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Take a disposable diaper that fits your baby and lay it out on three thicknesses of flannel and trace around it with a washable crayon. Cut out that shape. Reserve one piece of the three for your new pattern, pin a 3x5 card to it, and make notes and adjustments on it for your next diapers You will use the full pattern. For the micro fleece you will cut two pieces for each diaper. I have drawn lines as to where to cut. Cut one from one side of the pattern and the other piece from the other keeping in mind that the two pieces of micro fleece overlap about an inch These diaper cut outs were photographed right sides together which is how the diapers are sewn during the first sew. When starting with the sewing portion of the process you will need cut out diapers, scissors, a good quality WHITE thread and a sewing machine As it turns out, focusing at work is extremely difficult when Pinterest is paraded, constantly, with images of adorable infants. To meld work and our need to see sweet little baby projects, we've rounded up these 5 Irresistibly Adorable & Free Diaper Cover Patterns. (They're also pretty helpful for the lady with a baby) For a smaller baby you can use the same pattern and smaller lengths of elastic and just have a poofier diaper cover, or you can shrink the pattern. As with any pattern, double check your print settings to make sure they are not set to shrink to fit

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With a simple pattern, you can make a paper diaper with any type of paper you have available and in any color. These little diapers are cute additions to any baby shower. Step 1 Cut a piece of cardstock into a triangle To make the card, cut around the outline, crease along the dashed lines, and cut along the solid lines. Then just fold in the sides, fold up the bottom, and tie a ribbon through the slits, like in the picture below. (It's really quite a simple handmade baby card, I'm sure you'd figure it out even without my description. One print out of the pattern piece (doll diaper pattern here) Note: If you would like to make No Sew Cloth Diapers for a Baby Doll, only cut out one pattern piece from the fleece and skip ahead to where the Velcro gets attached. Make sure your fleece will hold it's shape (or just use felt) Doggy Diapers: Now before I hear any whining from ya'll who believe that dogs should do their business out of doors. Let me explain. I have 8 dogs. They make alot of poo. I have to clean up said poo from the yard. But only for 7 of those dogs. The &

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Blank Printable Small Diaper Thank You Cards You can print these thank you cards on colored paper or print on white paper and let your kids color in, add glitter, stickers, and even attach a litt... Article by Ashley Steel Cut the pattern out of the paper. Pin the pattern to your fabric. Cut four pieces of the fabric in the shape of the pattern, two of which will be the inside of the diaper and two of which will be the outside of the diaper. Cut a square from your pad material that is 1 foot x 1 foot (30 cm x 30 cm) Baby Doll Diaper - Skip To My Lou- diaper cut out pattern ,Baby Doll Diaper old Cut 2 Sew two pieces right sides together 1/4 inch from the edge, leaving a spot for turning on the back.Clip corners and curves.The Life of a Compulsive Crafter: DIY Best Bottom DiaperJul 14, 2015·Cut out your diaper using the pattern, making sure to cut 2 of them but DO NOT MIRROR THE PIECES WHEN YOU CUT THEM -Print out the pattern here (I suggest printing on cardstock paper) -Felt (I used the $.25 pieces from the craft store)-Scissors-Velcro (I used 3/4 inch, but you can use whatever size you like. If you have some that is too big, you can always cut it to fit as well).-If not sewing it on, get some glue

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  1. Doll Cloth Diapers with Heart Appliques. Next, I sewed the little cloth diapers.They're so teeny tiny and adorable! I was inspired by these dolly diapers from Craftaholics Anonymous and used this printable doll diaper pattern I found at Happy Together to cut out my fabric (I didn't even add seam allowances since this pattern was a little bigger than I wanted anyhow)
  2. Using sharp pointed scissors, cut along the center line and into the corners being careful not to cut the stitches. Push the pocket fabric through the cut window, push out the seams and corners, and press. Trim any excess zipper tape
  3. Print out the pattern and enlarge as directed. Follow the printing instructions in the first step for the no-sew diaper. Spread out the flannel fabric and cut out three of the winged diaper pieces, ensuring that you precisely cut the notches. Cut a fourth winged piece out of the vinyl. Cut the diaper pad piece out of the quilt batting

