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clutch cable keeps breaking. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. X. xtraflo · Registered. Joined Jul 13, 2007 · 1 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 13, 2007. I have a 2004 gsxr 600 recently my clutch cable broke at a red light, I replaced the cable and within 3 or 4 weeks, it snapped again.. Another symptom, and a more serious issue, is a clutch pedal that sinks to the floor. If for any reason the clutch cable snaps or breaks, the clutch pedal will become disconnected from the clutch linkage, and as a result will have little to no resistance when the pedal is depressed

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clutch cable keeps breaking! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. S. sbfreak83 · Registered. Joined Mar 22, 2005 · 42 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 12, 2006. PLEASE HELP I installed a UPR quadrant and cable about six months ago and after a 2 months the cable snapped. I called UPR and they said that thy use the same clutch cable. If it's breaking at the lever on the handlebars, try removing the lever, then use a fine grinding tip on a dremel tool or similar to chamfer all the edges on the cable end of the lever and in the perch. Then use one or more grades of the rubber abrasive tips or abrasive cloth to polish those edges smooth Drivetrain Clutch Cable Keeps Breaking. Thread starter kody baier; Start date May 27, 2013; Forums. Mustang Forums. 1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech . kody baier New Member. May 20, 2013 3 0 1 27 taylorsville north carolina. May 27, 2013 #1 So i have a 91 gt and i just got the clutch and clutch cable replace Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! hi my name is brian and my tractor model number is 917.27058 and my clutch cable (I believe it;'s a clutch cable) keeps breaking after 2 years with fraid ends like it was worn to the point of snapping

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Clutch cable keeps breaking. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. A. airborneranger · Registered. Joined Sep 27, 2009 · 80 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 9, 2009. My clutch cable broke 4 times in the past 2 months this past time I had my local mustang speed shop change it thinking maybe mine. Clutch cables break by fraying, popping one strand after another over time. So it's also something you can keep an eye out for, not something that's likely to happen without warning. Make.. Keep in mind that if your clutch doesn't release properly, it will continue to turn the input shaft. This can cause grinding, and prevent your car from going into gear. Some common reasons a clutch may stick are: Broken or stretched clutch cable - The cable needs the right amount of tension to push and pull effectively. Leaky or defective. Last year my A/C clutch cable kept breaking at the plug on the A/C clutch. We resoldered it back together very well at one point and even replaced the whole cable with a junk yard part, soldering that much higher up the wire and it ended up breaking in the same place near the plug. When I touched the wire after it broke, it was quite hot

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All of the pre-'08 Victory's had issues with the clutch cable breaking (I had one go myself) but that largely went away when they redesigned the perch starting with the '08MY. Regardless, most of the failures I have seen/heard about really come down to one thing: Cleaning and lubricating the clutch pivot point (at both ends) at every oil change Why does my drive belt keep breaking on my rider. I suspect there may be a bent piece of metal impinging on the cable. Possibly bad springs. Let us know what you find. Check to see if your pto clutch is sticking or even stopping during operation if so this will cause the belt to snap

clutch cable keeps breaking 25 May 2016 18:01 #728552. 650ed; Offline; User Posts: 15362 Thank you received: 2812 This method works well for me; I have never had a cable break on my KZ650. I make a little funnel using Saran Wrap and using twist ties I attach it to the upper end of the cable. I also Saran Wrap the center adjuster and twist tie. retrofit electric pto clutch on craftsman mower i have a craftsman 247.288841 (lt2000) lawn tractor. I keep breaking the engagement cable that runs from the engagement lever to the tensioner pulley arm on the deck. the driveshaft on the motor has a small pulley up top for the wheel drive, and a larger pulley on bottom for driving the mower deck

