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Doberman Ear Cropping Styles & Aftercare Tips Multiple working dogs like the Doberman, cane Corso, and the American pitbull have their ears cropped as early as eight to ten weeks. For decades, the practice has been a way to make them look more erect, sharp, attentive, and dominative as a wolf Do: go to an expert DOBERMAN ear crop veterinarian for the procedure. While they are generally few and far between, it is worth the extra drive to go to an expert. After all, you will be looking at the ears for the next 10+ years, and you don't want to later regret going to a lesser vet just because it saved you a few bucks Ears are cropped at 8-12 weeks of age. The ears are sutured after cropping and taped over the head by the vet and then covered with gauze or glued to a piece of Styrofoam between them. The ears heal and, after about 10 days, the sutures are removed and the ear can be taped to begin the process of keeping them upright

Ear cropping of the Doberman Pinscher is usually done at approximately 7 to 8 weeks of age. The operation requires anesthesia and the puppy must be kept from eating for approximately 12 hours prior to surgery Mostly my Doberman puppies were already cropped and the edges healed when I got them, because caring breeders do that to ensure the puppies get a good ear corp, experienced care at this critical period, and to relieve the new owner of having to it all themselves. Those breeders know which vets to go to in order to get good ear crops Hello all, my doggy Dame got his ears cropped last Friday. We took the bandaging off his ears & cup, so now it's just his ears. The dr said to remove scabs every day or other day & to add Neosporin. I've done it once, putting neosorin bc last time he didn't have much of scabbing yet. Now theres.. Ear Cropping Aftercare. Jump to Latest Follow Just had my pups ears cropped March 6, and I worried, fussed, and lost sleep every night over it. Doberman Forum : Doberman Breed Dog Forums. A forum community dedicated to doberman owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about breeding, health, behavior, housing, adopting, care. When Doberman puppies are born the ears are soft and floppy. At about 8-10 weeks age (give or take depending on their genetics and quality of nutrition) the ear cartilage begins to harden. If the ear is cropped and properly taped in an upright position, they will harden upright. (They still have ear muscle control they can flatten or perk up.

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Ear cropping is something that requires care long after the first week. Once the rack is able to come off, your dog's ears will still remained wrapped in cotton and tape. Appointments with your vet for status check-ups will be about 10 to 14 days apart, and you'll need to unwrap their ears two hours prior to the appointment Cropping a Doberman's ears can actually be hazardous to the dog's health for a number of reasons. Not only is this needless practice painful for the dog, as with any surgical procedure there's the risk of infection or complications with anesthesia. Post-operation care is a time-consuming commitment Ear cropping aftercare tips The first week after surgery is vital for the puppy. Since cropping is usually done between 8 and 12 weeks the puppy will usually experience distress from the procedure Improper taping and post-operative care can lead to deformities in the ears. Your vet should have experience cropping Doberman ears, because improper cropping can lead to numerous problems. Step 2 Clean your dog's ears thoroughly using a hydrogen peroxide solution, a dog ear cleaner or a solution provided by your vet Most vets will actually refuse to crop a dog's ears after a certain agealthough if you look around, you can probably find a vet who is willing to crop a full-grown dog's ears. The typical cut off date ranges from 12 - 16 weeks. Some veterinarians may also refuse to crop a dog's ears at a certain weight

The Doberman ear cropping age is usually done at 7-9 weeks of the birth. It is not recommended that the ears be cropped after 9 weeks as the ears cartilage has formed to a flat shape. The procedure should be completed by a vet with experience in ear cropping to ensure a proper, good looking, standing ear Cropping Aftercare . Once the decision has been made to crop your puppy's ears, an owner should be aware that proper aftercare and taping of the ears following ear cropping is just as important as the quality of the crop for a successful outcome The professionals at Fitzgerald Veterinary offer ear cropping for certain breeds, as well as for show dogs. We typically see dogs around 8-12 weeks for an ev.. This video demonstrates a simple way to wrap cropped ears. We use on our Doberman puppies, however this would work for any cropped ear requiring training to. These issues can likewise be the aftereffect of a helpless ear crop. There are numerous strategies for aftercare. Doberman ear harvests should just be done under the direction of an accomplished Doberman vet/raiser/controller. Accomplishing ears that stand appropriately requires time and responsibility with respect to the proprietor

