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Half-Day Mythology Tour of Acropolis and Museum The Acropolis Hill - credits: Aerial-motion/Shutterstock.com Start off your trip to Athens with a guided half-day tour of the Acropolis and Acropolis museum Acropolis is the most famous sight in Athens and the first one to check off your list if it is your first time in the capital of Greece. Join an Acropolis mythology tour and experience the ancient vibes, traveling back in time to the era of gods and heroes A time travel to ancient Athens cannot be complete without a visit to the Acropolis Hill and the Temple of Athena, the Parthenon. As a genuine ancient Athenian family, a pilgrimage to the Temple of your patron Goddess is a must! However, the Parthenon is not the only ancient building standing on top of the Acropolis Hill As one of the most important Athens locations, as well as a World Heritage Site, this fortified citadel perched on a hill above the city stands out as a testament to Greek wisdom and culture. The Acropolis holds many different ancient ruins, like the world-famous Parthenon temple, dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena The goddess Athena is the patron of Athens. Athena and Poseidon competed for patronage of Athens. During their battle, Poseidon struck the ground with his trident and a salt water spring welled up. Athena hit the ground with a rock and an olive tree grew in this spot

Personally, my favorite place in Athens to connect with nature and the energy of our ancestors is Philopappos Hill, across Acropolis. I pick a quiet spot, away from other people, and from where I can see the Temple of the Parthenon Architecture from the Classical era remains in abundance all over the city, with connections to Greek mythology. Its two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Acropolis of Athens and the medieval Monastery of Daphni are major draws to the city. The Acropolis of Athens, sitting high above the city on a rocky outcrop, is a sight to behold One of the most popular and interesting things to do while in Athens is to watch the change of the guards. The ceremony takes place every hour in front of the Parliament at Syntagma square. There you will see the guards called Evzones wearing traditional customs standing guard in front of the tomb of the unknown soldier Athens is the capital city of Greece and has been continuously inhabited for over 7000 years. In ancient times, it was one of the main city-states that competed for power against Sparta, Corinth and Thebes.It also provided the backdrop for various myths and legends for ancient Greeks.. Its name derives from the goddess of wisdom, Athena, who became the city's patron goddess after a contest.

Considered one of the most famous heroines of Greek mythology, Atalanta was a renowned and swift-footed huntress. When she was born, she was left on a mountaintop to die, but a she-bear suckled and cared for her until hunters found and raised her. She is also famous for killing two centaurs, Hylaeus and Rhoecus, who attempted to rape her Enipeas Gorge on Mount Olympus known as Zeus Bath. Home to the 12 gods and goddesses of the ancient Greek pantheon, Mt. Olympus is the perfect place for experiencing the awe and grandeur of ancient Greek mythology! Mount Olympus was first scaled in modern times in 1913, and ever since there are several spots on its slopes and peaks that will make you feel like Zeus has invited you to dine in. There are a lot of things to do in Athens. Famous of course for its ancient ruins and artifacts it is also home to a thriving food and cafe culture, a buzzing arts scene and some stunning outdoor venues, events and activities that cater to people of all ages and for all budgets The very best things to do in Athens certainly suggest so. on treats for fans of Greek mythology. This is the temple you should visit first. around 90 outdoor film venues in Athens where.

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If Athens' panoramic view is what you are after, this hilltop is the ideal place for you to visit. Do so, and you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Athens and the thrill of heights! You can reach the top of Lycabettus Hill by the funicular or - for the most adventurous - by walking up the hill Here you can admire the Parthenon, the largest Doric temple in Greece. It was built in homage to the goddess Athena Parthenos, patron and protectress of the city. Acropolis Museum, a must-see to understand the Acropolis History and admire all its treasures. Ancient Agora: the political, social and administrative center of Ancient Athens

25 Best Things to Do in Athens (Greece) If you're like us then coming to the cradle of civilisation is like being a child in a candy shop. There's no limit to the amount of Doric and Ionic temples, statues, vases and Archaic figurines we could devour before we get tired Hear the story of Athens from the city's founding to its Golden Age, battles, and rebirth, and meet the key characters of Greek mythology. As you walk through the city, take in the main sites of ancient Athens, but also lesser-known gems that are often overlooked Attractions in Athens Temple of Hephaestus Frissiras Museum Ghika Gallery (Pinakothiki Ghika) Floating Naval Museum—Battleship Georgios Averof Allou Went to Athens for my 13yr old's dream holiday trip with the focus on greek mythology, one of his passions. Signed up for 3 day tour (Acropolis/Sunion, Delphi, Epidaurus). I highly recommend and could not think of ever going to Athens, with kid or not, and not see the Athenian sites without Greek Mythology Tours When in Athens, you can visit a museum or two. There are several historical museums in Athens, so you can choose the ones you are more interested in. Most people would start with the Acropolis Museum, which is very close to the Acropolis. The National Archaeological Museum is another popular choice