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I've had this FRPP cable for less than a year and it worked great! But now it has become apparent that the continued adjustments is the cause of a stretched. 1966-72 Jeep CJ-5 Clutch Cable, Stainless This cable has come highly recommended from members here as a much more quality and durable unit than the commonly found Crown cable available at all the common early jeep retailers. The Crown unit: Crown Automotive J0992533 Clutch Cable for 66-71 Jeep CJ-5 and CJ-6 with V6 Engin Over time, the clutch cable can become stretched or broken which can cause the clutch to quit working properly. If the clutch pedal feels hard and resists being pressed down, the clutch pedal has gone bad. If you keep pressing the pedal, the cable is liable to break. If this happens, the clutch cable will need to be replaced by a professional. He said sometimes you get lucky, the clutch works OK for about 15,000 miles before it really gives trouble again. He said it was just a characteristic of Jeepsters. He said he used to weld a gusset on the fork to keep it from breaking, even then, it would still break the gusset. I found it difficult to believe that it can't be cured properly

Clutch cable broke at the lever on a recent ride. The bike has 8100+ since Jan 2018. The bike is a MY18 Dark Horse. I'm not replacing it with an.. Cables have also been known to break, or under some circumstances bend, preventing them from moving the shift lever on the transmission into the correct position for the selected gear. If you speed shift either type of transmission or slam gears of a manual transmission, you will cause accelerated wear of a shifter cable CLUTCH CABLE FACTS While drag might have expensive causes, it is possible that the clutch fault is caused by the operating mechanism. Many models rely on a clutch cable, which can stretch, meaning that dipping the clutch pedal might result in an inadequate movement, within the engine bay Over time, the clutch cable can become stretched or broken which can cause the clutch to quit working properly. If the clutch pedal feels hard and resists being pressed down, the clutch pedal has gone bad. If you keep pressing the pedal, the cable is liable to break Same here, I have had exactly two clutch cables break in 30+ years of riding and zero in the last 20 years or so. The two times I had a clutch cable break I had no trouble riding home. Do a lot of rolling stops and avoid traffic lights. But, if you get caught by a light and have to stop, it isn't the end of the world

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The clutch cable has a steel-wire inner core sliding inside an outer sheath. It should last at least two years, but check it at every main service; if it breaks it may do so without warning. The heavy clutch-pedal pressure needed to work it may conceal any initial stiffness or stickiness in the cable itself Over time, the clutch cable can become stretched or broken which can cause the clutch to quit working properly. If the clutch pedal feels hard and resists being pressed down, the clutch pedal has.. There is a welded bracket on the brake/clutch shaft assembly. The spring connects to a hole in this bracket. With one end connected to the bracket, move the spring in an arc to see possible attachemt points on the frame. Look for a hole in the frame that has the paint worn from one side i doubt this will work but you can try, put your foot directly UNDER the clutch pedal, now pull UP with some pretty good strength, now push the clutch in and listen for a click, try it a couple times. your cable most likely needs replacing, get the stock weak plastic quadrant out and go with a nice aftermarket unit and a cable along with a firewall adjuster and youll be good, my Spec stage3.

The breakage usually happens at the point the cable end latches into the clutch lever. As you pull the lever the cable does not pivot, it bends the end of the cable. After a number of bending back and forth, the cable snaps off. The lubing of the cable/housing is a matter of making it operate smoothly and more easily I have been buying the clutch cables from my local motor factors and the rubber grommet that goes through the bulkhead keeps perishing from the strain of lifting the clutch arm. This is why I thought I would try a VW cable as the rubber grommet and components may be stronger and better quality

Sometimes it happens twice a year. It always breaks in the same spot, right at the throttle grip. Nothing is binding or twisting or too loose or too tight. The throttle always functions smoothly until it just snaps Make sure the cable isn't rubbing near the bell or the o2 sensor. Run the broken cable in the car & follow to the point of break. Look around & see if there is anything in that area that has wear marks on it or somthing in the way. If u run a hard clutch, get the good cable. I'm running a centerforce system with 90% holding power. My cable is fine Locate the clutch cable and find where the outer cable is seated against its cable stop on the edge of the bell housing. The locknut and the adjuster nut are at the end of the outer cable, next to the cable stop. Hold the outer cable and pull it backwards as far as it will go, exposing the inner cable Classified ads, photos, shows, links, forums, and technical information for the Volkswagen automobil I have seen this happening only once or twice though but in case it happens, you follow the same procedure that you would do in case of two wheelers. I have seen the clutch still working even after the wire break in my motorcycle and an old scoot..

