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  2. Get help in the US and Canada for issues related to your PlayStation® account. Find troubleshooting for common questions and issues on the PlayStation® support site
  3. About your account. Learn how to manage your account and get started on PlayStation Network. You'll need your sign-in ID (email address) and your online ID (user name) to set up your account
  4. Your activities are what you do while you're using your PS4™ system. This information is stored on the PlayStation™Network server, and includes your purchase history at PlayStation™Store, the trophies you've earned, your upload history for video clips and screenshots, and other details

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To view and edit information for your account, select (Settings) > [Account Management] > [Account Information]. The account information available to you varies depending on the country or region and the type of account. For details, visit the customer support website for your country or region You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in.. For this method to work you will need to set up your own PlayStation account (even if you don't have a PlayStation) then click the 'Add Family Member' to add a child account. Go through the setup process to link your accounts. To view how many hours someone has played, you will need to visit the Family Management settings on Sony's website To use it, download the PlayStationDiscord app on your computer. There are buttons for the Windows and Mac versions on the site. Once you've installed it, open the app and sign in with your PSN..

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According to reports on Reddit, several PlayStation Network members experienced fraudulent activity on their accounts recently. Accounts were hacked, passwords were changed, user access was denied, equipment was deactivated, and hundreds of dollars in unauthorized transactions were made On PlayStation 4 it's a bit trickier: PS4 does not have official Discord integration, but a third-party developer has created a Discord app that will show your PS4 activity, similar to how.

hi friends, in this video, i am explaining how to recover your psn account which is suspended for suspicious activity. in order to recover your psn account,. Playstation Account Link. Once you have completed your account, click the following link to proceed. Continue. Please click the following link to complete your XBOX Live Account. The information these Cookies collect may be anonymized and they cannot track your browsing activity on other websites Your Account Your Orders Track, return, or buy things again. Login & security Edit , name, and mobile number. Prime View benefits and payment settings. Gift cards View balance, redeem, or reload cards. Your Payments Manage payment methods and settings, view all transactions. Introduction : Discord not having an obvious option to link your PSN account (My PlayStation account), it is possible, and by doing so your PS4 game activity will be displayed on your profile exactly like it would be if you were playing a game on PC. How you can connect your Discord account with your PS4 profile. What is a Discord And apparently, canceling PSN accounts if the account holder demands a chargeback on a fraudulent credit card purchase is longstanding policy too; here, for example, is a November 2013 post from.

FAILED TO LOGIN - PLAYSTATION ACCOUNT ALREADY CONNECTED: When a player sees the following image, it means that the PSN™ ID they're attempting to link from is already connected with a Microsoft Account. This image is very helpful since it tells the player precisely which Microsoft Account the PSN™ ID is connected with. All the user has to do. A Playstation account is becoming more and more like a Steam account in value; the more rare games you have, the better. That's an obvious observation of course, but PSN is much more notorious with rare games than any other gaming platform. One great example is Silent Hills' P.T. that is also known as the Silent Hills Playable Teaser By Marshall Honorof, Henry T. Casey 09 March 2018 All you need to set up the PS4 or PS4 Pro's parental controls are a few minutes and a hard-to-guess passcode in mind. Comments (2 It took maybe a day or two for both my Netflix and Skype accounts to be suspended due to suspicious activity. Tommi84 Member. Nov 15, 2013 665 188 530. Mar 6, 2018 #9 and chargebacks are know cause of auto-ban on PSN account. Contact Sony about it, but be prepared to pay the debit on the account, before you can use it again

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Need help with your Fortnite game or account? Fortnite Support articles contain guides and instructions for resolving your customer service needs

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Set Up an Account for Your Child. First, set up your kids' account from Family Management. You can either create a new account for your child, or add an existing PSN account to the main family account. All parental control settings can be customized for each child, so restrictions like age rating levels for games can be set separately IIRC the first time you since the PSN outage, you have to reactivate your account by signing into the PSN from the website on a PC and changing the password as they tell you to. e.g if US PSN account, signin us.playstation.com and follow the instructions