Top of the list when it comes to what to do in Athens, the Acropolis contains the famous Parthenon but so much more besides - As you climb the slopes of the Acropolis passing the various theatres from Ancient Greek and Roman times, you pass the Temple of Athena Nike and enter the Beule Gate to access the Temple of Athena (famous for the caryatids - the female sculptures that act as columns) and the iconic Parthenon from where you can look down upon Athens A great way to experience ancient Greek history, Fimonoi Theater is located in the heart of Athens at the Athinais Cultural Center. On the stage are contemporary performances of classic Greek tragedy and romance, an especially unique thing to do for culture buffs who love drama, the classics and theater 10 Best Things to Do in Athens The Acropolis. Thus, besides the Greek mythology that you stand to enjoy, the scenery is equally mesmerizing. The Temple of Poseidon is a tourist site that you can visit in the afternoon to swim and ouzo before you visit the temple. In the evening, you can watch the sunset before you set back for Athens for a.

Athens Activities with Kids. But Athens has much more to offer than ancient Greek monuments. There are parks with turtles swimming in the ponds, botanical gardens, interesting and unique museums, a huge zoological park, amusement parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, climbing walls, a go-kart circuit, a hill with a cable car, street art, water parks, and Greek food tours, mythology tours. Another true treasure of Athens is the National Archaeological Museum, the ideal place to learn about all things related to Greek archaeology. Housed in a Neoclassical building, you'll find five permanent collections with a whopping 11,000 exhibitions covering Greek civilizations spanning from prehistoric times all the way through to recent. And for a perfect adventure, check out the list of 10 best things to do with kids in Athens below. Surely you will have a thoughtful arrangement for an exciting journey with your family in this mythical land. 1. Athens Mythology Highlight Athens, the birthplace of western civilization! You've no doubt heard these words a thousand times. Apart from its ancient side though, Athens has many different faces. Here are just a few of our favourite things to do in Athens! 1. Climb up the Acropolis. Stereotype or not, you simply can't visit Athens and not go to the Acropolis

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Athens is full of famous tourist destinations - the Acropolis, the museums, the Ancient Agora - just to name a few. Of course, these are all a must. But it would be a shame to leave Athens without experiencing it like an Athenian. Athens off the beaten path is the Athens of the locals Find & Book the Best Things to Do in Greece. Tours, Activities, Excursions in Greece. Book Tours, Day Trips, Tickets, Exclusive Access, Sightseeing Trips & More on Viato Here are just a few of our favourite things to do in Athens! 1. Climb up the Acropolis Stereotype or not, you simply can't visit Athens and not go to the Acropolis Things to do in Athens. Account. Log In Greek mythology comes to life as you walk the roads of Delphi, considered by the ancients to be the center of the world. Join an experienced archaeologist - licensed guide and explore the ruins of ancient Athens as you discover the mythology behind the colossal buildings and. $65. per adult

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You'll quickly find that one of the best things to do in Athens is to feast on local delicacies. From crunchy and gooey saganaki to horiatiki salata filled with fresh veggies and crumbly feta, you'll have your socks knocked off by how good the food is in Athens. One of the best ways to experience the best food in Athens is to take a food tour At the Acropolis on a sunny winter day with Alternative Athens Ioanna tells us more stories and history on the tour. Athenian cat on the Greek mythology tour Athens is home to one of the most famous sites in the world - the Acropolis. Standing high above Athens for more than 2500 years and considered one of the greatest architectural wonders in the world, you cannot come to Greece and not visit the historical centre of Athens

