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Do you have any close friends who smoke weed often? If so, How has this affected your relationship? My best friend is about to start his training to become a police officer, and since I smoke weed often, I'm wondering how this will affect our relationship, as are at each other's houses a lot You smoke? I go Yeah I smoke. Hell, I smoked a bowl before walking over there. What brand? Theres brands? Lady was a cigarette rep and was going to give me a coupon for a pack. For some reason I completely forgot people dont just smoke weed The last time I smoked weed went kind of like this; We started our main personality states to disassociate, but this well-liked reclusively man we were calling, and still occasionally call 'Harvey-dad', awoke with an unusual presence of mind, and I remember thinking Nora 'oh great, my boyfriend gets to meet my old man...' but then for some reason we took two more hits and got kind of blasted. When you smoke weed regularly in a responsible quantity, it can do wonders for your mental and physical health. When You Smoke Weed Regularly, You Can: 8. Feel Happier. Weed makes you a better person by helping you relax and focus on the good things in life. It gives you a better appetite, higher energy levels, and an overall better mood

My medical marijuana doctor pointed out 4 ailments smoking cigs cause, and marijuana can only cause one of them; I think cigs can cause emphysema, COPD, Lung cancer, and Congestive heart failure, I don't remember which one was the single thing that Marijuana causes, but yes he does recommend using a vaporizer anyway, but you have to smoke more vaporized than you would with a water bong 10 Things Smoking Weed Does to Your Body. 10. Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) Toking up regularly could dull your emotional response and cause addiction,. As you begin practicing your diaphragmatic breathing, using a simple 4-2-4 count. Inhale softly for four seconds, pause briefly for two, and exhale gently for four. Repeat this sequence 10 times, 3 times a day to create a new breathing pattern in your subconscious. You can then call it into use every time you smoke Yup. When I do add concentrate to weed I pinch a bit of weed, roll it and smush it at the bottom of the bowl, add concentrate, then cover with weed. You don't want to get it super hot as it's wasteful but nothing wrong if it does get hot. Hell they got joints with concentrate on the weed, paper dipped in oil and coated in kief

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  1. You'll want to make sure you're inhaling deeply, taking in additional air after your hit so you're not just rolling the smoke around your mouth, wasting all that herb like a real rookie
  2. g from someone who used to always face blunts and all that. Vaping is nice, I very much enjoy the discreetness of it so I'm really torn. I'd say if I'm by myself I..
  3. So unless you grow weed or have a lot of money to burn we don't recommend using a hookah to smoke pot. If you do, just treat the weed like tobacco. Heat up the stones and toss on the weed. Unlike smoking a bowl, a common synonym for pipe, while smoking a hookah your weed is on fire the whole time. However because it's rather unusual if it.
  4. Now add in the carbon dioxide and benzene that you inhale when you smoke anything at the extremely high temperatures that are required to burn resin, and it's not a pretty picture. A few hits won't kill you, of course, but it's nothing you want to do regularly. It can give you a bad headache, too. Resin smoke smells and tastes nasty
  5. One of those things is growing weed at home as long as it is legal to do so. Another thing you can do is to make edibles rather than smoking weed all the time. You could also switch to using a vaporizer instead. The real truth about this is that when you smoke weed regularly, it can be quite a costly habit
  6. g crumble wax, you have a wide variety of options. It can be smoked, dabbed, vaped, and incorporated into edibles

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  1. In this case, if you're buying over the counter in California, you definitely a medical marijuana ID card as medical cannabis patients pay save 25% on the new marijuana tax. At 5 grams / day, that is about $12.50 per day in tax
  2. I've always been highly dissociative. It's just a fact of life for me. Weed does enhance it, which I view as a mixed bag. I didn't start using regularly until well into my 40s, so I speak as someone who had a long existence as a non-user, and I've noticed a big difference in my life since I started medicating
  3. Potheads everywhere use today, April 20th, 4/20, as an informal celebration of what it means to smoke, eat and vape marijuana. Again, like every year, people will honor the day by smoking lots and.
  4. I used to smoke weed daily for many years, even while snorting coke daily for many years as well. I quite enjoyed the combination, and as someone else mentioned, I found the weed was a good aphrodisiac to counter the coke's hopped up feel. However once I started smoking crack over snorting coke, my desire for weed went way down
  5. Do you smoke weed? 🚬🌿 function; Please vote accurately. 235 VOTES SELECT ONLY ONE ANSWER. Yes, regularly. Yes, occasionally. Never. Weed addict. VOTE VIEW RESULT. 4 3. facebook twitter reddit hacker I definitely feel more productive at work since I'm not as anxious all the time. I don't smoke during working hours. Usually in the.
  6. Normally, smoking weed in public is not the smartest thing to do, but sometimes there is no private place to easily escape to and toke away for some undisturbed blazing. If you smoke weed in public, you obviously don't want to draw in too much attention. Here are some tips on how to smoke weed in public without anyone noticing

