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Like other fish, smoked salmon comes with a date on the label. Usually, it's a sell-by or use-by date, and it's about two to three weeks from the moment the package was sealed. That date is a pretty good estimate of how long the salmon will retain freshness How long does an unopened package of smoked salmon last in the refrigerator? Properly stored, unopened smoked salmon will typically last for 2 to 3 weeks, or the date on the package, in the fridge. Can you freeze smoked salmon? Yes, place the salmon in the freezer before the number of days shown for refrigerator storage has elapsed

Does Smoked Salmon Go Bad

This date is usually 2-3 weeks away from the packaging date. If you want to enjoy the freshness your delicious smoked salmon brings, it's best to consume it before this date. Of course, if it sits in the fridge 2-3 days after this date, it'd still be good. Nonetheless, don't expect it to be just as fresh Of course, salmon lasts for a shorter period of time if it is not stored properly. But remember that salmon, like a lot of other proteins, usually has a sell by date and not a use by date or expiration date. Because of this distinction, you may safely use foods even after the sell by date has lapsed if they have been stored properly If your smoked salmon is unopened, you can most likely enjoy its great flavor up to 3 days beyond its sell-by date. Naturally, there can be some slight variations on this which depend on how the fish was processed in the first place LeAnnardo I have had packages of smoked salmon in their original packages for some time (many years). Since there is no expiration date anywhere to be found on the foil or the wood box in which they arrived, I have always thought they were good forever. Since I don't know that to be true, I haven't opened them

How Long Does an Unopened Package of Smoked Salmon Last

Of course, your typical smoked salmon will have a shelf life of about 21 days ([KSS]), but there are other options like honey smoked salmon that can last up to 90 days unopened ([HSF]) I also have bagged salmon, with no epr. date. it dont go bad fast, I opened after 6 months and every one liked it, but personally I think it sucks. Needless to say no one got sick, and the cat + dog really enjoyed the other two bags

Yes, provided it is properly stored and the can or vacuum-sealed pouch is undamaged - commercially packaged salmon will typically carry a Best By, Best if Used By, Best Before, or Best When Used By date but this is not a safety date, it is the manufacturer's estimate of how long the canned salmon will remain at peak quality The food is a little past its expiration date, but appears free of mold and rancid smells. Oily fish, such as salmon and tuna, can turn rancid if not stored properly. 6. Raw Meat. Beware of. Although visual signs of raw salmon spoilage can take more time to appear, these are just as vital, including a cloudy appearance on the eyes (in whole salmons) or slimy, moldy, milky-white or sticky residues on the outside (especially around the gills). When dealing with cooked or canned salmon, you can always check the expiration date. 3 The Smoked Salmon in the gold foil pouch has a shelf life of at least four years, as long as it is not opened, punctured or leaking. Even beyond four years, the product will likely be good to eat A smoked salmon product has been pulled off Coles shelves and is being recalled in three states after a mistake was made with its expiration date. Supermarkets in Tasmania, Western Australia and parts of Victoria have been told to stop selling 150 gram packages of Coles Tasmanian Salmon that were incorrectly labelled as expiring on April 7, 2023

This relates to my smoked salmon appetizer recipe question below. Ha! For Christmas I received a generous gift of a whole smoked salmon from Scotland. It's beautifully packaged w/plastic between the salmon layers making for easy serving. It has a March 2012 expiration date Since the smoked fish is perishable, we ship it via Fed Ex Standard Overnight to arrive the next day at your destination, by 8pm at the latest. Does someone need to be home to sign for the package when it's delivered? We authorize Fed Ex to deliver your package without a signature required

