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Because the timing belt is covered in a series of rubber teeth, when they start to wear down, or some of them even break off, it's not going to run evenly between the camshaft and a crankshaft any longer. That creates a ticking sound as it spins. Because of the speed that your engine operates at, this is going to be a very fast-paced sound Want to crank the starter from under the hood? Use this tool from Amazon → http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0009XQUKW/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&ca.. The clicking sound is produced as your timing belt begins to fail because the belt, as we said, runs between the camshaft gear and the crankshaft gear with those teeth meshing in the gears to keep it in place. When the teeth wear down and sometimes even fall off, it will start producing this very fast-paced, repetitive click as it rotates Ticking noise coming from the engine The timing belt is attached by way of a series of pulleys to the engine's crank and cam shaft. The crankshaft powers the engine's connecting rods which are attached to pistons inside the combustion chamber

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Listen to the distinctive sound of an engine turning but not starting with the cause revealed. Shown is a 2.2L Ecotec engine in a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier A bad tensioner will usually be accompanied by noise. This noise could be some type of squealing or rattling coming from the timing cover area. Also, when your timing belt is loose, it will cause some drivability issues usually under high load or high rpm If your mechanic recently installed a new serpentine belt in your system and you still notice annoying sounds, then they probably didn't do a good job of aligning the belt onto the pulleys properly. In other cases, a worn-out tensioner could cause the misalignment if the belt is loose

This timing belt is too loosen. Info vide Ticking noise coming from the engine The timing belt is attached by way of a series of pulleys to the engine's crank and cam shaft. The crankshaft powers the engine's connecting rods which are.. As the timing belt tooth enters and exits the timing belt pulleys tooth, air is compressed and forcibly evacuated, making a sound similar to air escaping from a balloon. Added to this is the impact between the timing belt teeth and timing belt pulley cause a slapping sound Sound is an indication of a belt being loose. This noise could manifest as a high pitch or whirring noise. The level of looseness will create different sounds. Movement of the belt up and down while operating is normal at ½ to ¾. More than that is considered worn or a concern . Low output from the component the belt is operating could.

Listen for a metallic sound that resembles a rattling or scrapping noise. The sound can be intermittent or constant, but it will be a metal to metal contact. Such a noise will reveal a loose timing chain hitting the inside of the timing chain cover every time it rotates. You might also hear a metallic slapping noise The timing belt has to be under certain tension which is allowed by a timing belt tensioner. If the timing belt or the timing belt tensioner gets damaged, it will get loose and will start to vibrate and make a rattling noise. You must always change your timing belt if you notice any cracks to avoid any additional damage to the engine When the timing belt wears out, it can cause a ticking or clicking sound to emanate from the engine. Because the belt is attached through a series of pulleys to the engine's cam and crankshaft, and those complex systems are regulated by the timing belt, if something is amiss on either side - belt or cam/crankshaft - this sound is an.

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  1. g belt, as the sound wouldn't go away until the teeth were gone (and also your engine). Ti
  2. g belts, the most common sounds you may notice are knocking, slapping, grinding, squeaking, and/or chirping. Let's dive a little deeper into the different sounds a faulty ti
  3. g belt gets loose, it will start to knock around and hit the ti
  4. g belt. Nov 2, 2009 #5. DSM1G90 Proven Member. 5,105 60. Joined Apr 6, 2008. Nampa, Idah
  5. g cover, including the cover itself. This can cause a slapping or knocking noise...
  6. Other things in addition to the above you can try include removing the power steering/alternator belt and see if the noise is still there (don't drive it, just rev the engine a little while parked). If it is then try removing the a/c belt too and see if the noise is there. How many miles do you have on
  7. g chain is loose, it may cause a vibration inside the motor and that will produce a rattling noise as the engine idles

Hello viewers, sorry I have not been a good youtuber! We have moved our house and I hate moving. But we are settled into our new place and hope to see more o.. If the tensioner is not keeping the belt tight, the belt can come loose and hit various parts inside of the timing cover, including the cover itself. This can cause a slapping or knocking noise. Symptom 3: Check engine light illuminated. Though noise is the most common symptom, a loose timing belt can also cause a check engine light Other mechanical problems that lead to engine, Engine Knocking Ticking Noise are: Defective main crankshaft bearings; A cracked or broken flywheel or flex plate, that attaches the engine to the transmission; A worn water pump bearing; A failed or loose timing belt tensioner can knock, when the timing belt slaps against i I am hearing a loud rattling/knocking sound from the timing belt cover. I was half way to work in armadale from bentley at 5:30AM in the morning. so i had no choice but to drive it. i stopped at a gas station to check it out and noticed that the sound goes away when i REV the engine to 2000RPM and if i let go it starts rattling around 1000 RPM Listening to your engine is a good habit to develop! Unusual sounds are a reliable warning sign that something is going wrong. If all is well, your engine should make a smooth and consistent sound. However, when a timing chain is working its way loose, it causes vibration inside and this sounds like a rattling noise when the engine is idling