Cut the cotton and Chenille fabric into a rectangle 13″ x 35″. Lay the fabrics right sides together and pin edges well. 2. Sew edges together with a 1/2″ seam allowance leaving a 4-5″ opening on one of the 13″ ends, this is so you can turn it all inside out later This cute diaper clutch pattern is easy to sew, great for boys or girls and is super handy for mom (or dad) to carry in the diaper bag. The diaper clutch easily fits several diapers along with a pack of wipes for easy grab and go for diaper changes. Cut out 1 front and 1 back piece in each fabric for a total of 4 pieces. Pin your velcro. Using the Cricut Explore to Cut Out a Sewing Pattern: I noticed after drafting a few patterns for corsets by hand, I could use my Cricut Explore to make the process of printing and/or cutting out the pattern easier. Some of the benefits of using the Cricut Explore to cut or print your pattern are:That I traced the pattern onto and then cut out my diaper outer. Because printer paper is heavy, it is hard to pin and cut around, so I try to avoid repeating this step multiple times. Instead, I use my diaper outer as the pattern for the remaining layers. For the outer, you can use PUL for an all-in-one waterproof diaper

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5. DIY Sock Diaper. This free dog diaper pattern posted on Imgur makes use of something everyone has lying around — an old sock. Easy and innovative, it's a washable solution that works best for small breeds. First, you want to cut a hole about an inch from the toe for your pupper's tail in both the top and bottom of the sock Take the required materials for the diaper cover. Cut the pattern template for the diaper cover from the pdf. Fold the diaper cover fabric lengthwise and keep the template on the fold as shown above. Mark around the template and cut. You will get your diaper cover piece like this. Mark the front and back parts, referring to the pdf PATTERN PIECES cut 1 diaper body A+B+C 2 2 Velcro tab pocket 2 3 soaker pad piece as many as necessary CLOTH DIAPER 62-74 and 80-86 cm straight grain 2 2 80-86 62-74 e l a s t i c 1B soaker pad piece 2 1B 1A 1C 3 Outer diaper body panel: 1. Cut 2 pieces, each measuring 18-20 cm Cut out the pattern and pin it to the fabric. Use pinking sheers to cut out the diaper. To make optional folding lines for the diaper, use a ruler and fabric marker to draw center fold lines on the diaper as shown on the pattern

Take your fabric marker and copy your traced pattern or outline onto the material and then cut it out. Repeat this step so that you end up with two diaper-shaped fabrics. One will go on the inside and the other go on the outside of the diaper. How to make a basic cloth diaper using a tshirt (for beginners Oct 18, 2019·Cut out two fabric pieces using the pattern for each diaper. I cut one out of cotton and 1 out of flannel. Place the fabric pieces right sides together and sew around the whole piece, leaving approx. 2 1/2″ opening on the longest straight edge for turning. Clip all the corners and clip notches into the curves, or use pinking. Use a fabric marker to trace and cut out the pattern. Repeat this process for a total of four pieces of flannel. Cut two strips of bath towel the length of your flannel but half the width. The towel will act as an absorbent shield for your diaper

Place the black line of the pattern on the fold of fabric and cut one of your flannel lining fabric. No need to mark the yellow dot on the lining. 7 8 7. On both your outer fabric and the lining flannel, cut out the tail hole and clip the four short lines as shown and elastic measurements, see yardage on first page of instructions.) 8 Cut out each pattern along the solid lines. Following the diagram on the Diaper Bag Flap Bottom page, butt together the four pieces to create one full flap pattern Front edges will overlap to prevent the diapers from falling out. The back of a notebook or notepad is the correct size for the cardboard. It is rigid and saves you from having to cut out a piece. references & resources Simple Gifts Classics: Sew Along: A Diaper Stacke

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  1. Leave the appliqué as a single unit. Cut out the two copies of the top section pattern along the solid lines. Flip over one copy, then butt together the two pieces along the center line, matching the arrows on the templates, to make one pattern piece
  2. The great thing about being able to print out your pattern is you can also have the Cricut Explore mark where the waist tape is supposed to be and mark the number of the pattern piece on the pattern. Once the machine is done cutting, the pattern is ready to use. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask
  3. Cloth Revolution diaper pattern Pattern Instructions or Pattern/Instructions in one document If your like myself, you cut out the pattern and toss the instructions over your shoulder. In that case you can save time by just downloading the pattern file