There are many ways to wrap a dobermans ears. This is just one of them that we have been using for years. Any questions? Just leave a comment í ½í± I talked about cropping and docking. Today I thought I would take it a little bit further and talk about ear cropping and the aftercare, posting specifically. Before I got Elka, I didn't really think much about how Doberman ears got that way. When I learned that it was a surgery at around 7-12 weeks, I wasn't too bothered by it, clearly Doberman Pinschers are born with long floppy ears. The ears are often cropped, normally when a puppy is 8 to 12 weeks old. The healing process takes about 10 days, at which time the stitches are removed and training the ears to stand upright begins Ear cropping is a three step process. In the first step, the veterinarian after carefully studying both the Doberman's head and ears, will cut away the thin membranous part of each ear from the base, around the outside, and up to the eventual tip. He will then stitch and dress the seam Please pay close attention to the Ear Crop Aftercare instructions enclosed in your Adoption Packet. Posts need to be changed at least every 7 - 10 days to clean the ears and prevent infection. Posts MUST be changed immediately when they get wet to avoid infection. Really stretch the ear up tight when taping

My Doberman puppy, Drogo, has just turned 12 weeks old, and I had his ears cropped by a local Vet when he was 8 weeks old. From the beginning I has having issues with the way the ears were taped. At his first taping, which was done with his stitches still in, his ears were so swollen they had to be let loose before retaping Pabebe lng sy And some puppies have poor ear leather, which means that the ears won't ever stand perfectly or the tips will curl inward. These problems can also be the result of a poor ear crop. There are many methods of aftercare. Doberman ear crops should only be done under the guidance of an experienced Doberman vet/breeder/handler are bandaged on top of head (usually applies to Dobermans, Boxers, and . Many people have questions about various aspects of ear cropping, and we hope. There is a tremendous amount of aftercare involved to make sure the ears. In general, dobermans and danes are cropped between 7 and 9 weeks of age. Ear cropping is a process done in certain. Dr. Koster has had a special interest in ear cropping of various breeds of dogs for over 23 years. She has bred and cropped some of the Top Doberman Pinschers in the country including her 2006 Westminster Best of Breed Winner BIS/BISS Ch. Eastwick's Meadow Monster and her 2007 DPCA Top Twenty Winner BIS/BISS Ch. Foxfire's Love Monster

The vet we traveled to was 3 hours and 20 minutes away from us. Part 2 will be when Kilo gets re-taped A good rule of thumb is to wrap the ears until the pup has lost all baby teeth. With a standard ear crop, you typically need to post until the puppy is 8 - 9 months old. Do not leave the ears unposted for more than a couple of hours. Leaving the ears down for just 1 day will delay the progress by a week Using the Sierra Dobie Farms Ear Rack A great Doberman Ear Crop requires the skills of a knowledgeable Veterinarian with Doberman ear crop experience. Please ask to see pictures of their work to avoid disappointment and to ensure that you get the look you are wanting for your Doberman. There are many styles and lengths that need to be considered Ear cropping is a three step process. In the first step, the veterinarian after carefully studying the Doberman's head and ears, will cut away the thin membranous part of each ear from the base, around the outside, and up to the eventual tip. He will then stitch and dress the seam The breeds include Boxers, Schnauzers, Doberman Pinschers, Boston Terriers, Great Danes, and Pit Bull Terriers. The process of ear cropping is done when the puppy is between the ages of eight and 12 weeks. This is because the ear cartilage and muscles of the ears haven't completely developed yet

A Doberman's ears are generally cropped when the dog is between 7 and 9 weeks old. However, some veterinarians will perform the procedure as late as 12 weeks. Any later than 12 weeks of age and it isn't likely that the dog's ears will stand because the cartilage in the ear has hardened Most pit bulls, miniature pinschers, and miniature schnauzers do not require taping appointments for the ears to stand. Other breeds like doberman pinschers, danes, and boxers may require 1-2 months of proper taping until the ears will stand. We recommend the taping of ears at 7 days interval He has clients come to him from all over the United States, and is considered by many to be the definitive expert in Corrective Ear Surgery. Although he uses a Styrofoam cup immediately after cropping young puppies, this method is used after the cups are removed and on any dog older than a young puppy until the Ears are standing This last photo was taken at 12 months old & his head seems to have grown a little larger, so the ears look smaller than they did on earlier photos. The growth of the skull should always be taken into consideration when cropping. A crop that looks really long as a puppy will not look so long when the dog grows up Certain dog breeds, like Doberman Pinschers and Great Danes, that we've all come to recognize for pointy ears are actually born with naturally floppy ears. These dogs are given erect ears via an elective, cosmetic surgery known as ear cropping. What You Should Know About Ear Cropping What Is Ear Cropping