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  1. The cables generally break on either end,that is,where they attach to the handle bar clutch lever,or the lever on the side of the transmission,atleast that's the most common place I've seen em break.I've never seen any that broke inside the cable housing,it's usually at the ends.If you get into the habit,which is a good habit,of checking and lubing both ends on a regular basis,which takes.
  2. If for any reason the clutch cable snaps or breaks, the clutch pedal will become disconnected from the clutch linkage, and as a result will have little to no resistance when the pedal is depressed
  3. They are a braided steel cable that is pushed not pulled when the pedal is depressed. This causes the strands to expand every time the clutch is used and that isn't often with me.They break right at the clevis they go into at the pedal. The previous owner had changed a few, so he always kept a spare as will I. Maybe it something to think about
  4. The only cable I've broken on my 550 is the parking brake cable. The gear shift and 4wd selector are still the originals without any problem. If your machine is hard to shift in/out of gear turn off the engine. If it shifts easy with the engine off then it's a good indication that the primary/drive clutch is sticking and not disengaging properly
  5. clutch cable keeps breaking - other alternatives clutch cable keeps breaking - other alternatives. By moriniman1, February I had the same problem with the clutch cable breaking on my éclat and I've designed and made a kit to replace the pulley and short length of cable. I've had one in use for the past year or more now and no problems as yet
  6. ation. If a clutch cable is going to break, you know it will be when you are in some god forsaken location, with maybe no buddies around. This way, you can be on your way in about 10
  7. You folks that keep breaking cables need to figure out why. Another cause of breaking cables is too much slack in the adjuster. if your cable is adjusted properly there should be nearly no slack and the operation should be smooth, but if you have a large amount of slack, suddenly you are putting greater forces on the cable every time you pull.

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Clutch Cable Replacement. This is usually where you'll find a break. Try to keep a little tension on the cable to keep it hooked up front. It is a good idea to push a little grease into the tube ahead of time. Push the cable through the clutch tube bracket on the transmission and then push the tube through.. Another with a 1/70 and clutch cable - In terms of operation its great, and works great off road (also have a LUK diaphragm clutch). But the ball on the end of the adjuster nut did break off once an almost left me standed (I was 2 blocks from home and basically coasted)...for those with a cable, carrying an extra adjuster nut with the ball on the end might be a worthwhile small part to keep in. My Clutch Cable Broke. What is the Story with these Two Different Clutch Cable Part Numbers for the GS Clutch . Classic Riders: If you're Classic Cable FEELS broken it may not be. It might be this instead. GS/Dakar Riders: Some riders have reported prematurely breaking Clutch Cables on early GS Dakars, as follows: Haakon #626 When everything is lined up, install the bolts and it will look like this. Your home free now, just adjust your free play in the clutch and the brake and hook your throttle cable back up to the carburetor and your finished. You should have 3/16 to 9/32 of an inch play in the brake pedal and 3/4 to 1 inch of play in the clutch pedal

Like the clutch cable adjuster, the actual clutch adjuster also uses a jam nut to keep everything in place. To break this free, you will want to use a wrench for the nut itself (in our case an 11/16) as well as a hex key to hold the clutch adjuster in place as you do Clutch cable adjustment on 2000 vw cabrio - Answered by a verified VW Mechanic. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them I have replaced my clutch cable 2 times now and it keeps breaking!! Dont know why, it's a factory clutch cable and it's mounted and ran the same way as the stock cable and and i havent made it more than 30 miles on one yet. What can I do, does any one have any suggestions? This one im on know seems to be ok for now

