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Android TextView with Clickable Links: how to capture clicks? 6. Android ACTION_SEND Hyperlink not working in GMail. 215. How can I make a clickable link in an NSAttributedString? Hot Network Questions What is Susanna Clarke alluding to with 'Magicians-in-ordinary' Google says it's resolved an issue that was causing Gmail and other Android apps to crash for some people on Monday. The problem apparently stemmed from a bug in a previous version of Android.. If you're having issues with Gmail not working in your desktop browser, the problem is likely a conflicting extension. If you're using a new browser, it might not be compatible with Gmail. Google recommends using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. Most Chromium-based browsers work well with it too Typically, when you add a Google account to your Android phone and enable sync for Gmail, you should start receiving new emails without any issue. But sometimes, due to certain reasons, such as.. Two days ago, droid turbo updated. Since then, hyperlinks on the Verizon email system don't open up. Prefer the email provided by Verizon, Moto to gmail (where the hyperllinks do still work) becasue i prefer the way historic emalls are presented, in the manner that microsoft presents emails

The reason many of the apps have been crashing is due to Android System WebView updates. To ensure the smooth functioning of the phone, an Android user has to uninstall WebViews from their device... When I open such a link in chrome on my desktop, the corresponding mail message is opened as expected. However, if I open those links in chrome for android I only get the main window of gmail, not that specific message. Does anybody know of a way to open permanent links to gmail messages in an android app Go to Settings and select Data usage there. Find the Gmail app and make sure that Mobile, Wi-Fi, and Background data, all three are checked. So that Gmail app is syncing data whether you are on a data plan or WiFi and also working in the background when you are not actively using the app

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When I'm using IE and am IN a web page, and I click a link.... the links DO work, so it seems like somehow this is isolated to JUST Gmail, but I can't find anything anywhere to describe why the hyperlink would NOT work within IE using Gmail.. when it DOES work using any other browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. Apple Mail automatically opens when email links are clicked unless you configure another default mailto: link behaviour. In this video I show you how to open.. 2. Check Internet Connection. As Google needs to fetch the results from the internet, try opening a website in a browser on your phone. If that also doesn't work, then the issue is with your. Selecting text in a mail without hyperlinks gives no problems. Help would be really appreciated. Simply following a link someone send is now impossible. edit: BTW, I am using the outlook app from the play store on a HTC One X (Tegra 3 chip) running the most up-to-date android version from the manufacturer (4.2.2) Android users can go to Settings > Accounts & sync and find and open Gmail under Google. You can either unselect/select the blue tick next to Gmail to kickstart the sync process, or you can sync everything on-demand from the More menu at the bottom of the screen

IF THIS VIDEO HAS HELPED YOU, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE :) THANK YOU FOR 130K VIEWS!!!If the problem still persists, a search on Google may reveal your solution In the Gmail app, tap Menu>Settings>General Settings, and turn on the checkbox for Open web links in Gmail. This obviously won't solve the issue with Chrome, but I'm just trying to determine if.. Launch your email app, such as Gmail. Tap the hamburger icon at the top-left corner and select Settings. Choose an email account, if you have multiple accounts added to your phone. Scroll down and ensure the Sync Gmail or a similar option is enabled. [gallery columns=1 link=none size=2-column-gallery ids=982583 In September 2017 Gmail rolled out an update for G Suite users in which addresses and phone numbers are automatically linked in emails.Clicking on addresses will automatically send the user to Google Maps across webmail and on mobile devices, and tapping a phone number opens the dialer app on mobile devices Credit: David Imel / Android Authority If the status checkers show that Gmail isn't down and your Internet connection is fine, you might be facing some app issues. Try force closing the app and..