They either do not crop at all or won't do it until 12 weeks. These two vets are the best in our region (except for the vet college, which does not crop), and that's why I selected them out. Having used them both, I'm also more comfortable with them. I know they've both done some pretty great dane ears. Dobermans seem to be a rarity in our area Your Doberman's ears will NOT automatically stand once cropped. It takes a period of weeks and sometimes months of taping and posting the ears to achieve the desired effect. You should plan on having your puppy's ears taped weekly until they stand All Joie De Vivre Doberman puppies are cropped by expert ear crop veterinary specialist Dr. Anne Midgarden. At the time of ear crop, tails and due claws will be re-tucked if needed. We provide all aftercare while the ears are healing. Once the stitches come out and the ears are healed, your puppy will be ready to go home Ear crops follow the breed standard and purpose of the dog (show, family pet, working dog, etc.) For example, the Doberman breed standard, as described by the DPCA, reads: Cropped ears impart an appearance of alertness, determination, and watchfulness, and they aid in multi-directional hearing. In our standard, we do not describe an.

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Most Doberman Pinchers have cute upright ears and docked tails. The breed should bear such an appearance, well according to many people. The idea of having a Dobie with hanging ears and a long tail is a strange affair to them. Ear cropping doesn't happen to Dobies only Cropping is not taught in vet school and it truly is an art. Cropping can cost upwards of $500 depending on where you live and the quality of the vets doing the cropping. It is also customary to tape natural ears to get them to lay nice - like CRDobe mentioned, natural ears can assume all kinds of positions

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Ear posting Methods. The ultimate best addition to any method that I highly recommend, is applying the medical glue called TORBOT. I purchase it online and the small can will last a decent amount of time. Apply it onto inner ear from bottom to top and even outer ear (if using cup method), then post and wrap them right after The office is always trying to talk me into using him for cropping and the vet is always intrigued by my ear crop and studies the ear every time I bring one of my dogs in. BTW vets in our area charge 1000.00 for an ear crop with after care! There is a tremendous amount of aftercare involved to make sure the ears stand properly, and an owner who is not committed to being diligent about the aftercare, should probably not crop their pet. A consult appointment will give you the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of ear cropping with our doctor, and help you to make the best. These are examples of three Dobermans that were recropped at the Millstone Animal Hospital. They were originally cropped elsewhere and were brought to our office for correction. The crops were all too wide and were not likely to stand up properly

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  1. Doberman Ear Cropping Aftercare 101 (Do's and Don'ts) Published March 19, 2021. Categorized as Dogs, Home, House Pets, Mammals. Russel. A pet owner who loves to share useful facts and information about animals. For now, I write mostly about dogs and cats. Post navigation. Previous Post
  2. Ear cropping is a surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia. This is a purely cosmetic procedure and in no way necessary for the general welfare of your dog. As this is a cosmetic surgery, there is no guarantee on the procedure. This includes the shape, and if the ears will stand
  3. Popular breeds that often have their ears cropped include Doberman Pinschers, Boxers, Schnauzers, Great Danes, Boston Terriers, and Pit Bull Terriers. Ear cropping generally takes place when a puppy is between eight and twelve weeks old, while the cartilage and muscles of the ears are not yet fully developed and will allow the cropped ears to.
  4. Ear cropping is a surgical procedure of removing a part of the ear. Dog ear cropping is used for cosmetic purposes only, as some dog breeds are considered to require ear cropping and tail docking to have a standard look.There is a debate whether this procedure is necessary, being considered cruel and having no medical benefits
  5. A Doberman's ears are cropped by a veterinarian. Learn about ear care and taping here. Photo: Sandy Revard. Aftercare & Taping. Please click on the link below to open the PDF document. Click here for Eve Auch's ear taping (PDF link) Read More. Taping: Caulking Rod
  6. How Did Cropping Start? Ear cropping and tail docking began as a utilitarian practice early on when dog breeds were developed and then put to work at the task they were designed to do. Many breeds are cropped. Most people are familiar with Danes, Boxers and Doberman Pinschers as being cropped breeds