Then, you'll have space for more weed or you can smoke it as is. Step 5: Smoking It. Lighting the joint can be one of the trickiest parts. You want the end to evenly cherry otherwise it won't burn evenly. You can spin the joint while lighting the tip. Once it looks a little lit you can puff it I love smoking weed because it is one of the most funnest social things you can do. Music sounds better when your high too. Just remember its ok to do, you should experience it, but dont abuse it...

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Still want Bot Voice? Subscribe to our other channel for Bot voice! Here - https://bit.ly/36HlBpo Make Sure to like and subscribe.Comment down your story.Red.. As mentioned earlier, regularly smoking cannabis can lead to chronic bronchitis. Bronchitis is considered chronic if you have coughing and mucus for at least 3 months for 2 consecutive years If you're wondering about how to smoke weed, then keep reading. Here's a quick beginner's guide to smoking weed. The Types of Marijuana Available. Before you learn how to smoke pot, you need to know about the types of marijuana that are available. That way, you can choose the best strains for whatever your weed smoking purposes are

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  1. 7. Do you feel guilty about smoking? Though there's still a certain social stigma to getting high, by now you've probably blown right through it. But perhaps you still beat yourself up about how much you smoke. Perhaps you acknowledge that you should smoke less, but somehow you just can't cut back. This makes you feel guilty, not a good feeling
  2. ya a break is always recommended... it helps to normalize your body again, so when you do go back you'll sort of reset and only need a very small amount vs people that do it all day, needs to smoke huge amounts of cannabis... which is just a waste of cannabis and money
  3. The first time you smoke, feel free to giggle your ass off, munch down on Double Stuf Oreos and barbecue potato chips, and marvel at the newfound intensity of movies, music, sex, et al
  4. e, so anything that works this way and you do it regularly it creates an addiction. 2019-11-12 21:52 #200. EliGE |.
  5. The high you get depends on the quality of weed you smoke. For example: if you have high grade and smoke 5 bowls, you will be at a 9/10high, but can't get higher than that no matter how many bowls you smoke. I discovered this on the day I smoked 35 bowls...bloody waste I tell you, past my 4-5th bowl I couldn't really get higher than a 7 on mids
  6. The truth is, once you put on a suit and have enough money to take care of yourself, pretty much no one is going to make you piss in a cup unless you obviously have a cocaine problem. Like really obviously. ime, it's possible to pull $50,000 plus and smoke weed whenever you want, just don't let that stereotypical pothead mentality spill over.

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If you're not used to smoking then you may be prone to simply holding the smoke in your mouth. Unfortunately, you won't get very high this way. In fact, it's likely you wouldn't get high at all. You'll need to bring the smoke deep into your lungs to get the full effect. To inhale, all you have to do is take a slow deep breath. You. I smoked weed everyday, a few times a day, for 4 months straight. That ended about 3 weeks ago. And by that I mean I took a break. So as previously mentioned, I smoked everyday for 4 months straight. I noticed my tolerance begin to build after abo.. How to Smoke Weed Inside Your House or Hotel Room Without the Smell. Smoking weed discreetly requires a great deal of craftiness and backbone. You need to have some good sense, too. Sadly, there is no shortage of stories about people getting caught for the lamest reasons. If you're lucky, you can get away with just paying a $200 fine or so

