spouse will reflect the nature of these two planets. Or check when your child was born, the nature of this child will also reflect the natures of the dasha controlling planets of your that time. Mars can create problems if he is badly placed So, Saturn Mahadasha may be of 19 years, but it will have one or two years time period of all other planets one after the other, which run simultaneously with Mahadasha. Further, there are Pratyantar Dasha and Sookshma Dasha which runs under the Mahadasha and Antardasha and time period here goes down to months and days respectively The antardasha of all the 9 Planets come in their mahadasha. Then the pratyantar dasha of the 9 planets appear in each antardasha. Similarly the sookshma dasha and then the prana dasha appear in the pratyantar dasha. So the Levels (or Sub Levels) of Dashas (in decreasing order of Duration) are as below

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  1. The colour codes I have given above are dependant on the nature and strength of planets, as described earlier. As on today, the 4 th Aug 2019, when this article is being written, you can find that the native is running Saturn Mahadasa from 30 th May 2014 to 30 May 2033 which is a Malefic in this horoscope but it will not do much damage since it is strong (Net Strength 71.32)
  2. or period of a planet's influence upon a person in his/her life. It must be noted that the Antardashas of all the nine planets are embedded into every planet's Mahadasha
  3. 1) Maha Dasha 2) Antar Dasha 3) Pratyantar Dasha Mahadasha runs for a very long period. The duration of Mahadasha for each planet is different. The Mahadasha of Sun runs for six years which is a very short duration. The Mahadaha of Venus runs for twenty years which is a very long duration. The Mahadasha of Jupiter runs for sixteen years
  4. The reason behind this concept is that the Mahadasha is consists of Antardasha & Pratyantar Dasha of other planets also. For example, Sun is allotted six years in the Mahadasha but this six year is divided into all nine planets. It means the whole duration is not blessed by the Sun but other planets will also show their impact on the Native

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A: Your Shukra Mahadasha (major period of Venus in the Vimshottari Dasha system) runs from 9/1994-to-5/2004. Venus Mahadasha is always 20 years long, but the first day of Venus Mahadasha can occur at any time, from age zero to age 100, depending on the degree of the Moon at birth Jupiter-Venus dasha, Jupiter Mahadasha - Venus Antardasha or Bhukti by indianastrologyhoroscope.com - Guru major period and Shukra minor period. IndianAstrologyHoroscope Astrology and Indian Vedic horoscope reading. Get the detailed Horoscope predictions for the year 2019 Rahu Mahadasha and Mars Antardasha. The Rahu Mahadasha with Antardasha of Mars will bring beneficial result if it is placed in the exalted, own-sign and friendly sign etc. The native will take adventurous decision if the planet Mars is aspected by Jupiter. The conjunction of Mars with beneficial planets ensures a good result Sun Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha also takes its toll on health and some mental distress keeps the native agitated. Health issues such as fever, headaches, and heart-related problems also crop up during this period. Moon Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha. This Antardasha brings some negative impact on native's life

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During this time of Sun Antardasha in Venus Mahadasha, only sincere efforts can fetch good results. Some enemies or opposition also tries to drag you down. Moreover, you feel a lack of support too. This Dasha especially affects your eyes, head, stomach, and heart. The native should also beware of dealings with the government sector. Moon. After considering all these factors, the predictions could could be made for that mahadasha- antardasha period. What is a Bhukti? Each mahadasha is also subdivided into planetary periods called Antra-dasha or Bhukti, and each antra-dasha is further divided into Pratyantar-dashas which run their course in the same order as the mahadashas, and. Venus Mahadasha - Venus Bhukti Venus is generally perceived as a positive planet known for its offering of good affluence and material comforts. It brings liveliness and charm to an individual and makes him/her more admirable in the surroundings. This Bhukti period is dominated by Venus and would elicit the following impacts Dasha Predictions; 22/05/2020 - 22/05/2023 in this period you will be under Influence of Rah (Mahadasha) and Ven (Antardasha) This is a very good period for you.Your business/ trade will flourish and you may find your self in the position of great power. You are advised against misusing this Mahadasha (dasha/antardasha) in vedic astrology by kt astrologer. Vimshottari dasha netchanting. Learn astrology in telugu | dasha phalithalu | ep15 youtube. Divya chakshu apps on google play. Astrology & horoscope apps on google play. Free astrological birth chart software, kundli, kundali online, vedic. Benjamin franklin in popular culture.