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the timing belt will only whine if its been tensioned to tightly, installed a gates on mine recently can't hear a thing, you really don't have to tension the belt that much, all i did was rotate the belt and then simutaneously tighten the tensioner. spot on, no noise at all, and its never going to slip, no way Noise - A good indication that a timing belt has gone bad is going to be noise. There may be a sound of rubber beating against something. It'll typically be a rough rattling sound, and it is often most noticeable right when you start up your 300 A very loose timing belt makes a sheet-metal sound as it slaps the timing cover (I recall these engines have a steel cover), not the deep gargling sound you first described. A marbles sound could be ball bearings. My 2.4L sounded like that, and quite loud, just before the timing belt tensioner bearing failed The cause of these can happen when you notice timing belt problems, so you change the belt. However; unless the tensioner belt pulley is in the correct place, your belt will be loose, which can cause loud noises and serious damage to your engine. If you notice the sounds come from the belt area, it is likely timing belt tensioner noise At 120,000 mi, replacing the original alternator and power steering belts is my next Preventive Maintenance task (2001 4 cyl Camry). Checking for noises w/o ext belts and accessories makes a world of difference in troubleshooting. I read a loose timing belt will make a flopping noise vs experiencing the noise

Loose belts are more likely to squeal in warm weather. However, if the belt appears to be tight and in good shape, then the issue may be the internal bearings of the pulley. The same visual and tension check can be performed on the serpentine belt. There should be enough tension to allow the belt to be pushed down about three quarters of an inch The timing belt was just replaced a few days ago by a mechanic. I'm getting a whining/whirring noise when the engine is revved. I can hear the noise regardless of if the car's in gear or neutral. The noise gets louder and louder and the engine is revved higher and higher. Obviously I suspect the noise if coming from the new timing belt. Any. If your fan belt breaks or falls off, these components will eventually fail, potentially leading to much bigger issues. A.K.A: it's important. Why Is It Making Noise? The sound of a squeaky belt in your vehicle's engine is usually because the rubber belt is slipping on the metal pulley The sound is like a engine cover or belt cover is loose and resonating. My best guess would be your timing belt tensioner I literally had the same symptoms of the rattling when the engine is cold and once it warms up it stops as soon as I got my timing belt job done it went away the dealership I went to said it was the timing belt tensioner. Timing chain noise? Weird engine noise. Jump to Latest Follow Has received tuneup around 75000 with new belts, sparkplugs, and a belt tensioner ( mine was leaking). OK.. Now onto the problem. I have been noticing what i can best describe as a rattling, slapping noise on a cold engine when accelerating.. noise is not present as idle in.

The belt and adjusting....this one is tricky. I read all the conversations about piston slap and a few about the timing chain adjuster. Doesn't sound like that to me and as everyone says, it still runs perfect. The noise is reminiscent of a loose rocker arm/bad lifter, which it doesn't have. I think it's the automatic compression relief. It sounds like the timing belt slapping the plastic cover. I'd guess that the belt just needs to be tightened (has stretched), but it's a pain to get to that idler. I previously replaced the timing set and water pump, and not that many miles have been put on it since (but many years have gone by) With a flashlight, look at the timing belt and see if it's frayed anywhere. Replace the belt if needed. 3. Wrong Timing Belt Size. The timing belt could be either too wide, narrow, thick or thin. The best way to figure out whether your timing belt is the right size is to look up the part number. The timing belt should be made for your engine

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The timing belt sets the valve timing. It has to be put on exactly as spec'd, the alignment marks have to be aligned correctly simultaneously on the crankshaft and camshaft, otherwise the valve timing will be early or late. Early or late valve timing would likely cause a knocking noise too Timing belts have teeth to grab onto the gears that rotate different parts of the engine. When a belt starts to lose teeth it will make the timing belt slip. If the sound is coming from the front of the engine, where the timing belt is located, you may need to get it checked by a mechanic. Exhaust Issues