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Wtf? You throw out perfectly good weed? BLASPHEMY!!!!! after every hit, I very gently touch the black part of the nug so the ash turns to powder, then I blow it off, then take another hit. Untill the bowl is gone. Then again, I'm not picky, so I've been known to smoke resin if I run out. Gotta do what you gotta do to get high If you are going to smoke, you ought to extract every drop of intoxicant from the magic marijuana. Science might be a bit behind in studying the ways to get a better high, but stoners around the world have shared their tips with each other since the first puff and pass. If you think we've missed a trick, let us [ Hey there, I know how you feel I was a chronic daily smoker for about 9 years. I haven't smoked in almost 11 months which may not seem like a big deal but for me it is since I never thought I would be able to stop smoking. The thing about weed is. This kind of thing is for basement dwellers. If you are doing the same then you need to give your life a deep thought and consider it all over again to know what you really want from it. Remember, life is just too short to stay high every time. Before using it, you must know how smoking weed everyday may affect you. Always know your limits

In order to help you go from square to Redman, we consulted two full-time marijuana experts to get the straight dope on everything you need to know while doing the pot. Here are 25 things you're. Why do you hate marijuana? It seems like the majority of marijuana-haters hate marijuana because of the anxiety, or paranoia (one and the same?). Your reasons? Mine would just be that I hate the high - makes you feel uncomfortable, not any noticeable euphoria. I look at it the same way I look at duster. But it has nothing to do with anxiety or.

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To smoke, inhale the joint, then blow the smoke through the carboard tube. This keeps the smoke from smelling. Flush the roach down the toilet once you're done, then use the bathroom vent to get rid of the smoke/steam. No evidence, no problem Measurable: I currently smoke 1 gram every day Here are seven reasons you shouldn't smoke marijuana, and should consider other methods instead. 1. Smoking Harms The Lungs. Smoking's just not great for you, even if it's friendly Mary Jane

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How To Pass A Drug Test When You Smoke Marijuana. As a person who has been using marijuana illegally for over half of his life, I have had to adopt tricks and techniques to get by in the real world to pass a lot of drug test People who smoke marijuana regularly are more likely to experience chronic bronchitis, according to the report. There's also evidence that stopping smoking relieves these symptoms I can see what you are saying, just don't smoke if you don't like it. You don't always have to be under the influence of a drug, nor do you have to go to harder drugs to become satisfied. If you start harder drugs you could lead to addiction, which could lead to a much bigger problem. It is your life though, so do as you please They say two weeks before any smoking, according to the literature. I had all four wisdom teeth out under local anaesthetic this January, and I held out an hour after I got home before smoking cannabis. I researched a little - the suction action o..

I've been in this same situation. I took 3 small hits and I hadn't smoked in over a year and didnt smoke again for months afterwards. I had to take a urine test 13 days after i took those 3 small hits and my test came back negative. But if you rea.. Article content Treat cannabis like a medicine The dose makes the poison, Folan says.Anything can be toxic depending on what the dose is. You could give someone so much water that they get rid of all the sodium in the body—cannabis is the same, he adds Why I Take Cannabis Terpenes Instead of Smoking Weed. The non-psychoactive aromatic compound could become the biggest thing in wellness since CBD. By Zan Romanof f. July 11, 201 In fact, the same study concludes that 26 million Americans aged 12 or older are current users of marijuana, smoking weed at least once in the past month. For many marijuana users, THC is harmless

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So blind i ask yall, do you think smoking weed would be worth it? For context I smoke a small bowl every night, but dont really like smoking during the day even on weekends. And yes I posted this after smoking. Tc 190k, <2 yoe. 5 33. facebook twitter reddit hacker news link. This has no more to do with being cool than drinking regularly or. Marijuana causes a sting in the mouth and throat. It also triggers coughing. Scientists found that people who smoke it regularly had respiratory problems. Weed has more carcinogens than tobacco smoke. Since marijuana smokers inhale for more extended periods than those who smoke tobacco, it exposes them to more carcinogens than the average. Five of us crammed into a single-queen-bed hotel room after 22 straight hours on the road en route to the Sasquatch! music festival.You can probably connect the dots: College boys road-tripping across the country to a music fest were very much about to smoke a lot of weed, too.. But we were young, weed was still very illegal, and our first plan — attempting to smoke in the car and then enter. I smoked weed for a couple of years, but I had to stop when I was put on anti-depressants. The shit just makes me sick now when I try to smoke it. I haven't been a weed smoker since early 2007, so it's probably never going to be a part of my life again in a significant way How you prepare for your surgery is your choice, just like your decision to smoke in the first place. But, if you do, you need to use your head if you have surgery scheduled. Anything that interferes with your prime condition before and recovery after is not your friend

