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Old BCMC Trail Hiking Trail - North Vancouver, B

Old BCMC Trail is a 1,106 m green singletrack trail located near North Vancouver British Columbia. This hike primary trail can be used both directions. On average it takes 27.. The BCMC Trail is located just east of the Grouse Grind and offers a less busy alternative workout. The start of the trail is the same place as the start of the Grind before branching off onto the Baden Powell, then left at the junction up the steep hill to the Grouse Mountain chalet A trail goes to the right, it is the old BCMC and it continues to the junction with the Larson Trail at the Private Property signs. Tags begin about 50m along trail. There is a pleasant viewpoint on this trail about 100 m west of the Larson junction. This block of private property is where the old BCMC Cabin was located

BCMC Trail is a 1.4 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is accessible year-round. Length 1.4 miElevation gain 2,595 ftRoute type Point to poin The 'New' BCMC Trail on Grouse Mtn has far fewer visitors than the popular Grouse Grind Trail which lies a short distance to the west, yet it has its own unique charms. In its upper section the trail connects with the original BCMC Trail and passes through what used to be the site of Grouse Mountain's cabin community

Grouse Mountain via Larsen Trail and BCMC Trail is a 3.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that features a great forest setting and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is best used from May until November It was a lovely, less crowded hike. The top was extremely steep. where the trail splits at the base to the BCMC trail there's a white marker stating that it is a 25 minute hike up. If your a regular human that is just not happening. Approximately 1.5-2 hours from that point This is the original and much longer BCMC trail. It can be used to hike to the top of Grouse by merging on to the new BCMC. Or it can be used as a lower elevation loop. This trail is quite different than the new BCMC There was/is the 'BCMC Trail Connector' which runs from the bridge on the Grind to where the old BCMC Trail comes up from the Baden Powell Trail (BPT) further to the east along BPT The BCMC trail goes up just east of the Grouse Grind. It is not as steep and has more switchbacks than the Grind. The trail is getting quite eroded but Metro Vancouver is starting to fix up the bottom part of the trail

BCMC Trail at Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver


  1. The Baden Powell, Old BCMC, Larson, MacKay Creek, Skyline, and LGMH trails can all be turned into great multi-trail loops by joining them with the Powerline Trail. There is also free parking at Mosquito Creek Park at this trail's head
  2. The BCMC winds up Grouse mountain, adjacent to the Grouse Grind but through sections of less maintained trail and with much less (but bi-directional) hiker traffic. Getting Started This trail starts out similar to the grouse grind but can also be access from the rear of the D lot (stand at the parking meter and look for a trail)
  3. d, we set out to hike the BCMC trail, which is short but steep, about 850 m elevation gain over 3 kms
  4. This trail is rough and tough. It has not been well maintained, and many trail markers have fallen off the trees over the years. It is easy for a first timer to get lost on this trail. Tell someone what trail you are planning to walk, and give them the time that you plan tp finish.From Spring to fall watch for bears and cougars.

Your first choice is starting from the base of Grouse Mountain and coming up the notorious Grouse Grind, or the adjacent BCMC trail. This will add about an hour and 884 m of elevation to your day. Your second choice is taking the Grouse Mountain gondola, or 'Skyride', up and starting from the Grouse Mountain chalet The trail passes an enormous old-growth cedar tree, with several trees growing out of it, before heading further north to a spectacular waterfall called Kennedy Falls. While the trail has less elevation gain compared to many North Shore trails, the route itself is quite rugged with lots of roots, slippery creek crossings, muddy hills, and. Old BCMC Trail junction: N49.36338 W123.08346: 10U 493940 5467856: Skyline Road access trail #1: N49.36009 W123.08289: 10U 493981 5467490: Baden-Powell Trail connects with logging road: N49.35874 W123.08083: 10U 494130 5467340: Baden-Powell Trail leaves logging road: N49.35817 W123.07964: 10U 494217 5467276: Skyline Road access trail #2: N49.