Does Smoked Salmon Go Bad? - How to Tell If It Has Gone Bad

Most smoked salmon packages have a best-by date, though it is usually good for a few days afterward. To tell if salmon has gone bad, check its texture, smell and look. Any smoked salmon that is slimy, smelly or has a color significantly different from freshly purchased smoked salmon is likely spoiled and should be thrown in the trash SMOKED WILD SOCKEYE SALMON RETORT Ingredients: Wild Sockeye Salmon, salt, natural wood smoke Net weight: 227 g / 8 oz PRODUCT OF CANADA Needs No Refrigeration Packed For: Sundance seafood Ltd. V3S 1C3 Plant Registration # 1933 THIS PRODUCT IS FULLY COOKED & VACUUM SEALED. DO NOT USE CONTENTS IF UNOPENED POUCH IS LEAKING OR HAS BEEN DAMAGED With no added hormones and high amounts of protein per serving, it's sure to be a crowd pleaser. Serve a thin slice of smoked salmon on warm, toasted artisan bread or bagels with cream cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, capers and red onions. Impress your guests with smoked salmon on top of avocado and mozzarella with a drizzle of balsamic glaze Echo Falls is the number one grocery retail smoked salmon brand in the United States, and for good reason. Fresh, premium quality fish are hand-selected for this line and smoked using the authentic and traditional methods of Alaska, Scotland, and Norway. Whether it is hot smoked or cold smoked, no coloring or preservatives are used, just all.

How Long Does Salmon Last? Shelf Life, Storage, Expiration

  1. Smoked salmon should always be kept in the refrigerator and never left at room temperature. If smoked salmon is purchased vacuum packed it can last 1 - 2 months unopened in the refrigerator. However, once the seal is broken and the pack is open you need to consume the smoked salmon within 3 days
  2. Cleaning the fridge I ran across a package of smoked salmon. A big 1 pound package of very high quality salmon. The use by date is 4/18/05. Is it too old to use safely? I'm extremely paranoid about spoiled food so I don't want to take a chance
  3. Read below for our selection of products including succulent cold smoked salmon and flavorful pepper-roasted salmon! Click the button under each to see what's available in your area. Catch These Products . Eating well is as easy as adding smoked salmon to your grocery list! Find these products at a Whole Foods near you
  4. Alaska Seafood Company located in Juneau, Alaska, was incorporated in 1987. To begin with our company was formed to take advantage of the new technology of the retort pouch, a soft can method of canning. The process allows for a whole smoked salmon fillet or fillet portion to be made shelf-stable (no refrigeration required)
  5. Foppen uses only the best salmon from Norway for our hot-smoked salmon. As the name suggests, hot-smoked salmon is smoked at higher temperatures (150°F to 185ºF) using oak and beech wood smoke. This gives the salmon a rich, yet subtle and refined smoky flavor. Two varieties are available: natural and pepper

How long does Smoked Salmon last? Can it go bad

  1. The flame-roasted salmon is smoked over oak and beechwood. After that, the salmon is then flame roasted and vacuum sealed to preserve flavor and freshness. Each serving of this smoked salmon contains only 100 calories and 12 grams of protein
  2. Yes, by freezing the salmon you sort of reset the date. The date on the cryovac is meant for a refrigerated product. Also, manufacturers use by date is incredibly inaccurate and self serving as is might prompt you to toss the product and buy more.
  3. Join the Club and save! Get a 10% discount off a case of Captain Jim's Smoked Salmon. It includes 24, flavor-rich, 6.5-ounce cans. These cans are packed in eight separate gift packs. To get started, choose your shipping frequency and quantity below. Your first delivery will be sent now, subsequent deliveries will come at the first of the month. We offer free shipping on all.

How long can smoked salmon safely be stored in its

  1. Latitude 45's Premium Cold Smoked Salmon slices are made from hand-selected fresh Atlantic Salmon, sustainably sourced from the pristine waters of the Chilean Patagonian region. Within hours of harvest, the salmon is naturally cured through a slow smoke process, creating one of the finest smoked salmon products available
  2. No, our salmon is hot smoked. During the hot smoked process our salmon gets a wet brine and is then smoked at a high heat in small batches. Lox is salt cured salmon is smoked at much lower temperatures. If unopened and within the 'best by' date, sealed product can be frozen (under 0 degrees Fahrenheit) for up to one year if frozen the day.
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Unopened packages of smoked salmon can last for months. It is crucial to observe labels that may indicate expiration dates. When frozen, both hot- and cold-smoked salmon last for many months, up to a year for best quality. Most smoked salmon packages have a best-by date, though it is usually good for a few days afterward Unopened packets of smoked salmon usually go for 1 week in the fridge and 3 months in the freezer. Opened packets go 7 days in the fridge and 1 month in the freezer When refrigerated, salmon (and other fatty fishes such as mackerel and sardines) can only last for 1-2 days. If you're lucky, salmon's freshness can last up to 3 days when it is refrigerated. The best way to prolong the freshness of salmon is to keep it in the freezer Recipes Our smoked wild salmon have a shelf life of approximately four years and require no refrigeration until they are opened. Once opened, they will last 4-7 days in the fridge. Think of the pouch like a flexible can - as long as the pouch is not punctured, leaking or opened, the product inside will stay good for at least 4 years