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Cut out a 4 piece (soft side) for the front of the diaper. With the right side of the diaper facing up, pin the Velcro to the top of the diaper about 1/4 from the top edge. Sew around all 4 sides of the Velcro as close to the edge as you can get Cut this piece out twice. Use the top edge and the left edge of the paper as your edges and then curve following the pattern piece toward the bottom edge of the paper. Tape one piece to the top flap piece to form the back. The left-over piece form the front. Diapers and Wipes Holder www.crazylittleprojects.co A typical diaper cut will be enough for the main body and snap-backings, but you would need other cuts for the inside pieces that make the pockets/flaps at the top and bottom. You could use scraps of other PUL as long as the stretch is left to right and not top to bottom These free baby clothes sewing patterns and tutorials will show you how to make homemade baby clothes, including cute baby dress patterns, diaper covers, onesies, hats, pants. With these projects for baby, you'll have the best-dressed kid in town Cut a (8 inch) 20 cm square and cut it into half diagonally. You should now have 2 triangles. To make a diaper, take one of the triangles and fold it up like you would a real cloth nappy or diaper. Secure with the small safety pin

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  1. Using the wipes/diapers as a guide, measure where the top of the clutch will be (where it folds down), and cut off the corners. Just cut from the edges (at the fold point) up to the middle, like so: 4. Round off the top of the clutch with scissors
  2. Suggestion: cut out just 1 pad and try it on and see if you need any adjustments to it in length or width. Once the pad is to your liking use the patterns and a fabric pen to trace out as many pads as you need. Then you can cut all the material out at once and then sew them all. It goes much faster this way. Cut out the 4 layers you need for 1 pa
  3. d the binder clips, I prefer them over pins :blush:), lay out the location for your back elastic (I used hidden elastic since I serged my diapers), and mark your front panel snaps. Then flip the fabric over and trace the leg line of the original pattern so you have it as a.
  4. For your outside pockets, cut 4 rectangles 6.5 wide x 5.5 tall. For the button loop, cut a strip 1.25 wide x 5 long on the bias (the bias means cut diagonally). And finally, for your interior pocket cut a rectangle that is 6.5 tall x 12.5 wide
  5. Use the guidelines to cut the diaper out by hand. I also created a SVG file for any die cutting and/or Sure Cuts Alot users to utilize. You can simply import the SVG file into Sure Cuts Alot and have your machine cut out all of the diaper shaped paper for you! Or import the file to your Sillhouette Studio

Diaper Bags Luggage & Duffel Bags Phone Cases 2 Fox Shape Laser Cut Out, Wood Fox Animal Shape, Plywood Shape Fox, Wooden Jungle Animals Cutout, Unfinished Wood Cutout Shape Craft Supply GandMfinewoodwork. 5 out of 5 stars (130) $ 2.28. Favorit So the diaper case, if you're not sewing strips together, is pretty fast and simple. Just cut out a piece for the top and bottom that are 9 x 5 inches and then skip the next part. If you do want the strips, cut 3 pieces of 2 x 5 inch rectangles, in each color. So you have 6 strips total. Sew them together, using a 1/4 inch seam. Iron flat Cut out your pattern pieces and ruffle strip. Sew the front and back together, right sides together, at the sides and crotch. Then finish the seam allowances. Also serge or zigzag one long edge of your ruffle strip. Turn and press over 1/4″ and finish the hem by topstitching 1/8″ from the edge of the fabric CUTTING Once you've got a pattern that looks reasonable, use the pattern to cut out diapers, cutting two or three full layers of cotton flannel for each diaper that you will make. Three layers will be more absorbent but also more bulky. If you opt for only two layers, you will need more soaker layers

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Cut out your spider pattern. Begin by cutting out four 0.5cm strips off the top of you A4 sheet of paper - put these aside for the legs later. Next, cut out 8-10 sames sized cirlces from the remaining sheet - however many you can fit. We used a small cup to trace circles and managed to get 10 circles from the remaining paper Diapers Delivered Straight To Their Door: 3-Month, 6-Month, 9-Month, 1 Year Subscription Step 1 Cut out the diaper pattern in a piece of felt. Step 2 Place the scratchy side or hook side of the Velcro on either side of inside back of the diaper Cut around the diaper pattern through all layers of fabric. Sew the three layers of fabric together using a 1/2-inch seam allowance, removing the pins as you sew. Leave 3 inches open along the waist front edge for turning