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Saturn Mahadasha - Mercury Bhukti Mercury, being a benefic planet when combined with Saturn would pacify the negative effects of Saturn and result in both positive and adverse impacts during this period. The effects of Saturn Mahadasha - Mercury Bhukti are given below: The presence of Mercury bestows one with inner strength and intellec Mahadasha and antardasha prediction or mahadasha and antardasha analysis should important parameter in any prediction, even sometimes mahadasha antardasha and pratyantar dasha also very important. Sudden Multimillionaire yoga, how? read below article

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The Effect of Rahu Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Rahu. This Dasha leads to sudden growth and profits in career and business. It also makes way for happiness to come in life. During this period, the person's inclination towards spiritual activities also increases. The natives can get a chance to go abroad Antardasha is further breakup of any mahadasha in Vimshottri dasha system. With in a Mahadasha there will be 9 Antardasha where first antardasha will belong to the lord of the mahadasha lord itself. The concert of antardasha in Vimshottri dasha system brings a dynamic factor where one can use it to predict events So, Dasha Pravesh is actually the exact time on which you are starting a particular Mahadasha and the house it is going to effect. So, suppose a person is starting Jupiter Mahadasha on 15th Aug 2015. He is Capricorn Ascendant, so Jupiter rules over 3rd house (Pisces) and 12th house (Sagittarius) rahu maha dasha last for 18 years. this dasha is good and bad according to the positions of planets. in this dasha natives mind doesnt stay stable and can travel a lot even foreign lands. sometimes this dasha can make a person suddenly too much rich or poor. this dasha has given good results to minsiters and corporates

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The effects of Jupiter Mahadasha is explained on this page. Mahadasha is very important in predicting a natal chart in vedic astrology. Mahadasha is capable of creating yogas or doshas and can alter the effects of the transit planets This nakshatra degree has a strong bonding with our PAST birth. We are born and took the first breath during particular Mahadasha, Antardasha and Pratyantar dasha on earth. The BIRTH Nakshatra Lord or Main dasha Lord is the MAIN controller of our life journey on this Earth planet alongwith Antar dasha Lord or Sub Lord

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Meaning of Jupiter mahadasha, Jupiter mahadasha good or bad it depends on many factors. Jupiter mahadasha vedic astrology lasts for 16 years and consider as one of the most auspicious times in the native's life because this is time when we will find out our best soul-mate, best jobs, luck, gains, teachers, philosophy, religion, spiritual success, long distance travel, education, learning. Mahadasha is called by varied names like dasha, the main period or vimshottari dasha. In Vedic astrology, dasha is the prime important thing as far as prediction matters are concerned which give us good or bad results in its planet dasha. There are a set of planets that are good or bad which gives us results in their dasha-antardasha P3-C3. Complete horoscope, Interpretation of horoscope,recommended ,Stones,manglik and sade sati and 20 years predictions.. The birth chart in the Horoscope is a table of planetary situation at the time of the birth of Native. Astrologer prefer this table for future prediction called vimsottari Dasha.Mahadasha has Antar dasha (sub period) and this antar dasha again comprises Pratyantar dasha. There is a Dasha division system (periodic lordship of planets) which inform us in which planet's Mahadasha (major period or 1st level), antardasha (sub period or 2nd level), Pratyantardasha (sub-sub period or 3rd level) and sookshmadasha (sub-sub-sub period or, 4th level period of planet) running at any time

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Indian Vedic Astrology >> Lesson-7 >> Vimshottari Mahadasha Antardasha of Grihas (Dr.A.S.Kalra Astrologer)To estimate / ascertain about the happening of various events in life or to find out the good and bad times regarding any issues in our lives, Maharishi Parashara has divided our lives broadly in mahadashas & each mahadasa is further divided into antardasas, in which it is assumed that. Currently, Mr. Trump is going through the Mahadasha of retrograde Jupiter placed in 2nd house, antardasa of Saturn which is placed in 12th house alongside 3rd and 10th lord Venus. The pratyantar dasha of 9th lord Mars will be till 16.10.20 followed by Rahu dasha that will continue upto the first week of March 2021

Above Mahadasha order is fix for any native in the world, i.e. after Mars, native will go through the dasha of Rahu and so on. In total it adds to 120 years. The probability of a human life span could be 120 years, however, no native goes through the dasha of all the above planets during his lifetime Effects of Antar Dasha of RAHU in the Maha Dasha of Rahu. BAD EFFECTS: The mind may be misled and mental tension increases. Wife may be ailing and conflicts are possible. Loss of wealth, sorrow, ailments, poison and fear of poisonous being prevails, wicked people may cause agony Venus as the lord of the 2 nd house or 7 th house causes illness during its dasha. ANTARDASHA IN THE MAHADASHA OF VENUS. VENUS's ANTARDASHA IN THE MAHADASHA OF VENUS. Favourable. Wealth gain through the help of Brahmins, son's marriage, favours from the king, building a new house, good and sea/sweet food, indulgence in charities and. Mahadasha, Antardasha & Pratyantar Dasha, Shodashwarga & Ashtakwarga. Without the help of these things, accurate prediction is almost impossible. If you want I am Ashok Prajapati working for people who believe in this divine subject astrology. I am dedicated to those who want real prediction without the help of any kind of software The main dasha is Mahadasha, which is sub divided into Antar dasha of each planet. So we have nine mahadasha; each mahadasha has nine antardasha; each antardasha is further sub divided in nine Pratya -antardasha, which further sub divides into sookshma-antardasha, and further into Prana-antardasha, and further into deha-antardasha

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