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[ 1 ] EP fees last amended by decision of the Administrative Council CA/D 12/19 of 12.12.2019 (OJ EPO 2020, A3), entered into force on 01.04.2020 and PCT fees fixed by WIPO in Official Notices (PCT Gazette) of 19 November 2020 (republished in OJ EPO 2020, A129) Decision of the President of the European Patent Office dated 21 December 2018 concerning the refund of the international search fee by the EPO acting as International Searching Authority (OJ EPO 2019, A5) Notice from the European Patent Office dated 9 January 2009 concerning the criteria for refund of search fees (PDF, 51 KB) (OJ EPO 2009, 99 The international filin g fee may be reduced by CHF 100, 200 or 300 where the international application, or part of the international application, is filed in electronic form, as prescribedunder Item (a), (b)4 and (c) of the Schedule of Fees (annexed to the Regulations under the PCT) and the PCT Applicant' Amounts of PCT fees in the international phase Fee payments in the international phase are generally made to the receiving Offices (ROs) and International Preliminary Examining Authorities (IPEAs). The respective amounts and currencies can be found in the PCT Fee Tables: PCT Fee Tables 202

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  1. As a result, online fee payment in EFS-Web is not available when the online fee amount is not equal to the fee amount that is desired to be paid. For alternative means of fee payment, see MPEP 502.05(I)(B)(7) or contact the PCT Helpdesk at (571) 272-4300
  2. European Patent Office. Schedule of Fees Items 1-40 of 115 Fee group: Description: PCT) 665,00 + 037: Renewal fee for the 7th year: 1.210,00 + 014: Conversion fee: 80,00 + 038: Renewal fee for the 8th year: 1.330,00 + 015: Claims fee - for the 16th and each subsequent claim to the limit of 50: 245,00 + 039: Renewal fee for the 9th year: 1.
  3. PCT and EPO Search Fees; Unity of Invention What is a Search in the context of patent prosecution? Searches are conducted by Patent Offices searching for prior art that is relevant for the allowability of a patent application, that is whether a patent application is rejected or whether a patent is granted
  4. You may calculate the official fees at a PCT application (international phase I). It is provided only for applicants from certain countries. We suppose that you file the application online, direct to International Bureau (IB) of WIPO, in English
  5. Page 2 PCT Applicant's Guide - International Phase - Annex C (1 April 2021) C Receiving Offices C EP EUROPEAN PATENT OFFICE (EPO) [Continued] EP Fees payable to the receiving Office: Currency: Euro (EUR) Transmittal fee:5 EUR 135 International filing fee:6 EUR 1,233 Fee per sheet in excess of 30:6 EUR 14 Reductions (under Schedul
  6. ary Exa
  7. PCT Applicant's Guide - International Phase - Annex D Page 1 (22 April 2021) D 0BInternational Searching Authorities D EP EUROPEAN PATENT OFFICE (EPO) EP Search fee (PCT Rule 16):1 Euro (EUR) 1,775 Danish krone (DKK) 13,210 Hungarian forint (HUF) 639,50

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When choosing to forego the additional search fee payment option in the International (PCT) phase, additional search fee options may still exist later in the national/regional phases, depending on the International Searching Authority (ISA) in the PCT phase and further depending on the national/regional phase Patent Office Fee payments and refunds See information on how to make fee payments to the EPO by deposit account, bank transfer or credit card and how to claim a refund. International (PCT) fees