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I'm gonna show you how to activate psn on all of ur ps4 account The company apparently does this routinely when it detects suspicious activity, according to a post on the PlayStation forums. We routinely monitor for irregular activity, and if such activity is detected, we may sometimes reset passwords of affected SEN accounts to protect consumers and their account information, the post states In the Library, go to Purchased to see all of the games you've purchased on your PSN account. Go to any game that you want to hide from this menu. Press the Options key on your PS4 controller This PSN account has been banned and it looks like what has been done is a hold was placed on the account to avoid any unauthorized or fraudulent activity on the account. I will be submitting your account to have the hold lifted and your account active again. This can take up to 24-48 business hours

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If you keep tabs on your bank account and check your transactions regularly, you may one day see signs of an unauthorized transaction on your debit card.Usually, this means that someone has stolen your debit card or they have somehow skimmed the number and have access to your checking account If you have a PSN account on a PlayStation 3 or a PS Vita you can port it to your PlayStation 4 by signing in. If you don't, see Creating a new PSN account at the bottom of this article, and. <iframe src=https://www.googletagmanager.com/ns.html?id=GTM-KS2VMMQ>m_auth=OuscuuIgPq2snG1opFHgeA>m_preview=env-2>m_cookies_win=x height=0 width. An error has occurred..

The PlayStation Network is having some of their accounts reset because there has been some \\irregular activity\\ on the server, Sony says, concerning some of the emails the company was getting from users On your Account page, select Connected Accounts. Select Disconnect for all of your connected console accounts (Xbox, PlayStation Network, and/or Nintendo Switch). After logging out anyone who may have been signed into your account, you should take the following steps to make sure no one besides you logs into your account again

The Story of Kadjar and His PSN Account . Kadjar is a PSN user who suffered from a horrific PSN account hack in the beginning of 2015. The story was told in great detail via post on Reddit that explains the journey from the moment of the hack until now. The story began when Kadjar discovered that over $600 in charges had been made using the PSN. It's extremely important to report any suspected instances of fraud. If you think your account has been compromised change your password and update your security questions right away to protect your account (we may limit what you can do on your account until you do so). Here are some types of fraudulent activity

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© 2021 Sony Interactive Entertainment LL PSN online ID change can break games, delete saves, and lose your cash The feature was revealed last year after being demanded by gamers sick of being tied to names they picked as children forever. I like it make PlayStation as accessible as possible. Bring over the activity feed and let people post from other devices. I gave up Facebook, and have been posting everything on the PS4 activity feed. Take a pic with my Vita, send it to my PS Vue/Family account, take a screen grab, and put it up on the wall

PlayStation App is an official application developed by Sony that allows you to bring the PlayStation experience everywhere on your Android device. Thanks to this PlayStation App, you can see what your friends are playing at any given moment, compare their achievements with your own, and check your profile and recent PlayStation Network activity Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested users Verified account Protected Tweets @; Verified account Protected Tweets PlayStation Network (PSN) is a digital media entertainment service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment.Launched in November 2006, PSN was originally conceived for the PlayStation video game consoles, but soon extended to encompass smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players and high-definition televisions. As of April 2016, over 110 million users have been documented, with 109 million of them. When you are playing online on PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch, you will be required to link your Microsoft Account to the game in order to connect to online multiplayer servers. This is because Minecraft has cross play between platforms. Thus meaning you are able to play with friends on Xbox One or Windows 10 Gaming Becomes Top Activity Online During Coronavirus Lockdown. After this go to Settings and click on Account Management to activate your friend's PSN account as a primary account on your PS4

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Sony has reset a number of PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network passwords in recent days, attributing the precaution to irregular activity detected by its security team • Voice chat and send messages to your PSN friends, hang out online, and plan your next multiplayer session. • View other players' profiles and trophy collections. Discover new games and the latest news • Shop for new releases, pre-order games, and check out the latest deals and discounts on PlayStation Store © 2021 Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries

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Just sign in and go. Access your favorite Microsoft products and services with just one . From Office and Windows to Xbox and Skype, one username and password connects you to the files, photos, people, and content you care about most Update your Sony account: Log into your Sony account and make sure it's up to date with all notification options turned on, as Sony emailed some users inviting them to buy the PS5 at PlayStation. The game's publisher CD Projekt Red released a statement on Twitter about PlayStation's decision to remove the game. It reminded players they can still buy physical copies of the game, and.