Bring one corner of the diaper to the opposite corner to form a triangle. Spread a clean diaper out on a flat surface. Pick up one corner of the cloth and bring it to the opposite end to form a triangle with 3 points. If the diaper is rectangular, fold in a longer side so the diaper is more of a square before forming the triangle First, trace the half pattern so that you're working with a full diaper pattern. Cut three pieces of your main fabric from the pattern, and two pieces of terry or toweling from the soaker pattern piece. Your three pieces of flannel are for the outside, the in-between layer, and the inside. Inside view of the topstitched diaper Roll up a diaper and hold it in shape with a rubber band. If the diaper has a pattern, then try to roll that on the inside of the roll so it doesn't show (unless you want to make a feature out of the pattern). Roll diaper, hold in place with rubber ban See the two lines on the pattern for each diaper? One is designed for the Inner Fabric (the dotted line) and the other for the Outer Fabric (marked with the dotted to solid lines). When making a traditional AIO, you would cut 1 layer of PUL using the Outer Fabric line and 2 layers of your absorbent fabric on the Inner Fabric line

Draw the snail faces on colored cards and cut them out, now add a stock of 9 rolled diapers to their backs which can be hold in place using ribbon straps which have been knotted here on the opposite side of the cards! Here knots looks like the eyes of the snails! Full DIY guide here! Train Diaper Cake Gift for a Mom-to-Be The first step was to cut out my felt pages. I used the same template as I had for my other quiet books and so my pages measured 11″ x 11″. I recommend making your pages about the same size maybe 1″ bigger or smaller but this is a good size to allow enough space to play on each page On the pattern, you say to cut the pieces out, placing the left hand side of the pattern on the fold. That works for all the pieces except D. Placing the left side of the back gusset piece D on the fold results in an unusable piece with a fold on the outside instead of the inside Ado Diaper Bag. 67. I just knew there were amazing tote bag patterns out there and I was determined to find them! Every tote bag project listed is a free pattern and will help you with step by step instructions. Did I miss one of your favorite tote bags? If so, leave me a link in the comments and I will be sure to include them on the list If you want to make diapers for the doll, cut out the pattern exactly along the lines. Lay one piece of fabric over another and then fold them in half. Lay the dotted edge of the pattern against the fold in the fabric. Draw around pattern and open the cloth. Flip the pattern over and draw the other side so you have a mirror image

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These DIY doll diapers are really easy to make and will fit most standard sized dolls, thanks to the fabric's stretch and velcro closure. Use the free pattern to cut out stretchy fleece. No need to finish off the fabric edges—just sew on the velcro strips, and your child will be ready to play The hood zip coverall pattern is a go-to for newborns and toddlers both! It's such an easy one to change diapers in and you know your baby is always fully covered and cozy! The hood is a stylish way to make sure they are comfortable if the air gets a bit chilly. For a preview of the tutorial check out the blog post. View full product details Cut out the pattern pieces and cut out all your fabric pieces. Depending on your fabric strength, you may want to use interfacing to line the wrong side of your fabrics. This will give your bag structure and durability. Lets begin with the lining. From the printed pattern, you should have two lining (front & back) pieces and a bottom Instead of dragging out the sewing machine, you use fabric glue or liquid stitch on this one. The leather handles are great and really make it look fancy, and even those don't have to be sewn on. If you want an easy leather and canvas bag, this is about as easy as it gets. Instructions and Pattern: homeyohmy. 59. Big Diaper Bag Styled Tot

You just cut out the pattern from your sweater and sew. It's a really simple project, even considering the dip dyeing that you'll be doing. These are great mittens for girls or you could do them in another color - aside from pink - and leave off the heart if you want to make them for boys 4.6 out of 5 stars 470. $28.59 $ 28. 59. FREE Shipping. More Buying Choices $28.57 (11 new offers) the fabric and the tool and run the edge of the wheel along the surface of the paper in the shape of your desired pattern. Like carbon paper, transfer paper leaves a mark with pressure, and your tracing will appear on the fabric beneath.. Cut a piece of 1 inch-wide elastic the proper length for your shorts size (use the chart in the pattern). In a nutshellcut the elastic the length of your waist (or the area where the shorts will hang) and add an extra 1/2 inch for overlap