CATSMO recalls smoked salmon – GLEE CONSULTING GROUP

Hot smoked salmon is cured and then smoked at a temperature of 120° Fahrenheit and higher. It yields something more like cooked salmon — it's opaque, flaky, and has a very smoky flavor. When buying either cold smoked or hot smoked salmon, pay attention to the expiration date. After opening, it will last in the refrigerator for a week Smoked salmon can keep for weeks in the fridge, and months (if not quite possibly years) in the freezer - but use it quickly once defrosted. There's are two very good reasons why this is so. The meat has been smoked. This does have some preserving properties as well as adding to the taste Smoked salmon can be pricey, so watch for specials in the weeks leading up to the holidays and stock up. Just be mindful of expiration dates. The good news is that a little goes a long way, so even a four-ounce package can make a great holiday appetizer like this one A 3-ounce serving of smoked salmon is a good source of protein, with 15.5 grams, as well as rich in vitamin B12, with 2.8 micrograms. This size serving also contains 384 milligrams of the vital long-chain omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Recommendations for DHA and EPA vary; the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests consuming 500 milligrams of these combined fatty acids a day, while the.

Can Smoked Salmon Go Bad? - Can It Go Bad

Grocery Stores and Expiration Dates, Revisited. A couple of weeks ago, as the two of us were grocery shopping, my mother came across several packages of smoked salmon stamped with 'Use By' dates from the day before. She eagerly snatched up three packages and, when we were checking out, tried to negotiate with the cashier to sell them to her. No product weight loss; No discoloration and no moisture from the air is absorbed; Extended Shelf Life Chart. It's a great idea to familiarize yourself with a vacuum sealed food shelf life chart because unless the food is non-perishable, it's still going to reach an expiration date. After all, using a food sealer only extends shelf life The FDA reports that salmon, like any other frozen food, will last indefinitely in the freezer, but the quality will begin to deteriorate after that time. Salmon kept at zero degrees F will keep indefinitely. If you decide to freeze your salmon, according to the FDA, it's best to freeze it as soon as possible, and not wait until the salmon is near the end of its refrigerated life Trident Seafoods uses two types of expiration dates on its products: Best By and Use By. BEST BY date is an advisory date and refers to the timeframe we believe the quality of the product will be at its best. As long as the product has been stored properly, it will remain safe to eat, but may lose flavor and/or texture once it passes this date

Technically this smoked salmon is as described, but it tastes and looks only slightly better than canned salmon. It's a rip-off in my opinion. I'll be continuing to buy Foppen Hot Smoked Salmon for my low-sodium, delicious flavor Salmon needs. In the meantime, I guess my cats will be eating expensive cat food Smoked salmon can have a strong taste and smell that can easily overpower foods it combines with. Recipes for Nova Salmon Nova-style salmon, or lox, is frequently highlighted as a centerpiece on a buffet table, accompanied by only thin slices of red onion, capers and fresh dill. It can also be mixed into cream cheese or laid out on thin. In Australia and New Zealand, canned foods that have a shelf-life of less than two years require a 'best-before date' (date mark) on the label. A 'best-before' date applies to the quality of the product. It is safe to purchase and consume the product after its 'best-before' date, however the food may not be at its peak quality