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Hi! I have a 97 Toyota Corolla at 57,000 miles. I had decided that it was time to change the timing belt (for the first time for this car) and took it to a mechanic. After timing belt was changed, I start hearing louder noise from the engine compartment. The noise sounds like strong wind from engine. The wind-like noise only happens when I am accelerating from 0 to 20-30 mph. If I accelerate. 5) Ticking Sound. The timing belt is connected to lots of pulleys and is surrounded by a lot of other components. If the timing belt were to get worn out, it will start to become loose and possibly make a ticking sound as it continues to wear out. The sound will remain there until it's replaced or the timing belt gets so worn that it breaks. A friend of mine told me that the new belt might be really tight due to the tensioner being new and this noise will go away after sometime, is that true? The timing marks aligned perfectly, and I checked them 10 times, the belt marks also aligned with the timing marks on crank and cams when I installed them

These belts are very similar and may be treated in the same fashion. A noisy fan or serpentine belt can make chirping, squeaking or squealing sounds that may be consistent or may come and go. Often, these sounds indicate an issue that may need to be resolved like a loose or damaged belt 7. Worn Timing Belt. A timing belt or chain tensioner is used to rotate the camshaft(s) that control intake and exhaust valve operation. If this belt, chain or tensioner becomes loose or is failing it can cause a rattle noise that follows the engine RPM's

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I've got a 2000 Camry with the 5SFE, and on cold starts, I get what sounds like a loose timing belt slapping the timing cover. Only happens on a cold engine, and above 2,000RPM or so the noise is gone, and then comes back as the engine decelerates from above that speed A clattering noise coming from the front of the engine can be caused by a loose timing chain contacting the timing cover, or slapping against the gears on the crank and camshaft. A timing chain making noise like this is most likely near failure Timing belts, used in many vehicles to drive the camshaft, also are important to renew according to the recommended schedule, typically 60,000 to 90,000 miles. A failed belt or hose can ruin an. Noise- A good indication that a timing belt has gone bad is going to be noise. There may be a sound of rubber beating against something. There may be a sound of rubber beating against something. It'll typically be a rough rattling sound, and it is often most noticeable right when you start up your Civic I removed the timing belt, and removed, compressed, and pinned the tensioner. After resetting the crank shaft and cam shafts to their correct positions, I reinstalled the old timing belt, lightly clamping it to the camshaft pulleys, and discovered it was VERY loose over the lower right idler pulley

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that sounds electrical in nature, not anything to do with the timing or the belt thereof. If you lost your timing belt, depending on the engine design and how fast the engine was turning at the time you'd be driving along and a) hear loud metallic sounds as the engine tore itself to bits or b) get a sudden loss of power followed by a tow to someplace where they replaced the belt and got the. Timing belts tend to wear and crack with time, which is my some cars have timing chains instead of belts. If your car emits a squeaking timing belt noise, it should be dealt with immediately. If the timing belt snaps on an interference engine, it will throw the engine's components out of sync, causing the pistons to hit the valves which will.

Re: Yamaha F40 timing belt and mystery sound question tod<br /> if your F40 is an ML model (20) it has a bushing in the upper casing just above the water pump that willmake noise occasionally. the MS (15) does not have the bushing.thats is why we ask for model numbers.<br />but before ya get to worried disscuss the deflection with your dealer As soon as you suspect any loose timing belt symptoms, bad timing belt sound or faults in general, visit a reputable timing belt replacement Melbourne shop. Some of the warning signs are clanking noise with the engine which happens when the belt jumps and the valves collide, poor engine operation or no operation at all, or the engine stops. The cause of the noise is faulty timing chain guide rails and timing chain tensioners that wear out well ahead of schedule. These components are there to keep the timing chain tight and properly positioned. When these parts fail, the timing chain becomes loose, and pieces of the timing chain guides break off, falling into the oil pan If a belt is too tight, or even too loose, it will make noises. Serpentine belts that are too tight will let out a high-pitched wining noise, which is the rubber from the belt being stretched. On the other hand, belts that are too loose can often squeal because they will not stay on the pulleys as it spins. To fix the belt, open the hood and. Timing chain noise is commonly most noticeable during cold startup of the vehicle when oil pressure and oil flow is at its lowest. Excess slack in the timing chain can cause a rattling sound or even a clanking sound if the slack is severe enough to cause the chain to contact the timing chain cover