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  1. Millstone Animal Hospital 39 Carrs Tavern Road Clarksburg, NJ 08510 (609)259-1955. www.millstonepetdoc.co
  2. Cropping a Doberman's ears is not only an unnecessary procedure, but it is actually hazardous to your pet's health. She put a rack on the dogs ears and I noticed that the rack would have the dogs ears turn inward rather than outward. My wife and I have a 10 week old Doberman, we got her ears cropped two days ago. I just got a Doberman
  3. You'll basically find 2 schools of thought with cropping aftercare: vets that say leave em alone, and vets that believe in daily massaging and scab removal with ointment. I've had great success with the latter, but many have had great success with the 1st way on leaving the ears alone
  4. They have been de-wormed and have had their dewclaws removed (Whippets), and dewclaws, tails docked and ears cropped (Dobermans). If you are local, I also include all aftercare for the cropped ears until they are standing correctly. All puppies are placed with a puppy packet that includes AKC registration, health records (including those of.
  5. A responsible Doberman breeder, in countries where cropping is legal, crops the ears before the puppy is placed in its new home. If the breeder you found does not crop before placing the puppies then look elsewhere for a breeder
  6. Veterinary Faq Ear Cropping And Otitis In Dogs. Veterinary faq: ear cropping and otitis in dogs procedure for of dog pashudhan praharee please help infection? elastoplast allergy? doberman forum : breed forums price legality surgery aftercare

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  1. Doberman Ear Cropping Aftercare 101 (Do's and Don'ts) About All of the information and content on this website is written from our own personal perspective of owning and caring for pets over the last couple of years
  2. Dobermans UK claims that dog ear cropping can be ethical if done correctly, as the Doberman breed is believed to be bred for protection and guarding. Other organisations and sites even endorse this trend, publishing articles and guides on how to ethically crop dogs' ears and methods of aftercare
  3. Ear Cropping In Dogs Legality Surgery Aftercare. Ear Cropping Veterinarian Equine Small Animal Covington Ga. The Truth About Cropping A Dog S Ears Pethelpful. Pitbull ear crop chart hoskin 8 key dog emotions and how to identify them dog behaviour at what age can you crop a doberman s ears pla labrador breed standard what makes a retriever.
  4. Ear posting methods: Ear posting with tampons is the main method to use initially. The tampons are strong enough to keep the ear stretched up and to hold the ear pockets support. They are also convenient because you can adjust the length of a tampon as ear grows
  5. Proper aftercare and taping of the ears following ear cropping is just as important as the quality of the crop for a successful outcome
  6. Dawn Sessions has been doing ear crops for many, many years here at Broadway Vet and has extensive experience in ear crop surgery and after care. We are very breed exclusive and DO NOT crop Pit Bull ears. Dr. Sessions is experienced in cropping and reposting Doberman, Boxer, Great Dane, Schnauzer, Beauceron, and Cane Corso ears
  7. istered for 10 days

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I believe in cropping the Doberman ears. This is the American breed standard and I think it is the true look of the Doberman. This procedure, done correctly under general anesthesia, is mostly pain free. The puppies are more concerned with the postings and bandages than the edge discomfort Jan 29, 2015 - This is the technique of trainingand taping cropped Doberman ears that we have used most effectively with our Dobermans and their puppies. This guide is not meant to provide full instruction. If you plan to or are currently handling the ear training process of a Doberman, it is suggested you seek first hand instruction from your veterinarian, your breeder, or an experienced. The breeder was found in possession of dozens of puppies with cropped ears and tools of the trade for cropping ears i.e. syringes, razor blades and forceps like a burglar going equipped. He was given a suspended prison sentence, banned for life from keeping and dealing dogs, (appeal possible after 15 years), made to pay £11,000 ($14,000) court.

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Many people have questions about aspects of ear cropping, and we hope this information will help. Call us with questions at (817) 370-556 Since ear cropping and tail docking became popular, these various breeds, that once had this naturally, have had it breed out of them. Many breeders are starting to go back to trying to breed for the upright ears and short tails again, rather then surgically altering the dog. I've always been against the practice of ear cropping Dobermans are beautiful with natural ears as well. Do not expect a beautiful crop without lots of support, work and commitment. If your dobie acquires a bad ear crop or a fallen ear or tip then the blame is on the owner for not being committed and doing their research. Many veterinarians have stopped doing ear crop surgery due to this lack of. Consider whether or not the breeder is someone you will want to have a long-term relationship with. Ask if the breeder will be able to provide you with answers on ear cropping aftercare, training, and/or behavioral problems. Ask what steps the breeder has taken to ensure socialization of the puppies Texas T's Toy Schnauzers provides future puppy owners with a comprehensive overview of ear cropping in an article entitled,To Crop or Not. Both sides of the issue of Natural ears vs. Cropped Ears is discussed, including a deatiled look at Ear Cropping