Does smoked salmon go bad/expire if the package has not

  1. Keep frozen fish for 6 to 9 months past the sell-by date. Whether it's raw or cooked, frozen fish will keep for much longer than refrigerated fish. The only exception to this rule is smoked salmon. Even in a freezer, smoked salmon will only last between 3 and 6 months
  2. Our Cold Smoked Salmon is always made from fresh salmon and smoked within 24 hours of leaving the water. All dark meat is dry brined, trimmed and removed to yield the cleanest product. We use natural Chilean Oak and native ingredients to smoke our salmon, creating a perfect balance between time, smoke and flavor
  3. Captain Jim's salmon is never frozen from the moment it is caught to when it arrives at your door Each salmon is hand-filleted, brined with a mixture of water, salt, and brown sugar, then cold smoked for 12-16 hours; Our salmon is a shelf stable protein with no artificial preservatives and no nitrate
  4. If kept refrigerated, smoked salmon however, will last about 20 days unopened. Once it is opened, use within about 3 days. The reason for that is that fresh fish isn't cooked but smoked salmon is. Cooked wild salmon lasts longer in a vacuum sealed pouch because most of the bacteria have been killed during the cooking process. Q
  5. Chum salmon, also known as Keta salmon, is also lighter in color but usually has a firmer texture than Pink. All species are considered healthy sources of nutrition, such as Omega-3 fatty acids, and may be used interchangeably in most recipes
  6. Presentation. Smoked salmon is a popular ingredient in canapés, often combined with cream cheese and lemon juice. [citation needed]In New York City and Philadelphia and other cities of North America, smoked salmon is known as nova after the sources in Nova Scotia, and is likely to be sliced very thinly and served on bagels with cream cheese or with sliced red onion, lemon and capers

Our smoked salmon products are pre-cooked, ready-to-eat, and packaged in a sealed glass jar to ensure quality and safety. No refrigeration is necessary until opened. For best results, store at room temperature, away from extreme heat or cold, and enjoy by the date printed on the package 1 c thick smoked wild salmon (Kasilof Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon), skin removed Peel and put into the bowl: 2 oranges Stir the dressing and pour over the greens, etc. Mix well and season to taste with salt and fresh ground pepper. Serves 2 for dinner or 4 as a side salad. Note: can also add juice and fruit from 1 grapefruit

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Just Launched, Captain Jims Salmon Club! Join the Club and save! Get at least 10% discount off all orders of Captain Jim's Smoked Salmon. Choose the item below that you wish to subscribe to, your shipping frequency from the drop down menu and also the quantity you would like shipped in each delivery Spence & Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of smoked salmon and seafood, created in the Scottish tradition. We begin by sourcing the highest quality, premium grade, salmon using only fresh Atlantic Salmon and sustainably harvested wild salmon from suppliers that meet our intensive testing and verification process. Each Salmon is individually inspected then hand salted using only kosher salt Retail product orders and sport fish processing orders are shipped under different rate programs. Retail product orders (canned/non-perishables and frozen) are shipped via flat-rate shipping programs. Please visit our Shipping page for current rates.. Sport fish and processed sport fish orders are billed based on the weight of the order and the distance shipped

The products eligible for 2-day shipping is hot-smoked, cold-smoked, salmon caviar and appetizers. Product that requires overnight shipping is the fresh frozen, King crab, and Spot Prawns. Please note that during summer months due to increased temperatures, hot-smoked and cold-smoked Sockeye fillets can sometimes require overnight shipping Expiration dates are rarely found on canned food. Canned food has a shelf life of at least two years from the date of processing. Canned food retains its safety and nutritional value well beyond two years, but it may have some variation in quality, such as a change of color and texture. Canning is a high-heat process that renders the food. 4. Echo Falls Smoked Salmon. Best Echo Falls Smoked Salmon from Echo Falls Smoked Salmon.Source Image: www.oceanbeauty.com.Visit this site for details: www.oceanbeauty.com I made these for my family members tonight, though I did un-veganize them by adding chicken as well as chicken brew to sate my not so vegetarian-enthused brother or sisters (sorry)

However, many states have no food dating regulations at all. That doesn't mean that there aren't some consistencies and rules that you should follow around food shelf life. Use By Date, or Shelf Life A 'use by date' is the product manufacturers recommended date to use the product in order to still get peak quality March 31, 2011 - Smokehouse LLC of Mamaroneck, New York, recalled PORTIER FINE FOODS Norwegian Smoked Salmon of various size packages including 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz. and random weight sizes, Batch Code 066, due to potential contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. The product was labeled with an EXPIRES ON date of 3/21/11