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  1. Embark on a journey of glorious Greek myths and learn fascinating stories about gods and heroes of ancient Greece as you follow a carefully designed route around the Acropolis and through Plaka. This is a self-guided mobile tour provided by our tour-guide app. The tour is based on an award-winning storytelling concept and the fascinating narratives prepared by handpicked destination experts.
  2. Things to Do in Athens, Greece: See Tripadvisor's 770,029 traveler reviews and photos of Athens tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in May. We have reviews of the best places to see in Athens. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions
  3. Some of the top Greek tourist attractions can be found in the country's plentiful archaeological sites, and you can really get to the artefacts in their original habitat. One of the top ancient things to see in Athens is the cemetery of Kerameikos. Stroll through the site and it's easy to lose track of time
  4. In Greek mythology, it was believed that majestic Mount Olympus was the home of the 12 gods and goddesses. This stunning formation is the highest mountain in the country. Perfect for hikes, the rugged mountain can also be your playground. And while you may not spot these deities when you reach the peak, you'll be rewarded by glorious views
  5. The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is the largest museum in Greece and one of the most important in the world. It houses invaluable treasures of Greek culture from prehistory to late antiquity. The museum offers you the opportunity to explore its collections on its website
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The island was originally called Dias (Greek for Zeus) and its tallest mountain is known as Zeus (or Zas to the locals). But the most famous myth associated with the Cycladic island has to do with Dionysus, the god of wine. On his return journey to Athens after slaying the Minotaur in Crete, Theseus made a brief stop in Naxos. He left Ariadne. This is one of the best things to do in Athens. 2. Pay Special Attention to the Parthenon. Perhaps the most well-known site in all of Athens is the majestic Parthenon, dedicated to the Athenian goddess of war. Those who love Greek mythology will know why it was built. Do you Travel Greece January 25, 2019. 4 Cities from Greek Mythology You Can Visit Today. Greek mythology is a collection of hundreds of tales of gods punishing or aiding mortals, heroes defeating the monsters or saving the city, and beings both man and beast embarking on epic journeys

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  1. Acropolis: One of the number one things to do in Athens Greece is visit the Acropolis. After spending some time in Olympia, we headed to the Acropolis to see the Parthenon. The Acropolis is one historical site you cannot miss when visiting Athens! Since Greece barely gets rain throughout the year, the atmosphere is very desert-like
  2. Ranking of the top 11 things to do in Athens. Travelers favorites include #1 Acropolis Museum, #2 Plaka and more. the mythical king of Athens, and various Greek gods. Though smaller than the.
  3. Back in the day, Olympia served as a gathering point for the whole of the Greek nation. The Olympic games were used to draw in the rich and the poor, the mighty and weak from all corners of ancient Greece to Olympia. This site was also dedicated to the most famous Greek mythology figure, Zeus! Here is all you need to know about Olympia Greec
  4. Steep deep into the history and the myths of ancient Athens on an interactive discovery tour as you simply follow me to the historically significant places related to Greek gods. Our introduction to Ancient Greece starts at Athens central Syntagma Square. We'll then move on to the next stops, the royal Hellenic Parliament and the National Gardens, a natural oasis in Athens. I'll tell you all.
  5. From history and mythology to the original Olympic stadium and other fun-filled gems, discover the things to do in Athens with kids on your family vacations to Greece If your kids are curious and active, love myths and stories, like the sea and mountains and are always asking questions about the world (its past, present and future), then Athens.
  6. The Acropolis is the most important historical sight in Athens and is not to be missed. The Parthenon is the crown jewel of the Acropolis - an incredible building built by the world's most advanced civilization. This is the highlight of visiting Athens with kids for most families
  7. e the social, cultural and political context of the myths and how they helped Athens into beco

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  1. or places to see in Athens that visitors might be interested in
  2. A must-see when visiting Athens with children is the Acropolis. The Acropolis is the most famous monument of Greece and generally, of the ancient world. The Acropolis is suitable for children starting from 3-4 years old; it is not allowed to use strollers inside the Acropolis
  3. Parks, picnics, archaeological sites, a zoo, mountains and the sea What more do you want? Getting the kids outdoors is easier in Athens than perhaps any other European city. With fantastic weather for 10 months of the year, a walk in the park, on the mountains surrounding the capital and of course by the sea are the most enjoyable ways to get in touch with nature
  4. If the kids enjoyed the Acropolis, then another one of the things to do in Athens for kids is to take them to the Acropolis Museum. The museum is situated right at the base of the Acropolis at the main gate and is a huge modern museum that has just celebrated its 10 th birthday. This museum is considered one of the best in the world
  5. Athens the capital of Greece is a city with many points of interest; a rich history, good shopping, tasty food, and amazing nightlife. So if you are visiting Athens and you are wondering what to see and do I have made this comprehensive list of the best things to do and see in Athens Greece. I hope you find them interesting and helpful
  6. Athens - Things to Do ; Greek Mythology Tours; Search. Greek Mythology Tours. 30 Reviews #152 of 815 Tours in Athens. Tours, Private Tours, Sightseeing Tours, Walking Tours, Cultural Tours, Multi-day Tours More. Athens 17671, Greece. Open today: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Save. Book In Advance
  7. Benaki Museum of Greek Culture Benaki is a history museum with Greek art and objects from the Stone Age right up to the War of Independence against the Turks. It lays its pieces over three floors and apart from seasonal exhibitions, the museum offers events, courses and publications to educate audiences of all ages