A 65-year-old man from Burnaby died Sunday after suffering a heart attack while hiking Grouse Mountain's BCMC Trail. The man, who North Shore Rescue team leader Tim Jones described as an avid. From Sigurd Trail near 650 meters at a marked and signed junction. The trail may be difficult to follow under snow. Originally marked and cleared by BCMC member Sev Heiberg, the trail is now maintained periodically by BC Mountaineering Club and North Shore Hikers volunteers. The trail follows terrain features without benefit of switchbacks

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The start of the trail actually goes on the old roadbed of A610, the Pokosha spur. But as you hike up, the road soon turns into a walking only trail, where extensive alder clearing has been done. At 710m you will come to a faint fork in the old roadbed which is the point in winter that people can go down and cross the creek FILE: (Courtesy BCMC Trail via Facebook) NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A trio of young women who were stuck near the Grouse Grind trail in North Vancouver and have been rescued. District of North Vancouver Assistant Fire Chief Jeremy Duncan, says the three girls — believed to teenagers — are not injured And, it's my 7 years old nephew leading me. I was wrong. When I was walking in the BCMC Trail, I felt like I was walking in a forest with wolves in cartoons. Though I finished a part of it in 30 minutes, my nephew finished it in 15 minutes, I think it is a not difficult and interesting trail

The BCMC Trail is located just east of the Grouse Grind and offers a less busy alternative workout. The start of the trail is the same place as the start of the Grind before branching off onto the. The route uses the left fork to reach the old BCMC Trail at the point where the trail continues straight across on the other side. (The right fork would lead to the old BCMC Trail just before it reaches East Mackay Creek. Heading west from here would lead back to the correct Mackay Creek Trail crossing point.

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The Big Cedar and Kennedy Falls Trail is a rugged hiking trail in North Vancouver that passes an enormous old-growth cedar tree before reaching an scenic waterfall (Tia Fomenoff) The BCMC trail on Grouse Mountain recently banned dogs and, earlier this year, the popular Joffre Lakes Provincial Park also put a stop to dogs. Similar restrictions exist on trails.. BCMC Trail Crew in 2015 on the first road clearing trip of the New Watersprite Lake Trail. BCMC Crew in 2017 moving a large log over Demon Creek to build a new bridge. Once the trail has been punched through and the route established, which can take a dozen day trips or more, the next step is to enhance and upgrade the trail In my opinion, the trail itself from 6th street to the tram stop is easier than the BCMC, and is probably comparable to First Peak on the Chief, maybe even a bit easier. Reason being is that Mt. Roberts has a longer distance over less elevation gain - I would say it is about 2/3 the distance of the BCMC, and less steep in areas BCMC Trail Accident: Six-Year-Old Survives 12-Metre Fall. The Canadian Press, CP. 07/22/2013 11:41am EDT | Updated September 21, 2013. NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. - A six-year-old boy has been taken to.

NSR team leader Mike Danks said the hiker was recovered without harm from an area near the Old BCMC trail and MacKay Creek. They opted to follow the old BCMC trail. In doing so they got off the.. Situated east of the Grouse Grind, the BCMC trail runs parallel from the base of the mountain to the chalet at the top. The difficult 3-km (one-way) takes about 1.5 hours to complete. It's much less crowded than the grind and you can take the gondola back down after soaking up the sights. Big Cedar & Kennedy Falls Trail

Lower trailhead: N49.37140 W123.09829: 10U 492864 5468749: Baden-Powell trail junction: N49.37057 W123.09589: 10U 493039 5468656: Bridge / Old BCMC cabin trail junctio A 59-year-old Vancouver man was heading up the BCMC trail on Grouse Mountain around 4 p.m. Tuesday, when he happened across a stranger coming down the trail. The two got into an unprovoked.

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There were lots of people on the trail, mostly 20 - 35 yrs. old.; however, there were a few older people, including myself (67 yrs. old), but I qualify myself by saying that I hiked all the other trails on Grouse (Baden Powell, Old BCMC, Larsen) for 2 months before attempting this one Old Buck climbs up Mt. Seymour, crossing half a dozen streams and a host of other trails along the way. The trail is split into sections, so you can hike as far up as you like before turning around and heading back down, or linking the route with other trails Old Growth Trail Flat 2.3km Coho Trail Flat 1.7km Baden Powell Trail Steep sections ** BC Hydro Powerline Rolling ** Twin Bridges Steep 2.2km Homestead Trail Steep 1km Bridle Trail Steep sections 1.5km Mystery Creek Trail Steep 3km Lynn Canyon Trail Steep ** Lynn Peak Trail Steep 4km Dog Mountain Trail Steep sections 3km * Grouse Grind & BCMC Trail A well-known part of Vancouver culture, the Grouse Grind offers a different kind of hiking experience, and is often referred to as mother nature's stairmaster The team was called out Sunday evening to rescue a hiker who lost his way while coming down the BCMC Trail. The man wasn't properly equipped for a backcountry hike but he was able to get.