Set up for a smoke sesh: Here are 25 favorite weed strains, ranked by our marijuana critics. Headband, Blue Dream, Agent Orange and others Headband, Blue Dream, Agent Orange and other If you discover that your child is smoking weed, the first thing to do is remain calm. Don't get upset. Yelling at them might just escalate the situation and cause them to rebel even more. Instead, you should confront them in a stable, mature way. Tell them that you're aware of their habit (only do this if you're 100% sure) To remove the resin from your pipe, gently use a lighter to heat the bowl for 3-4 seconds. This will soften the resin. You can then use a sharp tool like a dabber to scrape the resing out of the bowl. Roll into tiny balls and smoke (you'll need a lot more heat than flower). Conclusion: Smoking Resin is Gros This is the first time I have commented. Please don't do this: you are increasing your risk of schizophrenia by smoking dope. If you only saw what that does to people and those around them. My brother suffers from this and it is terrible for him. You can all do the searches if you want to find evidence for the increase in risk According to the latest estimates, there are greater than 500 substances in raw marijuana. With the legalization of clinical cannabis, many individuals are trying CBD for the very first time. Well, it is a well-known reality that CBD does not make you feel high, but people have questions regarding CBD flower. Reality to be informed,

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As you smoke your second rock, it may strike you that the crack high combines the best aspects of marijuana and cocaine. The pleasure of pot is not just a high, but a buzz; smoke a joint and space. If you smoke weed at a party, you're going to make a total fool of yourself. NYU Medical Center 8. Smoking marijuana will make you an extremely dangerous person to be around. Reddit. Put down. Do you live in a state where weed is legal for recreational use, or in a state where MMJ is legal, and you have a card? If so, you could theoretically get high regularly while in the military, and you'll be fine. The problem is the Military Drug Test Program, which tests up to 60,000 urine samples a month Coming up with neat smoke tricks to make the experience of smoking pot a bit more exciting. Shotgunning weed is a slightly more intimate smoking trick. One that you may only want to perform with people who you feel incredibly close with, as it requires getting up close and personal with one other

How and Why I Quit Smoking Weed. By Weedless April 30, 2021 No Comments. What Happens to Your Body When You Smoke Weed, Says Science With medical marijuana legal in states like California, Colorado, Illinois and a growing list, adoption of the drug is becoming more and. Rookie. Lol. Its sacrilege to put good green weed in the oven before you smoke it. Decarbing is a science. If you enjoy turning your skunky green into burnt popcorn flavor, have at it. The only and best way to get really high is properly cured weed. Having the right oxygen content inside the herb is key. Has to be dry but not too dry

Weed can get me motivated to do the house cleaning, I hate cleaning. I often toke and garden, I can watch those plants, flowers and bugs forever. I grow weed. Most of my friends smoke and grow weed too, so that makes it a social thing. Weed can not ruin lives as they say, people ruin lives. If any thing weed enhances life. So chill out and. Yes, yes it will. You are training your brain that it can't function without dope. First things first, I smoke every day! So I am not anti pot. It is a choice for me instead of taking prescription medicine. I am a true believer in the benefits of.

Rolling and combining the two might make it difficult to cut down on marijuana. 7. Do not smoke in the non-smoking area. You must be aware of both the setting and your set. Do not smoke weed in places where smoking weed is not allowed. You should know the health risks, your rights and the laws of using cannabis. Also, learn about its. You do not need accessories like a bong, pipe, vape cartridges, or dab rigs to smoke a joint. You can make rolling papers from several household items; You can smoke a joint on-the-go, unlike a bong. In the case of an emergency, it is easier to dispose of a joint; The downside of smoking a join