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The PlayStation 5's Settings are full of neat tricks and secrets you may not know about, like these important tips! Automatically Set Game Difficulty, Graphics Mode, and Camera Movement for All Game 1.1. These terms apply to every account for PlayStation Network and all use of that account. 2. What is PlayStation Network? 2.1. PlayStation Network is also called PSN. PSN is a service delivered over the internet. It connects you with other players and provides access to a range of services. To use PSN you need an account The 2011 PlayStation Network outage (sometimes referred to as the PSN Hack) was the result of an external intrusion on Sony's PlayStation Network and Qriocity services, in which personal details from approximately 77 million accounts were compromised and prevented users of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable consoles from accessing the service. The attack occurred between April 17 and.

PSN Passwords Reset After 'FIFA 14' Hacks Lead to 'Irregular Activity' Sony recently reset the passwords for many gamers' PSN accounts after word of a 'FIFA 14' exploit resulted in fraudulent charges If you close your Microsoft account, there's a 60-day grace period during which you can change your mind and reopen your account. After 60 days, your Microsoft account will be permanently deleted. See How to close your Microsoft account for more info. Reopen your Microsoft account. Go to account.microsoft.com and sign in Go to family.microsoft.com and sign in with your Microsoft account.. Find your child's name and select Activity.. Select Manage, and if Activity reporting is turned Off, use the switch to turn it On. If you don't want to get weekly activity reports in your email, but still want to see your child's online activity, switch Email me weekly reports from On to Off So @PlayStation @XboxSupport banned my account for weird activity.. no problem, for security. I get in touch, I get verified that Im the owner but they need 48 BUSINESS hours to unban. Its saturday. Till Tueasday its gonna be 96 hours. Swithing to @Xbox ridiculous #PlayStation

Sony's new PlayStation 5 (PS5) will not only live up to your expectations; it will surpass them. With an ultra-high-speed solid state drive (SSD) and a custom-integrated input/output (I/O), the PS5 console delivers lightning-fast download speeds and an immersive gaming experience. The new PS5 comes in two versions: standard or Digital Edition Your Google Account automatically protects your personal information and keeps it private and safe. Every account comes with powerful features like spam filters that block 99.9% of dangerous emails before they ever reach you, and personalized security notifications that alert you of suspicious activity and malicious websites Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers Transfer money online in seconds with PayPal money transfer. All you need is an email address Ignore the inconsistency of the activity card. It signifies nothing regarding bugged/unobtainable trophies. It's a problem with the PS5 system UI itself n..

PlayMemories Online is a cloud-based photo and video service by Sony. Photos stored on your smartphone and PC can be managed together, as well as allowing memorable photos to be easily shared with your friends and family Recently we saw some handy SendPSN Tools and now PlayStation 4 developer Dr. Luckeyy released a Gamer Choice Sony PSN ID Availability Tool that allows you to check whether a PSN ID is available or in use already on Sony's PlayStation Network when Creating an Account at your leisure. :smilexf2.. Activision IDs include a hash mark followed by a series of numbers (ex: DisplayName#1234567), which is unique to your Activision account and allows players with the same Gamertag, PSN ID, or BattleTag to keep their names while differentiating them in game. The numbers also make account creation easier, eliminating the need to see if a name is. Arc brings your favorite games, communities, media and entertainment together onto one easy-to-use platform

It is also important to note that we have no control over external account activity. This means that we cannot make changes to your PlayStation or Xbox accounts, including transferring games or content between those console accounts. Let us know if you have any other questions We've detected suspicious activity on your Epic Games ( Fortnite ) account. Verify. Generato See How to keep your account secure for more steps you can take to secure your account.. If you are unable to reset your password, or if you continue seeing suspicious account activity after completing the steps above, please contact us First launched in 2010, PlayStation Plus is Sony's subscription service which allows PlayStation users to play online multiplayer. As of March 2021, the service had over 47.6 million subscribers. Verify that this is the PlayStation Network account you wish to link to your Social Club account, and select 'Continue' Note: Certain information will always be visible to others, including Crew membership, comments you post, and multiplayer data shown outside of the Social Club Website, such as in-game