Your timing belt can stretch over time. Once the tensioner reaches the end of its travel, it can no longer keep the timing belt tight. A loose timing belt can cause a ticking sound, and may cause oil leaks near the front of the engine. As it loosens, it can jump time and cause misfires. If the timing belt breaks, your engine will not start or run A loose timing belt or timing chain could lead to excessive noise, abnormal wear, or crankshaft/camshaft correlation problems—DTC P0016 is a classic example of a skipped timing tooth. Conversely, an excessively tight belt may cause accessory or pulley bearing damage Other common reasons may be a damaged pulley (shreds the belt) or damaged/loose tensioner (belt is loose and falls of). You should never let the problem get to this stage. The belt will first be cracked and have frayed edges before snapping. A strong squeaky sound will probably appear also 10: Remove Timing Belt Tensioner and Timing Belt Now that the cam and crank are timed correctly, You can take off the timing belt tensioner. The one on the Lexus was held on by 2 12mm bolts 2. Pulley bearing wear. Appearance: With the engine off and the belt removed, manually rotate the pulley.If you notice noise, resistance or roughness, the problem is likely to be pulley bearing wear. Cause: Defective bearing and/or pulley.. Solution: Replace the complete tensioner.Do not attempt to replace a worn pulley in a used tensioner assembly but always replace the entire tensioner.

The timing belt shouldn't cause the engine to be noisy unless it is so loose as to slap parts surrounding it. The engine will become noisy if a loose timing belt skips a tooth or 2 and messes up the timing of the engine. On another hand, if it is visually loose at the timing gears it is imperative to get the system looked at by a mechanic A coolant contaminated timing belt will have a reduced service life. On the other hand, a worn out timing belt may break and damage your new water pump. In most applications, the water pump and timing belt have about the same service life period (50,000 miles or more). So, you'll save time and money by doing both at the same time Timing belt installation should be a snug fit, neither too tight nor too loose. The positive grip of the belt eliminates the need for high initial tension. Consequently, a belt, when installed with a snug fit (that is, not too taut) assures longer life, less bearing wear and quieter operation

Unfortunately, it's not easy to clean antifreeze from a rubber belt once it's sunk in, although some belt dressing products claim to quiet down the sound. You may be looking at a replacement to get the noise to go away. 3. Tighten the Idler Pulley. A loose belt that's slipping will squeal I am hearing a loud rattling/knocking sound from the timing belt cover. I was half way to work in armadale from bentley at 5:30AM in the morning. so i had no choice but to drive it. i stopped at a gas station to check it out and noticed that the sound goes away when i REV the engine to 2000RPM and if i let go it starts rattling around 1000 RPM edit: meant serpentine belt Hey ephatch, unfortunately the first thread I'm making has to be a worrisome one. I bought myself an 02 tw ep3 with 113k on the clock today, and already I'm worried about a sound coming from the engine. When I test drove the car a few days ago, as well as again today before i handed over the $ I failed to notice it, but as soon as I started it on my property it. Fixing the balance shaft belt noise. Do the 90 degree twist on the cam belt and if it feels loose repeat with the Arnnworx tool. John_AZ. I went ahead and rechecked it over the weekend. The tension was set just over the recommended limit (arnnworx tool) but I think the problem was the idler roller.. The timing belt is still on. Normally I would think it was just pressure by the cam making the belt create uneven tension in it. But the polishing by the belt on the back timing cover makes me think this is/was happening when the car was running. The belt could only reach those polished marks when the belt was loose

1. Broken timing belt. Probable causes: 1) Straight cord line rupture: belt was crimped before fitment; 2) Raffled cord line rupture: foreign object between the belt and pulley will break the tensile cords; or belt was twisted over 90° or turned inside out before fitment, or forced on a pulley e.g. using a sharp object such as a screwdriver.. Okay. Take a breath. The first thing that comes to my mind here is you didn't really swap out the timing belt you swapped out the serpentine belt the one you can see when you lift the hood the one that powers all the accessories like the alte.. A failing timing belt can produce a well-known ticking noise that will emanate from your engine. This ticking noise can also be a sign of low oil pressure within your engine, if you check your oil and your level is within a normal range, consult your mechanic to inspect your timing belt The usual failure mode of a timing belt is stripped teeth (which leaves a smooth section of belt where the drive cog will slip) rather than an outright snapping of the belt, which is very uncommon. Correct belt tension is critical - too loose and the belt will whip, too tight and it will whine and put excess strain on the bearings of the cogs Re: Yamaha F40 timing belt and mystery sound question thanks for the vote of confidence tritonII, wish I had as much. <br />Tod<br /> have you been taking it in for regular service? the manual says 50hrsOR3 months,100hr OR 6 months,and 200 hours OR annually, thats once a year. timing belt inspection/replacement is every 200 hours OR once per year.same as the water pump,pressure valve,t=stat.