Currently, European examination fees for files already examined by the EPO in PCT proceedings benefit from a 50% reduction. Under the new measure this discount will be increased to 75% and, in real terms, applicants will now only pay EUR 456,25 instead of EUR 912,50 Home Insights Why you should pay your PCT fees: lessons learned from the EPO Board of Appeal decision J 19/16. Why you should pay your PCT fees: lessons learned from the EPO Board of Appeal decision J 19/16. Featured News, IP news. 22nd Oct 2017. A real life dilemma was recently considered by the EPO Board of Appeal. The basics of the situation. Add. fee for renewal fee 7th year: 605,00 + 045: Renewal fee for the 15th year: 1.640,00 + 098: Add. fee for renewal fee 8th year: 665,00 + 046: Renewal fee for the 16th year: 1.640,00 + 099: Add. fee for renewal fee 9th year: 725,00 + 047: Renewal fee for the 17th year: 1.640,00 + 100: Add. fee for renewal fee 10th year: 820,00 + 048: Renewal. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) fee structure. 1 April 2021. 1 May 2021: Update to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) fees added You can do this via EPO Online Filing, PCT-SAFE, CMS or ePCT, using Form PCT/RO/101, Form PCT/IPEA/401 or PCT-SFD, or via Online Fee Payment in Online services. A separate section in these tools allows you to select automatic debiting as your means of payment

If further search fees are paid. The EPO will search those groups of inventions for which further search fees are paid (note that it is possible to pay only some of the extra search fees - see flow chart on PDF), and the combined search will be issued as a final search report The USPTO's international search fee is 2,080 USD. When you enter the EP regional phase of such a case, you'll pay a European search fee of about 1,200 USD. That's a total of about 3,280 USD on PCT and EP search fees. If you'd picked the EPO as ISA, the international search fee would have been 2,125 USD European Patent Office 5 EPO as ISA: latest developments International search fee charged by EPO=ISA reduced to EUR 1 775 in 2018 Improved timeliness: 97% ISRs in time for A1 publication New services offered: −PCT Direct service fully operational and available at all ROs −Information on search strategies −Provisional Opinion accompanying the Partial Search result

For PCT applications entering the European regional phase (Euro-PCT), if the ISA is the EPO and no additional search fees were paid during the international stage, the applicant is forced to limit the application to the first invention searched during the international phase How can I file an automatic debit order for fees payable in the international phase? You can do this via EPO Online Filing, PCT-SAFE, CMS or ePCT, using Form PCT/RO/101, Form PCT/IPEA/401 or PCT-SFD, or via Online Fee Payment in Online services. A separate section in these tools allows you to select automatic debiting as your means of payment EPO fees can be paid by bank transfer directly to the Munich EPO's account. Some active patent applicants open a deposit account with the EPO and use an Online Fee Payment service. The Procedure. European Patents are legally binding for 20 years from their filing dates. The EPO's patent procedure is made up of two main stages

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If the EPO was the ISA then a search had already been conducted by the EPO during the PCT application process. In addition to addressing any excess claims fees you are also required to file a response to the Rule 161/162 Additional fee is payable within 1 month (R.40.1 (ii) PCT) from the invitation, directly to the ISA. Can be paid under protest. (Only payable if applicant wants the other invention (s) to be covered by a search.) (If not paid, and Euro-PCT phase is entered, EPO will send another invitation under R.164 EPC. Timely provision of PCT search and examination results, backed up by the EPO's PCT Direct service information on the examiner's search strategy and, in cases of non-unity, a provisional opinion on the first invention. EUR 100 (5%) reduction in international search and examination fees (since 1 April 2018) The $400/$200 non-electronic filing fee (fee codes 1090/2090/3090 or 1690/2690/3690) must be paid in addition to the filing, search and examination fees, in each original nonprovisional utility application filed in paper with the USPTO The following initial filing estimates are representative of the bare national stage costs for a PCT application excluding annuities, requests for examinations, assignments, excess content (e.g., claims, total pages of specification), and ongoing prosecution (e.g., responding to Office Actions). Actual costs may vary due to translation fees, currency fluctuations, late filing of declarations.

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Euro-PCT Guide. A guide for applicants interested in filing an international patent application with the EPO as a receiving office. It also covers procedures before the EPO as an international authority under the PCT and gives information about entry into the European phase The cost of entering the European regional phase consists of professional fees for filing the application, plus the official fees paid to the EPO. In many cases, it is recommend to re-draft the PCT application to comport with EPO practice Note that the Euro-PCT Guide is not listed in the\rEQE syllabus as defined in the REE/IPREE.\rThus, citing a paragraph of the Euro-PCT Guide\ris in principle not correct as legal basis in DI:\ra reference to PCT Articles/Rules and/or\rEPC Articles Rules and/or OJ EPO \(e.g., for\rthe EPO-WIPO Agreement\) and/or ADA2019\ris required for full.