Ultra Premium Scottish Smoked Salmon. Scotch Reserve is hand-crafted in Scotland from premium quality fresh sustainable Scottish salmon and traditionally dry cured with a blend of sea salt and brown sugar and cold smoked over oak wood chippings. Fully trimmed by hand, 100% dark meat removed, Skinless. A good source of Omega 3 Blue Hill Bay's Poke Bowls are prepared with premium-smoked fish, providing a high source of protein. The Smoked Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl includes 21 grams of protein per serving while the Smoked Salmon Poke Bowl includes 20 grams of protein per serving. Further, the Smoked Salmon Poke Bowl is rich in omega-3 fatty acids

7 Foods You Should Never Eat Past The Expiration Dat

Personalized health review for Latitude 45 Salmon, Atlantic, Smoked, Traditional: 160 calories, nutrition grade (C plus), problematic ingredients, and more. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products You have no items in your wish list. Newsletter. Sign Up for Our Newsletter The smoked salmon quantity has been increased to include an upper range because it has been brought to my attention that some smoked salmon is sliced thicker so you can be a bit short. So to err on the side of caution, purchase 480g/16oz of salmon, but you may use less

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The product comes in a 1lb, clear plastic package marked with lot # 42173 on the back of the package and with an expiration date of 12/22/17. UPC 811907018018. No illnesses have been reported to. For the freshest taste, buying salmon roe frozen is usually your best bet. However, it is important to inspect the packaging carefully. Check the production and expiration dates to see if the roe is from the current or most recent season (roe is harvested each year in the summer, between May and September) How to Eat was 21 years old when it first encountered smoked salmon. Back in [DATE REDACTED] it was still a rarity, served, in this instance, as part of a baffling university buffet at an English.

Everything You Should Know About When Salmon Has Gone Bad

Out of Date Smoked Salmon (10 Posts) Add message | Report. ceb80 Mon 04-Jan-10 16:56:12. Arrgh have been clearing out my fridge and have found a whole pack of unopened smoked salmon that has gone past it's best before date. Its vacuum packed and the date was the 31st Dec, worth the risk or not? Would it be better if I cooked it in something Otherwise I'd have no hesitation. If it's past use by that's different. I'd then compare use by with the date of sale. Something which had a use by 6 months after you purchased it and is now 3 days out of date - I would take the risk - though I wouldn't feed it to anyone else or advise anyone else to eat it Neither hot nor cold smoked salmon should be eaten if it has been left out at room temperature for more than two hours. And because cold smoked salmon has not been cooked, only brined, it will need to be eaten within seven days once thawed. Uses for Hot Smoked Salmon expiration dates are for the retailers use so that the product quality doesnt suffer, milk for instance, is usually good for several days after Smoked salmon is always salt cured before smoking, that and the actual smoking process serve to preserve it

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Food Safety. Shelf Stable, Never frozen. Store Ambient Room Temperature - until opened. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 5 days. As with any canned foods, do not eat if the foil is broken or there is any noticeable oil on the outside of the package Consumer Reports suggests that you not freeze fatty fish like salmon for more than two or three months. The FDA reports that salmon, like any other frozen food, will last indefinitely in the freezer, but the quality will begin to deteriorate after that time. Salmon kept at zero degrees F will keep indefinitely Shop Zabars.com for smoked fish from New York City's famous Upper West Side gourmet epicurian emporium. Zabar's began over 70 years ago, as an appetizing counter in a local supermarket. Louis Zabar would travel to the smoke houses and hand-select every piece of smoked fish he sold. He was known to be difficult - he would not accept anything but pe Zabar