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Put the fabric face-up on your cutting mat and cut your applique design. (If you aren't using a Silhouette, you can trace the pattern onto the paper side of the interfacing before you iron it on, and just cut it out with scissors.) Put the applique on the bottom, middle of your cloth diaper/burp cloth and iron it down Step 1: Cut out your fabric: 44.75 inches by 28 inches (Make sure if you have a design on your fabric that needs to be going a specific direction that you think about that when you cut.) Step 2: Fold your fabric in half lengthwise and then in half along the width, so your fabric is folded into one fourth its size Print/cut out diaper pattern. 2. With fabric folded right sides together, trace pattern onto wrong side of fabric 3. Cut diaper out. 4. Sew 1/4 seam around diaper - right sides of fabric should be together. 5. Trim off excess fabric. 6. Turn diaper inside out so the right sides are out. 7. Iron/Press diaper Cut the front of the gown pattern out of center front of the T Shirt, the back out of the center back and the sleeves from the bottom sides. Cutting all pieces using the existing hems from the bottom of the T Shirt meant NO gown or sleeve hemming! Cut the neck bindings from the top back of the T Shirt I cut the zipper panels out along one short edge first, and then cut the long pocket strips out of the remaining. From the extra chunk, cut the following: 2 - 6 by 16.5 inch panels Along the long top edges of both your panels, turn over and press 1/2 an inch and then tuck this up again and topstitch, creating a 1/4 inch finished hem

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As a mom of 4, I never take a full diaper bag anymore. Diapers and wipes and I'm good to go. Best of all, the clutch has a built-in carrying handle so I can carry it like a wristlet when I'm headed to the changing table. Head over to find out more about the new Huggies Clutch 'n' Clean wipes and where to find them locally Cut out the pattern and place it on top of your fabric for the front of your bib. Cut out the fabric. Place your front fabric on top of the terrycloth, with the right side down. Pin the front fabric into place and trim around the edges. Sew around the outside edge of the bib, sewing 1/4 inch from the edge I cut out the diaper leaving an approximate 1/4 seam allowance. These are so super cute - can't wait to make them for my grandaughter too!! I have one questin - you reduced the pattern by 66.7% then you sewed on your cutting line - did you add an extra 1/4 seam allowance to your pattern? Thanks. January 12, 2012 at 8:27 A You can make these no-sew flannel baby wipes by using pinking shears to cut around the edge of the wipes. The pinking pattern helps keep the wipes from unraveling—although it's not quite as sturdy as sewing the edges. Finish using the overlock stitch on your sewing machin The pattern. See below for options to get it. I've got two options for you to get the pattern, which is for size 0-3m. If you need to make the pattern bigger or smaller, check out this post. Before using this pattern, you may wish to visit the CPSC standards to make sure your finished product will be safety compliant with current standards

Plus you may sew and sell dolls made from this pattern. Please do not sell the pattern or post it on any other website, blog, newsletter etc. Directions: Cut out 2 from 1/3 yd muslim, flannel, or cotton type material. Pin to 1/3 yd material of your choice, cut out, paint or embroider on face where indicated on pattern; let dry Cut out your pattern. 2. Fold your fat quarter in half with the selvage edges on the left and right sides. 3. Place your pattern on your fat quarter. You will want to put the pattern 1/4″ from the edge of your fat quarter. Place the bottom of your pattern right at the fold of your fat quarter When cutting out your slippery fabric, try covering your cutting surface with a cotton muslin or other textured fabric to help keep the fabric from shifting out of place as you cut. And when sewing your slippery fabric, if you find one layer shifting ahead of the other, try hand-basting the two layers together first - one row o Cut out the pattern pieces as per the pattern given below. You can make the pattern two ways . The first one is without side seams. It is the easiest as it has seams / joints only at the shoulders. The next pattern has three pieces -front piece and two back pieces, which will be joined at the side seams leaving an opening at the back