The re-designed PlayStation Network also features a re-designed way of looking at user profiles. Instead of using aliases in the form of screen names, the PS4 is designed to encourage the use of. * If you have a Daybreak Games Authenticator, enter your password and then your PIN to access your account Personal account Xbox account email linking; Binding a Steam account to your e-mail address. General information on your account registered via Steam; How to link your PlayStation account to your E-mail; Auto and user switching; Personal Account Reset; Account blocked due to an inappropriate nicknam

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Stay connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play, wherever you go with PlayStation App. See who's online, voice chat and send messages, and discover deals on PS Store Before filing a case, make sure the suspicious activity wasn't from a family member using your account or from a recurring payment, such as a subscription. Go to the Resolution Center. Click Report a Problem. Select the transaction you want to report and click Continue. Select I want to report unauthorized activity UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter™ is an original action-puzzle adventure following Nathan Drake's continued pursuit to uncover the long-lost treasures of history's most notorious pirates, adventurers and thieves

How do I earn points with Sony Rewards for my activity on the PlayStation™ Network? When you sign-in to Sony Rewards, if you already have an account for PlayStation™ Network, you will be asked to link your two accounts. Once this is done you can begin earning points for your PlayStation™ Network activity within the Sony Rewards program If Web & App Activity is turned on, your searches and activity from other Google services are saved in your Google Account, so you may get more personalized experiences, like faster searches and more helpful app and content recommendations. You can turn Web & App Activity off or delete past activity at any time Get an in-app purchase added to your account. Ask about an in-app purchase that wasn't delivered. Get help with username and password sign in problems for specific apps. Find app developer contact info. Request a refund. Depending on the details of your purchase and issue, you may be able to get a refund PlayStation Network and Xbox Live are still repeatedly going offline and experiencing problems, so if you're itching to try out a new Christmas gift game, you may have to wait

Overwatch is Blizzard's team shooter for PC and consoles. Choose a hero from a diverse roster of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities, each with their own unique set of abilities. Bend time, defy physics, and unleash an array of extraordinary powers in concert with your allies. Lead your team to victory in iconic locations across a near-future Earth Add security info to your account to make it easier to recover your account if it's hacked. Because this info can help keep your account safe, it's important to keep it up to date. Add or update your security info on the Security basics page. Or, learn more about Security info & security codes and get steps to help protect your account today Music for everyone - Spotif

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PlayStation. 39,121,775 likes · 93,890 talking about this. Official PlayStation Facebook page. Please click About for fan comment policy. Titles rated E-M. More info. Go to your Account Activity, and then sign in. On the Account Activity page, find the appropriate order or transaction, and then click Details. On the View Order Details page, click File/View Claim. Enter information about the transaction as prompted. You need the following information to dispute a transaction: Date of transaction; Amount of.

Go to Security and in the Sign-in activity section, select View my activity.; Because of the sensitivity of this info, we'll need to verify your identity with a security code. On the Protect your account screen, select the method by which you'd like to receive this code, then select Send code.; On the Enter code screen, enter the security code you receive My Sony - Log in or create an account and discover the advantages of My Sony: tutorials, exclusive offers, extended warranty, support, contact, manuals, Q&A, forum, competitions and much more great advantages What does activity mean? Any specific action or pursuit. (noun) Recreational activities Once a Nintendo Account is linked to the User, the system's online features will be available. Nintendo Accounts for children (age 12 and under) must be created through the parent or guardian's Nintendo Account. Once the child's Nintendo Account has been created, it can be linked to Nintendo Switch Discover new PlayStation 4 Broadcasters through a featured section, as well as a variety of streamers across all platforms. To get the Twitch PS4 app On your PS4, go to the PlayStation Store

The PlayStation®5 version open beta test will launch on Tuesday, 13 April 2021, alongside the release of Patch 5.5. Users who are currently playing on the PlayStation®4 version will be able to use their existing characters and game data during the open beta test The activity cards for Resident Evil: Village have been annoying the hell out of me. They spoil information that I don't want to know about, like an area's completion and how much is left. Every time I wanna turn the console off or go to a menu I get a card with BIG BOLD words that say things like

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