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If the Google search bar still doesn't work after you restart the phone, you may have to check whether the Google App on your phone is disabled or not. Sometimes the app would be disabled and that's why Google widget is not working on your Samsung, Pixel or other devices. Open Settings > Application Manager. Tap the All tab To fix it, you need to set up your web browser to open email links. Here's how to do that in Google Chrome. Go to your Gmail in Google Chrome. At the very right of the address bar, click the icon @MShaylee1 @gmail - It appears that there are issues with the forwarding email addresses not working. I have a Gmail address that I paid for & utilize for business purposes & now I'm losing info that I need because the issue hasn't been addressed. #needhelp #Fixi

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There may be two causes for your apps not downloading. First, go back to the last page on this list and try clearing Google Play store's cache. If that doesn't work, try wiping Google Play's.. Modern mobile browsers automatically detect phone numbers and enable click to call. Mobile Safari automatically converts phone numbers to links with the associated hyperlink styles. Chrome for Android automatically detects phone numbers and allows users to click to call, but does not wrap the phone numbers in hyperlinks or apply any special styles Navigate to your android device and open the android emai l app. Enter your RoadRunner email address & password, then click Next. Select Personal (POP3), then click Next. Enter the incoming server information we showed you on how to configure SMTP settings up

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Open your Gmail account. From the left sidebar, tap on Spam email option, if not located click More and then select. Here you can see all your Spam email that may automatically Google has moved or mover by the user itself. You might find the email here which you are looking for However, if you want to add text formatting to Gmail messages or embed links, then you must use the appropriate HTML code. Although Gmail Basic HTML lacks many features, it works in almost any web browser on any device or platform, including MS-DOS. You don't have to switch to the HTML view to send a plain text message in Gmail 3/29/21. gmail seems not to be working this morning or having trouble interfacing with apple mail - In any case no gmail even after testing from another account Laura Pinsky Can't send email Gmail is an e-mail service that is offered by Google. Gmail is short for Google Mail. In addition to a free version, Gmail also offers a paid version as part of the Google Apps for Business plan

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To test the latter, suffices to try another email app by using Gmail, Outlook, Mailbox or anything else you prefer. If those ones work and yours still doesn't or if you're simply not ready to give up on it, there are some things you can try on your own: Begin by deleting your email account from the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone The latest APKs listed work for devices that have at least Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and this includes all Fire tablets. First, open the Fire tablet's Silk Browser app (which is where you want to. Gmail does not allow negative CSS margin values. Most webmail clients such as Outlook.com and Yahoo! Mail do not allow negative margin values and Gmail is no exception. 10. Gmail automatically converts phone numbers and URLs to links. Both the desktop and mobile versions of Gmail now insert an anchor link around phone numbers Over the last week or so, the popular SMS to Gmail backup application SMS Backup+ has finally stopped working as a result of Google's Gmail API changes.When messages regarding the app's impending. Solution 3: Remove and re-establish your Gmail account. You can also try to reset your Gmail account because sometimes the problem occurs with Gmail synchronization. To do that, follow the instruction below: Go to Settings. Tap Accounts. Select Google. Choose your account. Tap Remove account. Follow the same path and sign again with your Gmail.

Stick with creating a Gmail account outside of the iOS app by following the link. For Chromebooks, log into the device using the new Gmail account (or if child is 13+ and has an existing account, use that one). For Android devices, download the Family Link for Children & Teens app. On both types of devices, invite a parent to supervise the device Samsung Galaxy S7 Troubleshooting. Welcome to our Galaxy S7 Troubleshooting page, which contains all the links to problems, issues, questions, tutorials, FAQs, how to's and guides that you can use Hindi link website does not work in my android phone. Reply. Beth ward says: March 10, 2021 at 11:35 am. Sorry I don't have email, Google Gmail has its own issues when you don't remember the password or a landline phone number. or a number they would accept for verification. Also I would have hated to make this nice long important.

The alternative to doing this is for you to configure your account via a third-party app like Outlook, Mailbox, or Gmail. The last option to consider is wiping the cache. Make sure that you have tried changing the app and refreshing the account before trying to clear your smartphone's cache partition All other mailto links work (on other browsers, other programs, etc); it's just Chrome. At the same time, I've tried wiping out Chrome (from AppData), and clean installing it, and it still doesn't work. I've tried making a new user profile on WIndows, and installing Chrome and doing the same thing; mailto links in Chrome still do not work