Typically I say: No, I don't smoke cigarettes, but I'm just wondering if when they ask you they mean any type of smoke inhalation? I'm recovering from foot surgery and my doctor asked to make sure I didn't smoke, but he didn't say if he meant only cigarettes or otherwise The court will weigh the gravity of the harm to the utility of the conduct causing the harm. With both cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke, court's have been hesitant to declare the odor in itself a nuisance. If it is possible to prevail on a nuisance claim, you will likely have to prove some harm beyond being offended by the smell This article is an excerpt of the blog post I wrote: Smoking Weed. 6 Amazing Ways How Not to Smell 1. If you do nothing to take the smell away, yes, dentists can tell for sure. 2. If you follow the advice given below before going to the dentist, t.. The speed of weed elimination can be roughly estimated for every type of user: Male and female.; One-time puffers all the way to heavy chronic marijuana users.; Underweight people (skinny guys and girls with low body fat mass percentage) and overweight people (for example, an individual weighing 300 lbs passing a drug test is increasingly difficult).; In the end, you should know when will weed. But because smoking marijuana produces an oxidization process, cannabinoid absorption is relatively high. This is because molecules do not pass through the acidic stomach environment, but rather go into the bloodstream through the lungs. Long story short: The higher the bioavailability, the lower dosage you need to produce the desired result..

This is a bit off topic but how often do you guys think that it is ok to smoke pot? I Know that this is a question that one can only answer for themselves but I just wanted some outside opinions. May 23, 2006 -- People who smoke marijuana do not appear to be at increased risk for developing lung cancer lung cancer, new research suggests.. While a clear increase in cancer cancer risk was. The good news is that the effects of smoking marijuana regularly do not seem to be permanent. Studies examining differences in emotion, cognition and memory between people who consume weed heavily and those who don't find that the differences even out after 28 days If you smoke pot, your anesthesiologist needs to know Doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists in Colorado have noticed that marijuana use may affect a patient's responses to both anesthesia and.

ive been smoking regularly since my early 20s. been purchasing for the past 10 years now. i smoke pretty regularly, nearly every day, but it's light enough that i don't have a smoker's cough, and i can skip a few days if i want to get my tolerance back Ok, yes, if you smoke a joint every hour of every day, it will take a few days for the smell to go away, but this is still nothing compared to cigarette smoke. There are few influencing factors on the smell of marijuana smoke. The first is the environment 5. You open up. Smoking weed can be a huge bonding experience, especially for first time smokers. Don't be surprised if you and the people you're smoking with end up spending some time sharing secrets and discussing intimate aspects of your personal life. 6. You get profound - or at least feel profound

I have to be honest with you, I do smoke weed occasionally and I don't have an issue with that. But I did some research because like many of you I also had this problem and I was struggling with different phlegm color as well. it seems that the only negative effect from smoking marijuana that has been this ugly cough and bigger mucus production. so, it is easy, if this bothering you if this. That said, I smoke weed everyday, multiple times a day, from morning to night, for at least the last 15 years. I naturally have such a high anxiety/stress level and doctors have never agreed with me on treatments, aka they refuse to give me any, so it's basically all I can do to keep my head from popping Well sir, I guess you're not smoking then! You could make a sort of spoon or airbong as I call it. Take a plastic bottle, burn or cut a little hole in it, put some aluminum foil over the hole (burn the plastic to make it stick), poke some holes in the foil (this will be your bowl) and finally make a choke. Good to go Sure you can smoke it, i do it all the time, i usually throw it 50/50 into jays. I don't think i would ever smoke it out a bowl, that'd be pretty nasty. you can also save em up and make edibles. chriscraft112 Blunts,Bongs,Babe

Anyone ever try a sativa called Rainbow? I can get a QP of it for about $400, but that's a lot of weed I'd be stuck with if it sucks Fabrics and textiles like to hold onto smoke and odor. If you smoke indoors quite a lot, chances are your sofa and carpet has absorbed much of the stale smoke odor most people try to avoid. Washing curtains, bedding, and furniture covers regularly can help you keep your smoking habit to yourself As you continue to smoke weed, you may notice some changes. Most people will stop to feel the effects as much. This is what's known as tolerance. Your body has grown accustomed to the drug or high, requires more to achieve the desired effect. In the case of cannabis, THC works by triggering the CB1 receptors great question. i smoked weed every day for 3 weeks(and periodically before that, not as often tho, like a glass of wine at night) and got a b on a paper. i was high when i wrote it, and the teacher told the class that my paper was a kind of paper he would write which i am certainly proud of because he is a very Intelligent man How Often Do You Smoke Marijuana? This is a biggy. Your answer may determine whether you can access non-tobacco rates, which as you know will have a dramatic impact on your premiums. If this is starting to sound familiar, I apologize, but it is important. When your application asks how often you smoke marijuana, be honest