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The EPC constitutes a regional patent treaty under Article 45(1) of the PCT, which makes it possible for European patents to be granted on the basis of PCT international applications filed with the EPO. For more information, see EPO's Euro-PCT Guide and the WIPO National Phase PCT Applicant's Guide for EPO Remedies that may fix search limitations Download Article PDF Part 1 discussing search limitation scenarios. After Part 1 on PCT and EPO Search Fees; Unity of Invention discussed the scenarios that may result in a limited search, this Part 2 discusses potential remedies after having encountered a limited search Form 1038 (both EP and PCT subsequently filed items/documents, including opposition and appeal phases) 3. The update contains: EP Procedures. Amendments to Articles 2 and 7 of the Rules relating to Fees, OJ EPO 2020, A3; Changes to the conditions for reimbursement of the appeal fee (Rule 103 EPC), OJ EPO 2020, A The basic cost of a Euro-PCT filing is €4,000 to €5,500 (this includes the Official Fees and our fees for processing and filing the application). However, it is important also to note that the EPO now levies a fee on filing of €15 per page for each page of the patent application over 35 (previously this fee was payable on grant) and also tha

X GL-PCT A III 7.1 Handling fee . X GL-PCT A III 7.2 Preliminary examination fee . EPO PCT GL - B Search X OJ EPO 2009, 542 - Notice from the European Patent Office dated 22 October 2009 concerning the refund of the examination fee (Article 11 of the Rules relating to Fees European standard on fees, quality and means of filing. The schedule of fees, with respect to all work done as an ISA, is fully harmonized between all the European PCT authorities. Our examiners' main search tool is European Patent Office's search system, EPOQUENET. Training of examiners in using these tools is done in collaboration with the EPO Subsequent documents for all PCT procedures with the EPO, as well as payment of related fees (Form PCT-SFD) Demands for international preliminary examination with the EPO, as well as payment of related fees (Form PCT/IPEA/401) National applications with e-filing-enabled national offices in the EPO member states (optional) EPO online filing options comparison table (PDF, 93 KB) Online filing (CMS) The online filing (CMS) application is now available for filing EP Form 1001 (EP direct), EP Form 1200 (Euro-PCT), PCT/RO/101 and EP Form 1038 (subsequent actions for all EP and PCT procedures, including PCT Chapter II demand, documents in respect of appeal proceedings. Who may pay fees to EPO Euro-PCT Guide 168 Fees may be validly paid to the EPO in the International phase by any person. A-X, 1 The same applies to fees paid for European applications This includes Euro-PCT applications in the European phase because these are also European applications according to Art.153(5) EPC

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But, not so fast, you did spend $3,500 or so to file the PCT—however, that can be cut down another $1,000 or so if a search entity other than the United States or European Patent Office (EPO) is. However, they usually include translation fees, official fees, such as examination fee, and the service fees of the local patent attorneys. Single filing in one language Filing a single PCT application is much simpler than filing 10-20 patent applications within a short period of time A Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) application helps innovators to defer costs while they secure potential markets and prove new technologies. But as a further reward to applicants the EPO reduces or refunds some fees in certain circumstances. If the EPO has already performed the national search (Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy.