Ear cropping was humane in its origin. Centuries ago, when dogfighting sports such as bull baiting were popular, owners of fighting dogs decided that cropping the animals' ears was preferable to having them shredded in battle, which was even more painful. Thank goodness this practical reason for the cropping of dogs' ears no longer exists Doberman Ear Cropping Styles & Aftercare Tips. 0. Dogs with Green Eyes, Names with Pictures. 0. Dogs. Home Dogs. Dogs with Amber/Yellow Eyes. 0. Dog Breeds with Rose Ears. 0. Dogs with Floppy Ears-Big Long Droopy. 0. Cavachon vs Cavapoo. 0. How to Tell How Big a Mixed Puppy Will Get? 0. Cavapoochon: All You Need to Know. 0

Some Dobermans will require intense aftercare including stitches, ear taping and pain relief. Laser Surgery Benefits Though laser surgery will put the cost of cropping your Doberman's ears at or above $1,000, this procedure causes less pain, less bleeding and less swelling in the ears, according to the Cupertino Animal Hospital and Surgical. - historically, the Doberman is a cropped breed and the breeder wishes to retain the traditional look - the breeder can ensure the cropping is done correctly by a qualified individual and can oversee the immediate aftercare of the ears (novice owners should never be responsible for trying to find someone to crop. EAR TAPING/AFTERCARE The following people provide ear taping services for a fee. Hymmen, Georgia 888-219-7846 Ferndale WA A WORD ON EAR CROPPING Introduction The purpose of the following article is not to determine if cropping is right or wrong, but to give some facts on the procedure Her ears were actually standing well on their own at about 6-7 months old, but I kept taping because I did not want to risk a crop flop. I think it really depends the most on the quality of the ear leather, the quality of the crop job, and very diligent aftercare of the crop. So imo, I would always go with a nice long crop, if possible You go home and see that your favorite book ripped to shreds.. You look around and see the culprit hiding in one corner - yes, it is your dog. Although it is normal for you to lose your temper for a while and probably tell your dog that he is a bad boy, do not prolong it

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  1. Ear cropping is a procedure by which a dog's ears are trimmed, or cropped, so that they can stand erect rather than flop over. Common examples of dogs with cropped ears are Boston Terriers, Great Danes and Doberman Pinschers. The AKC currently recognizes 20 breeds with cropped ears. Most dogs are born with dewclaws
  2. Cropped by a licensed veterinarian under general anesthesia at about 7 weeks with postings to follow when ears are healed. (Note: All aftercare including wraps for 4-6 months is included as distance permits
  3. Ear cropping is a process done in certain breeds of dog to transform their natural, floppy ears into erect and pointed ears. This should be done only by a licensed and skilled veterinarian, and only if the owner is absolutely dedicated to the aftercare of their pet post-op

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Ear cropping is a procedure typically performed by a vet when a Boxer puppy is between 8 and 12 weeks of age. This is an elective, cosmetic surgery that involves cutting part of a dog's ear off and stitching what remains so the ear stands erect instead of flopping naturally 86 reviews of California Dog & Cat Hospital I traveled all the way from Reno, NV to have Dr Kim crop my Doberman's ears. He did an amazing job and I couldn't be happier with the service. The cost was also cheaper compared to the vets in Reno. Although cost was not as big an issue for me but the level of skill was. The vets in Reno that do cropping make Dr Kim's work look godly - had ears cropped at 8 - 9 weeks of age by a veterinarian (ear aftercare help and instruction provided) - were wormed - had their shots up to date - came with their immunization and worming record - came with a small supply of their puppy food - were spayed/neutered during cropping if deemed pet qualit

Cost of Ear Cropping - Doberman Forum : Doberman Breed DogDoberman ear standing/bracing method - YouTubeDoberman Forum : Doberman Breed Dog Forums - Dozers EarCosmetic Surgery - Canine Chat: Dog Tales and Other StoriesPlastic surgery on pets - Global Times
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