If you do smoke, don't smoke around your child, ever. Even if your child isn't around, don't smoke somewhere they will be, like your home or your car. Smoke lingers. After you smoke, change your clothes and wash up. Again: smoke lingers. As legal use of marijuana grows more common, we need to create the same kinds of rules and laws we. Things to smoke weed out of - How to make your pipe. Hold the rinsed out soda can in your palm. Use your thumb and push down into the middle of the can to make a small indentation in the can. Don't press too hard or the can will fold in completely. Now take a sharp object to punch holes in the indentation of the can Teenagers Who Smoke Weed Regularly May Damage Their IQ ; View more . Related Topics. Quitting weed results to quitting weed withdrawls from quitting smoking weed cold turkey withdrawal from smoking weed help, quitting weed, need morale Marijuana Withdrawals, Quitting Smoking. Dear Amy: I am the father of a boy and a girl, ages 9 and 11. I live in Colorado, and smoke marijuana. I did not start smoking regularly until it was legal here. My kids do not know that I smoke.

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Feel free to remove the slider for smoking weed from your bong as you won't need it for dabs. A nail, preferably made from titanium or ceramic. Cannabis extracts such as rosin, hash or shatter. A domed dabber to place the extract and trap the smoke/vapor. One small torch for crème brulee Smoking weed stems and seeds won't do much other than give you a wicked headache. It's also pretty harsh on your lungs. That said, they're not a total waste, either Decarbed Weed - Is It for Smoking or Eating? January 1, 2020 by Editorial Staff 1 Comment. Decarboxylating cannabis is a science. Do it wrong, and you could ruin your whole stash. Do it right and you could increase the shelflife and potency of your precious cannabis material. Contents If you smoke weed, you'll probably be more physically restored. But you could become mentally foggy and dream less, if you dream at all. Oct. 21, 2016, 5:32 p.m. Eastern: This story has been updated On the potent-versus-impotent weed question, smoking the 3 percent THC marijuana relative to smoking the placebo marijuana had no effect on REM sleep, said Roehrs. And when the researchers compared the two groups, said Roehrs (that is, the night when they smoked the barely-weed weed), they found the two groups got the same amount of REM.

Weed and physical activities have much more in common than you think. And believe it or not, you can get high without smoking weed. The phenomenon known as the runner's high is the reason why many long-distance runners are in love with this activity. However, you can't get it after two miles. No, for this high you have to work Smoking weed with friends is great and all. But from time to time, getting high alone is the best. Not only do you use less bud, but you also don't have to share. And while that may seem selfish, there's nothing wrong with wanting to spend some quality time with just you and your Mary Jane. Everyone needs time to themselves, after all A Reddit user asked if he would have to give up smoking weed when his friend became a cop. Answer: nope. The Daily Beast Updated Jul. 11, 2017 7:49PM ET / Published Sep. 10, 2013 8:29AM E Hash and marijuana show significant differences in strength and the effects on the body and brain. Hash contains more THC than weed, so users should keep the amounts in moderation in order not to get exposed to the psychoactive effects. Now that you know the main differences between hash and weed, let's see different ways to smoke hash

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So, you want to know if someone smokes weed, but aren't sure how to ask. From time to time, you can just look at someone and tell if they smoke pot or not. But sometimes, you're not too sure. In that case, what should you do? Rather than making an assumption, it's always best to flat out ask the person With medical marijuana legal in states like California, Colorado, Illinois and a growing list, adoption of the drug is becoming more and more commonplace—as is consumption. We consulted doctors and medical resources to discover what happens if you smoke marijuana every day. (Note: do not use marijuana without consulting a medical professional first.

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