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  1. According to Greek mythology, the first city of Athens was Phoenician and Cecrops was the king who founded it. The city of Athens was officially created the day the Gods decided to have a contest: the growing city would be named after the deity who would offer to mortals the most useful gift
  2. Food is in the heart of Greek culture and there is no better way for your family to experience it than with a kid-focused Mythology Food Tour in the traditional heart of Athens. Eat your way through Athens and experience one of the most delicious tours of your life at our Mythology Food Tour for families
  3. App Tour of Greek Mythology in Athens without Entry Tickets, Athens - Use a mobile app and embark on a journey of glorious Greek myths and learn fascinating stories about gods and heroes of ancient Greece as you follow a care..

See Also: Things To Do in Kefalonia; 21. Treasury of Atreus. The Treasury of Atreus is a short walk from Mycenae but deserves its own spot on our list of things to do in Greece because of its significant history. In fact, the treasury is not a treasury at all, it's a tomb. It is said the legendary King Atreus or his son Agamemnon was buried here Mar 15, 2019 - If you are planning on spending a few days in Athens as part of your Greek vacation, our suggestions will help you discover all the secrets of the cit..

Greek mythology at the Acropolis Athens, Greece. Discover the world of ancient Greek mythology during a visit to the Acropolis with a private guide. A fantastic experience for families where children can learn about Greek history through exciting stories and fascinating legends Do not miss the church of St. George located at the ancient acropolis of the city and don't miss the chance to have a coffee break at the village's square, under its centuries-old plane tree. Visiting this village is one of the best things to do in Delphi, Greece Looking for fun things to do during coronavirus lockdown? Take an online LIVE tour from the comfort of your own home and discover how Greek Mythology is connected with Traditional Music and feasts. Connect with your host from Athens Greece and spend time together discussing about Greek mythology and traditional Greek music Book a mythological tour to the world of ancient Athens and visit the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Theatre of Dionysus, and more! Have an in depth understanding about Greek mythologies and philosophers through a knowledgable Athenian guide. Get discounts on the best tours in Greece when you book through Klook

We've got you covered. Here are some of the most unusual and less-touristy things to see and do in this beautiful country. Pittaki Street, Athens. Once a dark street in the Psyrri district in Athens, Pittaki Street is known for its unique light arrangement which gives the street an eerie and magical aspect. Created thanks to a non-profit. If you consider yourself a Greek history and mythology buff then Delos should not be missed. This barren, rocky island just 10 kilometers southwest of Mykonos is said to be the birthplace of Apollo (the god of light, harmony, and balance) and Artemis, and today is one of the most important archeological sites in all of Greece Discover the the mythology and history of Ancient Greece with exciting interactive tours, games and activities. Meet your team on Syntagma Square before your young travelers dive into a mysterious world of myth and legend, getting to know the gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, whose amazing stories shaped the earth, heavens, seas and cities of ancient Greece