Remove the old clutch cable. After locating your vehicle's clutch cable by referring to your vehicle's owner's manual, you need to remove the clutch pedal first, remove the clutch cable mounting bolts, and take out the old clutch cable. Install the new clutch cable. Keep in mind that the clutch cable must be adjusted to provide certain free room The repair shop said that one of the cables had come a loose. About two weeks ago while driving, I came to a stop sign downshifted, when I attempted to shift gears the clutch pedal became extremely hard, I pushed down and the pedal went to the floor, upon inspection I noticed that the place where the cable from the clutch master cyclinder. Delivery Info. eEuroparts.com® proudly offers wholesale prices and fast shipping available on most orders. Every eEuroparts.com® order is track-able, meaning you'll know exactly where your Clutch Cable is at every step of the shipping process. eEuroparts.com® also displays your Expected Ship Date and transit time in your Cart, making our entire shipping process simple and transparent Once a Rekluse auto clutch has been broken in it is important that the free play gain is re-checked. As parts mate to one another during break-in, it is possible the installed gap will change and require adjustment

Clutch fails to engage properly. A clutch that doesn't engage fully, or slips under heavy load, is the normal failure mode of a worn out friction disc of pressure plate that has lost its tension. When you press the clutch, your foot counters the diaphragm spring which presses the friction disc to the flywheel The two manufacturers of clutch cables(I know of) are Motion Pro - Quality Motorcycle Cables, Tools and Controls and www.barnett.com.Motion pro cables are sold unlubricated and I'd imagine Barnett the same. If you don't have a cable luber, one can be purchased at any good motorcycle shop and I think one comes in a kit with spray lube included The breaking clutch cable is a potential catastrophe no matter when it happens. If you are stopped at a light, you should have the brake held in (if for no other reason than to keep your brake light on)

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My old clutch friction zone was about 3/4th away from the bar end. Now it feels alot closer. Maybe its the cable being new and tight? I'll adjust to the way the cable feels. also, what should the pitch/height of the levers be? I was in a rush after I fixed my clutch cable and now it sits a little higher than it normally was The Honda CB900C Custom cruiser bike lets you travel in style, with a laid-back frame and speed. If the clutch cables break on your motorcycle it can cause serious problems, especially if you use your on a regular basis. With a large selection to choose from you can find the right replacement clutch cable and start cruising your Honda CB990C again Shortly thereafter, say within two months, the clutch cable broke at the clutch lever, end was all frayed. Probably had something over 16K smiles at the time. Replaced with OEM cable. Now, about 5K smiles later, no problems

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Did that on my buddies 03 cobra and no issues. Loosen the cable just enough so that there is no tension on the cable whatsoever while your foot is off the clutch or else you will have premature wear and it will snap quicker. If there is tension, then the cable will stretch and never get a chance to relax..-----94' GT 347 Stroke only one or two strands are holding on to the metal connector eventually breaking off or causing a lose intermittent connection. One method of finding a bad connections is to jiggle the wires. With the Engine off, and clutch engauged as described earlier

The second issue is the clutch cable keeps breaking once or twice a year. I've been making it from cable stock from Tractor Supply but really don't want to keep doing that. Ive found that the cable sheave where it goes into the adjuster is at an angle and the metal end is scraping against the cable Broken motor/transmission mount Clutch fails to engage properly A clutch that doesn't engage fully, or slips under heavy load, is the normal failure mode of a worn out friction disc of pressure plate that has lost its tension. When you press the clutch, your foot counters the diaphragm spring which presses the friction disc to the flywheel This clutch diagnostics guide, provided by Centerforce Clutches, will help determine the cause of several known clutch failures. Please read all the diagnostics before concluding the cause of a clutch failure. Often, compounding problems will cause a clutch to fail. Keep the following questions in mind The brake outer cable and ferrule most probably popped out of the barrel adjuster on the brake lever. This can happen when you panic brake if your brakes were a little out of adjustment -- basically you pulled in a ton of inner cable while you were saying ohhhh mmmyyyyyyy and then when you let go of your death grip, the inner cable went back out and as your brake liners were a bit sticky. it really shouldnt be a problem. was the one that snapped on you visibly rusted where it broke? make sure you've routed it properly (diagrams in the manual), and since you've had one break on you already, make sure you lube it and you should be fine