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2009 must have a timing chain ,dont worry.they are reliable, seems u got a car in this series the first time, do take a look at this chain if for any other repairs you needed to get to open the head of the engine. or even if it happened take a look of chain of other cars etc in garage etc. in the last i would say dont worry,it has no belt and the chain lasts v long I replaced the timing belt, water pump, thermostat, all drive belts, and all idler pulleys. With all drive belts removed, I've got a noise that sounds to me like the t belt tensioner squealing or the belt rubbing on something, or both. The noise comes and goes and varies in volume. There's a video link below 3. Why does the crank pulley marks not line up with the timing pointer on the timing cover? Also there are 3 marks on the crank pulley. What mark should line up with the timing pointer on the timing cover? 4. I know the tensioner is loose or broken so there is a lot of timing belt slop and it is making a lot of noise. 5

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Hi Brian, The Timing chain is used on the 3.0 H6, 3.6 H6 and now the newer versions of the H4 starting with the 2012 Forester. Chains do not a service interval for replacement like a belt does, however if the wrong type of oil filter is used or the oil not changed and level maintained they can wear out and are very expensive to replace about 4 times what a timing cost to replace If the valve timing is off then the engine will run poorly. There are many reasons for that but one main one is that the compression will be low on all cylinders. If the chain slop is not excessive it is still possible that you have jumped a tooth especially if it is a rubber timing belt

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Timing belt and chain replacement is one service that isn't going away any time soon. Most Ford engines with overhead cam timing belts have a recommended replacement interval of 60,000 miles to 120,000 miles depending on the application (see the chart on page 54). So if a customer is driving a vehicle that is more [ Worst-case scenario: a loose belt may come off of its pulleys. When this happens, all the accessories powered by the engine go kaput and the vehicle will stop running. Quick fact: If your serpentine belt is loose, you may have other mechanical problems like under-performing water pump, which can cause the engine to overheat. Avoid performance loss There is a noise that sounds like a bird chirping & just like a loose fan belt on a car. The Engine has a timing belt that seems loose, but I can't see how it can slip with all being notched. ( it is not a warning buzzer ) I just rode in another boat that had the same engine with no chirping noise. It seems to be too loud to be normal. It gets louder as you go faster, but don't seem to hear it.

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I doubt very much that it would be the timing belt making the noise as the timing belt has teeth in it that fit in the cam shaft pully,this belt wont slip it will just break without warning usually destroying the engine in the process., if any of your accessory belts are loose they will definitely squeal on start up,tighten or replace them 1993 LX Notch Foxbody 2.3l Automatic,Custom 2 Cold air intake,EGR Delete,CAT Delete/straight 2.25 pipe,95' Ranger Tubular header,5.0 GT Rear Sway Bar,5.0 Fuel Pump,Monroe Gas Struts,225 60 15 tires,8 speaker sound system,400.1 mono block POWERBASS amp,2 ORION COBALT 10 sub

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My timing belt was extremely lose, the hydraulic tensioner was dripping oil and going bad. Pullies were bad, water pump was going to turn for the worse soon, so no ticking! Even in 20 degree weather YAY! btw price, I paid around 575 for labor/ parts ( timing belt, water pump, pullies, tensioner ) So I'm pretty happy, throttle response is. bearings are loose or making noise, these parts must be replaced. Position the new timing belt on the pulleys, make sure all the timing marks are aligned and that the belt is taut between the two sprockets on the non-tensioned side. Loosen the tensioner bolt so the spring will pull it tight against the belt

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The tensioner for the timing belt, once set is bolted on in it's set positon and should not come loose. It is not the same type tensioner as the drive belt. It's an interference engine alright, but doesn't mean you will bend valves every time a timing belt breaks The increase in length can have an adverse effect on camshaft timing and become a source of noise if the chain becomes loose enough to rub against the inside of the timing cover. Advertisement. When The Cam Drive Fails. If a timing belt or chain breaks, or the cam drive gears fail, the cam stops turning, the engine loses all compression and the.

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