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  1. To make the most out of your visit to Athens and its myths, consider reading some Greek Mythology stories with your kids. Have a look at the 20 best Greek Mythology Books for Kids This workshop is ideal for children from 6 years and older but younger siblings can join too because the activities take place at open green spaces and car-free roads
  2. There's no way you can see all the museums in Athens on a short break though, so we thought we'd shortlist them down into the top 10. These Athens museums are perfect if you want to discover more about Greek culture and history. They also cover the entire range of Greek history, from it's ancient past to the modern day
  3. A City of Myth and Mythos. Experience Athens the local way in just a day! From starting with a morning walk through Monastiraki and finishing with an ice-cold Mythos in a local taverna, you'll be spoiled for choice with all the incredible things there are to do in Athens in a day
  4. This truly significant monument has also been used as a prison, where the hero of the Greek Revolution, Theodoros Kolokotronis, had been held during the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire. If you want to get a good photograph to take home, climb Palamidi's many -oh, so many!- steps and admire the view from the top
  5. 15 Things To Do in Athens, Greece Zeus and Athena , Socrates and Plato - some of the well-known philosophers and adored Greek Gods from our history classes. All came from one of the oldest cities in the world - Athens
  6. Athens, the capital of Greece, was the heart of ancient Greek civilization, and people from around the world still come here to visit early Greek landmarks such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Meanwhile, the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum preserve sculptures, vases, jewelry, and more from Ancient Greece, offering.

Acropolis Welcome to the heart of Athens, here is where you'll find the fascinating Acropolis. Inside Acropolis, you will see the remains of the Parthenon, a temple built in 432 before Christ dedicated to the goddess Athena. Inside this abandoned town onto of the hillside you'll discover so much of the rich ancient Greek history Visit the Acropolis, Greece's most famous monument, to learn all about the mysterious and captivating legends from ancient Greek mythology. Your private guide will lead you around the temples, telling the stories of Athena, Zeus and a variety of the Greek gods There are a lot of things to do in Athens. Famous of course for its ancient ruins and artifacts it is also home to a thriving food and cafe culture, a buzzing arts scene and some stunning outdoor venues, events and activities that cater to people of all ages and for.. Greek Mythology for Kids: Private Tour, Athens - Discovery and adventure for kids! Who are the heroes and heroines of Greek mythology? What are the famous myths of ancient Athens? Who was the first person to fly in th

Shopping in Plaka is a top things to do in Athens Greece. Fun things to do in Athens Greece. There are plenty of things to do in Athens that can keep you busy for as long as you want to stay. You can see Athens in a day or stay for a whole week - that's part of the reason Athens makes an excellent stop on anyone's ' Euro Trip ' The Acropolis, considered the emblem of the city of Athens is a complex of temples built on a high rock structure, symbol of the Golden Age of Pericles. The Parthenon, dedicated to the goddess of.. Despite being famous worldwide for its unmatched beaches, Greece does the unimaginable: it combines sea and mountain with sea and you shouldn't neglect to experience both aspects of the country. Therefore, apart from your swimsuit, you should also pack your hiking boots and set on a hiking adventure on a Greek mountain Dominating the skyline of the capital city of Greece, Athens, is the Acropolis. If you are in Greece then this is probably the number one attraction not to miss and the complex, made from glittering marble, used to be the site of the famous statue of Athena who was also the goddess of Athens

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Even if you know nothing about Greek mythology, Athens has plenty more to offer than just history. The best part is that these character-filled streets don't have to cost a bomb! We teach you how to get the essential experiences without breaking the bank. Must-See Sights in Athens 1. Acropoli Discover the world of Ancient Greece with a private guide and learn about Greek history at the Acropolis, this experience is ideal for children. This site uses cookies. By continuing we assume your permission to use cookies, as detailed in our privacy and cookie policy You'll need to make a pilgrimage to the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Erechtheion, Areopagus, the Ancient Agora of Athens, Kerameikos, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Round out your visit to the past at the Temple of Hephaestus, Pnyx, Monastiraki, the Arch of Hadrian, the Stoa of Attalos, and the Prytaneion Relive some of the greatest tales from Greek mythology in the mind and then in the flesh. READ MORE. BEST OF. 10 Best things to do in Athens with kids . BEST OF. 6 Best Covid-friendly strolls in Athens . COVER STORY. 12 destinations that gave life to Greek mythology . BEST OF Visiting the Acropolis Museum is one of the best things to do in Athens. If you want a better understanding of the context and history of the Acropolis before visiting it, you should definitely go to The Acropolis Museum first. It displays nearly 4,000 ancient objects and artefacts found on the site