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The BCMC is steep and rocky, so be prepared for a good workout too. Open from June to September, there are markers to show you where you are on the North Vancouver trail. Wear some good hiking boots for this one (as with any of the moderate to hard hikes on this list), and conquer that mountain! Old Buck. Time: up to 2 hours. Difficulty: moderat 3 Reviews of Mosquito Creek Cascade Start at Grouse parking lot, take Baden Powell trail to Mosquito Creek Bridge. Cross Mosquito Creek Bridge and keep going on Baden Powell until you see the junction to Old The BCMC trail is an alternative to the famous Grouse Grind that will allow you to hike up Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, Canada. It is possible to hike up this route all year round. You just need to be ready to hike through the snow if you attempt it in the wintertime. This route feels a little more wild than the Grind, with its root covered trail

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They followed the old BCMC trail and Danks showed the girls on his GPS where they believed the subject was. As they got close, the girls began calling out the lost hiker's name and it was Alex. The developments this week follow a bizarre incident Nov. 5 when a 59 year-old Vancouver man was heading up the BCMC trail on Grouse Mountain around 4 p.m. and happened across a stranger who was.

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I used those markers a week or so later and easily found the Larson Trail. It gave the confidence to go beyond my previous comfort level of exploring. At the point where it crosses the old BCMC, there was a good marker, pointing up, that said Larson to Skyride. I followed the well marked trail and enjoyed it The Simic trail will run next to the ski run and soon enough it will join with the very end of the BCMC trail, where you will now likely begin to see some traffic. Continuing on the BCMC trail you will very shortly be at the lodge BCMC and Greenleaf. The hike - I thought I would do everyone a favour and spread the word that there is an alternative to the Grouse Grind in Vancouver: the BCMC trail. Located directly adjacent to the Grind, it's a much quieter trail, with all the same leg-burning, sweat-inducing fun (750 m of gain over 3 km), without the feeling of a.

BCMC Trail Hiking Trail - North Vancouver, B

The trail connects the Baden Powel to the Screaming Eagle chairlift at the ski resort. From the top of the trail, options abound for completing the route to the summit or connecting to Grouse Mountain Highway for a descent. The trail is unflagged but well trodden and obvious throughout. Look for old logging 'artifacts' on the way up What: Watersprite trail building with the BCMC. When: Saturday Sept 29 - 7AM to 4PM. Meet Up: St. Davids Church Parking lot 1575 Taylor Way, West Vancouver BC then heading to trail head. Return: Same day, later afternoon / early evening Trail Head: Watersprite trail head in Squamish, off the Mamquam River forest Road, just past the Chief.Driving directions from the meeting place can be found.

The Flint and Feather Trail (Grouse Mountain), a trail in

Hotels near BCMC Trail, North Vancouver on Tripadvisor: Find 36,757 traveler reviews, 20,509 candid photos, and prices for 315 hotels near BCMC Trail in North Vancouver, British Columbia Stats: 3km one way (gondola back down for $15), 853m of elevation gain, 28.4% grade, 1.5-2.5 hours Location: Grouse Mountain Trail Info: The BCMC trail has very similar stats to the Grouse Grind. But the BCMC is what the Grind used to be: a rough, steep, relatively unmaintained route with no stairs. This makes it more rugged than the Grind Vancouver's most popular trail, the Grouse Grind is just that, a grind! Boasting nearly 3,000 feet of elevation gain in only 1.8 miles, this trail shows no mercy. The trail climbs it's way up through the old-growth forest so steeply that most of it has been reinforced with timber and stone stairs. Once you reach the top, the Grouse Mountain Village and Chalet come into vie

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If you're short on time and want to work up a sweat, head to Grouse Mountain and up the BCMC trail. Often overshadowed by its more popular neighbour, the Grind, the BCMC has the same grueling stats (three kilometres with 853m elevation gain) but with far less traffic. The trail itself starts just past the Grind trailhead Although the BCMC Trail doesn't usually receive such a high . volume of traffic, it is a very old route and so well trodden that its footbed is badly eroded and broken up by hundreds of exposed roots. People have been trying to go around the worst sections, and this has resulted in numerous alternative paths that weave. NSR crews have just completed a rescue on Grouse near the Old BCMC trail and Mackay Creek for a lost hiker, the group wrote on Facebook on September 24. It should be noted that someone.