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  1. Create and manage folders in Yahoo Mail for Android. 4. Change views with the navigation tab in the Yahoo Mail app. 5. Customize notification sounds in the Yahoo Mail app for Android. 6. Fix problems with Android apps. 7. Delete email in the Yahoo Mail App. 8. Turn Conversations on or off in the Yahoo Mail app. 9
  2. Verify your internet connection is working. If it's not, there are four things you can do to fix it. Make sure you're using the correct email server settings. Check your POP and SMTP server settings
  3. Link to Cell allows your Panasonic DECT phone to notify you when you received a text message, e-mail(Android default e-mail, Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo mail), or a scheduled event. When this feature is turned on, your DECT phone will use its Bluetooth feature to check your cell phone for new messages and events
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  5. Clear Google App cache. Clearing cache from the Google app can be a great way to fix the app. Step 1: Open Settings on your Android phone and go to Apps/Applications Manager.. Step 2: Click on.
  6. Adding a signature in Gmail may seem tricky at first, but it's more than doable, especially with the right guidance. Here's how to do it in the app or the site

If you're already accessing your non-Gmail accounts from the Gmail application on Android, it's relatively easy to opt in to the Gmailify feature. You'll open the Gmail app, sign into your.. The ease and simplicity of Gmail, available across all your devices. Gmail's inbox helps you stay organized by sorting your mail by type. Plus, you can video chat with a friend, ping a colleague, or give someone a ring - all without leaving your inbox YouTube links not working on Android gadgets. It is no secret that in the Smartphone OS market, Android is taking the lead dominating more than 75% share. One common issue encountered by an Android user is whenever a YouTube link from an outside source, E.g. Google, the YouTube page will load but will not play and instead will direct you to the.

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Email apps, such as Nine Work, may not be free. Review the app's licensing details, or contact the app company with any questions. On Android Enterprise Fully Managed, Dedicated, and Corporate-owned Work Profiles, use app configuration policies. You can use email apps that support app configuration policies, including Gmail and Nine Work Set up work/school accounts that have additional requirements. Some work and school accounts have additional security requirements before you can use Outlook for Android. If you're not sure which of these situations applies to your work or school account, talk to your Microsoft 365 admin. Click on an expander to open it

If you haven't already, set the mobile device management authority to Microsoft Intune. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center, choose Devices > Android > Android enrollment > Managed Google Play.If you are using a custom Intune admin role, access to option this requires Organization Read and Update permissions Part 2: 6 solutions to fix Google Maps not working on Android 2.1 One click to fix firmware issues that resulted in Google Maps. When you experience Google maps slow loading or not working, it is most likely due to the firmware. It can be possible that the firmware went wrong and therefore the issue is cropping up As of August 25, 2010, you can call landline phones or mobile phones from Gmail. All you need to do is ensure that the application that enables you to call is installed, and dial the number! Open your Gmail account. If you do not have.. What to Do When Google Drive Not Working on Android? 2018-02-09 17:38:17 / Posted by Kitty Parker to Android Recovery Topic / Follow @ MobiKin Syncing or sharing files on your Android phone like photos, videos, Microsoft Office documents and other data in Google Drive would be very convenient and secure If you're using an iPhone or iPad, you may see a popup that asks you to download an app. Don't do it—tap the Go to the mobile Gmail site link at the bottom of the screen. After you email loads, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, look for the links next to View Gmail in:, and tap Desktop

If you're not syncing a work calendar and just want to link Outlook with Android, this will work too. Open the Mail app on your phone. Select Settings and Add New Account Google's Mr. Sharma said Family Link was still in testing and the company was continuing to collect feedback from parents on issues including the age policy. This is a tricky subject, he said Subscribe to an Online Calendar. RELATED: How to Find and Subscribe to Calendars for Just About Anything with iCalShare The iCalendar format isn't just for offline files: it's also commonly used to share web-based calendars, generally using a URL starting with webcal://.These web-based calendars are nice because they automatically update, but if you found an iCalendar URL, you might not. In this article, we will consider what you need to do if Outlook cannot connect to the Gmail account.Connecting Gmail to Outlook is a simple process, but due to some security nuances you may end up with Outlook not being able to connect to Gmail. The most popular issue with Outlook and Gmail is that Outlook keeps asking to provide a username and a password no matter how many times you enter it. Newer Gmail accounts won't work with Thunderbird 31 and older versions because these versions don't support Google's authentication (bug 849540 contains the full technical details). Please make sure that you are using Thunderbird 38 or newer before configuring your account