Because the cable keeps breaking, despite my best efforts etc and it appears to be aligned. BUT I am using a conventional pedal, is adapted to accept a clevis and fork. If I could have used (eh) a Sierra pedal it would probably be ok. For my Sierra based MK Indy I used a cable clutch on the Type 9 gearbox (had been cable on the donor car. Ball and ramp are in the right side trans cover. They're set by cable tension. However, if the cover breaks, the inner ramp can turn. So every time you adjust your cable to take slack out, and then keep moving clutch lever, it turns the ramp, changing the angle if pressure, making thee clutch work later and later, until readjusted The clutch cable is made of a steel-wire core sliding encased within an outer shell. It works under the high pressure that you exert on the clutch pedal and is susceptible to wearing out and breaking The cable is simple but can fail due to heat (especially with some headers) and requires a change in the clutch release arm (it pulls rather than pushes)

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I understand that today's clutch, front brake, and throttle cables have a Teflon liner between the wire and spiral to reduce friction. These Teflon cables must not be lubricated. The storage and packaging of cables can affect their operation. You probably have seen some shops store cables by hanging them vertically on a rack I like to put some light grease, not grease lightly, around the barrel at the handlebar end of the cable at the clutch lever to lessen the chance of drag leading to the barrel breaking off. Had it happen several times over the years but not since greasing the cable ends After about 6 months of use I decided to fix it. After driving the car and parking it, the plastic cable coating would melt to the cable while it sit, bonding to the wire itself. The next time I would get into the car once it was sitting for a while, It was unbearable in the clutch cable to break that bond Loosen the lock screw in the brass cable end until the cable can slide through it. Do not remove the brass cable end from the cable. 2. While keeping the brass cable end in the cable hole on the tip of the clutch release arm, grab a hold of the end of the cable with pliers and pull the cable through the brass cable end until the cable is tight

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Problems with the clutch cable. The clutch helps disconnect the wheels from the engine. There are parts like the clutch cable that keeps the things going on perfectly, and the gear shifts with no problem. But the cable could break or stretch and will see what happens when this event occurs Zed K, lubing the clutch cable was something that I now realize should be done and which was not. I clean and lube the chain every 500 miles and change the oil every 3-4,000 but did not realize the cable needed to be lubed regularly, also. I'm always on the look out for those pesty Volusia sinkholes

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Sounds like maybe some of the clutch cable strands are breaking internally. As they break, one at a time, it makes the cable slightly longer. Could be that or maybe wear in the 3 ball linear converter on the right hand side gear box area The clutch cable attaching to the clutch lever assembly at the wrong angle could be the crux of your problem. If there are no mods, and the cable is repeatedly snapping at the lever, maybe it's time to replace the whole lever assembly Once that is done lubing the cable every oil change with a good lube, and injection system like Cable Life brand will keep you going for a very long time. Now all that said. The most common mistake I see is people trying to install the cable without removing the lever. Sure it can be done, but the cable gets kinkes, and breaks every tim A few weeks ago I noticed my cable was breaking and I ordered a new cable. I could take it to the dealership, but its a fairly decent ride away. Im down to one strand on the clutch cable so I was thinking of doing it myself. I have a service repair manual. I also have a good friend who has worked on cars for years and would help me change this. The push rod in my clutch keeps breaking on the left side where the rod meets the lever, it is a clean break in the same place as the previous rod, I have no clue why this keeps happing? I think you mean that the clutch has a broken cable and it is constantly engaged. The clutch dis-engages from the gear box when the clutch lever is pulled.