Form PCT/RO/101; Form 1038 (both EP and PCT subsequently filed items/documents, including opposition and appeal phases) 3. The update contains: EP Procedures. Amendments to Articles 2 and 7 of the Rules relating to Fees, OJ EPO 2020, A3; Changes to the conditions for reimbursement of the appeal fee (Rule 103 EPC), OJ EPO 2020, A The fees apply to all new applications filed in the EPO on or after that date and to all Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications entering the European regional phase after that date. The changes are as follows: 1) Fees per claim will be set at € 200 for the sixteenth to fiftieth claim and € 500 per claim for each claim over 50

1840.01 The European Patent Office as an International Searching Authority [R-10.2019] Since October 1, 1982, the European Patent Office (EPO) has been available as an International Searching Authority for PCT applications filed by U.S. nationals or residents in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as receiving Office or in the International Bureau (IB) as receiving Office - by means of EPO Online Filing, on EPO Forms 1001E (request for grant) and 1200E (entry into the European phase), - by means of EPO Online Filing or PCT-SAFE, on the PCT Fee Calculation Sheet annexed to Form PCT/RO/101 (PCT Request), in which case the signature requirement for the debit order is considered met if the Request is duly signed

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Following the recent return to the former practice of filing divisional applications in Europe, another applicant-friendly amendment to the European Patent Convention (EPC) regulations was made official on October 24, when the European Patent Office (EPO) published on its website its Decision to amend Rule 164 EPC regarding the searching of European regional phase (Euro-PCT) applications. * the examination fee is reduced by 50% if a demand for international examination under Chapter II PCT was filed with the EPO ** the excess page fee is €16 for each pages after the first 35 pages and this application has 17 pages *** excess claims fees are due for each claim over the first 15 claims - we do not pay excess claims fees on.

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* the examination fee is reduced by 50% if a demand for international examination under Chapter II PCT was filed with the EPO ** the excess page fee is €16 for each pages after the first 35 pages and this application has 53 pages *** excess claims fees are due for each claim over the first 15 claims - we do not pay excess claims fees on. By choosing the EPO to conduct the PCT search, the applicant will not be required to pay the search fees when entering the European regional phase. Therefore, if the Chinese PCT applications will be nationalised in Europe, there is a financial incentive to designate EPO as the ISA Extensions also applicable to payment of fees during the intl. phase (cf Notice from the EPO dated 30 March 2020, OJ EPO 2020, A38). Safety nets at the EPO. European Patent Office 13 COVID-19: available remedies European Patent Office 24 PCT Direct (III) Key advantages of PCT Direc EPO and PCT EPO as PCT authority Euro-PCT Guidelines PCT-EPO + Annex D, part I [new EPO fees] & II(4) [Reductions] per 1/4/2020 - OJ 2020, Loss of rights after missing 31m period for EP entry • Notice from the European Patent Office dated 21 February 2013 concerning the request for early processing (early entry) - OJ 2013, 156.

Scenarios that may result in additional PCT and EPO Search Fees in view of the Unity of Invention (Part 1) and procedural consequences resulting therefrom. 310.545.9851 info@schleeip.co Renewal fee for the 17th year: 1.640,00 + 019: Transmittal fee for an international application: 135,00 + 046: Renewal fee for the 16th year: 1.640,00 + 451: Surcharge on the validation fee for the Republic of Moldova (MD) 100,00 + 045: Renewal fee for the 15th year: 1.640,00 + 452: Surcharge on the validation fee for Tunisia (TN) 90,00 + 044. European Patent Office Example under new Rule 164(2) EPC EPO acted as ISA and non-unity found two further inventions B and C Additional search fee paid for invention B only (R. 40.2 PCT) European phase −The (amended) application documents claim inventions A, B, C plus D, D is taken from the descriptio Fee for further processing (non fee related cases) 265,00 + 408: Extension fee for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) 102,00 + 123: Fee for further processing (late payment of a fee - 50% of the relevant fee ) 0,00: 409: Extension fee for Serbia (RS) ( filing date as of 04.06.2006-30.09.2010) 102,00 + 131: Limitation fee: 1.210,00 + 410: Extension fee.

At a late payment there is a 50% late fee. The renewal fee must be paid in advance before the end of the month of the filing date anniversary. If the PCT national phase was requested later, the renewal fee must arrive with the other official fee, no later than 31 months after the priority day. At a late payment there is a 50% late fee. Clos o Partial EPO search • Form 1507US • Can be issued for an EP or PCT (EP) • Applicant is informed only some claims have been searched and one or more further search fees can be paid • Deadline 2 months from notification (10 day rule applies) • A Form 1507N will follow if additional fees paid or if not. BP February 14, 2021 6:46 pm. Great post. The PCT buys time while we in the US sit back and watch the nonsense continue hoping that by the 30 month deadline, something may change, even though.