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  1. I have a second workplace where we use Outlook. I have published my Outlook calendar (but without details - i.e. just showing 'busy' for appointments) and added the ics link to my Google calendar. So when I look at Google cal, I can see my work cal, plus the added other-work cal.. . But, my colleagues can still only see my original work cal
  2. WAV Player for Gmail is a Chrome extension that allows you to play WAV audio files in Gmail attachments without having to download the actual file. It adds an embedded player within Gmail messages that contain audio files in WAV format
  3. If Gmail blocks Outlook from signing in, you will repeatedly be prompted to enter the password for your account. When Gmail blocks a sign-in attempt, it also sends you an email to alert you to the same. That email is what holds the key to allowing Outlook to sign in. Open it and tap the 'allowing access to less secure apps' link in the.
  4. imize the risk associated with a major update and limit it to a very few users in case anything goes sideways

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To enable Master Sync, follow these steps: Drag down the top of the screen Click on the three dot image on the top left corner which will bring up all the icons. Click on the Sync button to enable Master Sync on your Android Because I used my Gmail account I received a reminder through my email. But, the event never synced with the calendar on my Android phone. It wasn't a big deal. But, it would have been nice to view all of my events I added in my Google Calendar right from my phone. So, what was the deal? Why didn't my Android phone sync with my Google calendar Using Gmail Help for General Support Topics. The first resource we're going to look at is Gmail Help, a Gmail-specific support page loaded with solutions for most common issues.. After you arrive on the homepage for Gmail support, you can scroll through some of the more frequent help topics facing Gmail users

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To maximize your chances of recovering a missing device, make sure to activate Android's built-in tracking system. Open Settings, go to Security and tap Find My Device. After that, should you.. The option did not show up in our testing, but looking at the snippets, it appears this integration will work very similar to how it does on Outlook apps for iOS and Android I have tried several different variations of media queries and I can't seem to make them work. Android 4.4 works but not 6.0 which doesn't make any sense. I have a 1/3 + 2/3 layout for desktop and a stacked layout for mobile, so on Android 6.0 the layout is completely broken. It works on every other device however. Any recommendations

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Android is Google's one of the major sources of profit. And it seems like Google will do everything in power to make sure you stick to it. Thus, before going for Google alternatives, the first. I created real hyperlinks to web pages in my InDesign doc and they seem to work - have not found a way to make a hyperlink on one page to another work after exporting to pdf viewing on a mobile . . . wondering if the limited success i see falls under the category of the auto-create web links to URLs too . . . looking forward to progress . . Step 1: Go to gmail.com in the browser; Step 2: Click the handler icon in the URL bar: Step 3: Select allow That's it. From now on each mailto: link on the web you click on will open in Gmail and not leave the browser. Of course this works for any other webmail client that exposes an handler (Yahoo, Office 365's Outlook) In this case, if you want to recover your Gmail passcode, you need to open the Account support page on your browser and then go with the instructions to reset the password. And while setting your new password, remember to use a strong but catchy one for you. Tutorial on How to Add Google Account on Android. Google Backup Not Working, How to. After turning on Telnet client for windows, run the following telnet test to connect to Gmail SMTP Server. Telnet Test on Windows 7 vista and XP: In XP, click Start -> Run and on Windows 7 and Vista click the Start Orb. In XP, enter telnet smtp.gmail.com 465 against text box labeled Open: and click OK

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  1. Leave the option Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) blank because this is a proprietary Microsoft protocol based on NTLM authentication, which is not supported by Gmail. Go to Outgoing Server and tick on My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
  2. Go to Chat on the left hand side of your Gmail screen. Look for the telephone icon that says Call phone. There will be a phone symbol located next to this line. You will need to have installed and activated the voice and video plug-in if you haven't already done so
  3. Samsung is aware of a frustrating bug that's notifying Gmail users that Samsung Email has been authorized to access and control their Gmail account, assuring them that the alert is not fraudulent, but rather believed to have been triggered as a result of Google enacting a new security protocol.. The firm told Android Police that it's working closely with Big G to identify the root of the.
  4. Outlook.com or Microsoft 365 work or school account account not syncing anymore. If your Outlook.com or Microsoft 365 work or school account account was syncing with your mobile device before and now it's not, see Fix Outlook.com email sync issues. You can learn how to remove your sync partnership and then you'll have to re-add your account
  5. If you can open Outlook links now, then you can safely set Internet Explorer as the default browser. To do this, open Internet Explorer and click the Tools icon > Internet options. Then navigate to the Programs tab, and click the Make default button. Click OK and close Internet Explorer
  6. With the Gmail app you get: • An organized inbox - Social and promotional messages are sorted into categories so you can read messages from friends and family first. • Less spam - Gmail blocks spam before it hits your inbox to keep your account safe and clutter free. • 15GB of free storage - You won't need to delete messages to save space