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Now go down back, thread the cable through and re-install the bowden tube and slip the cable through the clutch lever. Just start the wing nut on a few threads. Then re-install the pedal cluster. You want to hook up the clutch pedal hook to the cable end and keep the clutch pedal upright im going to check the tension on the cable. it has 4mm freeplay at the top (manual says, 3-5mm so i figured 4 was safe) i think maybe that on top of the sticky cable issue perhaps its also not engaging fully since i cannot start it with the clutch pulled all the way in So I purchased a 2010 husky wr300 and it keeps having breaking the adjustable pushrod that goes through the middle of the clutch. It appears it gets grind down near where the rod meets the actuator arm and then eventually it snaps. I have a different clutch cable, a Motion Pro Terminator. The rest is all stock. The nut on the end of the rod. The the clutch does not disengage, the pedal height is good, cable new, the 1 inch rule is true so the clutch is bad, why takes looking inside the bell housing, (sorry) The Reverse gear drags and the 1inch rule happens, then the clutch is bad, Reverse will grind at the drop of a hat, even the sightest , disc drag and bam, grinds Is the clutch cable on your 1996-2004 Mustang keep breaking due to tight tension on the cable? Replace your worn out damaged clutch cable and replace it with this adjustable clutch cable and quadrant from Ford Performance. This adjustable clutch cable will give you a large range of adjustment, making it easy to get the right pedal feel

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Clutch cables connect the clutch pedal to the transmission shift fork. Old cables can bind, break, or just become sluggish. The best repair is to replace the old cable with a new one. ATP Clutch cables are designed to fit and function just like the original part to ensure durability and long life. Product Features Article And Photos By: Daniel Donley. Originally Published In The February 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine. I was recently at an event and had the opportunity to speak with a lot of different motorcycle enthusiasts from sportbike to offroad and everything in between, and one question kept coming up was how to adjust your clutch and throttle cables I would say cable clutches are easy to fix on the road, many stories of those that run an extra cable along the current one so that a broken cable is a quick change operation. Hydraulics are more complex so more difficult to service if the line is cut or you need a bleed If the clutch cable keeps breaking then the first guy that replaced probably routed it wrong so it pulling against an angle or something. J. Jasmine123 New Member. Joined Nov 17, 200

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My first clutch cable replacement I did was with a factory cable on my 2012 HighBall, and it had those small plastic sleeves. Second time around I went with the Barnett too from Witchdoctor's. One thing that led to that decision was the cable got better reviews, and you can also get the cable with the little bit of extra cable Most of the time, cables break at the clutch lever or throttle when fittings cannot pivot freely causing cables to bend. Keep your fittings and brackets lubed to extend the service life of your cables. Always take an emergency repair cable clamp with you on the road to avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with an inoperable clutch or. I was riding my mastiff went to pull in clutch and cable snapped,it felt like the lever had broken.Upon sneaking home,thru a few red lights in gear,I pulled inner cable out thru sheath.It had broken inside the ball and ramp area.Here is my questions,what size cable should I use for a 2006.. By the time they get to the clutch they'll have the transmission out and might as well replace the clutch disc. They likely wouldn't even charge labor on it at that point. The clutch was fine and had given me no reason to think I was going to replace it any time soon. I don't abuse clutches and have had them last 200,000km and more Did my first oil change the other day and notised that my clutch cable had been rubbing on the POS clamp. The thin rubber coating on the clamp had worn away and the metal underneath was razor sharp. It had worn through the plastic outer housing on the cable. The pictures show the crap OEM clamp and the clamp I borrowed from work why does my clutch cable keep braking or streching on my mg zr? pressure plate.This would need you to use more pressure on the pedal to get the clutch to operate,which would cause the cable to break? Source 1 decade ago. I can't tell you on that model but I had a 79 chevett and I keped braking the clutch cable I finally asked at the.

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