On 1 November 2014 the EPO implemented an amended Rule 164 relating to searches of international applications that have entered the European phase (Euro-PCT applications). The Rule as amended allows further searches of claims of a Euro-PCT application to be carried out during the European phase if a lack of unity is found. The rule chang Patent Application Renewal Procedures at the European Patent Office Patent Types. Renewal fees are due for UK patents from the 2nd anniversary of the patent filing date, and every year thereafter to maintain the application. Once the patent is granted, no more renewal fees are due to the European Patent Office (EPO) Form PCT/RO/101 Fee Calculation Sheet and Notes EPO Guide for Applicants, part II Int. - B The EPO as a PCT receiving Office. X GA B B. X GA B 1 Who may file an international application with the EPO? X GA B 2 Filing options if the EPO is receiving Office X GA B 3 E. EPO: European Patent Office EPC: European Patent Convention EU: European Union Annuity: Annual fee required by many foreign patent offices to be paid to keep the patent application or grant pending. Maintenance fee: Fee paid to the USPTO to keep a granted patent alive. The fee is due by the 4th, 8th and 12th anniversary of the issue date. Renewal: Use this term when you are speaking about both. PA 05/2015: Late payment fees when the PCT fees are paid more than one month after the date of receipt of the international application by the receiving Office; PA 06/2015: Entitlement to reductions in PCT fees for applicants from certain countries; PA 07/2015: Diverging practices of receiving Offices regarding the incorporation of missing part

European patents are valid for 20 years from the European filing date (which, for a Euro-PCT application is deemed to be the PCT filing date). Patent maintenance fees: renewal fees/annuity fees. Annual renewal fees are payable to the EPO to keep your European application pending. The amount of the renewal fee increases each year The EPO's Strategic Plan 2023 published in 2019 included among its goals to harmonise and simplify patent procedures and processes, and stated. The EPO's fees, payments and refund methods will also be reviewed and streamlined. There will be a focus on items that are perceived as particularly burdensome by both users and the Office As a rough guide, the minimum cost of filing a PCT application (for example, having a total of 50 pages), including the official fees but excluding the costs of drafting the specification, is approximately £4000 (excl.VAT). Typically, the total cost of filing a PCT application is about £5500-£8000 (excl.VAT)

Official Examination Fee. Note that if the international preliminary examination report has been established by the EPO, the examination fee is reduced by 50%.Our European patent attorney will review whether this is the case at the time of reviewing your European national phase entry and make an adjustment to the amount due accordingly Fees associated with European PCT regional phase entry as well as other patent fees are available in the fee calculator. Deadline for PCT regional phase entry in EPO The PCT application should enter into the European regional stage within 31 months from the priority date Fee for international type search (ITS), carried out by: a) Nordic Patent Institute (XN) NOK 5125 : Additional fee for each claim in excess of 10: NOK 250: b) Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) NOK 6950 : Additional fee for each claim in excess of 10: NOK 125: c) European Patent Office (EPO) For first applications: NOK 12585 : For all. the European Patent Office Online Filing is a client software application that requires regular user updates With Online Filing, you can file patent applications online, via either the software itself or a PMS interface in the software. You can use Online Filing to - file EP, Euro-PCT, PCT and national patent applications online with the EPO Cost is a primary driver for many applicants and ISAs vary substantially. In 2020, the US is the most expensive option at $2,080. Russia is almost 75% cheaper at $532. These costs, however,..