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Android's WebView allows you to integrate a webpage as a part of the app. WebView comes with all the features that of a desktop browser like managing history, cookies, HTML5 support and lot more. Using webview you can build very cool apps like integrating HTML5 games in the app. In this article we are going to learn the basic usage of WebView starting from displaying a webpage to building a. It's not easy, and you might actually have to slightly endanger your phone to get there, but there exists an Android phone that doesn't give Google personal data, ad revenue, or anything else Unfortunately not. Some of your favorite apps can freeze or crash. Every Android user faced this issue at least once. The problem can occur on various Android devices, including LG G3, LG G4, Samsung S6, and S6 Edge, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, HTC 7, HTC 8, HTC 9, and many others. If this bothering you now, and apps freezing and crashing on an Android. To do so, sign into Gmail on your desktop, click your profile and select 'Settings'. On the settings page, go to Sign-in & security and scroll down to the very bottom where you will see the 'Allow less secure apps' option. Click the switch to enable/disable it. You're probably wondering what the long term security risks are here It does not come with Google services, even if you somehow manage to get the google services on your Huawei phone. The sync and notification from Gmail and other Google services do not work. Even if it somehow works, it will not display notifications of some app or won't sync your phone to your Google Account

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Not your average Android news — a diverse mix of advice, insight, and analysis with veteran Android journalist JR Raphael. Android Intelligence Advice 9 useful Google apps you probably aren't usin Open Gmail in any other browser If you are not receiving emails in Gmail, then try opening Gmail with a browser. This makes a lot of difference as the settings of your current browser might be blocking all those emails from syncing. If it doesn't work with one browser, try 2-3 browsers Gmail is full of shortcuts, but they can't expedite your work when you don't know what they are. Here are 10 settings that will improve your Gmail experience

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Gmail Encryption Not Working From Bill on March 04, 2019 :: 4:52 am After using gmail for a few years, someone has finally pointed out to me that my gmails are not encrypted Fix problems signing into your Yahoo account. If you're having trouble signing into your Yahoo account, don't give up just yet! Know how to identify and correct common sign-in issues like problems with your password and ID, account locks, looping s, and other account access errors Connect to the internet: Double-check to see if you have an active internet connection. The Google Translate web extension requires you to be connected to the internet to function. In case your internet connection is disabled, reconnect to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable Gmail is available across all your devices Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Sort, collaborate or call a friend without leaving your inbox

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Android Settings Has Stopped Working Linked to Google Account? I have recently had an issue with my S4 phone not synching Google items like Gmail and Calendar. When I try to check the account on the phone I get, Unfortunately, settings has stopped working To @Lord Patrick: It's not about Microsoft. The problem is present is Gmail too. Two step verification method is designed basically for web application which have modern authentication protocol (such as Time Based Authentication) and some desktop/mobile application and legacy web application doesn't support two-step authentication

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user@gmail.com (send mail as, alias #2) Your primary Gmail can be a custom domain or a @gmail address. This depends on whether or not you are using G Suite. You can set up to 99 different send mail as and or alias email addresses. The alias email address can also be a @gmail address, it doesn't have to be a custom domain Using the Gmail Add-on. Logging in to the Gmail Add-on. When you are viewing an email thread, click the Zoom icon on the right side of the page. If this is your first time using the add-on, click Authorize Access. Follow the prompts from Google to allow Zoom access to your Gmail account Google has suspended business activity involving the transfer of hardware, software and key technical services with Huawei. Analysts say that could be a big blow to the Chinese firm's global. The other reason to be reasonable with the information you add to the signature is that unwieldy messages may not work well on mobile devices. At a minimum, you need your name, phone number. If you have a business, include the name and link it the website. You don't need to add your email address since your reader will already have it

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