Coles smoked salmon recalled after expiration date mistak

No fish is more smoker-friendly than salmon. This was a secret well known to Native Americans and Native Canadians on the Pacific coast long before Europeans set foot in North America. Salmon is considered as a super food because it is rich in protein, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids, and even back then, they've seen its clear benefits.. To preserve their catch in the days before. In the morning take the salmon out of the brine and rinse in cold water. Pat dry with paper towel and place back on a clean baking sheet. Place in the fridge and let sit for 2-3 hours or until dry and sticky to the touch There is no expiration date because the fish's quality after time will depend on a lot of factors (temperature, temperature control and variations, quality of seal, etc.). Ideally, you store them at your freezer's coldest setting. If you have a deep freeze, 3 to 6 months, but if you have a freezer as part of your fridge, you're probably. I take it you are referring to a shelf-stable, non-refrigerated product. Not all processors of canned salmon will necessarily place an open 'best by' date on the can. If you have concerns about the..

How long to keep smoked salmon - General Discussion

How to tell if ground beef is bad 4 ing and storing salmon 4 ways to tell if fish has gone bad smoked salmon i love smoked salmon is it good for. Salmon 1 Day Out Of Date Information Fish. How Long Does Salmon Last Shelf Life Storage Expiration Date. Salmon 1 Day Out Of Date Information Fish to salmon ing and storing yummly salmon 1 day out. Opened packages will last for a shorter time, again depending on the variety. But remember that nuts, unlike a lot of other proteins, usually have a best by date and not an expiration date. Because of this distinction, you may safely use nuts to compliment your favorite meals even after the best by date has lapsed. As a rule, nuts that are. Organic smoked salmon can only be kept until November 30, 2020 The product is not loaded with germs or contaminated in any other way. Customers who consumed the product before 11/30/2020 therefore have no health effects to fear No pathogens were detected. Significant negative differences in declared weight (over 8%) were determined in nine samples. The two months shelf‐life attributed to smoked salmon marketed in Italy proved to be, generally, too long and the consumer is at risk to buy a product in early stage of spoilage

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Discover Our Selection Of Delicious And Healthy Seafood Products. From Canned Tuna To Pink Salmon In A Pouch, We Have Something For Every Taste Oftentimes expiration dates are a guideline and not a strict rule, usually referencing the quality rather than the actual safety of the food. Although it is still important to check the packaging, there are quite a few foods where the date has no significance. Dry, boxed pasta can last for quite some time if it's unopened

How Long Does Smoked Salmon Last in the Fridge

Although the sell-by date isn't an expiration date, smoked sausage doesn't live forever. Generally, use it within two weeks before the package is opened or one week after opening. Frozen sausage stays safe practically indefinitely, although the USDA recommends using it within one to two months for quality reasons You'll need the freshest salmon fillet you can buy, then the method is to cure (so strictly speaking it's not smoked) over two days in a brine. Don't be scared of the fact you don't cook the fish over heat - the salt water infuses the raw flesh and makes it edible

Wild Alaska Smoked Sockeye Salmon – Case – Alaska WildWhipped Cream Cheese Toasts with Smoked Salmon – Cream

The salmon will be done in twelve to sixteen hours. The salmon will slightly dry while smoking, and become a bit firmer to the touch. Continue smoking if you'd like a more intense smoky flavor. If you don't have a vacuum food sealer, by all means find one. Vacuum storage is the ideal way to pack cold smoked salmon Does Salmon /Smoked seafood need to arrive frozen? Smoked seafood items such as Salmon do not ship to arrive frozen. They are placed with gel packs in a cooler. They will arrive chilled to room temperature and should go directly into the refrigerator unopened for use within 2-3 weeks or freezer for up to 3 months Although no illnesses have been confirmed as a result of consuming the salmon, the FDA has cautioned people who have may have purchased the 4, 8 or 16 oz. packages with an expiration date of March.. Spoiled salmon might have off flavors or odors after it's opened, though botulism can't be detected this way. Home-canned salmon should be kept at a boil for 10 minutes before it's eaten to minimize the risk Patagonia seafood supplier Latitude 45 is debuting three ready-to-eat smoked salmon products at the 2019 Seafood Expo North America event, taking place in Boston, Massachusetts this week from 17 to 19 March. The new offerings include 10-ounce Smoked Atlantic Salmon Pre-Sliced Loin, eight-ounce Smoke Roasted Flakes, and 16-ounce Smoke Roasted.

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