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The PCT international patent application filing fee is around $4000. The nationalization fees can range from $2000-$7000 per country to file. After that there are prosecution costs in each country until the application hopefully issues within a few years as a patent Fee payment methods at the EPO (1) Bank transfers to EPO's bank account Fee payments to EPO bank account must be made in EUR and transferred without charge to the EPO Use of a deposit account held with the EPO, replenished via bank transfer: Debit order for individual fees, and Automatic debit order. Credit cards: as from 01.12.201 The renewal fees increase annually up to the 10th year and are constant thereafter. Grant. Provided that the European Patent Office accepts the application, they issue a Decision to grant letter and issue a Drückexemplar, which is a proof copy of the text approved for grant As part of the maintenance of pending European patent applications, annual renewal fees are charged by the EPO. These fees are due at the end of the month containing the anniversary of the filing date. The first fee to be paid is the third year renewal fee, due at the end of the month containing the second anniversary of the filing date

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** The EPO has moved its revision cycle to 1 Mar 2021. So the EPO-PCT and EPO-EPC Guidelines included in this book are in force from 1 Nov 2019 to 28 Feb 2021 ** ** The EPG Guide will be in force from 1 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2020 ** It is printed on the thin 50g paper. Dimensions are: 160mm x 230mm x 20mm - 646 pages - 650g More details can be found here, including sample pages: fireballpatents. During the grant procedure before the European Patent Office (EPO), divisional applications can be filed under Article 76 EPC out of pending earlier European patent applications. A divisional application, sometimes called European divisional application, is a new patent application which is separate and independent from the earlier application, unless specific provisions in the European Patent. What are the PCT deadlines for certain countries? The 30-month or 31-month deadlines for entering the National Phase, for large-economy countries that are usually at the top of anyone's list for pursuing patent protection, are: The US: 30 months; The EPO, for all EPO countries (mostly, the EU countries): 31 month What is the bank information for the payment of fees for PCT-related procedures? Search Fee is waived in the regional stage of EPO when EPO was the ISA. Is there any similar fee discount/waiving system in the national stage of KIPO? After filing Demand with KIPO, should I immediately access KIPO's website and pay the Demand fees using a. X OJ EPO SE 2/2016, p1 - Rules relating to Fees of 20 October 1977 as adopted by decision of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation of 7 December 2006 and as last amended by decision of the Administrative Council of [..


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Maintenance fees or renewal fees are fees paid to maintain a granted patent in force. Some patent laws require the payment of maintenance fees for pending patent applications.Not all patent laws require the payment of maintenance fees and different laws provide different regulations concerning not only the amount payable but also the regularity of the payments These online services are designed to allow applicants, attorneys and other users to conduct their EPO business electronically in a secure state-of-the-art environment. Use the Online Filing software to file EP, Euro-PCT and PCT applications; submissions in EPO opposition, appeal, limitation and.

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ENDNOTES. 1.The fees for entry into the US national phase, including the $48 fee emphasized in this article, are found at 37 CFR sec. 1.492. This article does not discuss separately the many PCT fees payable upon initial filing and upon the demand for preliminary examination, but of course such fees benefit the applicant's filing efforts in countries outside of the US as well as the efforts. Fee for copies of documents citied in the international search report: 44 ILS: Search fee - European Patent Office (EPO) $ 2091: Search fee - United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) 2180$ Small entity: 1090$ Micro entity: 545$ Preliminary examination fee - ILPO: 1535 ILS: Handling fee - ILPO: 745ILS: Preliminary examination fee. European Patent Office (EPO) fee increases come into effect 01 April 2020. The EPO usually reviews official fees every two years. Most of the rises are moderate increases in the order of 4% or 5%.

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The application, called a European Patent Office or EP application, is filed with the European Patent Office (EPO). One factor is that it costs money (typically between $2300 and $3300 in government fees and US counsel professional fees) to file a PCT application. If an applicant has already figured out, within the twelve-month Paris. This contact form has no legal force in proceedings under the EPC or PCT. Read more Topic* Please select An existing patent application Online services / patent searches Fee payment and refund Legal and procedural questions Appeal procedure The EPO in general Job Please note: we have decommissioned PCT-SAFE for filing PCT applications as from 6th February 2020. In order to file your PCT application electronically we encourage you to use the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) filing system ePCT or eOLF (Online Filing software) supplied by the European Patent Office (EPO)

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