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  1. Cut the pieces. And then cut at the edges opposite from the folds. like this: In the photo, the marked cutting lines indicate cutting a 36-inch square, which would result in a 35″ blanket. You can, however, choose any size you want
  2. Daddy Diaper Clutch Tutorial. Sew a Baby Dress with FREE Pattern. FREE Baby Pinafore and Bloomers Pattern. Easy Wipe Bib Tutorial - Sew a Bib with this FREE Pattern How to Cut Out Patterns with a Rotary Cutter. What is Pattern Ease? How to Choose Your Size for Sewing. How to Use Single Fold Bias Tape. How To Make Sewing Patterns
  3. 5. Sew the exterior piece: start at the dot in the top corner and sew down one side to the cut out square. Backstitch and cut threads. Then sew all the way across the bottom. Finally, sew up the remaining side - stopping at the dot. Backstitch and cut threads. Press the seams open
  4. Cut out your pattern pieces. Lay out onto fabric and cut away. When it's all cut out, it should look something like this I cut the sash fabric too. Match up right sides together fronts to backs pinning at the shoulders. Sew all four using 1/2″ seam allowance
  5. Cut out the image as you normally would. Make sure you click ATTACH to get all of the elements to cut out in the same layout you see on the screen. Load your desired Iron-On into the machine, click mirror then cut. Applying the Iron-On to the Backpack
  6. Crochet diaper covers are a classic addition newborn photography, and this set really ups the style factor. Vintage style is back in a big way, for modern babies (and their parents), making this diaper cover the perfect heirloom pattern to crochet as a baby shower gift

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Sew a faux-leather version with this pattern and tutorial from Creative Fashion Blog. The zip top keeps your items secure, while the outer pocket is great for easy access items. And even you don't plan to make this purse, be sure to check out this blog's helpful list of tips for working with leather and leather-like fabrics Patterns For Everyone. 5 out of 4 Patterns are for everyone and for every part of your life. Join our community on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Let's Get Started. Save 30% on your first pattern. Join our newsletter and get a coupon code to save 30% off your first pattern. Then stick around for great sewing tips and seasonal specials Print the pattern on card stock, or trace your printed piece onto cardboard for a more sturdy pattern. • Cut multiple pieces of the fabric pattern by folding cloth into stacked layers. Suggestion: Cutting four layers is easily done with a rotary cutting wheel. • Weigh the pattern down with heavy bits like lead weights, stones or knives

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Lots of free sewing patterns and tutorials for making bags, zipper pouches, quilts, mini-quilts, easy clothing items, and other crafty little things to sew. The Miracle Caddy free pattern is a multi purpose organizer that's great as a diaper bag, craft caddy, first aid station, The Amazing A-Frame Organizer with cut-out handles and. Cut slits and insert female end of magnetic snap. And finally, we have the flap piece for your DIY toddler backpack. Line up the two rounded sides, right sides together. Sew along the two short sides and the rounded bottom, leaving the top straight edge open (1/2″ seam allowance). Clip the curves, turn right side out and press

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1 - Cut out the free pattern. Assemble the free baby burp cloth pattern. Now it's time to cut out the minky for the binding. Cut strips that are 2 wide by 64. You will need to sew strips together to make it the correct length. I keep two in the diaper bag and have and others to rotate through. With this amount I find I have enough. Save some time and use your Cricut Maker to cut out the pattern pieces. Face Mask with Filter Pocket. This mask tutorial and pattern has a pocket for filters and features fabric ties instead of elastic. When completed, it is a three layer mask, even without a filter These free patterns make it easy no matter what you want to make - from beds to toys and even sweaters. #1 - Suede Leather Cat Toy. this is a must for you! Directions on Cut Out + Keep. Image source: Cutoutandkeep.net #17 - DIY Kitty Cubie. This is a great cube your kitty is sure to love to snuggle in. Directions from Crafty Night Owls 4g. You will be using the smaller half of the magnetic snap. Take out the washer and place it on the mark that you made on the Interior Flap. Make a mark, using the washer, where the slits are to go. Use your scissors and cut small slits where the marks are. Repeat this for the center of one of your 2″x2″ scraps of fleece

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Put the card in an envelope and send out to thank guests for attending and giving gifts. Mini diaper decorations: Decorate the shower with miniature diapers by turning the invitation template into a mini diaper cut out template. Print out the first page of the invitation and cut out the diaper To make a dog diaper, purchase an infant diaper and cut a hole in the back for the dog's tail to fit through. Check with a vet to make sure a diaper is neces..

Fleece Mittens Free Pattern | Patterns GalleryBaby Shower Diaper Favors by jenbren2006 - atHop into Spring with Crochet Bunny Patterns!~ Marilyn's Cricut Cards ~: Thank You
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