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As chaotic as Athens can be, the Greek capital is a wonderful place to discover with children. Take older offspring to see the city's endless classical treasures (before arriving, it's a good idea read about Greek mythology to set up anticipation and understanding); smaller ones always enjoy a day at the city's beaches, a break in the. Highlights of Athens: Visit the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, the Roman Agora, the Greek Agora, Old Parliament and Socrates' Prison Cell, the changing of the guard at the Parliament, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the National Library, the University and the Academy of Athens, Hadrian's Arch, the 1896 Olympic Stadium, plus a view of the city from Lycabettus Hill Maybe the most interesting place of our Mythology Food Tour in Athens with kids. There is so much to see on the market! Olives, snails, fruits, cheese, nuts, herbs, honeythe market in Athens summarizes Greece's treasures. We discovered the origins of the products, how they are grown and where and listened to more stories about the Greek gods Things to do. Vacation Rentals. Trips for Me. Discover. Travel Deals. Get Inspired. Español. List your property. Support. Trips. Sign in. Members can access discounts and special features. Sign in Create a free account. List of favorites. Feedback Opens in a new window. Beginning of main content The Acropolis: This magnificent site is what most people come to Athens to see. The Parthenon is one of the most photographed sites in Greece, and is synonymous withAthens. Tickets to the Acropolis and Parthenon also include entry to the Temple of Dionysos, the Ancient Agora and the Roman Agora, and several other notable sights

App Tour of Greek Mythology in Athens without Entry Tickets 4.5. 2 reviews From £10.20 per person. Book now Use a mobile app and embark on a journey of glorious Greek myths and learn fascinating stories about gods and heroes of ancient Greece as you follow a carefully designed route around the Acropolis and through Plaka. About this activity. The Greek mythology has many Gods and Goddesses as history takes us back to BC. Every God and goddess played a different role in Olympian history and every one of them had different qualities or powers. Here is the list of Greek gods and Greek goddesses: The Greek god Zeus

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The main things to do in Athens, Greece, in two days include climbing the Acropolis of Athens, a visit to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, visits to the Ancient Agora and the Roman Agora, Hadrian's Library, The Archaeological Site of Lykeion (Lyceum), sunset watching on the Lycabettus Hill, enjoying a Greek Frappe in Piraeus, and having a late. 9. Check out the central food market in Athens. If you are interested in real life in Athens, you should definitely visit the Central Food Market in Athens. Located on Athinas street, between Monastiraki and Omonia metro stations, it's a feast for the senses, and one of our favourite free things to do in Athens Best Things To Do in Athens Greece — Guide to the Capital of Greece. Ancient Greek Architecture Architecture Art Greece Mythology Monuments Affordable Vacations Parthenon Athens Greece Ancient Greece Greece Travel

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In Greek mythology, Lemnos was the island of Hephaestus, the God of Fire, which makes sense when you consider that Lemnos is a richly volcanic island. Despite being one of the lesser-known and lesser-visited islands, Lemnos still have plenty of things to see and do, so whether you're into sight-seeing, beach relaxation, trying traditional. Hip hotels, restaurants, bars, attractions and things to do on a wild weekend in Athens, Greece. Athens city break guide by a local writer. Hip hotels, restaurants, bars, attractions and things to do on a wild weekend in Athens, Greece. Taking its name from the most benevolent goddess of Greek mythology, Athena, the goddess of wisdom. For those of you interested in mythology, it's supposed to be the site where Ares, the God of War, was tried for the murder of one of Poseidon (the God of the Sea)'s sons. Unusual things to do in Athens Greece: Anafiotika - the hidden 'island' in the cit

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Let's explore the best things to do in Mykonos: 1. Mykonos Windmills If you're up to scratch on Olympian Greek mythology you may know Delos as the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis. After 30 years of excavations the French School of Athens needed a museum for all its discoveries on Delos, and this was inaugurated in. Jan 15, 2021 - From the cryptic Delphic E to the mystic triangles, take a look at some of the greatest mysteries of Ancient Greece and try to unlock them Naxos is the largest and greenest island in the Cyclades. Lounge on the white, sandy beaches, visit ancient temples, hike to the summit of Mount Zas, go windsurfing, and explore the charming villagesthese all make the list of the best things to do in Naxos With this Athens, Santorini, Milos itinerary you will know exactly how to make the best of 7 days in Greece! Visiting these places is wonderful, and you will have a great time for sure! Athens, Santorini, and Milos are some of the most beautiful places in Greece with lots of things to do and see. Visiting these places during one trip is the best way to get a sense of all kinds of aspects of. Embark on a fascinating walking tour suitable for all members of the family. Discover the mythical side of Athens, through the landmarks of the city that have been inspired by the timeless heritage of Greek Mythology

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