Founded in 1907 as the Vancouver Mountaineering Club, the British Columbia Mountaineering Club is one of the province's oldest outdoor recreation clubs. In 1973, the BCMC originally published (with The Mountaineers of Seattle) Mary and David Macaree's beloved guidebook 103 Hikes in Southwestern British Columbia, which went on to sell more than 120,000 copies over six editions Chris M. on the BCMC Trail: Two of us earned our 20% pack weight badges on Tuesday evening. The BCMC trail up Grouse was easy to follow and somewhat busy. We saw around 20 people in total and our microspikes were helpful once we reached the snow towards the end. The added weight really engaged my leg muscles which made for a fun workout The Lesser Known - BCMC trail . The lesser known option is the BCMC trail through a forest located east of the Grouse Grind. The 3 km trail is much less congested and has the same elevation gain of 853 m. You can easily take your time, stopping for water breaks and photo opps without feeling like you're in the way of faster trailblazers passing by If you're up for the challenge, you could try hiking the BCMC trail, the Deep Cove Quarry hike, the Chief, or any other local hike that doesn't require much hard work, and is easy to follow. Be careful with your footing, and remember that animals are more likely scared of you than you are of them The Lesser Known - BCMC trail . The lesser known option is the BCMC trail through a forest located east of the Grouse Grind. The 3 km trail is much less congested and has the same elevation gain of 853 m. You can easily take your time, stopping for water breaks and photo opps without feeling like you're in the way of faster trailblazers.

Areas of special interest include, but are not limited to :Parker Ridge, Bolding Bro.,Sand Prairie Trail, Cattle/Hog Free Range, Brown/Ely Camp, Dr. Rushing's Camp And Boat, Wildcat Lake, The Boat, Marais Saline Landing And Warehouse, The Missy D Boat, Jesse James Having Been In The Area, Filihol, Ballgames Played On Marais Saline Lake When It Was Dry, Market Hunters, Indian Tribes, Old. Hotels near BCMC Trail, North Vancouver on Tripadvisor: Find 36,595 traveller reviews, 20,531 candid photos, and prices for 187 hotels near BCMC Trail in North Vancouver, British Columbia BCMC Trail, Grouse Mountain. A short hike doesn't have to mean an easy hike. Grouse's lesser-tread trail is a steep, rocky climb - and sometimes scramble - that runs almost alongside the Grind. It's ideal for those who'd prefer to follow a more natural path North Shore Rescue's record-breaking year isn't over just yet. Volunteers were called out Sunday evening to rescue a father and his five-year-old son who got lost while hiking with their two dogs.

A Grind Timer Card (previously, the Summit Seeker Card), containing a radio frequency chip, from Grouse Mountain is a great way to track your training. Swipe your card at the Grind Timer at the base of the Grouse Grind, and again at the top of the trail, and your name and time will appear on the monitor at Alpine Guest Services in the Peak Chalet There are other trails on Grouse Mountain itself too. And if you want to hike up to the top from the parking lot, in addition to the Grind, there is the BCMC Trail. View on the Goat Mountain Hike . Paragliding at Grouse. Yes, they even have paragliding up at Grouse Mountain I walked down the road for a while before picking up the Ballantree Trail which looped around the rejoin B-P on Craigmohr Drive/Road. While I'm on the subject, I would avoid Ballantree as well: mostly an old skid road through desolate second growth. Bleugh. The trail was easy to follow, tracing the power lines up the hill into the forest It is just 4k from the Grouse Mountain Chalet and should only take 3-4 hours roundtrip from the top of the SkyRide. If you hike/run the Grouse Grind as well then add 2.9 kilometres to the journey there and 3.5 kilometres to the return(via the BCMC trail adjacent to the Grouse Grind) to get back to your car

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